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The EMJrs.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by LipsGF4Life, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, I'm back! And I came up with a story that'll be the best gender bender story you'll never forget!!! Literally!
    Heres the story, Leah wasn't in the Electric Mayhem for 3 years since the Muppets have gone back together. Once they get a call from her asking to come to her appartment, they'll get the surprise of the lifetime. GENDER BENDIN' TIME!!!

    Chapter 1- Reunited and Meeting Juniors

    It has been almost 3 years since the Muppets have gone back together, but someone was missing in the Electric Mayhem's lives. Their fourth lead singer, Leah wasn't with them anymore. It crushes the band's hearts to see Leah go back to school and moved into her own apartment. It especially crushed Zoot's heart, because Leah was his good luck charm. Zoot kept wishing in his heart that Leah will just come home. Once Leah left, she and Zoot never broke up. They're still together, but without a word everyday.

    One day, Dr.Teeth called up everyone for a meeting in the livingroom. "Ok, so I called up Leah today, and she said that she misses us, especially you Zoot." he said. Zoot sighed and smiled, proud to hear about Leah. "Anyway," Dr.Teeth continued, "She wants us to come over to her apartment tonight. Said something about meeting her new roommates. Don't worry, she positivly still cares about us, she made up a band called the EMJrs."
    "So, like, is Leah the leader?" Janice asked curiously. Dr.Teeth nodded, "Yep. She said that her bandmates will turn out to be a surprise to us." "Hmm..." Floyd wondered, "Wonder what that is?" Everyone kept thinking while they got ready to head out.

    Four hours later, they all arrived at Bushwell Plaza, on the eighth floor, and in front of a door saying, '8D'. "Well, here goes..." Lips mumbles to himself. Dr.Teeth knocked on the door three times. "I got it!" said a female voice coming behind the door. Zoot knew who it was, his stomach was in knots in a happy way just thinking about it. The door opened to find Leah. Her long, blue hair was in a loose pony-tail, her bangs were nice and straight, her skin was bright like Zoot's skin, and her smile rose up. She wore a sparkly, blue sweater letting her black tank-top show, a short, mini ripped skirt with gold and red leggings, and black boot sandels to finish the outfit. "G-Guys?" Leah asked in surprise. "Hey Hey, Lee!" Floyd greeted. Leah looked at everyone then said, "Oh I missed you all so much!!!" She hugged everyone. Once she got to Zoot, she gave him the hug of romance! If you know what I mean? "Oh Leah, I missed you!" Zoot said once they stopped hugging. "Missed you too, Zoot." Leah said, "C'mon in! Plenty of room!"

    Leah led the band inside. There were alot of peace-signs, yings/yangs, music notes and rainbows everywhere. There were seven doors. A blue door labeled, 'Leah', a green door labeled, 'Tiffany', an orange door labeled, 'Flynn Priester', a red door labeled, 'Jacob', a pink door labeled, 'ANA!', a yellow door labeled, 'Lisa', and a purple door labeled, 'Dominick'
    "Wow, this place looks groovy!" Zoot commented. "I know, its so hipperific!" Leah said. She turns towards the door labeled, 'Lounge Room'. It was open. Leah called down, "Hey guys! C'mon up!" The Electric Mayhem looked surprised, because one by one, Leah's bandmates look just like them! The bass player was Flynn Priester. She looked alot like Floyd only without the mustache and her clothes is a sergant outfit, but its actually a mini-dress, plus her hair was down. Lisa was downstairs. "I'll be up in a minute!" she called out. Lips thought to himself for a moment, "She sounds familiar." Another girl looked just like Dr.Teeth! Her name was Tiffany. Only, her mouth was a short smile and she had visible teeth. She had freckles and a small, orange nose. Although she did have golden earings on. She looked shy. Another girl looked just like Animal! Her name was Ana. Ana was all pink. She had a red bow in her hair and wore a white, teared up blouse. a brown chain was across her neck. She wore teared up, maroon skirt and black sandels. The boy looked almost exactly like Janice. It was none other than, Jacob. Jacob had short blonde boy hair, his eyes were closed and his eyelids were both red. His face looked just like Scooter's. He wore a black hoodie with orange tiger stripes, a red shirt with a black peace-sign, orange pants up to his ankles, and black nike sandels.

