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News From The QuinnZone!

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by Mike Quinn, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Mike Quinn

    Mike Quinn Member

    Hey there lovely Muppet and puppet people!

    Just wanted to post here and let you all know about my updates of late. Firstly, I've added some puppet pictures and videos to my web site from assorted parts of my career (the "Past Work" tab) as well as a few pages about projects I'm currently working on (the "Productions" tab).


    I'll be adding more later but if you dig around you'll see some old puppetry clips from my old UK days.
    I'm also seeing who's interested to put their name down for a Quinney Practice Puppet:


    And finally, I'm running a campaign to bring my old alien character back to life via my new QZimation animation/puppetry hybrid technique, which you may find interesting:


    Right now I don't expect it to fund but I may relaunch and break it up into segments. All very exciting stuff though and I'm so excited to be up to my elbows in puppets these days! I was so thrilled that The Muppets film was well received. I thoroughly enjoyed both working on it and watching the finished movie. It's about to open of course in the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe, so hopefully audiences will love it there too. Here in the USA next month we get the DVD release. The great thing about that is it will have lots of cut scenes in there as well as many fun extras. Think I'll have to invest in a copy on the first day ;)

    Well thanks for stopping by and I'll see you around.
    Cheers for now,

    Mike Quinn


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