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    Happy Birthday, Prawnie! ! !

    Happiest of birthdays to one of my greatest friends (and sometimes arch-nemesis) here on MC! :batty: :zany: *double hug* You know all those times I killed ya we were just joking, right? Riiiight. ;) *hides keg of dynamite in cake* *cackles*
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    Happy Birthday Oscarfan!

    Happy birthday man! :D ;)
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    The "I Saw Something REALLY Weird Today" Thread

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    Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue voice artists

    I doubt that, seriously. I think kids have the common sense to realize the characters were being used as a medium for subtly conveying a strong anti-drug sentiment. Besides, kids wouldn't be thinking of their favorite cartoons when smoking marijuana, lol; they aren't THAT innocent. :p
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    NY Times: Fuzzy Renaissance

    I know I've been relatively quiet on my own personal beliefs of how valid these projects are, but it is now I am fully convinced that the Muppets are striking back with a vengeance! THIS has made my day! THIS is the positivity we need again! No need for gloom, friends, because we can be happy...
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    I won't be posting anymore...

    Yeah, I too have felt a bit irked at all that's been going on lately, so I too will take a leave for some time. It probably is for the best, though, because I have much work to do and sitting here watching all the recent negativity isn't any real solace at all. AM out.
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    MC Community: Where is it going?

    I remember that Ziffler guy! I think I drew him! Yep. I did. ;) :batty: Good ol' days, lol... But yeah, may the spirit of MC live on forever! :D
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    Five Years, and Still Snowthing: A Retrospective

    Emmmm...Snowth? 2 posts above yours, buddy. ;) But, uh, congrats again! :D
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    Five Years, and Still Snowthing: A Retrospective

    *nudge* Hullo everyone! Yes, I have actually escaped from the bottom of the pile of work to come here and congratulate our king of kings, our champion of champions, our Snowth of Snowths. ;) Yes, our good friend Snowth has actually been here for five years, and they truly have been...
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    POP! (Happy Birthday!)

    Okay, well, someone's gonna punch me in the face for double-posting, but this is officially my 2000th post. I think a certain finesse is called for here... WHOOHOOO! *throws cake and penguins at party attendees* Heh, it only took me, what, three years and on my birthday too....:D
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    POP! (Happy Birthday!)

    Thanks Hope! Lol, I did. ;) Thanks X!'re pretty desperate, eh Snowthbo? ;-) Thanks AP! Thankies William! Thanks Martin! :-D AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! Geez Snowth, I KNEW you were desperate...:crazy:
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    POP! (Happy Birthday!)

    Aw, thanks Beth! :D It was a great day, indeed! Lol, half the greatness was just listening to this: ****! That one frog you mentioned hasn't been very nice to me lately, going on about how lonely and pathetic I am... He shutup after he ate a knuckle sandwich. ;) Now this...THIS right...
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    POP! (Happy Birthday!)

    Aw, thanks so much Alex! ***HUGS*** *is smothered with cake* I'm dying....a...tasty death! :-o AHAHAHAHAH! WHAT A NERD! AHAHAHAHAH! :batty: ;-) Just kiddin' m'fuzz, thankies very much for at least trying. I'll pay ya back, or rather, the prison, for your parole statement. Lol, thanks...
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    I Heart the 70s

    Yeah, all those disgruntled punk-rockers went and dismantled the dance hall, piece by piece. :crazy: ;)
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    I won't be posting anymore...

    Welcome back Floyd! Not entirely clear on what all happened, but I'm glad to see it resolved nevertheless. ;)