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•10/24 - The Muppets Take Manhattan 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with Frank Oz Commentary

•10/1 - Supersize Count von Count

•10/01 - Sesame Street Action Figures Wave 1: Ernie with Rubber Duckie, Bert with Bernice, Count von Count, Yip Yip Martians

•9/1 - Fraggle Rock Action Figures Wave 1: Gobo, Red, Traveling Matt, Architect and Cotterpin, Flange



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Paper Products and Cards
Fraggle Collectibles

The Art of the Muppets Postcard (1983)

Postcards are a reoccurring theme in Fraggle Rock so it's expected that a few Fraggle Rock postcards are going to exist somewhere. It is not certain but this particular card must have been given out or sold during an "Art of the Muppets Exhibit" or promotion of some sort. There is no bar code on it so it may have been a free item.

The front of the card has one of the nicer group shots of the Fraggle Five. The back side only has the Henson copyright information and the words (in a logo format) "The Art of the Muppets". This card actually came from a crew member that worked on the set of the original show, Al Wyle. It is not certain if it was just a gift to cast members or a left over from something else.

Fraggle Rock Postcard (1983, UK)

Manufacturer Unknown - Fill out our help form

There is very little known about this particular Fraggle Rock postcard. The front sports the common group shot of the five Fraggles. The back has a blue line drawing of Uncle Traveling Matt printed under the address guidelines. This card came from the United Kingdom but it is uncertain if it was available in the United States or elsewhere. It does not have a UPC bar code either so it could have been a promotional item.

Fraggle Rock Party Stickers (1983)

Since this set of stickers is of a party theme it appears that it was to go along with Hallmark's assortment of Fraggle Rock party supplies. This set also appears to have been illustrated by the same artist Hallmark used on the party supplies.

You get a sticker of each of the five Fraggles (the logo is attached to the Gobo sticker in this set) and four Doozer stickers. There are four sheets per package.

Fraggle Rock Stationary & Seals (1984)

The Hallmark Fraggle Rock stationary set consisted of 4 items:

  1. 20 sheets of decorated stationary paper, which is painted in playful pastel colors with the five Fraggles with their instruments towards the bottom of each sheet
  2. 10 violet envelopes with no graphics at all
  3. 10 stickers or seals which feature Gobo, Red, Boober and two different Doozers
  4. A cardboard folder to keep these items together

The artwork appears to have been done by the same artist that did Hallmark's Fraggle Rock birthday party supplies.

Fraggle Rock Postalettes (1984)

The Fraggle Rock Hallmark postalettes set featured an illustration of three working Doozers on the front, which appear to be done by the artist that did the graphic for the stationary set and possible the birthday party favors and supplies.

This set comes in a small half box with 12 fold-up letters and 12 matching seals. The seals feature a Doozer with a broom. This package hasn't been opened so it's possible that there is something going on inside of the letter card as well. It's a secret for now.

Fraggle Rock Sticker Sheets (1984)

Hallmark made a few sets of Fraggle Rock stickers back in the Fraggles' heyday in their Ambassador Stickers line. Around the same time the the Fraggle Rock stationary was released a sheet of stickers came out as well.

From the looks of it, it appears to be by the same artist as the stationary as well, which could also mean that it's the same artist that did the birthday party supplies too. This set features 4 sheets of a full color scene which, could be left alone as one giant illustration or separated into the 10 stickers. In this set you get one of each of the Fraggle Five, the Fraggle Rock logo and four different Doozer stickers. This set was made back in the early 80's when sticker collections were a fad with many kids.

Fraggle Rock Valentines (1984)

Each package of Hallmark Valentine cards include 6 different card designs. Most of the characters were represented on the cards in some way, however, Sprocket was left out. It would have made perfect sense that they had a card with Gobo leaving a Valentine for Sprocket or something of that nature in his trips to Outer Space to fetch Traveling Matt's post cards. Instead, Gobo was paired up with Boober, Mokey was with the Trash Heap, and Wembley was running from Junior Gorg. The Doozers had a card and Red and Traveling Matt each appeared on their own separate card.

As with most Valentine cards, Valentine wishes are printed on the back side. The US versions came with 36 cards but the Canadian versions only had 30. Each card measures 2 3/4 inches by 4 inches. Also interesting is that the Canadian Valentine card box had a cardboard lid whereas the US box was just a tray wrapped in printed packaging. The graphics on the plastic coverings are particularly horrid to look at.

Fraggle Rock Puffy Vinyl Stickers (1984)

Three different styles of Fraggle Rock puffy stickers were produced by Diamond Toymakers that were to be placed with a sticker book titled "Traveling Matt's Guide To Fraggle Rock Sticker Book".

