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You cast the Muppets...

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, May 23, 2005.

  1. The Count Moderator

    You know... Thought of Scooter as Edd, Janice as Sara/Deetz, Clifford as Burn, Skeeter as Fizz and Gonzo as Lugi.
    Will come back and post the Mr. Men/Little Misses, unless someone beats me to it. And why do the latter half of the Mr. Men make me think of Oscar's differen qualities?
  2. The Count Moderator

    The Mr. Men Show:

    Mr. Happy: Elmo.
    Little Miss Sunshine: Zoe.
    Mr. Bump: The Newsman.
    Little Miss Whoops: Abby Cadaby.
    Mr. Tickle: Grover.
    Mr. Grumpy: Sam the Eagle.
    Little Miss Chatterbox: Babble, from The Tale of The Bunny Picnic.
    Mr. Strong: Herry Monster.
    Mr. Quiet: Sully.
    Mr. Nosy: Wembley Fraggle.
    Mr. Small: Little Bird.
    Mr. Messy: Animal.
    Mr. Persnickety: Bert.
    Mr. Lazy: Zoot.
    Mr. Stubborn: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.
    Mr. Rude: Oscar The Grouch.
    Mr. Bounce: Robin.
    Mr. Noisy: Ernie.
    Mr. Scatterbrain: Sidebottom Fraggle.
    Mr. Nervous Telly Monster.
    Little Miss Naughty: Skeeter.
    Little Miss Scary: Composta Heap.
    Little Miss Helpful: Merry Monster.
    Little Miss Calamity: Wanda, from Wayne and Wanda.
    Little Miss Daredevil: Red Fraggle.

    Next, Mega Man.
    Dr. Thomas Xavier Light.
    Dr. Albert Jerome Wily.
    Mega Man, the basic blue-bot good guy.
    Roll, his blonde-haired cybernetic sister.
    Cut Man, known for the scissors attached to his helmet/head.
    Guts Man, the strong guy with a steel jaw who chucks square stone boulders.
    Ice Man, looks like an Eskimo.
    Bomb Man, basic black and throws bombs.
    Fire Man, has a firepit with lit torch as part of his head.
    Elec Man, tosses electric crackling currents.
    Mets or Hardhats.
    Big Eye.
    Rock Monster Robot.
    Bubble Boy.
    Dr. Wily's Spaceship.
  3. Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    Okay, let's see...

    Dr. Light: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
    Dr. Wily: Uncle Deadly
    Mega Man: Scooter
    Roll: Skeeter
    Cut Man: Gonzo
    Guts Man: Sweetums
    Bomb Man: Crazy Harry
    Fire Man: Animal
    Elec Man: Digit
    Mets or Hardhats: Doozers
    Big Eye: The Mighty Favog
    Rock Monster Robot: Large Marvin Fraggle
    Bubble Boy: Robin the Frog
    Dr. Wily's Spaceship: The Swinetrek

    Now, my turn.

    King's Quest (the whole series):

    The good guys:
    Graham: king of Daventry
    Valanice: queen of Daventry, Graham's wife
    Alexander: G & V's son, Rosella's twin brother
    Rosella: G & V's daughter, Alexander's twin sister

    (Some of) the bad guys:
    Hagatha: Evil potion-making witch in KQ2
    Manannan: Wizard who kidnaps Alexander in KQ3
    Lolotte: Usurping queen of the land of Tamir, KQ4
    Mordack: Wizard who kidnaps entire royal family (except Graham) in KQ5
    Alhazred: Vizier who plots against Cassima's parents in KQ6
    Malicia: Sorceress who plots to destroy a kingdom by causing a volcano to erupt in KQ7

    (A few) supporting cast members:
    Cassima: princess of the Green Isles, Alexander's girlfriend (later his wife)
    Edgar: prince of Etheria, Rosella's boyfriend
    Crispin: Kindly if absent-minded wizard from KQ5
    Cedric: Crispin's overly fretful owl
    King Edward: previous king of Daventry (now deceased)
    Genesta: Rightful queen of land of Tamir, KQ4
  4. The Count Moderator

    You know... Keep thinking of Janice as Roll, but that's just me. Two Richard characters as the main good guy and gal, how can ya go wrong? And you forgot Ice Man, my fave from MM1.

