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    Some more goodies on YouTube

    Electric Mayhem (Behind the Music)
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    The Muppets and

    The Electric Mayhem This is the electic mayhem skit from Robot Chicken. It's hilarious.:sympathy:
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    It's A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, Download Clip

    Hey, thanks for giving a link for that vid, pretty cool, I can wait for the show, just 23 hours more for me, yippeeeeee:D
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    Why is there no video section at Muppet Central?

    Sorry, i tend to write in long run-on sentences, but whatever works :)
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    Why is there no video section at Muppet Central?

    I was just wondering why in the world is there no video section at muppet central. I believe you should carry short clips from the muppets such as the Muppet Mastercard and Dennys commercials, The Muppet/Weezer music video and the behind the music special of it (which might i add that the...
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    I Need a Picture

    Ok, I desperatly need a picture of the Jaws parody with Gonzo and Miss Piggy. The "schnoz" one. You know all know what im talking about, but my problem is that it has to be high quality and big. The one on MC is terrible quality and i can't use it. I'm also interested in the Schnoz T-Shirt...
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    What Muppets were you scared of as a Kid?

    To be totally truthful, As a kid i was scared of Sweetums cuz...... u know,he was just so ........ ummm... What were we talking about again:(
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    Have you met a Muppet in person?

    I got to meet Sweetums and Bear at MF. It was pretty cool.
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    The Muppets on QVC Wednesday night

    What is QVC?????
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    Weezer's Muppet Show video now on-line

    I LOVE IT!!! I love Weezer and the Muppets and for them to be together like that is a dream come true. I love the video and i want everyone to go to and request it.:D :D :D
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    Finally: My Pepe figure pictures!

    lol lol, thats pretty funny stuff:p
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    My contribution to the muppet movie parodies

    BOOOO!!! I think its stupid, but thats just my opinion:D
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    Hey, I just found something on the MFS DVD!

    This deleted scenes are awesome, i cant believe ive never seen them before.:D
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    The best Muppet moment ever!

    Best Muppet Moment Im Going to have to say the best muppet moment of all time was the opening music number from MFS. :D