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The End

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by miss kermie, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    The End

    Chapter One: The new kid, Roy




    It was a sunny summer Saturday. The Muppet gang was outside at their usual meeting spot, the old oak tree. They were talking about their plans for the future, since graduation was only a few weeks away. "...And then, when I get my degree, I'm going to move to Bombay to become a movie star!" Said an excited Gonzo. Jaz shook her head. "Um, one, the way your math grade looks, I doubt you'll be getting a degree, and two, you don't go to Bombay to become a movie star, you go to Hollywood! I should know, I plan on going there!" Jaz smiled widely. "Vous are such a copier!" Piggy accused. "Moi am going to continue my career on television... But make it better!" Kermit was puzzled. "Continue? Piggy, you were on TV?" Piggy blushed slightly. "Well... Yes... But... But I did um... Bacon comercials..." "THAT'S SO OFFENSIVE!" Jaz blurted out. "The jerks of the stupid television brodcasting system have no consideration for the other species of actresses!" Fozzie put his hand on Jaz's shoulder. "Jaz calm down. Kermit, what are you gonna do when we graduate?" Fozzie asked. "Hmmm... Gee, I really haven't thought about it... Well I did plan on getting married to-" All of a sudden, a dashing pig with a brown hair buzz cut, and a jean jacket pops out of nowhere. "I hate to intrude, but by any chance do you happen know where I can find a group called the Muppets?" The pig asked politely. "Um, that would be us." Kermit said. "Well, before I speak anymore, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Roy Hockney. I am an exchange student from Transylvania." Roy informed. "Well Hi there! My name is Kermit the frog! These are my friends, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Jaz, Gonzo, and Camilla." All of Kermit's friends waved to Roy. "It is nice to meet you all. I came to find you, because it says I am supposed to be staying with Kermit. I asked that brute, Brad if he had any idea as to where this person was, and he insisted that I got lost. He also implyed I was a Muppet. Assuming that Kermit was one of them, I went to search for these Muppets. Then I located you, and we are now having a civilized conversation." Roy explained. "Oh don't you worry about Brad. He's a big jerk who only cares about himself. He actually is sweet if you're his friend." Piggy informed. "Well thank you Miss...Um...What was your name again?" Roy asked. "Miss Piggy. But you can just call me Piggy, dear." Piggy said sweetly. Roy kissed her gloved hand, and it kinda made Piggy blush. Noticing, Kermit decided to change the subject. "S-So Roy, what are you going to do when you graduate?" Asked Kermit asked shakily. "Well, I plan on making one of the girls here my bride. They are all very beautiful, and I for one, am hoping to find my perfect match." Roy explained. "Awww, how sweet!" Jaz awed. "Well I truly hope you find her." Piggy said. Roy stared at Piggy. She has no clue... How adorable... Roy thought. Roy finally sat down, (Next to Piggy might I add.) and enjoyed the hospitality of the Muppets.



    Chapter Two- What's his problem?




    It's been exactly two hours since Roy met the Muppets, but it seems as though the only Muppet he wants to talk to is Miss Piggy. Kermit couldn't stand it. He had a bad feeling about Roy. He had a feeling that he only wanted to hurt Piggy. Kermit and the gang were at the library. The gang always took up two tables, and Piggy always sat right next to Kermit. However, this time, she was at the second table with Roy, Jaz, and Camilla, while Kermit was at the first table with Fozzie, Gonzo, and Scooter. "Wow Boss, he sure is a casanova. He has all three of the girls!" Scooter exclaimed. Kermit just crossed his arms. "Don't remind me." Kermit said with slight anger. "I haven't made Jaz laugh like that before..." Fozzie sighed. "And Camilla hasn't paid that much attention to me before." Said a concerned Gonzo. "Don't worry guys, I'm sure it's nothing." Scooter assured. As the boys watched Roy and the girls, Piggy planted a kiss on Roys cheek. Do you hear that? The screaming? Yeah, well, it's coming from Kermit's brain in case you're wondering. "Kermit, are you alright?" Fozzie asked. Kermit's eye was twitching, and his foot was constantly tapping. "I... Am... Fine." Kermit strained incredibly hard to get those three words out his mouth. Then Roy and the girls came over to Kermit and the guys. "Kermie, Roy asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with him, do you want to come?" Piggy asked. "No, go ahead!" Kermit said with false happiness. Piggy left the library, and Roy looked at Kermit face to face with his demonic eyes. "Don't bother Kermit. When I'm done with her, she will have forgotten all about you." Roy said with a threatening tone. Then he left the library. "What was THAT all about, huh?" Jaz asked. "It sounds like he's out get you Kermit!" Gonzo yelled. "Bur Baw Bur Bawk!" Camilla clucked. "He obviously likes Piggy, but... Roy has no idea that you and Piggy are together Kermit." Fozzie explained. "You're right... So why would he..." Kermit paused. "I think we have a little homework to do. Who's in?" Jaz asked.
    "I'm in."
    "I'm in too Jazzy!"
    "Bur Bawk!"
    "You got it Chief!"
    "I'm out."
    "You said we have homework to do. I have the worst math grade in the history of Danhurst highschool. Why on earth-"
    "I mean, we have to spy on Roy, you yutz!"
    "Oh... Count me in!"
    And with that, they began to make their plan.


