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What are your stories?

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Cap Backfire, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. Vibs

    Vibs Active Member

    Hmm... I'll go fill out this one too. Enjoy...

    Name: Louise L*NOISE* L*NOISE!!!*. (But you may call me Vibs. :p)
    Age: 16. years. old.
    Location: On the moon. Um, or Denmark.
    Birthday: New years Eve! 1988!
    Favorite trick: Thick!? you call me thick!? Why thanks *sarcasm*... OH!!! Trick. erhm...... ?
    Occupation: Student. Um, homework-doer?
    Favorite food: Something that makes you go "Yum this is really really really really really delicious!" - What a lame answer.
    Favorite saying: I don't know. no, I mean I don't know. No not, I don't know No I mean I don't know - but I just really don't.... KNOW!!!
    Hates: Everything! Everybody! All of it!
    Loves: my lovely money...
    The last two replies were: Not honest. :p
    But the reason I typed that was because: I didn't know what to type.
    I still don't know what to type: erhm, you got that one right.
    Who, me? um, yes you... erh what is this??

    ... okay that was really lame. And you probably already knew all of it. So this post has been a total waste of time.

  2. MuppetfraggleEX

    MuppetfraggleEX New Member


    My name is wendy. I am 32 years old.I live in Pennsylvania. I do what I love. I sell collectable plush and Action Figures, and stuff like that. In a local store, and on Ebay. Including Henson Items. New and Vintage. What else would you like to know? Just ask! I have one of the biggest collections of character plush you will ever see. I found this site, by typing in Muppets Sesame Street in my Yahoo search. I am glad that I did. It is nice to know I am not so alone. People look in quiet awe when they enter my living room. They find a wall covered in Muppet Boxed Palisades figures, and many many shelves of Jim Henson Plush, and puppets. Most of my pieces are Vintage. I do not have the "Fat Blue" Mentioned, but if anyone has ever seen one, let me know. I wonder if he exists or not in a plush or puppet. I have Roosevelt Franklin, so you just never know. Anyone who wants to see pictures of my plush, I am always glad to share. Fraggles, Muppets, or Sesame Street, I have most of them. I have been collecting plush since I was 18 months old in the 1970s so I have some really rare pieces. I am always interested in neat facts and tid bits so Email me or reply. I am all ears. Thanks to all of you who so very quickly answered my question about Fred-Fat Blue. You guys are great!! Here is another question for all of you. Any one have discussions about Bert and Ernies obviously Gay relationship. I would love to hear anyones views on that. No one disagrees do they? I thought not!
  3. Crazyminnyhaha

    Crazyminnyhaha New Member

    Hello, I just found out about this and thought I should share also. My name is Maria or Ria for short and im from Long Island NY. I am a part time college student and a full time Citibank employee (better than my days at McDonalds). Anyway im hoping to become a teacher inbetween grades k-3. I found this website throu a newsgroup on aol. I have been completely obsessed with the Muppets since I was 1yr old. I was sick a few days b4 my b-day and my mom felt bad so she gave me my gift early which was a Miss Piggy doll (the one with the pink bonnet on her head with the pink dress) I still have it to this day and a few too many Kermit dolls :). My favorit Muppet Movies are the first three The Muppet Movie, Caper and Manhattan. And I also happen to be a huge Yankee fan. And thats me.
  4. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Hello, my name is ______ _. __________. I am 16 years old, and I was drawn here by my wanting to share my own two-cents-worth on Sesame Street. Although I can't tell you specifically where I am, all I can say is I live on the opposite side of the same state Fozzie Bear lives in. My birthday is June 13, 1989, so each year Sesame Street celebrates a decade anniversary, I'm only a couple of decades behind. My favorite trick? Anything with fake blood. I don't have an occupation, but I am an intern at the local PBS station, where I work on camera, and puppets. Favorite food? I'm a glutton, what can I say;) . Okay, so I'm not really a glutton, but I'm having trouble picking a favorite in this category. My favorite saying is my own "Change is a dangerous thing...unless approved by me first." Things I hate: hot weather, too much school not enough vacation, when people tease me for liking the muppets, when people say "Kathy Greenwood sucks". My loves? My family, my friends, cool weather, animals, Elizabeth Montgomery, cartoons, Kathy Greenwood.