    "Oh, my, god...." Flynn said to herself. "Man, like, its the Electric Mayhem!" Jacob said. Tiffany turned to Leah. "Girl, how come you positivly, didn't tell us they were coming?" she asked. "C'mon guys, I told you a half hour ago! " Leah said. "OHhhh!!!!" was their answer. Leah just rolled her eyes.

    Tiffany walked up to Dr.Teeth. She was tottaly scared, she had a secret crush on him. Well, Rowlf was a close second, but Dr.Teeth is way groovy for her. Tiffany was breathless once she stared into Dr.Teeth's eyes. "Well, you positivly, must be Tiffany, am I correct?" he asked while kissing her outreached hand. Tiffany nodded, "Ye-Yeah-Yes, I-Iam....a..and you're.....Dr.Teeth....right?" she asked. Dr.Teeth nodded his head, "Correct, my little pretty flower." Tiffany's smile grew wide. She imediatly almost fainted!

    Flynn and Jacob walked up to Floyd and Janice. "Like, this is rully, rully creepy..." Janice said while looking at Jacob. "I agree." Jacob said, "Like, totally utra. but Flynny and I fer sure like you two." "Wait, woah woah woah, you two are dating too?" Floyd asked surprisingly. Both Flynn and Jacob nodded their heads. "Heh Heh, Cooleo!!!" Floyd said.

    Animal and Ana walked to eachother's faces while Floyd held Animal's chain and Flynn holding Ana's chain. "Is Ana tough and wild like Animal, Flynn?" Floyd asked. He was going to say, Flynny, but he figured not to. Flynn shook her head, "No, man, sometimes she is sometimes shes not. But shes wild on drums let me tell ya." She patted Ana's head to where her red bow was. She and Animal's eyes met eachother. Animal never thought there was another species of his kind. (EXCEPT HIS OWN MOTHER!!!) Ana stroked her long, pink and red hair to the side. They both said hi to eachother.

    Lisa finally ran back upstairs. Lips was shocked. "Sorry Lee, I was just putting the darts away." Lisa said. "L-Lisa? Is-Is that you?" Lips asked. Lisa looked just like Lips! Long, gold, wild hair, purple squinted eyes, round, hot pink nose, thin, brown eyebrows, short frown and her high-Miley-Cyrus voice. She wore a brown and green striped sweater with a purple tank-top on, blue ripped jeans that reached to her ankles, and red sandals. "Lips?" she asked, Lips nodded his head in excitement. "OMG, It is you!" she shreiked. Lisa ran to Lips and they hugged and squeezed eachother. "Oh Lisa, I missed you! Who would've thought that you'd be in the music buisness." Lips exclaimed. They letted go of eachother and Lisa kept smiling at him and said, "Oh I missed you too! I mean, sure, I know you're in the band buisness too.....and....well...SO AM I!" Zoot and Leah looked at eachother then back at Lips and Lisa. "Uh, quite a reunion, Lips. But, I have to ask, do you two...." Zoot asked first, then, Leah continued for him, "Know eachother?" "Well, duh! Lisa and I are bro and sis." Lips replied. Lisa placed an arm on her brother's shoulder. "Plus we're more than that. We're twins!" Lisa continued. The EMJrs and Electric Mayhem were shocked on what they just heard....they were twins! Heh, who knew? "You two...twins...?" Ana asked. They both nodded their heads. "Heheh, and I thought Scooter and Skeeter were harder to figure out." Floyd said as he started laughing. Leah rolled her eyes and playfully hits him on the waist.

