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The Odd Proposal!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by BeakerSqueedom, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    The Odd Proposal

    Chapter 1

    "Scooter, um, could you help me with something?"


    Asked Piggy sweetly, tilting her head to the side. Her golden curls curtained her rosy face in such a way that made the young muppet fantasize very naughty things, but I won’t go into that. “Sure,” He said, allowing curiosity to cross his boyish face. “Let me go get Sophia to help you out…” He suggested, taking a few steps toward the door. To his surprise, Piggy had beaten him to it “No!” She objected steely, shooting an icy glare. “She’s gonna freak!” The pig rolled her eyes “I think she might just have a cow!” Realizing what she just said, Piggy changed the tone of her voice to a more sincere one “Forget what I said…that’s not the point!” She justified roughly. The go-fer stared at her in utter confusion “Then what do you mean?” He was timid as he asked this. The look she gave him told him just about everything.

    “I’m guessing this has something to do with Mr. Kermit?” His voice was heavy, almost weary. “Vous are the only one moi can turn to for these kinds of things!” Her pleading tugged at his heartstrings. She was playing him like a banjo, and boy, was doing it skillfully. “Miss Piggy, I’m sure what he did with “Ginger” was just for comedy.” The desperate go-fer reasoned. Boas wrapped around him like irritable snakes. He patted his shoulder only to discover that he had stumbled into her closet. “Get out of there, go-fer…” Piggy growled. Her flashy dressing room turned into a sudden torture chamber “I’m sorry, Miss Piggy.” He apologized, earnestly. “Here’s the plan,” She started, “You know how those soap operas run, right?” Piggy seemed oddly bashful. Scooter’s eyes widened a little “I sure do,” He bit his lip, expressing doubt. “My sister watches them all the time.”

    “Piggy, I-I-I can’t do that!” Scooter cried softly, his eyes were the size of saucers once realization had hit him. “Why don’t you get Gonzo to do that?” He whimpered. “He’s married.” She stated simply. “Link?” He suggested hurriedly. They looked to each other comically “Ok, silly question.” Scooter said, answering himself quite hilariously. “You’re…you’re not as young as you were before.” Piggy commented. “Yeah, but, this is just too far.!” Scooter objected, running to the door. With a delicate touch of her gloved hand, did she grab him—very much like a worm on a hook. He could only squirm “Ok, ok, ok, I can’t say I’ll feel good ‘bout it though.” “Thank you! Thank you!” She cried. “The frog will be so jealous!” Piggy declared. A sigh escaped his lips “Why do I get myself into these things?”

    Piggy brought him closer to her

    “Because, Mon Capitaine, vous are just so gullible!”


    [Basically, she is requesting that he get into a relationship with her just to make a certain frog jealous--The coupling is still Kermit/Piggy...depending on the outcome of this story!]

    Minor note: This is so cliché'!

  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Cliché? Well, yes, it was. She's already tried Link in Prawny's Men Are Pigs. And Kermit already saw through Scooter having a phony relationship with the pig in an episode of the show. But thanks for this sis, maybe these small glimpses will motivate you to return your other stories to prominence. Lest someone nag you for updates before then... *Hint, hint.
  3. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member


    Um, I am not necessarily looking for inspiration to continue my other amateurish fics. On the contrary, I seem to lack the time. I thought this story could be updated bit by bit, since it is not going to be a really long one. Yes, shameless use of cliché plotting, however, the things coming up will have plenty of twists and turns, which will differentiate this story from the others. This amateur has got it goin’ on…*Does the mambo for no real reason at all—just to add some sort of corny humor.

    Piggy quietly shooed him out of her dressing room “You know the plan, squirt.” She reminded, threatening him with a balled fist. He gulped “Yes, Miss Piggy!” Was all he could utter. The siren retreated to the safety of her room, leaving him out in the cold to deal with this unwanted guilt trip. “I’m too old for this.” He told himself. A lemony scent reached his nonexistent nose, directing his attention to the floor. It was recently polished. What a lovely glow it had. Scooter looked to his own reflection by innocent causality—boy, how he grew. He was now in his early 30’s, and he just couldn’t believe it. Talk about never having look in a mirror! “Hello Scooter!” greeted the janitor happily.

    This made the go-fer nearly jump out of his skin “Oh! Hello, Beau!” He returned the greeting jumpily “I didn’t see you there.” He was once again reminded of his little scandal with a certain diva. Thoughts whirred in his head. Most concerning possible suspicion—did he eavesdrop? Did he know? Did he actually understand? The young muppet could only muster a nervous grin “Need any help?”. The mole looked at him oddly “That’s real nice of yah, but I’m kind of done.” He stated. Scooter tilted his head to the side, how very dry his hands were. The muppet had been working here for so long—if it wasn’t for him. The theater would have looked like a haunted house complete with spider webs, and all things messy. “You should probably get going,” suggested Scooter. “I think you should take a break…I mean…we haven’t used the theater much.” He said. “Maybe you’re right.” Beau agreed with a small nod of his head. With that…he left.

