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The Muppets Halloween

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Animal'sBunny, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Animal'sBunny Active Member

    So here's a Muppet's Halloween story (sorry my title's not more original :p) anyway, the plot pretty much is some of the Muppets get teleported to Transylvania and there are a whole lot of monster problems (I'm still working on the details) and there are a lot of problems back at the Muppet Theater too (lots of Miss Piggy-Annie Sue conflict) that Scooter has to deal with.
    Anyway, I hope you like it!
    ~Shameless Advertising: Please check out my other fan-fics: After the Funeral and It's Time To Get Things Started (please check page 2 of ITTGTS for alternate (better) version of chapter 5!~
    I'll start posting the story ASAP!!!!
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  2. Animal'sBunny Active Member

    Chapter Uno
    "Oh well, I'll just use the hammer."
    Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant, Beaker, stood inside their lab at the Muppet Theater. It was Halloween afternoon and they were working on a new monster-creating machine for the show that night.
    "I'm done Beakie!" Bunsen said, excitedly. "Let's gather everyone up so we can show them what it does!"
    A few minutes later, Kermit, Robin, Gonzo, Fozzie, Dr. Teeth, Animal, Zoot, Floyd, Janice, Rowlf and Sam were all squished in the lab.
    "Beakie, where's Miss Piggy?" Bunsen asked.
    "Meep... mo... meep meep mo," Beaker answered, shakily.
    "She said her costume's more important than my wonderful invention?" Bunsen said, somewhat shocked.
    "Aw, who needs the pig, my man?" Floyd asked.
    "Like, rully," Janice agreed.
    "All right, then," Bunsen said. "Our invention is called the Monster Maker 1000. It transports monsters from Transylvania right into the lab! Isn't it incredible?"
    "Incredibly spooky," Kermit said.
    "Aw, I think it's cool Uncle Kermit!" Robin said excitedly. "Let's see it Dr. Honeydew and Mr. Beaker!"
    "The kid's got taste," Bunsen remarked. "Now, Beakie, if you would just push the red button, we should get a few monsters!"
    "Mo mo mo meep!" Beaker protested.
    "Go on, Beakie! It won't hurt you!" Bunsen insisted. Beaker reached out and pressed the button. Everyone cringed.
    Nothing happened.
    "Hmmm, that's strange," Bunsen said, prodding the machine slightly with the tip of a pencil. "It should have-"
    There was a flash of white light and Bunsen's pencil fell to the ground of the empty lab.
    "Ahhh, Halloween. My favourite time of year," Uncle Deadly said, from his seat high in the rafters. "The Muppet's are in for a real surprise." He laughed evilly.
    Meanwhile, Miss Piggy was putting on her angel costume. The label read "One of a kind. Imported from France."
    Piggy laughed. "I'll show that Annabel," she muttered, adjusting her wings. "And Kermie won't be able to keep his flippers off me!"
    Annie Sue was also putting on her Halloween costume.
    "One of a kind," she read off the label. "And it's from France! Won't Miss Piggy just love it?" And she pulled on the beautiful angel costume.
    While all this was happening, Scooter was running around looking for Kermit.
    "Chief? Boss? KERMIT??? Where are you?" he turned the corner and ran into the Swedish Chef. "Hey, Chef, if you see Kermit will you tell him that my uncle-who-owns-the-theater is coming to the show tonight? It's really important. He says that if it's really as bad as Statler and Waldorf say it is at golf club, he'll have to shut us down. No pressure of course!"
    "Okey-dokey," the Chef replied.
    "Great, thanks. Now, I need to find Fozzie."
    Meanwhile, the others were lying, unconscious, in a field outside of a tall, black castle.

    End of Chapter One, hope you liked it! More to come soon!!!! :D
  3. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Oooooh! I am dying to find pout what happens to the Muppets in this fanfic. I mean I cannot to hear more of this. Am I scared or just plain silly?
  4. Animal'sBunny Active Member

    You're silly. :D Me glad you like!
  5. Animal'sBunny Active Member

    So, I guess I should post chapter two! Here it comes!
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  6. Animal'sBunny Active Member