    Suddenly, the purple door opened to find male whatnot muppet. The second boy in the EMJrs, Dominick He had purple skin with a skar by his collar, his hair was all blonde(Like Trumpet Girl) and a short beard like Lips's, he wore a blank, orange t-shirt and black nike shorts, the sandels he wore looked just like Lips's. "Hey hon, whats going on?" Dominick asked in his southern drawl voice. "Dominick! You remember my twin brother, Lips right?" she asked. Dominick observed Lips, then said, "Man, how can I forget you." Lips gave him a high- five. "Dude," Lips said, "I haven't seen you since we were kids! Completely forgot that you look just like Delores!"

    On that cue, "BOO!" said a female voice, it was Trumpet Girl. She was right behind Lips. "Ahhh!" he shreiked as he fell onto the floor. Everyone bursted out laughing. Delores popped back up behind the sofa, she wore her orchestra uniform. "Sorry Lipsy, guess I just wanted to scare ya." she replied once she helped her fallen boyfriend up. "Oh well, ya got me." Lips said. He and Delores then kissed. Janice asked, "Girl, like, how'd you know we were here?" "Oh, easy! I kept Leah's number in my phone, we texted all afternoon, plus I have her address." Delores replied. Lisa walked up to Leah. "Dude, you never told me my twin brother is in the Electric Mayhem." she exclaimed. Leah just shrugged.

    Zoot walked over to her and held her hand. "You still have that wristband I gave you?" Zoot asked. That wristband was a good luck charm to Leah when she had to had surgry on her throat. Thats another story. "Yeah," Leah said, "I'm wearing it." she rolled up her sleeve to find the yarned, hippie-like wristband on her arm. Zoot smiled, he even stared at the necklace Leah was wearing. Memories, Zoot found seashells and string on the beach and carved her name in mud. "You're even wearing that necklace I made for you! I'm surprised the mud stayed on." Zoot said. Leah giggled, "Yeah, few days after you gave it to me, the mud turned to rock."

    "Hey Lee! Speakin' of rock, how bout' we hear you guys play?" Dr.Teeth asked. Tiffany sighed, "Well we just started this band, ever since Lee-Lee just started school about a week ago, we never actually had a chance to write a positivly, perfect song yet." "Yeah, and besides man," Flynn continued, "we only know songs we usually know from other stars or muppet stars." Everyone was silent, until Janice spoke, "Well, like, try a song you know." The EMJrs. nodded their heads, they approached the back where the instruments were located. "You guys probably reconize this song from Solid Foam." Leah said as she grabbed her microphone and saxophone. Zoot whispered to Dr.Teeth, "Those sax lessons I gave her, I bet shes still a pro." They nodded. NOW...they play.

    (saxophone; then drums)

    Leah; Lisa; Flynn; Dominick; Jacob: The music just keeps on rolling along yeah I got my friends yeah I got my song but the leader boy baby it can't go wrong as long as the music keeps on rolling along.

    Lisa; Flynn; Jacob: C'mon great mama and do your thing, spirit of the music and the joy it brings.
    Leah; Tiffany; Dominick: Gonna take off your shoes boy we can't loose as long as the music keeps on rolling along.

    Leah: Mmmm...I make my own decisions, I go by my own rules, You can't doupt me baby, I'm your fool.

    Jacob: There you go.

    Lisa: Sometimes I just wanna, wind up on my path,
    Dominick: Let me hear you cry and I just laugh, HUH!

    Leah: Cause, eeeeverytime night, it brings me to, the night and dayy.

    Leah; Lisa: And eeverytime I hear those sweet sounds. Hey Hey Hey!
    Jacob; Flynn: Hey Hey Hey
    Leah; Lisa: What can I saay?
    Jacob; Flynn: Yeah.

    All: The music just keeps on rolling olong yeah I got my friends yeah I got my song but the leader boy baby it can't go wrong as long as the music keeps on rolling along.

    (Leah's saxophone)
    All: Its the spirit of the music and the joy it brings.
    (Leah's saxophone)
    All: As long as the music keeps on rolling along.

