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    COVID-19 Coronavirus News and Updates

    I was hoping this would have blown over by June or July or at least not be as bad. So much for that. We're now months into this and the US is worse off than China was when the pandemic started and everything got locked down.
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    RIP Muppet Show Guests

    Another TMS guest star double death. Mac Davis has also passed away. EDIT: Oh didn't see it had already been posted.
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    People who we would've loved to see on TMS

    Richard Pryor Gene Wilder Bill Cosby Tina Turner Mary Tyler Moore Elizabeth Montgomery Barbara Eden Aretha Franklin Barbra Streisand Adam West Gene Autry Dick Van Dyke Don Adams Jerry Reed Cher Robin Williams Henry Winkler Susanne Somers Loni Anderson Bette Midler Dolly Parton Robert Palmer...
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    RIP Muppet Show Guests

    Helen Reddy has passed away.
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    Old characters you'd wish would return to the Muppets

    I'm still wondering how home after all these years they still haven't made an adult live action version of Skeeter.
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    RIP Muppet Show Guests

    With Kaye Ballard passing away, I think this may be the first time two Muppet Show guest stars passing away around the same time since Dudley Moore and Milton Berle.
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    Has anyone ever experienced racism?

    I work just as hard as everyone else there. I've never once called in sick. There were times when I was sick and working and I refused to go home. I don't show up late all the time unlike one of my co-workers does. This particular co-worker used to be an assist manager, so she has to get a lot...
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    Has anyone ever experienced racism?

    I have looked for other jobs, but like you said it's not easy to find a good one with this economy. And I refuse to work in a fast food restaurant. One time when I someone else went out of town I asked him about it and his excuse was everyone else's checks being low so he thought he would give...
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    Has anyone ever experienced racism?

    Either directly or indirectly? Felt displaced by the social environment, like you and your friend are the only black or white folks at a social event or like school? The reason I'm asking this is because I believe that I am right now. Because well I've worked at this video store for almost 7...
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    My grandmother passed away

    She was 86. She was pretty sick over the past couple of years, but I didn't expect her to go so quickly. Suddenly started getting very weak and earlier today the nurse who was at her house told my mom that she only had a week, maybe a few days left. So my mom called a family over her house and...
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    RIP Dom DeLuise
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    Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

    This is most likely a difficult request but does anyone by any chance have the CityKids theme song? For people who don't remember this it was a show that aired on Saturday mornings back in 1993. It had Muppet portions of the show.
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    Heath Ledger found dead

    I don't think this was intentional. Several people who've interviewed him have said he'd had trouble sleeping since he shot the Joker role, because the Joker is such an amoral character. He was on prescription sleeping pills, so he probably just overdosed on accident. I've never been so...
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    age order

    I think Statler and Waldorf are much older because in their song "It Was A Good Year" they ask each other "What happened in the year you were 75?"
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    Question on the TMS season 4 eps

    From the lists I've been seeing this is the order the episodes go in Phyllis George Dizzy Gillespie Liza Minelli But I was watching the Phyllis George episode and Scooter mentions Dizzy and Liza in his guest star song. So it that the right order?