    Chapter three- The study date





    "...Well Kermit. What do you think?" Asked Gonzo. "It's terrible! Why would you put peanut butter and anchovies on the same sandwich? Yuck!" Kermit exclaimed in disgust. Gonzo then walked back to his table with Camilla. Kermit was now sitting alone. The rest of his friends were sitting with Roy. Kermit just stared at the floor until he noticed two black heels. It was Piggy. "Kermit, are you alright?" Piggy asked. "Not really. It's Roy...I really don't think you should be hanging out with him." Kermit explained. "Well...Why not?" Piggy asked. "Piggy, please. I just have a bad vibe from him." Piggy slit her eyes, thought a moment, then returned her eyes back to normal. "You're jealous!" Piggy yelled. "I am not." kermit denied. "You are! You are, You are, You are, You are!" Piggy teased in a singsong tone. Kermit grunted angrily. "I'm not jealous Piggy! He's just...He's just...Wierd!" Kermit yelled finally. Piggy frowned. "Kermit, I am not going to stop hanging out with him just because you're jealous. I don't care how many times you tell me you are not, you are." Piggy said.

    "Well fine then! Who needs ya!?" Kermit yelled.

    "Moi doesn't need vous..." Piggy paused. "Well...At the moment anyway..." Piggy kissed Kermit softly, and she went back to her table. Kermit rubbed his lips where Piggy kissed him, and smiled. Do I know how to pick 'em or what? Kermit thought.

    It was six o'clock. Everyone was in their dorms. Roy however was about to go somewhere. "Hey, man. Where are ya headed?" Asked Floyd. "To Piggy's room. We have a study date." Roy explained. Kermit was twitching again. But Roy left before Kermit made it noticeable. As soon as Roy arrived, all the girls went to the boy's room. "Ok, so we've hooked up cameras in the room, so we can watch Roy's every move." Explained Jaz as she opened her laptop. "Wow, Jaz. That's cool!" Gonzo exclaimed. "Well, when your mother and father are super geniuses, and you're a pro gamer, you learn a few things." Jaz said as she tiped on her laptop. "Well, they're only studying right now." Fozzie said. "I know, but I have the feeling that he's going to-" Kermit paused. "What happened to the cameras?" Jaz tried to get the cameras operative again, but they continued to malnfunction. "I'm sorry Kermit, but if we want to know more about Roy, we're gonna need to get a better technology expert in here!" "But the only other tech expert I know is Scooter! He's at work!" Kermit yelled. "I guess we just have to go over there and see what's happening ourselves!" Gonzo suggested. "No, I think we're going to far with this you guys. Let's give it a rest." Kermit said. Kermit looked around the room. Roy left his textbook. If he's not going to spy on him, he might as well give him his textbook. "Guys, I'm gonna go give Roy his textbook OK?" Kermit announced. "Ok Kermit!" His friends yelled back. Kermit started to head next door when the cameras kicked back in. "Uh-Oh." Jaz said as she stared at the image on the computer. "We can't let Kermit see that!" Fozzie yelled. Next thing you know, the heroic band of party animals ran out of the door. "Kermit! Don't open that door!" His friends yelled.

    It was too late.

    Kermit was already about to open the door.

    "Hey Roy, I thought you would need your textbook since you guys were-" Kermit paused as he looked into the room. He dropped Roy's textbook.

    Roy and Piggy were kissing heavily.

    Piggy looked like she was enjoying it.

    The two pigs finally looked up at Kermit, who's jaw was wide open. Kermit observed Piggy. Her lipstick was smeared. Her button shirt was halfway unbuttoned. Her hair was frizzed up wildly. Kermit didn't know what to think. Roy only pretended to act oblivious. "Oh dear... Is Piggy your... Oh dear... I'll leave you two alone to... Um... discuss this predicament." Roy then left the room. Kermit finally closed his mouth. Piggy just wondered what came over her. "...I...You..." Kermit couldn't get the words out of his mouth. Piggy crossed her arms and looked down, avoiding eye contact. "Kermie, I just want to say-" "FORGET IT! FORGET IT, AND FORGET YOU!" Kermit yelled. Kermit ran away, where no one could find him. Little did Kermit know that his friends watched the entire thing on the camera. "Oh...This is terrible..." Said Jaz slowly. Piggy was a wreck. Has she lost Kermit forever? Roy then appeared out of nowhere in a cloud of magic. "Didn't I tell you? He's nothing like us..." Roy said. "I know Roy... I know..." Piggy said softly. Jaz, and the rest of the gang that was in Kermit's room, gasped at what they just saw. "D-Did you just that?" Fozzie stuttered. "Yeah! It was cool!" Gonzo yelled. Then there was commotion. Everyone was talking at once. "QUIIIIIIIET!" Jaz yelled. Everyone was silent but Janice. "...I said, look buddy, I'm not getting naked for anyone, even if it is, artistic! Oh..." Janice blushed. "Guys, Roy is magical! We have to tell Kermit!" Jaz yelled. "I doubt it will change his additude, man. the froggy foreman ain't gonna believe this too easily." Floyd said. "Well...All we can do is hope it will work!" Jaz said courageously. With that, the gang set out to find Kermit.
  2. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member