    Flynn: C'mon baby darling, ain't no time to stop.
    Lisa: Don't stop.
    Jacob: Smile that smile and take us to the top, Rully!

    Lisa: When you get that feeling...
    Tiffany: There ain't no denying...
    Leah: Oh you just catch those spirits which are flying, Yeah Yeah!

    (Bass solo/ Flynn)
    (Guitar solo/ Jacob)
    (Keyboard solo/Tiffany)
    (Saxophone solo/Leah)

    All: The music just keeps on rolling along yeah I got my friends yeah I got my song but the leader boy baby it can't go wrong as long as the music keeps on rolling along, c'mon great mama do your thing, spirit of the music and the joy it brings, gonna kick off your shoes boy we can't loose as long as the music keeps on rolling along. (2x)

    The normal Electric Mayhem clapped and cheered and, even Zoot letted out a whistle. The EMJrs. took a bow and headed offstage. "Man Lee, you still got it! You were fan-skill-diddly-bop-tastic!" Zoot said. Leah kissed Zoot on the cheek, "Thanks baby," she said, "I've been working on that voice for a year and a half."

    Floyd and Animal walked up to Flynn and Ana. "You rocked it, Flynn!" Floyd complimented. "Thanks dude." Flynn thanked. Animal walks up to Ana. "YOU GOOD ON DRUMS!" Animal said. "THANKS..." Ana said as she blushed.

    Janice walks slowly up to Jacob. "Oh wow, like you're just like how I play guitar, totally amazing, fer sure..." she complimented. Jacob liked Janice, only as a friend, he didn't want to disapoint Floyd or Flynn. "Thanks...uh..fer sure!" Jacob replied nervously as he brushed his short, blonde hair to the side.

    Lisa ran to Lips. "Sis, that was brilliant!" Lips complimented as he ruffled Lisa's hair. "Thanks bro!" she replied. Dominick snuck up behind Lisa and kissed her on the cheek. Delores did the same with Lips.

    Tiffany walked slowly and nervously to Dr.Teeth, whos grin was super wide. "Tiffany my dear, you are fasanating while moving your pretty fingers through those keys. Beautyful work I must say." he complimented. She gave him a short smile. "Thank you. If I had to give myself an estimate of a persentage of my work, I'd give myself a sixty-five percent." she replied. Dr.Teeth's eyelids rose, "Sixty-five? You'd be a hundred...." he said. Leah walked up to the two. "Why sixty-five?" she asked. Tiffany gave her a pleaded look. "C'mon Lee, you know I've been at piano lessons at school for the past 3 days and you have never met Mr.Splondeil, worst man ever.......he yells at me for either if I'm doing good or bad! That song we just sang, thats the only song I pretty much play." Tiffany groaned. She sat on the couch. Dr.Teeth sat next to her and placed his arm around her shoulder. "Hey, quit the Splondeil dude. I'll teach you." Dr.Teeth offered. "You'd do that?" Tiffany asked. He nodded, "Yep." She laid her head on Dr.Teeth's shoulder.

    "Hey, whose up for some pizza?" Leah asked. Everyone cheered, "OH YEAH!" Everyone left for Muppets Pizzaria.

    Chapter 2 is up soon!

    Dr.Teeth, Floyd, Zoot, Janice, Lips, Delores/Trumpet Girl, Animal: Jim Henson Co.
    Leah, Tiffany, Flynn, Jacob, Lisa, Ana, Dominick: Me

    'The Music Just Keeps On Rolling Along' by Solid Foam
  2. drteethcool

    drteethcool Well-Known Member

    I really like your story more please
  3. drteethcool

    drteethcool Well-Known Member

  4. misspiggy5260

    misspiggy5260 Well-Known Member

    I love it! more Please!
  5. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    I gotta find my notebook, the rest of the story is in there!
    misspiggy5260 likes this.
  6. misspiggy5260

    misspiggy5260 Well-Known Member

    Did ya find that notebook yet lee?
    ElizaSchuyler likes this.

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