    Next, Mega Man 2.
    Metal Man, dominated by a sort of Mercury-looking red costume and gear-notched wheels.
    Air Man, looks like a blueish living electric fan.
    Bubble Man, looks amphibian in nature.
    Quick Man, has the boomerang atop his helmet.
    Crash Man, a construction/destruction site robot with screwlike drills as arms.
    Flash Man, looks like Mega except for the big medal visor, controls time.
    Heat Man, looks like a living lighter.
    Wood Man, looks like a living tree trunk.
    Lantern Fish.
    Air Tikkis.
    Silver Watcher Eyes.
    Hotdogz Panthers.
    Baton (or Bubble) Bats.
    Phoenix Stones.
    Electronic Barrier Eyes.
    Dr. Wily's Spaceship.
    Dr. Wily, in Alien Form.
  5. Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    Well, let's see:

    Metal Man: Red
    Air Man: Digit
    Bubble Man: Kermit
    Quick Man: Lew Zealand
    Crash Man: Crash
    Flash Man: The Count (all those numbers, you know)
    Heat Man: Crazy Harry
    Wood Man: Gillis Fraggle
    Lantern Fish: One of the Merggles (the aquatic Fraggles)
    Air Tikkis: Ohboy Bird (and the other birds if necessary)
    Silver Watcher Eyes: Mokey
    Hotdogz Panthers: Rizzo and the other rats
    Baton Bats: The Count's bats
    Dragon: either a Lily Creature or the blue dragon from FR
    Phoenix Stones: The Ditzies
    Gutsdozer: One of the Doozers
    Electronic Barrier Eyes: Vendaface
    Dr. Wily's Spaceship: The Swinetrek
    Dr. Wily (in alien form): Either Uncle Deadly or Scred

    My turn:

    "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines." It's the entirely silly 1965 movie about a 1910 London-to-Paris airplane race sponsored by a wealthy (and very, very stuffy) newspaper publisher, featuring pilots from all over the world.

    Lord Rawnsley: very stuffy, very rich newspaper publisher
    Patricia Rawnsley: his free-spirited daughter

    The pilots:

    Richard Mays: Patricia's boyfriend, upright pilot no. 8 of the Antoinette (British)
    Orvil Newton: Lone Ranger-type pilot no. 7 of the Phoenix Flyer (American)
    Sir Percy Ware-Armitage: evil, Snidely Whiplash-type pilot no. 12, who sabotages other planes and their pilots (British)
    Pierre DuBois: Bon vivant and skirt chasing pilot no. 9 (French)
    Count Emilio Ponticelli: Perpetually accident-prone but ever cheerful pilot no. 2 (Italian)
    Count Manfred von Holstein: Army general and fervently patriotic pilot no. 11 (German)
    Mr. Yamamoto: Polite but equally patriotic pilot no. 1 (Japanese)

    Other characters:

    Courtney: Sir Percy's aide-de-camp and partner in crime
    George Gruber: Orvil's best friend and business partner
    Captain Rumpelstoss: Count Manfred's hapless second-in-command
    Countess Sophia: Emilio's long-suffering wife
    Brigitte (and Marlene, Betty and others): Pierre's various lights of love, all played by the same actress
    Neanderthal Man, ancient Greek pilot, Middle Ages pilot...: All played by same person, and appear in newsreel-type intro about man's various failed, but oh-so-comedic, attempts to fly over the centuries
  6. Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    Time to restart this game. I'll kick it off with M*A*S*H, since I've had that show on the brain quite a bit recently.

    Hawkeye Pierce: cocky, wisecracking chief surgeon and head prankster
    Trapper John: Hawkeye's first sidekick and fellow goofball
    B.J. Hunnicut: Trapper's replacement; a devoted family man and equally enthusiastic joker
    Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan: by-the-book head nurse, also a frequent target of jokes and pranks
    Radar O'Reilly: company clerk and devoted animal lover; the youngest member of the unit
    Fr. Mulcahy: the camp's kindly chaplain
    Max Klinger: corporal who'll do anything to get a Section 8 discharge, including eating a Jeep and wearing dresses
    Frank Burns: no-nonsense surgeon and rigid disciplinarian; tries to instill order around camp, with little to no success
    Col. Henry Blake: the unit's cheerfully inept first commanding officer
    Col. Sherman Potter: Blake's replacement; gruff and orderly but popular with the whole camp
  7. The Count Moderator

    Hawkeye Pierce: Biff.
    Trapper John: Sully.
    B.J. Hunnicut: Beaker.
    Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan: Janice or Spamela.
    Radar O'Reilly: Scooter, who else?
    Fr. Mulcahy: Rowlf the Dog.
    Max Klinger: Gonzo the Great.
    Frank Burns: Sam the Eagle.
    Col. Henry Blake: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.
    Col. Sherman Potter: Oscar The Grouch.