    Chapter Four-

    Movin' right along (?), & Bein' Green




    The Gang was at the entrance to the lost woods. They were just about to split up and go find Kermit. "Alright guys! Me and Fozzie will go this way, Floyd and Janice, go that way, and Gonzo and Camilla, go that way. Ready? Break!" Jaz commanded. The gang all split up and explored the lost woods. For some reason, Fozzie had his ukulele, and he started to play it loudly. It caused Jaz to hum a tune to go along with it. Then the whole gang was humming to it. And... How charming, some travel music!

    Jaz: Movin' right along in search of good times and good news, with good friends you can't loose

    Fozzie: This could become a habit!

    Jaz: Opprotunity knocks once, let's reach out and grab it, Together we'll nab it

    Fozzie: We'll hitch-hike, bus, or yellow cab it!

    Jaz: Cab it?

    All: Movin' right along

    Fozzie: Footloose and fancy free!

    Jaz: Getting there is half the fun, come share it with me

    All: Movin' right along

    Jaz: We'll learn to share the load

    Fozzie: We don't need a map to keep this show on the road!

    Jaz: This song sounds awesome Fozzie!

    Janice: Movin' right along, we've got a life on the highway

    Floyd: And your way is my way

    Janice: So trust my navigation

    Floyd: Hey there Kermit here we come, right here in the woods man

    Janice: Tall trees and quicksand

    Fozzie: Though sadly we just left our highschool

    Jaz: WE DID WHAT?

    Fozzie: Just forget it.

    All: Movin' right along

    Janice: Hey campus, where've you gone?

    Floyd: Send someone to fetch us we're in sascetchuan

    All: Movin' right along

    Floyd: You take it, I know least

    Janice: Hey I've never seen a bug that big in the east!

    The gang still saw no traces of Kermit. They checked under every rock, pebble and twig they found. They got poison ivy. They started to get bitten by anything and everything that sighted them. They swore they were lost. However, the only thing they could do was to keep looking!

    Camilla: Baw Baw Bawk Bur Bawk Bawk Bawk Bawk Bur Bawk Bawk

    All: We're in this together!

    Gonzo: And we know where we're goin'

    Floyd: Poisonous and rabid creatures nibblin' me down

    Jaz: Wow that's gotta hurt! Ow!

    Fozzie: You're telling me! Is this infected?

    Jaz: Uh, no I don't think so

    All: Movin' right along

    Gonzo: Do I see signs of men?

    Janice: Yeah! welcome on the same post it says come back again

    All: Movin' right along

    Gonzo: Footloose and fancy free!

    Fozzie: Can't we just find Kermit?

    Gonzo: I think I blew up my spleen!

    Jaz and Fozzie: Movin' right along

    Floyd and Janice: Movin' right along

    Gonzo and Camilla: Movin right along

    All: Movin' right along!

    After that last lyric, Fozzie finished the song off with a ukulele solo. Then they all ran into into eachother. The gang still did not find Kermit. "So...Your thoughts on our search?" Jaz asked.

    "That was terrific! I got so many infections!"

    "I got bit by a tarantula man!"

    "T-There was a tarantula?"

    "Like, I rully gotta pee!"


    "I ruffled my fur!"

    "Ok, Guys! What do we do now?" Jaz asked. "Man, it's time to beat feat! We've been lookin' for hours, Man!" said Floyd. "Like, Fer Sure. Let's go honey." Agreed Janice. "I guess Kermit will come back when he feels better. C'mon Fozzie." Jaz took Fozzie's hand as they attempted to leave the forest without getting lost. When they finally got out, they heard a banjo coming from the pond. The only person they knew with a banjo, was Kermit. "Follow that music!" Jaz commanded. The gang began to run toward the music that sounded like Kermit.

    Kermit: It's not easy, bein' green. Having to spend each day the color of the leaves. Thinking it might be nicer, bein' red or yellow or orange, or something more colorful like that.

    It's not easy bein' green. It seems you blend with so many other ordinary things. And people tend to pass you over. 'Cause you're not standin' out like flashy sparkles in the water, or stars in the sky.

    The gang had walked near him. They listened to his song the entire time, and realized that Kermit did not feel important, even though he was incredibly important, and no one could tell him he wasn't and truthful about it. Not even himself. The gang had decided to join in the song, and cheer their little green buddy up.

    Gonzo: But green's the color of spring!

    Fozzie: And it can be cool and friendly like.

    Floyd: And green can be big like a moutain,

    Janice: Important like a river,

    Jaz and Fozzie: Or tall like a tree

    Jaz: When green is all there is to be, it can make you wonder why. But...Why wonder?

    Floyd: Why wonder?

    Janice: You're green

    Floyd: It will do fine

    Jaz: It's beautiful!

    Kermit: And...And I think it's what I want to be...

