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One-Click chat is ready for testing

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by Wembley, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. Wembley

    Wembley Member

    Okay... here's the situation...

    I have a one-click chat solution. I am not sure if it works!

    Here it is...
    Rick's test chat software

    What you do is this:

    Download this file and unzip it into a free directory on your hard drive, then double-click on the rmc.htm file. You will be prompted to enter your chat nick-name.

    NOTE: After you enter your nickname, you must CLICK THE ENTER BUTTON. Pressing the "enter" key on your keyboard does nothing.

    You will be asked if you want to install and run "jpilot IRC client" or something like that. Click yes (don't worry, i've scanned it and there are no virii in it.) After you click "yes", you will be magically transported into my chat system!

    NOTE: I am *not* responsible for any problems that occur from this software... I did not write it, I just use it! :)

    Some things to do:

    What you type is echoed into the chat room. You can send a private message by using /MSG <nickname> <text> like this:

    /MSG Wembley Hey, I have those Fraggle tapes you wanted!

    Nanny is our resident eggdrop bot. She is the room monitor, I can set it up to kick out any trouble makers, to give operator priveleges to important people, and eventually she will be able to do more things like an auto-info line (a message displayed when you join the room), keep track of the last time a certain person was in the chat room, hold files for people and pass notes (a private note can be left for someone for the next time they are on the chat room)

    /MSG Nanny Hello for more info

    /QUIT will disconnect you from the chat room.

    There is a lot more stuff that can be done here. Note that this is still experimental (read: It is not guaranteed to work) but it is very close to being "finished".

    Things I have to do:

    -Put a larger hard drive in Gobo before I turn on the file transfer feature
    -Set up a backup system

    Let me know how this works.


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