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Recent content by chrislynch

  1. chrislynch

    Muppets Most Wanted official movie poster released

    What's with the fake kermit??
  2. chrislynch

    Who is the new head of Muppet Studios?

    Can anyone help? Cheers!
  3. chrislynch

    Who makes the Muppets now?

    What about the Jim Henson New York Workship does that still exist?
  4. chrislynch

    Your dream 2011 Muppet Promotions

    All Ideas Are Great I think you guys have got all great ideas ! I think the Disney Channel should play all Muppet Show shows.. and Kermit and Piggy should do the talkshow rounds, and breakfast shows... and you're right.. details the history of the muppets with show highlights... I hope...
  5. chrislynch

    Where Can I pay my respects to Jim Henson?

    Hi there, I'm a huge Muppet fan, and puppeteer from New Zealand. I'm currently traveling near Washington. Can someone please tell me where the best place is to go to pay my respects to Jim Henson? I know the University of Maryland has a memorial? Is that the best place? And does anyone know of...
  6. chrislynch

    No Muppet Merchandise at Disney's NY Store

    ok, didn't Disney buy the 'Muppets' ? as in Miss Piggy and Kermit? So why did the Disney store in Time Sqaure in New York have NO Muppet products? How do they expect the brand and the new movie as a hit, with NO PR surrounding the Muppets? I can't but help think that the Muppets have had...
  7. chrislynch

    New York Muppet Attractions?

    anyone else? Anyone else got any ideas? Many thanks !
  8. chrislynch

    New York Muppet Attractions?

    Hello everyone. I live in New Zealand, and visiting New York next month. Are there any must-see Muppet attractions I can visit while in New York? I intend to go to the Muppet Whatnot shop! But any good museums, tours, etc I should check out with a Muppet theme? Many thanks please email me...
  9. chrislynch

    Where is Steve Whitmire Petition

    Any Update? Are there any updates on where Steve Whitemire is? Is he still with the Muppets?
  10. chrislynch

    Who makes the Muppets now?

    Puppet Heap Is puppet heap run by former Henson staff? Why does the Jim Henson puppetworkshop not make them?
  11. chrislynch

    Who makes the Muppets now?

    oh I thought... thanks for that !
  12. chrislynch

    Who makes the Muppets now?

    I understand the Jim Henson New York workshop doesn't make the characters owned by Disney? Who makes them these days? Also what about the Sesame Street characters.. are they made my Henson or freelances? Thanks Chris, in New Zealand.
  13. chrislynch

    Your Thoughts: Kermit and Miss Piggy on America's Got Talent

    This was NOT STEVE. I noticed this before Kermit even spoke. You could tell it was another puppeteer simply by the way his head looked. I remember when someone else would be operating Kermit, on the Muppet Show, while Henson took other role, and you could just tell it wasn't Henson. Surely Steve...
  14. chrislynch

    History Channel Sesame Street Documentary

    I have just bought the History channel DVD doco on Sesame sTreet...does anyone have a link to this doco? I'm so excited and can't wait for it to arrive in NEw ZEaland ! Chris chrismtlynch@gmail.com
  15. chrislynch

    The MuppetCast - Show #85 - Introducing Muppet Studios!

    muppetcast? Does anyone know how I can listen to the episode 85? I tried to click on the link and it directs me to muppetcentral