    "Thanks guys." Kermit said. "Kermit... I know you don't want to hear her name, but I don't think what you witnessed was Miss Piggy's fault." Fozzie explained. "W-What do you mean?" Kermit stuttered. "After you went to give Roy his textbook, the cameras kicked back in, and we watch you, Roy, and Piggy. After you left, Roy entered the room in a dark cloud of magic. It's really hard to believe, but he did. And then he said-"

    "I told you he was nothing like us! And then Piggy said-"

    "I know Roy, I know."

    Kermit looked at his friends. "I... I believe you. I have a bad vibe from him. His magic is probably it." Jaz shrugged. "Or it's because he's from Transylvania, the land of monsters!" Jaz yelled. Kermit only smiled. "C'mon, let's go home." Kermit said. The gang then went back to the highschool. They had alot to find out.






    Chapter five- The pignapping




    It was lunch time once again at danhurst highschool. Roy was tightly gripping Piggy's hand. Piggy just stared at Kermit nervously. "Piggy my dear, I think I've fallen in love with you." Roy admitted. "Uh... T-That's um... Nice I suppose." Piggy stuttered, not taking her eyes off of Kermit. Roy grabbed Piggy's head, and turned it toward him. "What troubles you my love?" Roy asked. "Oh! I-It's nothing Roy." Lied Piggy. The rest of the Muppets were sitting at the table across from them. Fozzie was also gripping his girl's hand tightly. "Fozzie, are you nervous about something?" Jaz asked. "Uh, no. Sorta. Follow me!" Fozzie said as he dragged Jaz to the front of the cafeteria. Fozzie didn't notice that Roy was also up there. Both men, at the same time, got down on one knee, and pulled out a ring.
    "Jaz, will you marry me?" asked Fozzie.
    "Piggy, will you marry me?" asked Roy.
    "OMGONZO! Is that a trick question? Of course I'll marry you Fozzie!" Jaz grabbed Fozzie's tie and yanked him into a kiss.
    "Um... No." Piggy said gently. "Why?" Roy asked. "My heart belongs to Kermit. I'm sorry, but I cannot marry you." Piggy looked at Kermit lovingly, as he did the same for her. "Piggy, my love, please." Roy begged. "I'm sorry, but I can't. I was made for Kermit, not you." Piggy said softly. Roy's eyes went from green, to red. He began to float up in the air. "Then you have left me no choice Piggy Lee!" Roy used force to pick Kermit up by his neck. "Answer me Piggy Lee! Or let the frog be dead forever!" Roy yelled overtop of Kermit's attempt to breathe. "No! I-I don't want to marry you!" Piggy cried. Her tears were begining to run. Roy choked Kermit more. "OK, OK! Put him down! I...I'll marry you, just please... please put him down!" Piggy begged. Roy dropped him, and laughed in victory. "I knew you'd see it my way Piggy Lee!" he shouted. Roy then vanished into thin air. There was silence from everyone. "So... When's the wedding going to be Fozzie?" Scooter asked.
    "Yeah boss?"
    "Not the time."
    "Sorry boss."
    "Stop calling me boss."
    "Sorry boss"
    Kermit had to admit, that got a laugh out of him, and everyone else, too. Everyone tried hard not to think about the scary things they just saw, and they continued to eat their lunches.
    It was now midnight. The gang was asleep. All of them in the same dream, it seemed.
    In this dream, Kermit and Fozzie were getting married to Jaz and Piggy on the same day. They had put Floyd and Janice in charge of music, and Gonzo was the preacher. Just as Gonzo told Kermit and Fozzie they could kiss their brides, Piggy dissapeared. Poofed out of nowhere. Kermit searched and searched for her. The last place he checked was the basement. Kermit carefully opened the cabinet down there, and Roy was in there, as a dark demonic cloud, that swallowed him whole.
    Kermit woke up screaming.
    "Are you alright Kermit?" Fozzie asked. "Er... Yeah. I'm fine Fozzie. Thanks for asking." Kermit assured. With that, the friends went back to sleep, thinking nothing of it.
    The next morning, at five o' clock a.m., Jaz and Camilla came banging on the door. Fozzie got up, answered the door, and rubbed his eyes. "Hi Jaz." He yawned. "Fozzie! Piggy's missing!" Jaz yelled. "Mmmm... That's nice..." Fozzie paused. "PIGGY'S MISSING?" Fozzie ran into his room and screamed the news. Then the rest of the boys ran out. "Piggy's missing? Do you have any clue as to where she went?" Kermit asked. "No, but follow us, we might have caught her on video surveilence." Jaz informed. The boys followed Jaz and Camilla to their room, and Jaz pulled out the video disc, and put it in her laptop. As the gang watched it, they were devestated. "Roy kiddnapped her!" Jaz yelled. "We've got to go rescue her!" Fozzie yelled. Kermit frowned when he looked at the laptop. "Everyone get dressed. We attack at dawn." Kermit then left. the room. "I thought Piggy was the drama queen... I was wrong-o..." Jaz said. Everyone decided to do what Kermit instructed. What was Kermit thinking?




