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Recent content by MarklarMusic

  1. MarklarMusic

    Boxed In: A puppet show made entirely of cardboard

    Thank you for the added support, D'Snowth.
  2. MarklarMusic

    Boxed In: A puppet show made entirely of cardboard

    You guys are all very kind. Thank you so much for giving it a chance and giving feedback. Sincerely. I'll keep making more episodes and I hope I can share them again in the future.
  3. MarklarMusic

    Boxed In: A puppet show made entirely of cardboard

    Wow, Thank you Froggy Fool. I was actually pretty nervous to share with you guys. I'm so glad you liked it.
  4. MarklarMusic

    Boxed In: A puppet show made entirely of cardboard

    Thank you so much Cookie3001. I very much appreciate you giving this a chance and for the feedback.
  5. MarklarMusic

    Boxed In: A puppet show made entirely of cardboard

    A friend and I made an entire show out of cardboard. There are multiple cardboard marionettes that change the way they are made depending on the necessity of the scene. They operate basically the same as any marionette you might see anywhere else, but on a much cheaper, and ridiculous scale...
  6. MarklarMusic

    Video: How to build a Snow Leopard hand puppet tutorial

    I appreciate how detail oriented you are. Planning and measurements are most of the work. I had wanted to see the furring of the puppet. Glad to have found it here.
  7. MarklarMusic

    Questions about anything

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 I'd keep listing them, but they go on forever.
  8. MarklarMusic

    SNL Puppet Class Sketch

    Have any of you seen this?
  9. MarklarMusic

    What made you roll your eyes today thread?

    The only reason not to shake someones hand, in business, I've come across, is when it's a carpenter with open sores and bandaids all over them. Or a mechanic with oil and grease. When they outstretch their hand, I shake because of courtesy. But, I'll be ****** if it's not discourteous of them...
  10. MarklarMusic

    Please help me find a Bert and Ernie episode about him humming

    It's surprisingly harder to find Bert humming, but here's some examples of Ernie humming. Do you have more details about the skit in which you recall Bert humming? It might help in a search.
  11. MarklarMusic

    Muppet Builds

    That's the mistake I made. Forgot it's necessary to bond into the "grain", so to speak. I'll try to remember this. Thanks again.
  12. MarklarMusic

    Muppet Builds

    Doctimelash, what brand of epoxy do you like? I've always found the to be so temperamental? Especially on plastics. I used some 2 part to fix a plastic door handle in a car, and first try, it just flopped back off. Even waited to directed time. Anyways, cool stuff. Glad you shared.
  13. MarklarMusic

    The New Am I The Only One Thread

    Am I the only one who can't find a can opener that can open a can?
  14. MarklarMusic

    What are you currently playing?

    Blue Frackle, you just reminded me of the Duke Nuke: Forever play through I just had when I read you got Sonic '06. Speaking of bad games, there is so much wrong with this game, and they stuffed all the fun and funny thinga into the first 20 minutes. After 2 hours, I realized the rest would...
  15. MarklarMusic

    Home Improvement fans

    This just sparked in my head the Home Improvement Video Game. Here's a fun video on it.