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Special Thanks To...

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Fozzie Bear, May 15, 2003.

  1. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member


    I am excited to have noticed that my friends from MC and TP has their names on the back of some of the exclusives and products. I listed them below, but I couldn't find my Tux Kermit and Excl. Piggy from Series One.

    Besides these, what others are out there and who is listed on the back of the boxes?!

    That's so cool!!

    Palisades Tour Animal
    Travis “DQ” Allen
    Matt Baier
    Janis Beauchamp
    Nate Downs
    Tony Equi
    Betts FitzGerald
    Brian Grimmer
    Brian Jouan
    Michael Polis
    Luke Robbins
    Chris Smigliano
    Michael Wickliff
    Michael Wong

    Invisible Fozzie
    Annika Abel
    Elizabeth Bakacs
    Janis Beauchamp
    Warwick Brownlow
    James Carroll
    Phillip Chapman
    Betts FitzGerald
    Karina Gee
    Matthew Leonard
    Michael Polis

    Swedish Kitchen
    Travis “Ken Jr.” Allen
    Matt Baier
    Elizabeth Bakacs
    Janis Beauchamp
    Joseph Farrell
    Betts Fitzgerald
    Brian Grimmer
    Danny Horn
    David Hui
    Michael Polis
    Michael Wong
    A very special thanks to all the fine folks at Muppet Central Forum and their continued support and feedback and to Karina Gee, we wish you all the best!

    Vacation Fozzie (Is the exclusive blue shirt different?)
    Elizabeth Bakacs
    Janis Beauchamp
    Martha Donato
    Rob Felton
    Betts FitzGerald
    Karina Gee
    Doug Goldstein
    Shaun Hagglund
    Alison James
    Zach Oat
    Fred Pierce
    Michael Polis
    Matt Senreich
    Gareb Shamus
  2. Gonzo

    Gonzo Active Member

    ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!

    I'm listed on the back of the SuperHero Scooter action figure!!!!

    And I have NO idea why. But I am I am I am I am!!!!

    ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

  3. sarah_yzma

    sarah_yzma Active Member

    wow that's awesome! I don't own any of them, but I wish I could see names on the back....why exactly are they on there.....I probably missed something, but I like to know what's going on!

  4. Luke

    Luke Active Member

    Some of the people on the back of the figures are the Henson Company licensing peeps. Others are people who have helped out in the line someway whether they are forum people who have suggested things or people from other companies that have helped Palisades with something or other.

    I actually have to buy a couple of Tour Animals, haven't been able to do it yet.
  5. Robin W.

    Robin W. New Member

    Wow! It would be great if my name would be on one of those packages! It would even be greater if the name of a very close relative would be on it. He is 12 years old and has a braintumor. He can't be operated, although the doctors are trying their best to save his life. He was operated when he was 10, but the tumor is back and treatment will begin on June 1. We won't know if he will get out of the treatment, if he will be paralyzed or not, or if he will survive it. He loves the Muppet Action Figures very much!

    I am not sure if I may tell you all this, because I feel like I am searching for sympathy and it also feels like I am using him.

    But I'd like to give him something very special and I can't think of anything more special than this! I mean... his name on a package of his favourite action figure line!

    I can't believe that I am asking this, but at this moment I am very excited about the idea and I hope people will understand.

    Robin W.
  6. radionate

    radionate New Member

    Oh Crud.

    I'm on one? I don't even have the Tour Animal. I didn't even know that. Now I really gotta get off my duff and get it. And the lobsters, and the special Stat and Wal, and ..................
  7. Super Scooter

    Super Scooter New Member

    So, it's probably, like, people who contributed ideas toward the figure?

    Maybe you guys'll be on the back of the Pepe box if it comes with the Playprawn magazine?

    :rolleyes: :) :rolleyes: :) :rolleyes:
  8. Foreignman

    Foreignman New Member

    Nate, Quinnnnn, this is soooo cool! All three of us are on the Superhero Scooter box! It's like... Muppetcentralfest '99. When I got it I became above and beyond just excited for myself, it was funderful to see familiar faces... or at least familiar names.
  9. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member


    That's too cool!!!

    Anybody got any other stuff that's already been out, but not listed above, that's had MC names on the back? Can you list the item (s) and all the names that appear on the back??
  10. radionate

    radionate New Member

    Wait! I'm on Superhero Scooter too?
  11. Aaron

    Aaron Active Member

    btw happy birthday sarah
  12. WHAT?!

    I wanna be named on one!!!

    I ain't got no figgers yet, but I still want muh name on one!!!
  13. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Who doesn't, but BYRON!! You don't have any figures YET?!


    You're missing out, dude. Way out.


  14. uncleduke

    uncleduke New Member

    Well, didn't want to boast, but I am on the back of the Crash Helmet:concern:
  15. Well I--I been po', and I ain't seen many yet! Dude, I'm gonna get Janice, so don't worry, "she'll be muh first"...

    (heh, heh, heh...)

  16. sarah_yzma

    sarah_yzma Active Member

    I feel for the poor defensless Janis that gets you.....

  17. Okay, first of all, I would never marry a woman who spells it "Janis".


    (that don't sit well wif me none)
  18. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Why am I not surprised..?

    Anyhow, so nobody has any other exclusives' boxes to post who all is listed on them?
  19. Aerosmith

    Aerosmith New Member

    I have all the exclusives except WW Dr.Teeth but im to lazy to type all the names. :p
  20. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Please? I'm nosey. One box per day at least. C'mon.

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