    Chapter Six- Piggy's location





    Somewhere, was a resting Miss Piggy. When Piggy awoke, she found herself in a dark room of some sort. Where am I? What time is it? Piggy thought. Piggy felt around the unlit room, until she finally felt a doorknob. when she turned it, she found out that she was left sleeping in a closet. "This isn't funny Jaz!" She shouted in the empty hallway. It was then when she realized that she was no longer at her highschool. "G-Guys?" Piggy hoped that she at least had someone she knew with her. There was no answer. Piggy ventured down to the hallway. None of the rooms had doors on them, so they were easy to quickly glance at. First she passed a coffin, then a skeleton frozen in ice. Then a room with voodoo dolls. Piggy backed up. "Voodoo dolls hm?" Piggy entered the room, and picked up a doll that seemed to look a lot like Jaz. "Hi, I'm Jaz, and I think videogames are hiiiiiiiitechnical!" Piggy mocked into the doll.

    Somewhere along the way to where the gang thought Piggy was, was the gang themselves. All was quiet until...

    "Hi! I'm Jaz, and think videogames are hiiiiiiiiitechnical!" Jaz yelled. Kermit was puzzled, as was the rest of the gang. Everyone was wondering what came over Jaz until...

    "Wocka Wocka Wocka! I'm a bear, I'm not a bunny, so here's a joke that's really crummy! Wocka Wocka Wocka!" Fozzie sang. "What's gotten into you guys?" Kermit asked. "I am the great Gonzo, and I command you to dance my chickens! All chickens look the same to me!" Gonzo blurted. Kermit was at a loss for words. Had all of his friends gone insane? Or in Gonzo's case, more insane? Kermit was glad that nothing was wrong with him...Or at least until...

    "Oh Kermie... I can't find anything wrong with you... You're perfect in Moi's eyes..." Kermit said softly. Jaz, Fozzie, and Gonzo stared at Kermit. He said the most bizzare thing out of the blue. "What are you all lookin' at? Why are you still standin' here? Let's go find Miss Piggy!" Kermit commanded. And with that, the gang continued their search for Miss Piggy.

    Piggy finally decided to stop playing with the dolls. She was much too old for such tomfoolery. Piggy tiptoed down the hallway passing various creatures that she's only seen in fairy tales. This place scares the papayas outta me! She thought. Everything was incredibly silent until Piggy stepped on a trap set out to capture intruders. The trap was a rope that tied around her ankle, and pulled her up so she hung from the ceiling. Piggy began to scream as loud as she possibly could. She kept screaming until nausious gas put her to sleep.

    When she awakened, she seemed to be put in a wedding dress. Her hair was tied to fit in her veil. She was beautiful, but why was she wearing this? The room she was in was filled with daffodils. She sneezed constantly. "Alright, who put the sneezing powder in the flowers?" Piggy shouted. Her yelling alarmed an old lady. "Oh! You're finally awake! My name is Hilda. I am a wardrobe mistress at the Translyvanian clothes hut." Hilda explained. "Transylvanian...? But isn't this America?" Piggy asked. "No, I'm afraid that we are in Transylvania, dear." Said Hilda. Piggy was in complete and utter shock. "Um... Hilda? Is there a phone I can use here to call someone from America?" She asked. "Why, yes dear. There's a phone on the wall right over there." Hilda pointed to the phone. "Thank You." Piggy ran quickly towards the phone and dialed Kermit's number. Kermit picked up. "Hiho, Kermit the frog here!"


    "Piggy! Is that you? Where are you?"

    "I'm in Transylvania somewhere."


    "Yes Mon Capitaine. Transylvania. I didn't find out until just now."

    "How long have you been there?"

    "Well I'm not too sure. I woke up in a closet, then I played with some voodoo dolls-"



    "Oh! Nothing. Nothing at all. Please continue."

    "Well after I played with the voodoo dolls, I stepped on a trap that put me to sleep, and next thing you know, I wake up in a wedding dress with this nice lady named Hilda."

    "Can I talk to Hilda?"

    "Uh, sure. But why?"

    "Maybe I can find out more about your location, and reason why you're in a wedding dress."

    "Um, alright."

    Piggy handed the phone to Hilda. Hilda accepted the phone, and began to talk to Kermit. Then she returned the phone to Piggy.

    "Piggy, your location is 17 Highland Street."

    "Oh, great! Now why am I in a wedding dress?"

    "According to Hilda, you're getting married to prince Hockney."

    "Y-You mean Roy?"

    "I can only assume."

    "Kermie, you can't let this happen to me!"

    "Piggy there's not much I can do."

    "But Kermie, I don't want to marry Roy, I want to marry you! I love you! Kermie? Kermit?"

    The signal was lost. Piggy was in tears, and Hilda was kind enough to wipe them for her. "Come along dear. We must go fix you eye liner." Hilda said. Piggy followed Hilda to the vanity, and wondered if her frog had heard a word of what she said.
  3. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Chapter Seven- The Wedding Void





    Hilda had finally finished Piggy's makeup. That pig was beautiful. She was incredibly heartbroken however. "Hilda, please don't send me out there! I'm not in love with Roy! I'm in love with... I'm in love with Kermit." Piggy cried. "If it was up to me, I wouldn't make you do this. But if I don't do Lord Hockney's every bidding, my entire family gets beheaded..." Hilda almost cried. Piggy hugged her. "That's terrible..." Piggy cried. Hilda took Piggy's hand and opened the door. "It... It is time dear." Hilda said softly. Piggy only nodded and made her way toward her wedding.