    Chapter Two
    Kermit groaned and opened his eyes. He and the others were chained to a wall. The others were all still unconscious... except Animal... Where was Animal?
    He looked around and spotted him. Animal was sitting on a throne, wearing a crown. Frankenstein was combing his hair and he was getting a mani/pedi from a mummy.
    "GOOD GREIF!" Kermit cried in shock.
    "Ah, vun of our guests has avaken!" Dracula walked into the room, wearing flowing black robes.
    "WHAT'S GOING ON?" Kermit cried.
    Some of the others were stirring.
    "Like, what is.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Janice shrieked. "LIKE, WHAT ARE THOSE MONSTERS DOING TO ANIMAL?!"
    "What the blonde chick means," Dr. Teeth clarified, "is, "LIKE, WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE?!"
    "HONEYDEW!" bellowed Kermit.
    "How fascinating, Beakie, take a look at the monsters. So life like! Our invention actually worked!"
    "Mee mo mee mo!" Beaker replied.
    "What do you mean we're in Transylvania being held captive by... MONSTERS!"
    "Monsters..." Fozzie muttered in his sleep. "What kind of dog does Dracula have? A bloodhound... Wocka... wocka..."
    "FOZZIE WAKE UP!" Kermit cried, waking everyone else up too.
    "This is completely undignified!" Sam said in shock. "If you have to keep me as a prisoner, at least do it in a dignified manner!"
    "And in what manner would that be?" Rowlf asked.
    "I- it... do I look like someone who has kept prisoners before?" Sam replied.
    "Wow! Uncle Kermit! Look at the monsters! It's amazing!" Robin said excitedly. "Wow, are you really Count Dracula? That's awesome!"
    "I like dis vun," Dracula said to Frankenstein.
    "Like, Animal, dude, what's goin' on?" Floyd asked.
    "KING! KING!"Animal yelled, hitting his crown on the arm of the throne.
    "This fantastic monster is our new king," Frankenstein said in a slow, rumbling voice.
    "What?" Gonzo said in shock. "Why is he your king? What about me?"
    The mummy, Frankenstein and Dracula exchanged a look.
    "Your kind has been banned from this land," the mummy said.
    "My kind?" Gonzo said in awe.
    "They stole Dracula's favourite crown. He's still pretty sore about it," Frankenstein said in a whisper.
    "Yeah, well, I'm sure Gonzo's very sorry for his... kind's... crimes. Can you send us back now?" Kermit asked.
    "Only if you do us a favor," the mummy said.
    "Find my crown," Dracula said. "Den, ve vill send you back."
    "So predictable," Zoot said with a sigh.
    "And where would this crown be?" Sam asked.
    "I have no idea," Dracula said. "Somevhere in Transylvania."
    "What's the tallest building in Transylvania? The Vampire State Building! Wocka, wocka!" Fozzie said.
    "I do not vunderstand," Dracula said. "Dat does not exist."
    "Nevermind," Fozzie said.
    Miss Piggy stepped out of her dressing room.
    "I love Halloween," she said to herself. "And in this dress moi will be the center of attention!"
    Annie Sue skipped out of her dressing room. "Hi Miss Piggy!"
    "Why hello, Annabel," Miss Piggy said, turning to walk downstairs. She turned back around quickly. "WHAT?" she said when she saw Annie Sue's costume."HIYAH!" she karate chopped Annie Sue.
    "Explain yourself, pig!"
    End of Chapter Two! Hope you liked it!
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  7. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Animal-More more.
    Dominic-Because he's
    Both-King king king king king king king.
  8. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Gobo - The king, eh?
    MF- Sure, and these creatures wear crowns.
    :insatiable: Me crown!
    MF - NO! You don't eat crowns Cookie. You EAT cookies.
    :insatiable: Me forgot!
    MF - Riiight! So, we want -
    MF - You got that right. Duhh!!
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  9. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Dominic-More please!.
  10. Animal'sBunny Active Member

    OK, so either you want me to bake you cookies or you want more story... I'm not making cookies any time soon so you'll have to settle for the story... Coming soon to Muppet Central is Chapter three!!!
  11. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    I go with more story, Animal's Bunny!
  12. miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Oh.snap, bunsen.
    Oh snap piggy.
    Oh snap more please!
    GopherCoffee likes this.
  13. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    More please! I'd do anything for my story anything. For your story's everything to me.
  14. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Okay, Animals'Bunny! I have a bad feeling the story is dying, but come on, I hope you do not take forever... unless it's writer's block.
  15. Animal'sBunny Active Member

    I promise I won't let it die! I'll try to post more this weekend (maybe even tonight) I just have a ton of homework and school so it's hard to find time to write.
  16. Animal'sBunny Active Member

