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Recent content by BlakeConor14

  1. BlakeConor14

    Muppet Central Forum Feedback

    This forum is absolutely dogshite Phillip has let his forum die in the same way he left website for dead. No updates, lack of help for the staff and just complete disinterested from the owner Phillip mate, many of us thought you were a bot because you never did anything for so long There are...
  2. BlakeConor14

    Why is the Richard Scarry's Best Videos Ever series out of print?

    No they don’t. Nobody cares about either show Bro there’s a reason you only have 16 f*cking likes 😂
  3. BlakeConor14

    Why hasn't this direct-to-video Clifford's Fun With... series been released on DVD or iTunes?

    Mate, I don’t give a sh*t really I don’t care at all
  4. BlakeConor14

    Why hasn't this direct-to-video Clifford's Fun With... series been released on DVD or iTunes?

    because nobody gives a f**k about it mate That’s the only reason
  5. BlakeConor14

    Phillip Chapman appreciation thread!

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thank you Phillip AHAHAHAHAHAHA yes thank you for letting your own forum die, by keeping it’s design stuck in the year 2002. Thank you for continuing to promise change that never happens, thank you for not giving Ed any help with the moderation and finally for not having the...
  6. BlakeConor14

    COVID-19 Coronavirus News and Updates

    👑 JERRY
  7. BlakeConor14

    Splash Mountain to be rethemed to a Princess And The Frog attraction

    Well as disappointing as it is too loose the ever popular Splash Mountain, I’m not shocked at all. A ride with roots of racism due to the film it is based on, it was only going to be a matter of When not if the ride was rethemed to something else. The ride is also 30 years old and is based on...
  8. BlakeConor14

    Video: “Muppets Now” Official Trailer

    Ngl thats funny
  9. BlakeConor14

    Video: “Muppets Now” Official Trailer

    Thank you captain obvious
  10. BlakeConor14

    Video: “Muppets Now” Official Trailer

    ITS HERE!!! And did I just see Aubrey Plaza in that trailer???!!!!!
  11. BlakeConor14

    Official: “Muppets Now”, an unscripted series coming to Disney+ on July 31, 2020

    God you’re so old fashioned Tv is dying Streaming is the future for everything. Movies, TV shows and even sport As much as the fans enjoyed it, the last muppet show bombed HARD. Any chance of any muppet content from now on will come through Disney+
  12. BlakeConor14

    Respectful Politics Thread (Let's Just See)

    This is so fricking true
  13. BlakeConor14

    Respectful Politics Thread (Let's Just See)

    yes yes Absolutely correct Tai