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    Video: Happy World Guitar Day from Animal and Janice

    it was such a good video!!! I loved Janice's outfit!!
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    AlittleMayhem's Muppet Drabbles

    good story!!!
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    Doctor Who and the Marvelous Muppets

    I will say that when they added David Tennat to the Muppets take the O2 with the Pigs in Space sketch, I didn't think the Electric Mayhem would be included! I loved how they mentioned Floyd and Lips. I was really happy they gave Lips some recognition (they need to continue with that srsly). I...
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    My Muppet Replicas

    You'll make Lips?! YAY!!!!
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    TV Alert: Kermit on The Late Late Show with James Corden Thursday November 29, 2018

    i didn't see the huge shout out. there a link?
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    Video: Can You Picture That?

    I got all of the screenshots of Lips and I'm so freaking happy :3
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    The Muppets Episode 9 - Going, Going, Gonzo

    couldn't agree more cause Lips spoke a lot more than expected
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    The Return of "Muppet What-Ifs?"

    That's exactly what I thought too!!!! Floyd + Dr.Teeth = Dr.Pepper!! Named after the soda lol
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    What's Something Muppet-Related that Took You a Long Time to Figure Out?

    I was wondering: What's a muppet-related thing that took you guys long enough to realize?? Here's mine: - Some time after the Outside Lands performance, I just realized that before they opened with Ophelia, Janice, Floyd, Zoot, Lips, and Animal mentioned the puppeteer's wives before Dr.Teeth...
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    The Return of "Muppet What-Ifs?"

    I would write one of Floyd and Janice getting married but definetly not the band calling quits
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppets Take The O2, July 13-14th 2018

    i'm so happy of the electric mayhem performed there!! Lips did amazing!!!
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    Let's see how many replies we can get to this post!

    there needs to be #justsayin
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    Let's see how many replies we can get to this post!