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Recent content by Any Del

  1. Any Del

    COVID-19 Coronavirus News and Updates

    Probably 85% possibility.
  2. Any Del

    COVID-19 Coronavirus News and Updates

    Your lucky. My barber charges double the amount.
  3. Any Del

    Ask Froggy Fool ANYTHING (within reason)

    @Froggy Fool Would you work at ****'s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay or eat there?
  4. Any Del

    Arthur - Where is the Show Going?

    Yes, it has went through a hiatus TWICE and yes Christopher and Gilbert are still there.
  5. Any Del

    The New What Made You Frown Today Thread

    I never used a razor before. Straight razors give you more razor cuts if your not careful. Electric razor might be in my favor. How is it like using the electric razor?
  6. Any Del

    Arthur - Where is the Show Going?

    At this point it should end there honestly. It has been milked for a LONG time. On the very last episode I hope we get a montage of all the greatest moments in Arthur history(as well as couples fans have been craving for a while :D). As for Cyberchase on the other hand, it should end as well...
  7. Any Del

    Arthur - Where is the Show Going?

    Right now we're in Season 23.
  8. Any Del

    What is Your Race and Religion?

    Race: Black Religion: Christian
  9. Any Del

    Let's see how many replies we can get to this post!

    Raw food gets you kicked out of a kitchen.
  10. Any Del

    The... -wait fer it-... "What made you laugh today?" Thread

    Binge watching Season 6 of ****'s Kitchen got my face hurting from laughing!
  11. Any Del

    The New Am I The Only One Thread

    The Reese's pieces are tolerable to me.
  12. Any Del

    Dealing with depression and anxiety

    I'm hanging in there. Thanks for your concern! Watching Gordon Ramsay and Tommy Sotomayor reduces stress for me.
  13. Any Del

    Dealing with depression and anxiety

    Watching Gordon Ramsay last night really had me dying of laughter! It helps with the stress!
  14. Any Del

    Dealing with depression and anxiety

    Hang in there buddy.