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    2011 Muppet Movie plot officially announced

    How about something simple like Meet The Muppets! or Muppets Reunited :concern:
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    2011 Muppet Movie plot officially announced

    You havn't met me then :):D:cool:
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    Muppets on Family Guy

    When I first saw the Chicken I thought to myself that looks a lot like a Muppet Chicken and when I realised they were blowing the horns too I made the connection. I was actually wondering if anyone else had noticed this, as soon as I saw that I said to my friends that's from The Muppet Show...
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppet Show Comic Book

    I found these coloured covers for Muppet Mash but didn't really want to start a thread specifically for it, so i'll put them here I really like the Gonzo/Camilla cover
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    Muppet Snow White

    I found this over at and just thought i'd post it here
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    Muppet Show Season 4 coming in 2013

    I was really expecting this to come out this summer, though from what i've read here they probably would have announced it by now if it were
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    Muppet Comics -- Family Reunion SHOCK!

    This is exciting and as has been said by most she looks fantastic. You can tell the guys and girls overs at Boom! did this for us, awsome, thanks guys. ;)
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppet Show Comic Book

    I'm sure i'll be more than happy with the end result :) These comics are amazing, I don't post much but i'm always here looking to see if any new covers have been posted. Keep up the great work guys:)
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppet Show Comic Book

    This has got me really excited for the upcoming The Muppet Show: Family Reunion series :):super: Product Discription: The Muppet Theatre has been repaired, and it's time...
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppets on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

    I finally just saw this, it was amazing! Crazy Harry blew up the house that was just awsome :crazy: all I could think was it's 2010 and we're seeing new Muppet material with Crazy Harry! I thought the same thing at the end of 2009 when Dr. Strangepork made it into the Bohemian Rhaspody video...
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppets on NBC's Christmas in Rockefeller Center

    :) Poor Kermit & Fozzie they looked so embaressed, the woman interviewing them had no idea what she was talking about, she was reffering to Letter to Santa as a new special and said she had seen the one they did last year, which is the same special airing this year. She asked what...
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    Bohemian Rhapsody Vid on ITV NEWS UK Tonight!

    They've also been showing it on and off on Sky News all afternoon :)
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppet Show Comic Book

    I just read the final installment of Robin Hood, it was great! It finally brought the story to an end making way for one i've really been wanting to read, Muppet Peter Pan which I must say is excellent :flirt: at first I was really into it when i saw Cover B and just assumed the whole comic...
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    The Muppets in Disney Parks Promotions 2010

    These latest clips are excellent, I see more classic Muppet magic in those two short clips than I did throughout my entire sitting watching Letter's to Santa, which was a move in the right direction but still felt like a kids movie to me, now these latest Muppet clips i'd consider family...
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    Muppets on "Disney's Haunted Holidays" page

    Now this is what i've been waiting, why introduce new character when you've got these classic characters hidden away amongst all these Muppets. Glad they used The Muppet Monsters, they've been missed