    Robin appeared suddenly behind Scooter “Hey, dawg!” He greeted. Scooter cringed at his newest form of communication “Hiya, sport, hanging around Mr. Jones?” Robin looked at him sheepishly “Yeah, boy does he have a great singing voice!” Scooter wrinkled his face in a Kermit-like way “Yeah, but terrible way of talking.” He joked. The teeny frog crossed his arms, striking a ghettoish pose “Whatever you say, shorty.” The way Robin did his impression made him laugh. “Robin, I think that’s more for girls…the “shorty” thing.” He corrected, “Are you sure you haven’t been hanging out with Bunsen, rather?” He joked once more. “He’s been too busy to talk with me.” The frog looked to a book in his hand “He couldn’t help me with my homework—so I wanted to ask you if…maybe…” Robing hoped he understood. Scooter nodded “Sure thing.” He guided him to the quiet stage. “What were you doing in Miss Piggy’s room?” Robin asked, throwing one of those puppy dog looks. The go-fer laughed dryly “Oh, nothing, she wanted some cheesecake.” He lied. When he fibbed, he turned his head a little. Thankfully, Robin was oblivious “She’s so pretty…” He said with infinite admiration. Scooter looked to him, and could not help, but agree “Yeah…” Scooter sighed romantically.

    Robin shot him a curious look. “Oh yeah, let’s see what you have here.” He said, surveying a few thick-text pages with interest. Robin stifled a groan of torture. Scooter patted him on the back sympathetically “I’m sure we’ll get this done in no time, Robin. Though, it’s sort of weird that Bunsen should miss the opportunity to review science with you, gee wiz.” He speculated what could have happened. “Ah well, can’t say much.” Scooter murmured with a shrug. “Let’s crack this puzzle!” Robin exclaimed. Scooter whipped out two bags of fruit loops “With a bit to munch on….brain food.”. The little frog nodded vigorously and got a bag for himself as they sat with dangling feet. Large smiles plastered against their faces, looking much like kids at a football game.
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Aw... You know we love ya Clauds. Good thing to see you continuing a story of yours. Hee, maybe this 'un'll get finished.
    Thanks for the update... Twas nice to see how Scooter interacts guiltily and then naturally as others intrude on his inner thoughts regarding the conspiracy.

    Please post more.
  5. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    I've got a loveleh bunch 'o coconuts...

    “Yeah, you’re getting it.”

    Scooter encouraged, his eyes following Robin’s clear handwriting. Robin was doing rather well in school. He was different from his classmates, since he actually had fun doing homework. But, then again, who wouldn’t have fun being taught by a bunch of weirdoes? The little frog looked away from his book just to steal a couple of colorful fruit loops from his bag. “Ok, G, I think we’re finished!” He declared. Scooter cringed “Robin, are you sure you should be talking that way? I think you sound better talking like you.” He advised gently. Robin looked to him “I guess you’re right.” His voice sounded a little glum. “I don’t think slang is my deal.” Robin said.

    Scooter nodded “Yeah, my uncle told me a little something…” He began lightly. “My uncle told me, as I was growing up, that slang was created for people who were limited in vocabulary.” He explained. As if right on cue, his beefy uncle placed a thick hand on his broad shoulder, looking mighty haughty. “For ignorant people, son…don’t want people thinking that of you, hmm?” He bobbed his head a little to demonstrate his mild egoism. Scooter would have sent him a glare, but he didn’t. “Well, Robin isn’t.” Scooter defended. J.P just nodded “Of course not.” “Oh, ok!” Robin thought about it, and then decided to speak up “Makes a lot of sense!”.

    Scooter patted him on the back lightly “I think you’re just about done now.”. Robin felt relief wash over him. Relief was soon replaced by the sudden urge to run out of the theater and play “Want to do something?” offered Robin, a smile that could not be suppressed, played on his lips (err, yeah..). Scooter shook his head “No can do, I have lots of things to catch up on.” Robin nodded; he’d invite Sweetums over. With that, he hopped away from the stage. “Hi, I didn’t expect you to be here.” Scooter wondered. His uncle’s belly jiggled as he chuckled “Remember, I still own the theater.” His pacing feet made the wooden floor squeak “Just wanted to drop by for a visit to see my favorite nephew.” He said in a gruff voice, masking that he indeed did miss him.

    He gave an honest reason as to why, it was simple and true, “I’ve been so busy, I’m sorry I never gave you a call.” Scooter looked to his sneakers grimly. “Oh, for a second there, I thought you had a girlfriend! But if it’s just work…” His comment made Scooter jump. “Me? That’d be swell and all, but I am in no way involved with a pig. No, sir!” He cried. “Wasn’t sayin’ anything.” Grosse replied, nonchalantly. The tension was something only Scooter could feel. It came to a point where it was just too much to handle “You know, I think I’ll get going.” He trailed off. “I think Kermit is calling me.” Scooter’s attempt to excuse himself was successful.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Applauds. *Loves. *Pleads for more.

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