    Well, I guess I'll post Chapter Three (screw studying, right?)
    Chapter Three
    Annie Sue stood up.
    "What do you mean, explain my self, Miss Piggy?" she asked innocently.
    "Your costume," Miss Piggy growled. "It's the same as mine!"
    "But that's impossible! Mine's one of a kind!"
    "No, mine's one of a kind! Yours is a cheap rip off! Go change. NOW!"
    "I'm sorry, Miss Piggy, but mine's imported from France. Yours must be the rip off."
    "Well, what are we going to do?"
    "YOU can go change."
    "But I don't see how that's fair. Why don't we flip for it?"
    "I'll flip you," Miss Piggy threatened.
    "Miss Piggy! Annie Sue!" Scooter cried, running up to them.
    "Not now, gopher boy," Miss Piggy growled.
    "Actually, I'm a G-O-F-E-R, go-fer coffee, go-fer..."
    "Cut to the chase, can't you see we're busy?"
    "Right, I've been looking everywhere and I can't find Kermit, Robin, Fozzie, Gonzo, Sam, Rowlf, Bunsen, Beaker or the band anywhere! And on top of that my-uncle-who-owns-the-theater is coming tonight. Apparently Statler and Waldorf play golf with him and they're always saying how bad the show is. He says that if it's as bad as they say he'll... he'll cancel us."
    "WHAT?" Miss Piggy cried. "If he cancels the show how am I supposed to pay for my costume?" she gestured to her lacy angel dress.
    "Same here!" Annie Sue exclaimed.
    "And my fans!" Miss Piggy wailed. "They'll be so disappointed!!"
    "What are we going to do Scooter?" Annie Sue asked.
    "Well... we have the four of us, the chef and some extras... The show must go on."
    "We're doomed," Miss Piggy concluded.
    "More food, please!" Animal asked the mummy.
    "Of course, your highness!" the mummy replied. He ran off to the kitchen to alert the chefs.
    "Like, dudes, I can't, like, believe they, like, made Animal their king! Like, rully!" Janice said to the others.
    "I know, right?" Dr. Teeth said. "The king of groovy is in the house and they make Animal king? Totally not groovy."
    "Here is your map," Frankenstein said, walking over and handing Kermit a dirty paper.
    "Thanks," Kermit said, taking it with a gulp. "Good grief!" he exclaimed as he opened it. "This place is huge! It'll take ages to find the crown!"
    "And we have to get back for the show!" Fozzie said. "I have a ton of great new material!"
    "Are jokes all you ever think about?" Sam said angrily. "There are much better things to memorize. The Declaration of Independence, for example."
    "Is America all you ever think about?" Rowlf asked.
    "Is anything more important?"
    "Uncle Kermit," Robin said, pulling on Kermit's hand. "We have to get back for the show. I heard Scooter talking on the phone with his uncle. He's coming to watch the show and if he doesn't like it... he might cancel it."
    "WHAT?" Kermit cried. "WE GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!"
    "The let's go, frog man," Floyd said, taking the map from him. "I'm not losing the best gig I've had since '64. And we have to get Animal out of here before being king gets to his head."
    "Animal, you coming to look for the crown?" Dr. Teeth asked.
    "Never mind, it's too late," Floyd said with a sigh.
    "We should get going," Zoot said, picking up a couple cloves of garlic and stuffing it in his pocket.
    "What's that for?" Bunsen asked.
    "Just in case. I don't trust these monsters," Zoot replied.
    "Mee mo meep mee," Beaker agreed, taking one from Zoot and putting it in the pocket of his lab coat.
    "So paranoid," Bunsen said sadly, patting Beaker on the arm. "I'll make sure make sure my next invention is something that cures paranoia and you can test it first."
    The Muppets waved good-bye to Animal and walked out the door. Of course being Muppets they walked into danger almost immediately.
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  17. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    uh-oh! I smell trouble ya hear?
    :shifty: I hear ya! Ya got any pizza leftovers?
    I... I think they're in the garbage can.
    :shifty: Thanks!
    Okay MC members let's wait and see if Animal'sBunny gives us another chapter.
    :halo: BUNNY! BUNNY!
    Sorry Animal, but there's not bunny.
    :halo: NO BUNNY? AWWWWW!
    So, I cannot wait for more Muppets Halloween. Manical laughter! Mwhahahahaha! Ahem! I got carried away. Sorry about that!
  18. Animal'sBunny Active Member

    I kinda sorta forgot about the story... :o But it's end of term so I have a million things to do for homework:rolleyes: , but I'll try to write some more this week...:)

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