    Next, Peanuts.
    Charlie Brown.
    Sally, Charlie Brown's sister.
    Linus van Pelt.
    Lucy van Pelt.
    Spike, Snoopy's cousin.
    Pig Pen.
    Peppermint Patty.
    Little Redheaded Girl.
  8. BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    Charlie Brown - Kermit
    Sally - Praire Dawn
    Linus van Pelt - Piggy
    Lucy van Pelt - Fozzie
    Schroeder - Rowlf
    Snoopy - Ernie
    Woodstock - Bert
    Spike, Snoopy's cousin - Traveling Matt
    Flora - Who?
    Violet - Betty Lou
    Pig Pen - Oscar
    Franklyn - Kingston Livingstone III
    Peppermint Patty - Red
    Marcie - Mokey
    Little Redheaded Girl - Janice (with red hair)

    Next: Watchmen...
    The Comedian
    Dr. Manhattan
    Nite Owl II
    Silk Spectre II
    Hollis Mason/Nite Owl I
    Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre I
  9. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    Sorry- just had to point this out. Are you sure you didn't mean Fozzie as Linus and Piggy as Lucy? LOL!:p

    Hmm- I don't know as much about this one (haven't really read the comic or seen the movie- won't bother with the movie, but may try to read the comic sometime- Time Magazine actually named it as one of the top books of the 20th. century!)

    Next: Watchmen...
    The Comedian- Fozzie Bear
    Dr. Manhattan- Beaker
    Nite Owl II- Scooter
    Ozymandias- Dr. Julius Strangepork
    Rorschach- Animal
    Silk Spectre II- Janice
    Hollis Mason/Nite Owl I- J.P. Grosse
    Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre I - Piggy

    Next: The Passion of The Christ (or any Easter Passion play)

    Jesus Christ
    Caiphas the high priest
    Roman soliders
    Roman Centurion (who made confession of Jesus as the Son of God)
    [The 12 Disciples]
    James, son of Alphaeus
    Thaddeus (aka Jude)
    Simon the Zealot
    Bartholomew (aka Nathaniel)
    Judas Iscariot
    Mary, mother of Christ
    Mary, the wife of Clopas
    Mary Magdalene
    Mary, the mother of James
    Joseph of Arimathea
    Cleopas and companion on road to Emmaus
    The angel who announced that Jesus has risen!:)
  10. Muppetstreet New Member

    I haven't heard of any of theese movies - so I'll just put up another option


    Mr Shuester
    Emma Pillsbury
  11. beatnikchick300 Active Member

    Hmm, I don't watch glee, but if you can describe the characters, I can give this a shot.
  12. miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ok, well... I'm going to do a different one.

    Princess Peach-
    Proffessor Frankly(Very old teacher who's kind of forgetful)-
    Goombella(Smart Goomba girl)-
    Koops(Timid Koopa who wants to toughen up for his gal)-
    Vivian(A sweet heart who is tortured by Beldan. She's the youngest & loves Mario)-
    Flurrie(A little dramatic, and loves Mario... A lot)-
    Bobbery(Old sea dog who misses his late wife, Scarlette)-
    Yoshi(Baby yoshi with attitude)-
    Ms. Mowz(Master badge theif, who likes Mario)-
    Punio(He's a leader in training)-
    Putuni(Punio's little sister who's sweet)-
    Puniper(Only listens to Puni Elder)-
    Puni Elder(She's old, a little cranky and very loud)-
    Mayor Kroop(He's old, kind, and has bad hearing)-
    Pa Patch(Has attitude until he gets to know people)-
    Grodus(The leader of the Xnauts, and wants to rule the world with crystal stars)-
    TEC(Super computer who love peach, and asks her what love is)-
    Lord Crump(A total annoyance who does anything to complete Grodus's demands)-
    Kammy (Bowser's assisstant)-
    Rawk Hawk(A chapionship wrestler who's really irritating and threatning.)-
    Grubba(He drains the power from wrestlers he hires)-
    Jolene (A little strict, but only trying to find out what happened to her brother)-
    Flavio (He's rich and greedy, but comes out generous in the end)-
    Zess T.(She cooks)-
    Beldam(Mean to her sister vivan, and is the oldest of her, vivian, and beldam)-
    Marylyn(She only says guh, and is the middle child of her, Beldam, and vivan)-
    Doopliss(Steals names and bodies, and is invurnurable until you guess his name)-
  13. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    So now I'm wanting to do a "Back to The Future" casting again.

