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Recent content by DrVanneuter20

  1. DrVanneuter20

    Animated Hotties?

    I got to say--Digit from the Jim Henson hour is pretty hunky too...
  2. DrVanneuter20

    Whose your favorite Muppeteer?

    Brian Henson, Bill Barretta and Dave Goelz
  3. DrVanneuter20

    Dreams about Muppets...

    I had many dreams about dr Phil van neuter and digit from JHH being in a new TV show starring me as Caspie Fraggle who is the world's only autistic fraggle, who has a crush on both dr Phil van neuter and digit.
  4. DrVanneuter20

    Let's see how many replies we can get to this post!

    Hey there lamp!! That's a nice shade!!!
  5. DrVanneuter20

    What is your favorite Muppet quote?

    I'll do the honors of being 1st.. .. Now, if you experience any sort of unpleasantness, please let me know... I would hate to miss it... -dr Phil van neuter
  6. DrVanneuter20

    Let's see how many replies we can get to this post!

    *Clears throat* I HAVE A PLATINUM CARD A PLATINUM CARD A PLATINUM CARD I HAVE A PLATINUM CARD AND YOU ALL JUST HAVE GREEN ONES!!! Mulch!! M-mulch since when did you get a video camera?! C'mon tape me! Tape me!!! Doo-doo-doo-doo...
  7. DrVanneuter20

    Request from DrVanneuter20

    Hey can you please email me the picture again?? I still cannot see it... 😢☹️
  8. DrVanneuter20

    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    Copacabana 1993 remix... Maybe I'll listen to Thomas Dolby next... She blinded me with SCIENCE!!
  9. DrVanneuter20

    Request from DrVanneuter20

    I do have Google drive on my phone all downloaded and everything
  10. DrVanneuter20

    Request from DrVanneuter20

    Or... You could email it to me directly to lewiscassidy9@gmail.com
  11. DrVanneuter20

    Request from DrVanneuter20

    Can you give me permission to see it on Google Drive?
  12. DrVanneuter20

    Request from DrVanneuter20

    Not sure if I can see it... :-( it keeps saying that I need permission...
  13. DrVanneuter20

    Am I the only one that likes Muppets From Space?

    Oh and don't forget dr Phil van neuter trying to suck gonzo's brain out with the quadralobial brain probe
  14. DrVanneuter20

    Found this forum while doing research

    Amen.. dr Phil van neuter AND Digit from the Jim Henson hour ROCKS!!!!
  15. DrVanneuter20

    Anime dr phil van neuter pic I drew!!