    Hilda held the door open for Piggy as she entered and walked down the isle. As she walked down, many monsters and ghost faces stared as she got slower for everytime she became scared. Roy was not waiting for her at the alter. Huh. Suprise the girl with the wedding she doesn't want, and then don't even show up. Real Smart. Piggy thought. When Miss Piggy actually took her place at the alter, Roy appeared in his usual cloud of black magic. "Hello my love." He greeted. "Bleah." Piggy said in disgust. Roy gave her a small red spark of electricity toward her back. "Yowch!" Piggy yelped. The preist was a ghost. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Roy Hockney, and Piggy Lee in holy matromony. If anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your piece."

    All was completely silent.

    Piggy gulped, and Roy smiled.

    "Do you, Roy Hockney, take Piggy Lee to be your lawfully wedded wife?" The priest asked.

    "Of course I do." Roy smirked.

    "Do you, Piggy Lee, take Roy Hockney to be your lawfully wedded husband?" asked the preist.

    "I... I don't." Piggy whispered loud enough for Roy to hear.

    Roy gave her a bigger spark of red electricity to her back. "YOWCH!!!" Piggy screamed, as she fell to the ground. "Say I do, you useless worm!" Roy commanded.

    "N-Never..." Piggy whispered in pain. Roy shocked her again. Piggy only had the energy to wimper.

    "SAY IT NOW WORM!!!" Roy yelled.

    "I...I...I D-Do..." Piggy murmered. Roy shocked her again. "LOUDER, WITH FEELING!" Roy Screamed.

    "I Do! I DO!" Piggy shouted as Roy hoisted her off the ground.

    "You may now kiss the bride." The preist said calmly, as if the torture he had just witnessed did not happen.

    Roy kissed Piggy with affection. The same affection Piggy got from Kermit. As the kiss ended, there was a tremendous rumble. A tremendous ball of dark magic filled Roy's hands.

    "Yes, just as the prophecy predicted. If one royal member of the hockney family gets married to a strong woman of the same species, the ball of power is released unto the groom!" Roy yelled.

    "Y-You mean you used me for the gain of power?" Piggy asked. Roy shocked her, and she collapsed to the ground again.

    "SILENCE UNWORTHY ONE!" Roy shouted.

    At that moment, Kermit and the gang ran through the door. The first thing Kermit saw, was Piggy on the ground. "Piggy!" Kermit ran to her air, then turned to Roy. "What have you done to her?"

    "Nothing. The only thing I've done to her was make her my wife." Roy lied.

    "K-Kermie, H-He's been shocking me to death." Piggy whispered.

    "Shutup you unworthy little WORM!" Yelled Roy as he sent more electricity toward Piggy.

    "D-Don't be upset if I love Kermit and not y-you." Piggy whispered.

    Roy frowned. "Fine. If you do not wish to spend the rest of you long life with me, spend the rest of your short life with Kermit!" Roy took his giant ball of dark magic, and threw it up in the air, causing a black hole to appear in thin air. "I call it... THE VOID! THE ENDLESS BLACKHOLE THAT SUCKS UP EVERYTHING IN RANGE, AND DESTROYS IT!" Roy yelled.

    "Let's beat feet green stuff!" Floyd yelled.

    "Fer Sure!" Agreed Janice.

    "BAWK!" Camilla clucked.

    "Heck yeahs!" Jaz yelled.

    "Um, yes." Fozzie said.

    "I think I'll stay. I've always wanted to get swallowed by a black hole!" Gonzo smiled.

    Gonzo ran into the blackhole headfirst. He didn't come back. "We lost him..." Kermit said plainly. Camilla stared at the blackhole. She clucked at it.

    The words were...Uh...How you say...explicit.

    Jaz scooped up Camilla, and ran out. Floyd took Janice's hand and ran out the building as well. "C'mon Kermit! We got to-" Fozzie paused. Kermit eyes told Fozzie that Kermit wasn't going to leave Piggy's side. Fozzie ran to Piggy and picked her up, and ran out. Kermit then ran as well. The entire gang ran, until they ran out of breath.

    "Kermie... How did you get here so fast?" Piggy asked, apparently getting her energy back.

    "We traveled by map." Kermit said.

    Piggy only shook her head, and finally began running for herself. The only way the gang could live for much longer was to run to the ends of the earth.







    Chapter eight- Shelter and seperation






    The gang, finally seeming to be far enough from the void, decided to rest in an old campsite. "Ah, the great outdoors. It's where a bear should be!" Fozzie smiled. Jaz only giggled at him. Kermit finally got around to getting the fire lit. "Ok, well now we should be warm at least." Kermit said. "Wow. Fozzie, do you still have your ukulele?" Jaz asked. "Yeah." Fozzie said as he pulled out his ukulele. Jaz took it from him. "I call this one, the campfire song song." Jaz said.

