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Sesame Street Japan

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by shimauta, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. shimauta Member

    I was recently reading this blog post, and wondered if anyone has ever seen the Japanese version of Sesame Street floating around on Youtube or knows where one can view it? I did a search but wasn't able to locate any. I actually have most of the DVD releases but wanted to show a friend in the states quickly and easily.
  2. mr3urious Well-Known Member

  3. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    There was like a 10 second clip someone filmed off of TV that got removed quite some time ago. Basically it was just Cookie Monster singing a song, it was too fuzzy to really see much of. There was a clip of a dubbed Ernie and Bert clip, but that was removed too.
  4. shimauta Member

    Yeah that's about what I saw as well. I will just need to figure out how to convert what I have and just send it to my friend that way. Thanks for your help!
  5. Pino Member

    have you also found the hand puppets and fingerpuppets? I saw ons them from Athur and Pierre.. I collect those as well as the music an dvd's :)
    Love them!
  6. shimauta Member

    Yes! They are a bit more rare but they do pop up on the auction sites from time to time...
  7. muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    I actually have seen a few episodes during my last trip to Japan some years ago.
  8. Pino Member

    Oh cool can you help me get those?
    Greetings Paul
  9. shimauta Member

    If I ever see them pop-up online I will let you know
  10. WorldOfSesame Member

    Hi, they are on Sonya's Japan website store, and they ship over seas. They have about 10 seasons of their own non-dubbed stuff. <http://www.sony.co.jp/> Use google translate to help you understand this. I am from Maine, in the USA. Glad I could help you!!!!
  11. shimauta Member

    I believe he was talking about the finger puppets they made of the Japanese Sesame Street characters. I went onto Sony's website and didn't see any mention of the Japanese Sesame there. Could you send a link where you saw the non-dubbed material? Thanks!
  12. WorldOfSesame Member

    Where you can get some off amazon.jp , a box set the first, second is a separate DVD.
    Ships in Japan, USA, China, Korea, and Thikand. Other site dosen't carry-- used to!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. shimauta Member

    Cool, thanks for sending links! I was hoping to find more of the Japanese version of Sesame Street, but I think I already own all of the DVDs that were ever made. A box set would be awesome if I could ever find one! Unfortunately that box set from that link is just a Japanese release of the US version of the show.
  14. WorldOfSesame Member

    They only have more websites with more dvds available to view in servers within Japan. Sorry, in Maine I can't view it either.

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