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Recent content by maxdrive

  1. M

    Your Thoughts: Dark Crystal and Labyrinth Anniversary DVD's

    i really did not think much of them consideirng the first disk from the labyrinth set is the same as the one i already own same features and all i bet the dark crystal is the same might rent it jsut to see the new stuff ont he second disk but not buy them.
  2. M

    Broken Dark crystal belt buckle

    the buckle might not be broken if its jsut the buckle then it is for a belt that has no buckle on it at all. see most belts had a buckle already attached the belts for buckles you buy dont have that what they have is a metal bar where the buckle would be and on the back of the belt buckle there...
  3. M

    Could Disney be selling The Muppets?

    if disney would sell the muppets i hope the jim henson company will buy them back it seems where disney is falling with the muppets the henson company is comeing though with dvds and movies. if henson would get the muppets back you know they would do it right
  4. M

    Muppet Babies DVD Box Sets

    I agree and i think if it does get released we wont see a box set for a wile i think they will put out dvd's containing 3 to 4 epps on each to see if people will buy it much like hit did for fraggle rock they did the 3 epp dvd's before releaseing the season box sets
  5. M

    What's your favorite Fraggle song?

    my fav songs are yes we can dont know the title but its the song they sing to boober in boober gorg to make him realise he is a fraggle and the song red makes up from the humms of those bug
  6. M

    Jim Henson on TV Funhouse.

    it made me laugh especaly the part about the civil war theme park becaus ei lived close to the place disney wanted to build it it was like 3 towns away from me but the people didnt want it there. but jsut hearing them talk about it made me laugh not to mention the disney porno 101 fellations. lol
  7. M

    Sesame Street's 37th season begins August 14

    season 37 seems to be looking great to me i felt seseme street didnt do to much socal issues like before. they even did rasisim in the past. and i have to say they did some good stuff about elmo feeling left out because of his age. I bet all little kids feel like that.
  8. M

    Your Thoughts: Kermit hosts Extreme Makeover Home Edition

    I loved it. I was truely specal and i kermit was truely wonderful and like the old sesame street days he can still roll with the punchs and think on his feet. I loved how kermit acted whent he son started to grab at him and stuff. It reminded me how kermit acted with that girl who kept saying...
  9. M

    CGI Muppet Babies Show?

    I dont know if puppets would be the best way to go. since the cartoon had the babies with so much movement stuff you could not do with a puppet.
  10. M

    Labyrinth: The Musical

    I agree i always thought labyrinth would make a great musical
  11. M

    New Labyrinth and Dark Crystal Busts

    they jsut might. The main site of plan b toys says they look at freelance work to send it to them though an email. Heres hopeing they do. Jsut dont forget me and what I did for you when your all world famious and everything lol;)
  12. M

    New Labyrinth and Dark Crystal Busts

    I sent that e mail to plan b toys with your link and e mail in to telling them how much better your work is then theres heres hopeing they open it and read it
  13. M

    CGI Muppet Babies Show?

    i dont see pepe as a remgular but maybe like how robin was because he probly have to be in a bowl.
  14. M

    "America's Next Muppet" mini-series in development

    I hope this mini series will bring back to life the muppets
  15. M

    New Labyrinth and Dark Crystal Busts

    can i have a link to your pictures of yours so they can see how far supereior yours is