    Jaz: Let's gather 'round the campfire, and sing our campfire song. Our C.A.M.P.F.I.R.E. S.O.N.G. song, and if you don't think that we can sing it faster, then you're wrong, but it'll help if you just sing along...

    Camilla: Bawk, Bawk, Bawk...

    Jaz increased her tempo.

    Jaz: C.A.M.P.F.I.R.E. S.O.N.G. song, C.A.M.P.F.I.R.E. S.O.N.G. song, and if you don't think that we can sing it faster then you're wrong, but it'll help if you just sing along! C.A.M.P.F.I.R.E. S.O.N.G. song, Fozzie!

    Fozzie: Uh, Song! C.A.M.P.F.-

    Jaz: Piggy!

    Piggy: ...

    Jaz: Good! It'll help, It'll heeeelp, if you just sing aloooooooong! OH YEAH!

    "Ahhhh, wasn't that relaxing?" Jaz asked. "Are you joking?" Kermit laughed. All of the Muppets laughed at Jaz's ridiculous song. They all began to do what they did in the begining.

    Talk about their lives.

    "So...I guess we're not getting married...huh?" Asked Jaz. "I guess not..." Said Fozzie. Jaz frowned. Fozzie wasn't sure he should say anything at this point. Jaz was already upset. Piggy just stared at her thumbs as she twidled them. "What's wrong Piggy?" Kermit asked.

    "I feel like an idiot." Piggy said. Kermit was about to deny it, but Piggy shook her head, telling him not to bother. Camilla stared at the moon, with tears wetting her feathers. Gonzo is lost forever, and he isn't by her side to spend her last moments on earth with her. Camilla sighed. Piggy looked behind them. It was the void. "Oh no! We have to run! Now!" Piggy yelled, as she took Kermit's hand, and ran. "What's goin' down?" Floyd turned around. "Time to beat feet!" Floyd yelled. Floyd tried to run, but his jacket got stuck on the tree stump he was sitting on. "Don't worry honey! I got it!" Janice yelled as she tried to untangle the jacket thread. "C'mon Jaz!" Fozzie yelled as he scooped up Jaz and made a run for it. Camilla remained staring at the moon, not paying attention to anything. Janice finally untangled Floyd's jacket, but when they looked behind them, it was already too late. The void had swallowed them whole. Camilla had faced it like a pro. She wanted to be with her wierdo. And that was that. She allowed herself to be consumed by the void.

    Now there was only four Muppets left. What was going to become of them? Not even they knew.


    Chapter Nine- Fozzie and Jaz





    Jaz and Fozzie escaped from the void and found themselves in a nice forest area, surrounded by trees. "We lost it!" Fozzie yelled. "Our minds, or the void?" Jaz asked.

    Fozzie smiled. Humor was one of the many things he loved about her. Fozzie stared into her beautiful brown eyes.


    "Nothing. I just like your eyes."

    "What about 'em?"

    "They're pretty."

    Jaz blushed. "Why Me, Fozzie?"

    Fozzie tilted his head. "What do you mean?" He asked.

    "Why do you want to marry me? Why do you want to link yourself to this girl who's more trouble than she's worth?" Jaz asked.

    "I told terrible jokes for a reason. My ma always told me that a girl who finds the humor in my jokes, was a girl I'd fall in love with, and a girl who wouldn't dare do anything to hurt me. You've laughed at every joke I've told." Fozzie smiled.

    Jaz was at a loss for words. She pinched herself discreetly. Fozzie stared at her with affection. Then all of a sudden, while Jaz was off guard, Fozzie suddenly hugged her tightly. "Jaz, I don't want us to be eaten by that thing! I want to stay on earth with you!" Fozzie cried. Jaz pulled back on the hug to give him an affectionate kiss.

    "I love you Fozzie."

    "I love you too."

    After those few final words, Jaz and Fozzie were consumed by the void...together.
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    if you and fozzie get married that would be really cool he's my half brother so we would be related!
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    Chapter Ten- Kermit and Miss Piggy





    When Kermit and Piggy finally stopped running, they found themselves stopped on top of a hill with the moon staring at their every move. "We should be safe here for a while." Kermit assured. Piggy nodded, but kept her head low.

    "Piggy? Piggy... We're going to be fine." Kermit whispered.

    "NO! WE'RE NOT GOING TO BE FINE! A GIANT BLACK HOLE IS GOING TO CONSUME US ANY TIME NOW! IF I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN I WOULD'VE-" Piggy paused. As she paused, not saying a word, Kermit examined her. She was red in the cheeks, she was crying, her fists were formed, and by looking at her gloves, Kermit could tell something red was seeping through them.

    "Piggy, what's that on your glove?" kermit asked.

    Piggy searched her gloves, then gasped when she found the stain. "Oh. I-It's nothing Kermie..." Said Piggy, nervously. Kermit knew she was hiding something by her nervous dispostion. He took it upon himself to roll up her gloves.

    "P-Please Kermie don't-"

    When Kermit looked at Piggy's arm, it was bleeding. Her arm looked like someone took a sharp object, and carved the word "Death" into her arm. Kermit frowned.

