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Recent content by DTWolf

  1. DTWolf

    Sesame Street comics coming fall 2012 from Ape Entertainment

    Issue one actually was released today (Wednesday the 1st of May). The free comic will be available on Saturday, but the one you have to pay for ($3.99 US) is in comics shops now. The one that's out today is the one with the multiple covers.
  2. DTWolf

    TV Alert: Grover on Good Afternoon America August 22, 2012

    The show had already been on for 35 minutes before I saw the e-mail from Muppet Central letting me know about this, so I missed the first half of the show. I did see the Grover bit at the end, which was apparently the main thing . . . and it was awfully weak. The GAA folks were trying to rush...
  3. DTWolf

    Muppet Theory: Chaos vs. Order

    An editor at Slate Magazine recently published an article claiming that human beings can be divided up into two categories: Chaos Muppets (like Cookie, Animal, or Ernie) and Order Muppets (like Sam, Kermit, or Bert). All of us, she says, are basically one or the other. She gives examples using...
  4. DTWolf

    Free Comic Book Day 2012 announced (includes Labyrinth)

    Since this is little more than a week away, it must be time to drag this thread up to the top of the list. Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, 5 May 2012! Find a local comic shop* and go pick up a free hardcover comic with Labyrinth in it! The actual cover will feature Mouse Guard, but note the...
  5. DTWolf

    Sesame Street characters discuss finance with Paul Solman

    You're not the only NewsHour junkie. I just didn't get around to posting the link before you did. Anyway, there have been more developments: Steven Colbert responded to that segment by scolding Sesame Street here...
  6. DTWolf

    Dark Crystal comic FREE 7 May 2011

    This has already been discussed here: http://forum.muppetcentral.com/showthread.php?t=43351 but I figured a new thread title was necessary to ensure that people find out about this. This Saturday, 7 May 2011, is Free Comic Book Day! Local comic book stores across the U.S. will be giving...
  7. DTWolf

    Muppet Magazine

    You must mean "Rarely Spotted Muppets," the small box that was one part of the "Mondo Muppet" section of the magazine. I didn't find any Matthew C-- in the issues I have from 1987 and 88, which are: 1987: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall 1988: Spring, Summer So that would narrow it down to Winter...
  8. DTWolf

    Fraggle Rock comics - round 2!

    Issue 3 finally coming This Wednesday the last issue of vol. 2 of the Fraggle Rock comic is finally coming out. It's listed on this week's Diamond Comics previews list* and you can check out a preview on publisher Archaia's own website: http://www.archaia.com/blog/fraggle-rock-vol-2-3-of-3...
  9. DTWolf

    Archaia Comics enters Jim Henson deal

    The cover for the free comic (the Dark Crystal side, that is) has been illustrated by Brian Froud himself: http://www.archaia.com/blog/archaia-2011-fcbd-covers I know I'm looking forward to May 7!
  10. DTWolf

    Hasbro's Sesame line to be unveiled at Toy Fare

    I assume by "buddy packs" you mean the Galactic Heroes, Robot Heroes, Super-Hero Squad, Combat Heroes, etc. lines. While these do seem to be the same general concept, the Sesame figurines go much further in deforming the character designs. Those heads are enormous. I think most of those...
  11. DTWolf

    Hasbro's Sesame line to be unveiled at Toy Fare

    Yes, that gallery is from a Transformers website, but the only reason it's there is because the person reporting on Hasbro's Transformers Toyfair presentation just thought it was neat that Hasbro also has the Sesame Street license. There's no other connection. And they're not what I'd call...
  12. DTWolf

    Fraggle Rock comics - round 2!

    Well, despite Archaia's statement and the Diamond shipping list, my local comic shop didn't have issue #2 this morning (they did have #1 last week). I was there about 2 minutes after they opened, so I know they didn't sell out. So—? Has the issue shown up elsewhere?
  13. DTWolf

    Fraggle Rock comics - round 2!

    Well, Archaia.com now says the following: IN STORES JAN. 26: FRAGGLE ROCK VOL. 2 #2 (OF 3) Two FRAGGLE ROCK issues two weeks in a row! Why? Because we know you can’t get enough! FRAGGLE ROCK Vol. 2 #2 is in stores this week. Preview after the jump! The Previews list for this week (posted...
  14. DTWolf

    Archaia Comics enters Jim Henson deal

    Well, a little searching showed me that the news about the forthcoming graphic novel was posted here back in August, I just missed it. (The thread is here: http://forum.muppetcentral.com/showthread.php?t=48727&highlight=comic.) The official press release for the graphic novel is currently up...
  15. DTWolf

    Archaia Comics enters Jim Henson deal

    Fcbd 2011 A year and a half later, there's actual news: Archaia is planning to release a comic of the Dark Crystal this May for Free Comic Book Day. Go to your local comic shop on the 7th of May, 2011, and you can pick up this comic for free. It will be a flip book with Mouse Guard taking up...