    That's my story, thuh-ind.
  5. Boppity

    Boppity Guest


    Hi-Ho I'M Very brand spanking new and exiting just tear of my wrapper and see...Well xI don't know where to start but since yesterday I have decided all I'ver ever been called in my life is Boppity and anyone calls me by my rea...old name gets an evil glare.

    Now that's settled I'm 17 (at least this year I am)
    and I LOVE THE MUPPETS!!!!!!!! My favourites are all of em because none of them work if the rest of them aren't there...it's a group thing y'know if they wanted us to pick just one muppet they'd call it the muppet franchise, and you have to pick a mupppet and just laugh at that one until you die.

    I just realised how much I typed on that one...yeesh...that another thing I waffle, which by the way taste so nice with maple syrup mmmmmm yummy!:D I like the muppets and dislike people who don't.

    I guess thats all I have time for for this show...I mean story...story! I didn't tell a story!!!!!!

    Well I-ha I guess I could tell you about the uh...hehehehehehehehe the HAHAHA Banana story...but you've probably heard of that (everyone has!):crazy:

  6. RedDragon

    RedDragon New Member

    Gender: Female

    Age Group: 16

    Location: USA, Illinois

    Favourite Muppets) Robin, Kermit, Rowlf, Gobo, Yoda, Pilot, and others.

    Favourite Muppeteers: Steve Whitmire & Jim Henson

    What Brings Me To MC: Lisa & love of the Muppets, but mostly Lisa.
  7. Lucy

    Lucy New Member

    Age group: 14

    Location: UK, Newcastle

    Favourite Muppets: Kermit, Animal and Miss Piggy

    Favourite Muppeteers: Jim Henson

    What Brings Me to MC: DanDan said it was fab and encouraged me to join! And I'm glad I did!
  8. DanDanStrawberry

    DanDanStrawberry Active Member

    I say everything's fab...oh wait, everything is...
  9. Xela

    Xela New Member

    Well let's see now...

    I'm 17. (My birthday was in September)

    I'm currently living near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    I'm really into music. :sing: Like, really. I play about...7 different instruments? I lost count, because it seems like I'm always learning a new one. I'm currently playing alto saxophone. :cool:

    I wear glasses!

    My favorite muppet is Gonzo, because, well, he's just the greatest.

    My favorite color is blue! :excited:

    Er, what else...Oh yeah! My name's not really Xela. 'Xela' is my name backwards. Which is, if you can't just reverse it yourself or are too lazy, Alex.

    And that, in a nutshell, is me.
  10. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    I'm 17
    I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis
    I'm a High School Senior
    I work part time as a cashier
    I drive an '89 Taurus
    I play trumpet
    Favorite Muppet is Gonzo
    Least Favorite is the Elvis Trio
    Favorite TV Show is Friends
    Favorite Movie is Tommy Boy
    Least Favorite Movie is A Walk to Remember
    Favorite Muppet Movie is The Muppets Take Manhattan
  11. MeepBorkMeep

    MeepBorkMeep New Member

    I'm 13 years old, kind of young for a Muppet fan I think, but I'm practically obsessed. My favorite Muppet is the Swedish Chef. Underused at times, but still very awesome. Also Janice. What's not ta like about her? My favorite Movie is /also/ Tommy Boy, Gonzo14. My favorite Muppet Movie is either The Muppet Movie or The Muppets Take Manhatten. My favorite Muppeteer is Richard Hunt. ;)

    I forgot why I came here. I just stumbled upon it...but I prefer this one to the other Muppet site sponsored by Disney. Gag. (Disclaimer: I can not and will not be held against that statement)
  12. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Well, I'm 19 years old. I've always enjoyed the muppets in sort of an 'on-off' thing. I loved watching the movies when I was little, like 2-4 years old, my mother is the one who really got me into them. Then I forgot about them, then came Muppet Babies, and The Muppet Show. Then, came the channel Odssey, and I really got re-hooked big time. This time around, I loved them for a year, and I learned more about the men behind the muppets. How Jim had died, and Richard as well. How he unfortunately died of AIDS, as any knowledge fan knows. Then again, I forgot them somewhat, and something....really got me into it again.