    "Who did this to you?" Kermit said firmly.

    "Well, It really wasn't anyone in particular, it was more like-"

    "I said, WHO DID THIS TO YOU?!" Kermit yelled.

    Kermit looked into her eyes very closely to detect any lies. Her eyes were filled with salty, wet tears. Piggy tried to look away, but Kermit turned her head back everytime she tried.

    "Piggy, answer me!" Kermit demanded.

    "I DID! I DID IT!" Piggy screamed.

    Kermit let her go, and backed away from her.

    "Why would you do that to yourself?"

    "Because of my life."

    "Piggy, that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard!"

    Piggy balled her fist and stomped up to him.

    "Look Kermit, when you have to get a chemical injected to your brain, your father dies at age 2, your mom hates you the rest of your life, you gotta do bacon comercials, and you are bullied your entire life by some jerk who could care less about your feelings, you WANT to end your life! However, since there was the few people, who would HATE to see me DIE, I decided to carve the word death all over my body! There! There you have it! It's not so dumb now, is it!?" Kermit stared at her with affection, then frowned at her again.

    "Piggy...Piggy that's still ridiculous that would even think that! Piggy, I don't know why you got a chemical put in your brain, but your father just got into trouble with the tractor! Those things happen! Your mom probably didn't hate you, she was probably trying to make you a better woman! Bacon Comercials is a way you made money for yourself! And as for bullies, Brad just has a crush on you! All is good! I understand all of it!" Kermit yelled. Piggy stared at him with slight anger. Kermit did the same, but with much much more anger.

    "So? How does this displease vous?" Piggy sassed.

    "That's not the part that displeases me. What displeases me, is that you, Piggy Lee, are willing to hurt yourself, knowing that it will not only hurt you, but others as well! Piggy, you wanting to kill yourself hurts many people!" Kermit teared up.

    "B-But... But especially me Piggy! am I not worth living for or something? Am I worthless? Are Jaz, Fozzie, and Gonzo... Worthless to you? Am I just another frog waiting for your warm embrace after class?" Kermit questioned, still teary eyed. Piggy looked at her arm, then at Kermit again. She began to cry again. Kermit started to cry too. Then, Piggy ran up to him, and hugged him.

    "Kermie, you mean the world to Moi! Don't you dare think I think you're worthless! I...Kermit I love you. I love you!"

    "I love you too." Kermit then hugged back. As Piggy cryed on his shoulder, Kermit watched behind her. Nothing. Kermit smiled knowing he still had time to spend with Piggy. Piggy stopped crying, and kissed Kermit very affectionately. "Piggy..." Kermit murmured in her neck.

    Piggy only giggled. Kermit then kissed her neck, then made his way up to her lips.

    "Oh Kermie..." Piggy swooned.

    Piggy pushed Kermit to the ground, and laid next to him. Kermit smooched her all over the place, for a very long time.

    All of a sudden, there was a rumble. Piggy sat up and looked around, then paused. "Kermie! The void!" Piggy yelled. Kermit took Piggy's hand, and tried to run away, but the force was just too strong. The void had picked them both up, and sucked them in. Soon, the void consumed the rest of the earth. Then the galaxy. Then the universe. Soon, the only left to consume was time, and itself.

    It consumed both.

    Eating time, and itself caused everything to return. However, something was amiss...

    Chapter Eleven- What happened to the Muppets?






    Not only did the void change everything back to it's normal state, it also changed the Muppets. They've grown into adults! However, they didn't know anything about eachother. In fact, they've never met!
    Kermit lived in the swamp of course. He was strumming his banjo, and singing in th swamp. A hollywood agent heard his singing. While asking for directions, he suggested trying his hand at show business. Kermit was soon on his way!
    Miss Piggy.
    Miss Piggy traveled around the country, entering beauty pageants. She's been entering them since she was a little piglet. Miss Piggy recently entered the Bogen County Beauty Pageant. She was hoping, that one of the pageants she entered this month, would lead her to her special someone.
    Fozzie was living in a cave until his early twenty's. He's been traveling the world, telling jokes. He recently got a call to substitute for some showgirls at the El Sleazo Cafe.
    Excited about the fair being in town, Gonzo decided to come out of his cement mixer, grab his truck, his chicken, and hit the road. His fortune teller told him that he would come across a bear driving a studebager, and a frog with a banjo.
    Jaz has yet to exist. She was the only Muppet who seems to have to restart her life cycle. However, when she's born, she'll have been born a teenager, going into adulthood.
    Eventually, The Muppets all met eachother, and Jaz remained a fan of them. what does the furture hold for these five? Who knows? =0

    Chapter Twelve- Thank You!




    Hello, MissKermie here! I just want to thank you for taking the time to read this story. I spent a very long time preparing it. So...Since this is the end, I must bid you adeiu. Jaz S. is out! PEACE!!!

    Oh, and thank you!

    P.S. Now I shall began typing the stories of their adulthood. If you care, stay tuned! LOL, always wanted to say that! =)
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    And trust me, if I didn't want them to be adults, we'd be married!
    And have kids.
    That would be your niece and nephew.
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