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    Rumor: The Muppet Movie will be remade in animation

    @BlakeConor14 - How'd that date with Margot go?! We're all dying to find out! Kidding... :)
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    Puppeteer documentary

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    Kickstart a Puppet Filled Flick!

    The crew at Elmwood Productions and I are working on our next feature film... The tale of two men, one wheelchair, and the strange and beautiful world we all live in... Hoping some of my fellow Muppetheads want o help make it happen! Check it out here...
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    The Elmwood Channel!

    Thanks theSHE124 and CBPuppets! Hope you liked the flick if you've seen it!
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    The Elmwood Channel!

    I haven't been here on Muppet Central for a while! At least logged in! Been super busy with my company, Elmwood Productions! Wanted to send all of ya here a couple invites! First to check out "The Elmwood Channel" on Vimeo/VHX! It's a site to rent/download our flicks! Including "Animal...
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    New and Improved Python Puppet Pattern

    I'll look into it!
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    New and Improved Python Puppet Pattern

    Thanks for sharing this! Great stuff!
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    Kickstart a Puppet Movie!

    Hey Tyler! Thanks!!! We've got a lot up our sleeves for this year.. Including work on a sequel :) Glad you liked it!
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    Kickstart a Puppet Movie!

    It's been almost a year since the flick has premiered! Thanks to everyone on Muppet Central who check out this thread, and commented! It's been in nearly dozen film festivals all over the world and has won four awards! Wanna see "HEAD - Horror The Elmwood Way" yourself? Check it out on VHX...
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    Kevin Clash & Podling puppets

    That's pretty neat!
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    Josh and Todd - On You Tube!

    Hello Muppet-heads! I made a feature length film back in 2008 with my crew at Elmwood Productions and we;'ve posted it to YouTube for free in honor of Valentine's Day! It's a bro-mantic comedy called "Josh and Todd: The Story of A Man and His Puppet"! We're doing this as a thank you to everyone...
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    Kickstart a Puppet Movie!

    THANKS! We've been busy working on the flick!!! Tickets are on sale too! It'll be online by summer's end too if all goes well!!!
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    Kickstart a Puppet Movie!

    The movie has been shot! And the premiere is set! If you're in the New England/Tri-State area make sure to come and see it first!
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    Kickstart a Puppet Movie!

    They are! One of the incentives was for 8 of the puppets used in the film. But no one donated for that amount! So we'll still have them after the movies is done. BUT we did make our goal! Thanks to anyone who helped!!! The puppets that were goiing to be part of that incentive might end up...
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    Kickstart a Puppet Movie! This is the last day! Thanks to anyone who donated or is going to!!!