    Marty McFly- Fozzie Bear:o
    Doc Brown- Dr. Bunsen Honeydew:confused: (with assistant Beaker:eek:)
    Einstein- Sprocket:drool:
    Copernicus- Baskerville Hound
    George McFly- Kermit:)
    Lorraine Baines McFly- Miss Piggy :mad:
    David McFly- Gonzo:concern:
    Linda McFly- Annie Sue
    Jennifer Parker- Beth Bear (from "The Muppets Take Manhattan")
    Biff Tannen- Sweetums:grr:
    3D- Bill the Bubble Guy
    Match- Lew Zealand:fishy:
    Skinhead- Uncle Deadly
    The Pinheads- Nigel, Lips, and Trumpet Girl and other Whatnot AMs
    Other acts at the audition- Bobby Benson and his Baby Band, Geri and the Atrics, Emmett Otter's Jug-Band, Country Band from The Muppet Show, Solid Foam, Little Jerry and the Monotones, and Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats
    Judges- Mildred, George the Janitor, Hilda and an older Dr. Teeth in the Huey Lewis role:D
    Mr. Strickland- Sam the Eagle:attitude:
    Clocktower Lady- Zelda Rose
    Guy driving jeep in 1985- Rowlf:sympathy:
    (Mayor) Goldie Wilson- Beauregard:oops: (since Beau's a janitor, I thought it was the closest fit)
    Lou- Pops
    Pa Peabody- Link Hogthrob (I can just hear him saying, "Hey! You killed my pine!" lol)
    Ma Peabody- Spamela Hamderson
    Sherman Peabody- a young Dr. Julius Strangepork
    Daughter Peabody- whatnot AM pig
    Sam Baines- Kermit and Fozzie's Dad from "The Great Muppet Caper"
    Stella Baines- Miss Piggy's Mother
    Milton Baines-AM pig
    Sally Baines- AM pig
    Joey Baines (and Frank Baines- newly added character)- Andy and Randy Pig (made "Uncle Joey" to be twin baby boys to accomodate Andy and Randy together.)
    Red Thomas (bum)- Brewster
    Scooter kid #1- Scooter;) (the one Marty borrows the scooter from)
    Scooter kid #2- Bean Bunny
    Cop- Bobo Bear
    Libyan Terrorist- Crazy Harry:crazy:
    Terrorist Van Driver- Gorgon Heap
    Marvin Berry- Dr. Teeth:D
    Starlighters- Floyd:sing:, Janice:flirt:, Zoot:cool: and Animal:halo:

    (And in an added scene, we could have Dave McFly showing up late for work at Burger King and getting scolded by his boss, The Swedish Chef:hungry:)
    Rizzo:shifty: and Robin would be fellow waiters there.

    The Muppet Newsman:news: would also make an appearance at the start of the movie giving the report about the stolen plutonium. Then he could mention, "Time is ticking until it can be recovered before it's used for nefarious purposes, like building a bomb." (While speaking he hears a ticking and suddenly sees a bomb roll down his desk to him. "Oh no!" BOOM! Explosion!:ouch:)

    Marvin Suggs and his Muppaphones, Droop, Wayne and Wanda, the Zucchinni Brothers, Pepe:rolleyes:, Camilla :cluck:, Johnny Fiama :skeptical: and Sal, Thog, Behemoth, Flower Eating Monster, Luncheon Counter Monster, Mean Mama, Timmy Monster, Big Mean Carl, Nigel (from Muppets Tonight), Seymour, Clifford, Digit:electric:, Waldo, Leon, Ubu, Zondra, Lindbergh, the Hypocritic Oaf, the Thought Lion, Frackles, Bossmen, Beard, Vicki, penguins :zany: , Big Bird:wisdom:, Bert :(, Ernie:p, Cookie Monster:insatiable:, Grover:super:, Elmo:laugh:, Oscar the Grouch:grouchy:, The Count :batty:, Sherlock Hemlock:search:, Sam the Robot, Betty Lou, Prairie Dawn, Rosita, Abby, Zoe, Baby Bear, Telly, The Twiddlebugs, the Martians, Grundgetta, Harvey Kneeslapper, Farley, The Busby Twins, Roosevelt Franklin and his class and Herry Monster all make some random Sesame Street cameos just for fun. And why not Tutter:cry:, while I'm at it? And Uncle Travelling Matt, Gobo:smirk:, Wembley:coy:, Boober:sigh:, Mokey:dreamy:, and Red:excited: and a Doozer:busy: just for fun- and to cover the Fraggle Rock base. And certainly Walter:fanatic:. And other background characters from The Muppet Show and Muppets Tonight could fill in as the attendees at the Enchanment Under the Sea dance.
    Statler:boo: and Waldorf :sleep: would be on hand as chaperons, who are also heckling the band's performance. "Marvin Berry and the Starlighters?" Maybe you mean the Light Stars... where's your cousin Chuck?"

    Marty could use a modified version of Dearth Nadir's costume for the scene where he frightens George McFly (using a tape labelled "Electric Mayhem" of course)


    And I think that's enough. Wish I could've gotten some characters better roles, but I was trying to make sure most all the major ones (and lesser seen ones) were included. But this will work.:jim:
  14. Kuriboh Man Active Member

    Not to be rude but Kermit and Fozzie's Dad was from the Great Muppet Caper, not The Muppets take Manhattan!
  15. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    Ack!:o Can't believe I missed that! Thanks- I'll correct it.

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