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Recent content by Cookie Chris

  1. Cookie Chris

    RIP Muppet Show Guests

    Rest in peace to Cloris Leachman. I always enjoyed her performances in the Mel Brooks films she did with him. Not only was she was a guest star on The Muppet Show, but she had a cameo as Lew Lord's secretary in The Muppet Movie which was pretty funny.
  2. Cookie Chris

    RIP Muppet Show Guests

    The double whammy of two Muppet Show guest stars making their earthly departure on the same day hasn't been felt since Milton Berle and Dudley Moore's deaths. Rest in peace to both Helen Reddy and Mac Davis. I'll make an effort to rewatch Reddy's episode since I remember it being a rather...
  3. Cookie Chris

    Muppets Now Episode 2 - Fever Pitch

    In comparison to the pilot episode, this episode was a noticeable improvement in quality. The Muppet Labs segment with Dr. Busen Honeydrew, Beaker, and Beak-R was the major highlight of the episode. The Swedish Chef segment was also funny. Miss Piggy's lifestyle segment was just okay. One major...
  4. Cookie Chris

    My ideas for special edition DVD and Blu-ray sets of The Muppet Movie and The Great Muppet Caper

    Those are the most logical ideas for supplemental features if they ever do a Blu-Ray re-release. I would also love an audio commentary from the few remaining Muppet performers that worked on those films, but it's doubtful that's ever going to happen.
  5. Cookie Chris

    The evolution of Kermit the Frog by Distory...

    I enjoyed watching it. Most of the stuff I was already familiar with, but I enjoyed the passion from the host.
  6. Cookie Chris

    Muppets Now Episode 1 - Due Date (Pilot)

    It was just okay. The first episode was a series of unrelated segments, but some of the segments did work. The Kermit photo-bombing segment was one of the highlights, but it got one laugh from me and that's when I saw the Kermit drinking tea meme. I did like the Swedish Chef skit which was a...
  7. Cookie Chris

    RIP Muppet Show Guests

    I'm so sad to learn that Phyllis George has passed away too soon. She was quite lovely in her Muppet Show episode. Here are a few highlights:
  8. Cookie Chris

    Muppet Show's Season 1 writer Jack Burns passed away at 86...

    Some of my favorite sketches from season one of The Muppet Show were probably written by him, and The Muppet Movie was beautifully written from start to finish. Rest in peace, Jack.
  9. Cookie Chris

    Remembering Caroll Spinney (December 26, 1933-December 8, 2019)

    I meant to post this a day ago when I heard the news while at work. I was at lost for words as I felt the weight of a man whose valued as a national treasure and a pillar of children's entertainment and puppetry has left us. What's been said about Caroll has been said, but I'll say I appreciated...
  10. Cookie Chris

    RIP Muppet Show Guests

    Rest in peace, Kaye Ballard. Coincidentally, I did watch some reruns of Match Game 74 last week on GSN in which she was a celebrity panelist. Here are my statistics of The Muppet Show guest stars are still alive: Season One: 13 (2 from Mummenschanz and Richard Bradshaw are included) Season...
  11. Cookie Chris

    RIP Muppet Show Guests

    Rest in peace, Roy Clark. I will re-watch his Muppet Show episode in his honor.
  12. Cookie Chris

    Your Thoughts: "Muppet Guys Talking" premieres on-line March 16, 2018

    I streamed the documentary on Friday, and I loved it. To get it off of my chest, I wasn't too bothered by the unconventional filming techniques in which the roundtable interviews were filmed hand-held and you can see the camera operators in the background. I'm glad Frank posted a video on...
  13. Cookie Chris

    Frank Oz on Reddit AMA 1/4/2018

    I can't wait for it. I hope he answers my questions like if he will come back to Sesame Street and do a Bert or Cookie Monster sketch since he hasn't done one of those in years.
  14. Cookie Chris

    American Masters: This is Bob Hope (PBS) November 25th 2017

    I like Bob Hope, but I don't see the documentary listed in my area. Instead, I see Ron Howard's Beatles documentary, Eight Days a Week, which I plan on seeing in less than twenty minutes.
  15. Cookie Chris

    Video: Kermit (Matt Vogel) and Fozzie (Eric Jacobson) in Muppet Thought of the Week

    Putting the voice aside, the gestures that Matt was making as Kermit in the video remind me too much of Constantine, especially with that V-shaped mannerism Kermit makes with his lips when he's annoyed. Matt used that facial gesture a lot in Muppets Most Wanted. Again, he needs more time and...