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Swaehb! Swaehb!

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by Beauregard, May 4, 2005.

  1. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Christy told me I had to start this thread after she made a certain comment in an Instant Message that cracked me up.

    Due to the nature of this comment, and the need to keep a certain level of suspence, at present it will not be announced what the comment was, or what SWAEB means, but it definatly relates to the Henson People.

    Bye for now,
    Bea:zany:{BBB! SWAEHB! FOMP! ADIOS!}regard
  2. christyb New Member

    I can't believe you did this!!!

    Here's the deal folks. Vibs, Beau and I were debating the quality of Swamp Years. Since Beau and I wouldn't speak directly to each other. Vibs (poor thing) was our go-between. I made a comment about the Behind the Scene featurette. Vibs relayed it as this.....

    Of course being the smart mouth that I am I said....

    All in all I've started a monster. Anyone to care to join the club?

  3. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    *whistles innocently*

    *evil laughter*

    Yes, yet another monster has been started by me and Christy...but with Emmy and Jackie away, someone has to...

    So, does anyone want to guess teh meaning of our acronym? Or will Christy say it? ;)
  4. christyb New Member

    I will not! I am just the first official admirer of Steve. ;) You shall be the second. Who's the third?
  5. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I shall be the second...huh?

    This is a very strange thought...
  6. christyb New Member

    You're just trying to get me to say this. Ok, ok I give you Beau all the credit for coming up with the name.

    Steve Whitmire Admirer Especially His Behind = Sweahb.

    Now if you'll excuse me I'll go laugh in a corner until my embarrassment goes away.
  7. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    *runs and hides for coming up with the name*
  8. christyb New Member

    LoL. I'm back. I'm still laughing. However, obviously we're the only ones who sees this as funny Beau.
  9. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    True, true. That's because the truely hip-dudes left us 'bout a year ago *wink, meaning, you wanna be hip come say you appreciate SW*

    Or maybe it's true. Maybe you (and by proxy me) are the one ones who trully appreciate Steve Whitmere, especially his...behind.
  10. christyb New Member

    And his performing genius. He's brilliant especially for that (insert sarcasm here) pet song. C'mon guys, someone out there has to love Steve as much as we do.
  11. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    :sing: You gotta live, and laugh, and loooooove life as a Swa! Life as a Swa! Live as a Swa!" :sing:

    Swa, being the shortend version of Swaehb. Secret Whitmere Admirer.
  12. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    All right, all right I'll bite! Actually, I do admire Steve, after all he had some mighty big shoes to fill taking over for Jim and he's done quite well I think. Oh and btw, I appreciate your humor Christy and Beau, I just didn't find the thread until now!
  13. christyb New Member

    Ahhhh a fellow admirer. Welcome to Swaehb. I'm honored that you have joined us. Now for the ultimate question have you indeed realized what this thread is about?? No wait that's not the question. The question is....What do you think of Steve ;). (I'm really in a hole now ain't I?)
  14. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Steve is awesome (actually I could quote a Friends episode right now, but I'm not sure how appropriate it would be!)
  15. christyb New Member

    LoL. Beth you kill me. That's great. We Steve admirers have to stand together!
  16. JaniceFerSure Active Member

    I've been a great admire of Steve's vocal talents,and labeled him 'wired one',for all of the bouncing-off-the-wall characters that he does.His looks aren't bad either,I wish he'd cut the hair a tad though.:D
  17. christyb New Member

    I'd have to agree with the haircut. How about it Diana. I'll get the scissors and you tie him down? I've always seen him as the "baby" of the bunch. The one that they had to probably say "Settle Down!" too.
  18. JaniceFerSure Active Member

    Tech.,I think he is the 'baby'/youngest.He could donate his hair to locks of love.I was looking at his website & his photos,<shaking head>.The Michael Bolton look is so out,LOL.
  19. christyb New Member

    That it is. Besides, when a guy has hair as long as mine...It's time for a new do. What shall we give him?
  20. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing you either know the Friends quote I was speaking of, or I'm just really actually that funny! Both are entirely possible, but I'm going to bask in the fact that someone thinks I'm funny. :)

    Dee, I agree, the hair has GOT to GO!

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