Each separate package of stickers includes information on the back as to which pages in the sticker book the style goes to. Also, each set has a title. Style 2 is referred to as the "Doozer Chart and The Swimming Hole" which explains the particular images in this set.

Fraggle Rock Easter Stickers (1985)

Do Fraggle's celebrate Easter? According to this set of stickers from Hallmark Cards they may have attempted it. It's a strange concept but a beautifully illustrated set of Fraggle Rock stickers.

They depict the five Fraggles and some Doozers hunting or admiring Easter eggs. Gobo seems to have mastered the art of juggling after all (either that or he's using the force to cause his 4 eggs to hover about him). Boober seems to have found a fine specimen of an egg (perhaps to stash in the old Hidey Hole) and Mokey appears to be ready to eat her flowers. Despite the silliness, these stickers are really fun to look at and own. The artwork looks to be from the same artist that illustrated the Hallmark Fraggle Rock Christmas ornament. This set includes four sheets of 12 stickers.

Fraggle Rock Color-Me Stickers (1985)

Diamond Toymakers' Color-Me series of stickers were a set of puffy stickers, in this case featuring Fraggle Rock. Their gimmick not only was the fact that each set of stickers came with crayons to color then as inaccurately as you wanted, but also the special crayons were chocolate scented! It all makes sense on some grand scale in the cosmos somewhere but wouldn't it have been more appropriate if the crayons were radish scented? These are the Fraggles, not Keebler Elves.

This package says that it is style 1 so that hints that there is at least one more set of delicious smelling Fraggle Rock stickers to collect and have with your dessert. This set is interesting as it actually has a sticker featuring Ma and Pa Gorg, no Junior though.

Traveling Matt Valentines Card (1986)

A few years after the release of the Fraggle Rock class room Valentines cards a single card featuring Uncle Traveling Matt was issued by Hallmark. The front featured a wonderful die-cut illustration of Matt.

The inside has a rather long message for a card of any type. It is set inside of a postcard and reads:

Dear Nephew Gobo,

You should see the way these Silly Creatures act. You would think
they had never seen a radish before! All day long they have been
carrying around these strange-looking radishes and giving them ti their
friends and saying " Happy Vallen Time ". Weird!

Love, Your Uncle Traveling Matt
P.S. they don't taste too good either.
P.P.S. Happy " Vallen Time " to you too, whatever that means!

It appears that the card's interior was rather forced as far as creativity goes.

Fraggle Rock Bookmarks (1988)

Antioch Publishing Company published these four bookmarks. They were released in 1988 as part of the final stab at merchandising Fraggle Rock with the hopes of success from the cartoon series.

Included in this series were bookmarks featuring a Doozer, Gobo, Red and Wembley (who didn't seem to get much of his own merchandise). Each mark has a little play on words involving book or reading themes and the character's personality in some way. The actual artwork is decent but not spectacular.

Fraggle Rock Free Kid's Fun Pack (1993)

In 1993 an offer corresponding with the new Fraggle Rock videos and music releases was made available through the tapes and recordings themselves and a special version of the offer could be acquired through an issues of the fall of that year's Family Circle magazine.

With proof of purchases from the new Fraggle Rock videos or of the new music album "Music and Magic", one could get two free 6 by 6 inch versions of the former Weekly Reader Fraggle Rock books: "Best Friends" and "What's A Fraggle". However, with a special gift coupon from an issue of the magazine Family Circle, not only could you get the two mini books, but also a free set of Fraggle Rock stickers along with three individual coloring pictures of the Fraggle Rock characters (a sheet of stickers from the movie "The Muppet Christmas Carol" were added as well).

The issue of Family Circle magazine is believed to be from September of 1993 and has a 1 and a 1/2 page advertisement explaining this offer which included the coupon and various images of Gobo and Red Fraggle, some of which may have been photographed for that particular offer.

The Fraggle Rock sticker sheet is interesting for two somewhat odd reasons. The Gobo depicted on one sticker is the early first season version of the puppet sans his red jacket which made him look a little unfamiliar especially since the original puppet had more of wild look as opposed to the cool controlled attitude of the common puppet. The second oddity is that the sticker of Boober shows him without his tuft of red tail hair. It looks like that the puppet actually doesn't have any hair on its tail rather than it simply being cropped out of the image.

The 3 coloring pages were all 2 sided creating a total of 6 images. It's interesting to note that the actual images on these are taken from various differing sources of Fraggle Rock artwork. For instance, the Wembley Fraggle coloring page shows his the cartoon incarnation and the Red Fraggle page appears to be one of the Fraggle Rock Stampos rubber stamp images, however, this may be one either not used or from a set
still unknown.

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Section compiled by
Nick Bondra, Cindy Chapman and Phillip Chapman


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