    I went to give blood a year and a half ago, I found out I had the hepitius c virus. With one of the highest virii loads they had ever seen. 18.1 million virii to 1 cc of blood. And for those who don't know a cc is basically a single drop of blood.

    So...after some crying, and thinking, I saw my poster of Jim, with Kermit on his shoulder. Then I heard this...little voice in my heart. To this day I believe it was Richard speaking to me. That voice told me this:

    "Never give up, keep going strong, and you'll make it. I just know it."

    So, I kept at it. And now I'm happy to say my virii content is basically non-existant!! I'm virus free!!! My last week of treatment ends the middle of this month, Febuary 13th. Scooter has always been my favorite muppet...and now...he and Richard hold a special close spot in my heart. Whenever I felt like giving up, just throwing those horredous shots and pills out the window, I heard that voice again. Urging me gently to never give up. I'm glad that voice was there. I'll never know if it was Richard, but...I like to think it was.

    So....I'm just very happy to have also found MC. Fellow Muppet lovers, and such. I've found my second family here.

    ((((HUGS)))) to everyone on MC, and (((HUGS))) to Phillip Chapman to creating this website and these forums.

    Love all, Renee.
  13. MeepBorkMeep

    MeepBorkMeep New Member

    That's an amazing story! Thanks for sharing that with us, and I'm so glad your virus is gone. :) ;)
  14. Sgt Floyd

    Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Hey! Welcome to the 13 year old muppet fan club! (metaphoricly of course). I'm 13 too.

    My fave muppets are floyd :sing: and uncle deadly.

    I actually got hooked on the muppets cause my dad is a big fan of them.

    I wear glasses cause I'm near sighted.

    I was born on March 17 (St patties day! lol)

    My fave movie...ooo...uh...well, I like Nightmare before christmas, labyrinth, a christmas story...

    I liked Muppets christmas carol. Unfortunatly, I've only seen that, wizard of oz and treasure island.

    And I am thinking about learning to play bass for obvious reasons but I am not too sure if my dad would be a little suspicious cause once a few months ago I said I didnt want to play the guitar and when he offered to actually teach me bass I said no and now I'm just rambling...
  15. MeepBorkMeep

    MeepBorkMeep New Member

    Whoa! Two thirteen year old Muppet fans on the same website! That's practically impossible! I didn't know /any/ thirteen year old obsessed Muppet fans, but now I know...ONE! WOO! Nice to meet you. :)
  16. Sgt Floyd

    Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    I know! All my friends think I'm weird for being a muppet fan. NIce to meet you too:D
  17. MeepBorkMeep

    MeepBorkMeep New Member

    My friends do too. Cause they mix it up with Sesame Street. Not that that's not a bad show, it's just they think it's for toddlers. But I explain to them "Muppets are for Adults /and/ Children" as we all have. Do they listen? Not really. But I'm not complaining. Well, yes I am. But not anymore. Being the only Muppet fan in my school rules! :excited:
  18. Lucy

    Lucy New Member

    And yet he never says that I am fab...
  19. DanDanStrawberry

    DanDanStrawberry Active Member

    There's a reason for that, babe :halo:

    (mwah, love you really)
  20. frewt

    frewt New Member


    i'm 26 and well i found this site cause i was looking for a sesame street forum, and well i think i'll quite love it....

    ok lets see wot i can say here.....
    i'm a single mom, my son will be 10 this april
    no need to count i had him at 16 .....LOl

    i love sesame street music and the muppets are just off the hook!!!!

    oh right, i am a screen printer......


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