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Your favorite Muppet websites

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by minor muppetz, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    What are your favorite muppet websites?

    My favorites are Muppet Central, Muppet Wiki, Tough Pigs, and Kermitage (even though it's rarely had any major updates since it began).

    Older websites which either are dead or haven't been updated in a logn time that are my favorites include Bill Sherman's Muppet Home Page (which was the first muppet website I visited, though unfortunately it's rarely been updated since I've had the internet), and Muppets and Stuff (which included a Muppet Babies episode guide, which only went up to the episode Sing a Song of Superheros, a Muppets Tonight page, a muppets fast food guide, and a Muppet video guide. The "stuff" was pages on cartoons, and eventually, the muppet content was dropped and the site became "Cartoons and Stuff", though I think that site's dead, but one page from that site, "The Unofficial Looney Tunes and merrie melodies Page", is still around, albeit only updated when news of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVDs get announced).
  2. Vic Romano Active Member

    Well I think it's obvious MC is my favorite, because of the fans. TP for the most recent updates and news, the Kermitage for some really cool pics and the Complete Henson Database for the most comprehensive list of Muppets and puppeteers.
  3. sugarbritchez Active Member

    Muppet Central by far is the best (and that isn't a butt kiss either) I really mean it!!!!
  4. MeepBorkMeep New Member

    I agree, Muppet Central is by far the best.

    After the opening of Muppets.com, you know, I was kind of upset. Nice games and stuff, entertaining yes, but not very...useful per se. The old one was better, in my opinion. ;)

    Oh, and rhuntfan is good too.
  5. Effralyo Active Member

    2. "Floyd"'s new forum (Muppetational, right?) - had registered yesterday as FluffyZeliboba
    3. Elmolover.com
    4.Fragglerocker - mmmmmmmmm........ I hadn't been there for long, but still....
    And ESPECIALLY - Slavic-Magic.com! (Where from I'd got my Zel siggy.) For it has a section about Ulitsa Sezam!
  6. AbbessBryony New Member


    To be honest, I haven't visited very many websites. o.o;
  7. zns Active Member

    Here's my list of favorite websites.:)

    - MC
    - TP
    - Muppet Musique
    - SS Lyrics Archive
    - Mupppet Newsflash
    - Muppet Wiki
    - Youtube.com (okay it's not a Muppet website, but has a lot of good stuff there)
  8. AbbessBryony New Member

    After viewing it for the first time, I've added Muppet Wiki as to my favorite Muppet websites list.
  9. MuppetsRule Active Member

    Two of my favorites are MC (of course) and Kermitage. Although lately the Muppet stuff section of Kermitage doesn't load properly for me. When I click on the link the only thing that loads on the page is a picture box with a X in the upper right corner. Is anyone else experiencing this or is it a setting on my computer? Any help?
  10. Sylinde Bren Member

    I feel loved. ^-^

    And, I vote Muppet Central and Chris' Fraggle Rock Page as my favourite Muppet websites.

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