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Muppets' Saturday Night Live - Game

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    Writers: Kathy26, Bill Bubble Guy, Erine81981, tutter_fan, and AnimatedC9000.
    Recap put together by: Colbynfriends

    Episode One: Selena Gomez
    Cold Opening: Scooter goes to Selena’s dressing room, and finds Mumford the Magician in there, trying to hire her as his magic assistant, but with no avail.
    Opening Number: The original opening number was to be Telly Monster with a song about triangles. Unfortunately, since he couldn’t find his triangles, he couldn’t do his song. But Selena showed up and sang “You Do Something To Me”. Mumford interjects and tries a spell that turns Selena into a clown.
    Back Stage: Kermit wishes he had a co-host, and a boy named Steve enters looking for the job. Kermit gives him the job and tells him to introduce Monster Piece Theater.
    Monster Piece Theater: Alastair Cookie presents Sherlock Hemlock as James Bong 7 in: Cold Fingers.
    Backstage: Steve asks Kermit if him and the rest of the Muppets would like to join him in singing “Try To Remember” But when the Monster Piece Theater sketch ends, so does the song.
    At The Dance: Partners: Fozzie and Mokey, Shaky Sanchez and a female whatnot, and a Blue and Green Frackle.
    Wayne and Wanda: Wayne starts to sing a song about blowing bubbles, when Bill the Bubble Guy comes on stage asking them if they want to join his act, and starts to blow bubbles from his head.
    Vets Hospital: The patient is Mumford, and Dr. Bob and the nurses Piggy and Janice, make jokes about circles, squares, and dizzy spells, among other things.
    Back Stage: Kermit asks Selena if she’s ready for the closing number, and unintentionally gets Crazy Harry’s attention. Steven asks why he can’t be in the number, and Kermit told him he needs a break. Then Steven makes Crazy Harry appear again, when he asked Kermit if they will have a blast. Selena thinks after this show, she should go to a mental clinic
    Closing Number: Selena, backed up by the Electric Mayhem, perform, “Do You Believe In Magic”
    Goodnights: Selena thought twice about going to a clinic. Selena appers onstage with Kermit, Steven, Dr. Teeth, Floyd, Cookie Monster, Fozzie, Gonzo, Bill the Bubble Guy, Mokey, and Shaky Sanchez.

    Gamehost: Kathy46

    Saturday Night Live Muppet version rules
    here are the rules.
    1.for the cold opening is just like way scooter does he says 15 seconds till curtain to the guest star
    2.Kermit played by me will say Live from the muppet theater it's saturday night.
    3.i will introduce the show by saying a muppets name like dr teeth and electric mayhem
    4.there will permant at the dance in every episode
    5.no cursing
    6.i'll pick the guest star
    7.there going to be 10 segemts in every episode
    8.for the goodnights will be just like any other muppet show
    9.colby will do the episode recap at the end of every show
    10.everybody have fun
  2. kathy26 Member

    thank you Fozzie i'll start First if anybody wants to jump in with the next part so take your time here we go

    Scooter:Cuba Gooding, Jr. 20 seconds till curtain Mr Gooding Jr?
  3. kathy26 Member

    Scooter:where is he?
  4. kathy26 Member

    come on guys i really want someone to jump in please?
    Scooter:i'll go tell kermit about the guest star missing?
  5. tutter_fan Well-Known Member

    *Scooter comes to Kermit*

    Hey boss! We have a problem! We have a guest star that's missing!
  6. kathy26 Member

    Kermit: Oh great i better go tell the people that Cuba Gooding Jr. not going be on the show today that's sad.
  7. kathy26 Member

    (Suddenly The Guest Star arrives backstage)
    Kermit:there he is where were you Cuba?
  8. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Cuba: Sorry Kermit. I was stuck in a traffic jam in the North Pole.
    Kermit: The North Pole?
    Cuba: Yeah and I was so cold I felt like a frozen ice cuba.
  9. kathy26 Member

    Kermit:wow so are you ready to start the show?
  10. kathy26 Member

    Cuba:sure as soon as i get rid of these pengiuns
    (he opens up his jacket to reveal pengiuns trying to keep cold as
    Kermit does his trademark look)

    Kermit:thank you and welcome to muppet snl we have Cuba Gooding Jr. as our guest tonight but first here is our opening number in the North Pole yay

    (Curtains open)
  11. tutter_fan Well-Known Member

    Hey Kathy, how about the lullaby of Broadway? That'd be perfect!
  12. kathy26 Member

    ok that will work
    Kermit: ok now here is that number in the north pole about the Lullaby of broadway yay.

    (curtains open)
  13. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Cuba Gooding sings Lullaby of Broadway with the penguins and all the muppet monsters dressed as Eskimos.
  14. kathy26 Member

    (Backstage Steven and Kermit talk while the cast from the opening number walk past them from the stage)
    Kermit:Great Number guys
    Steven:yeah it was really cold

    (a Penguin talks to steven about that comment)
  15. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Penguin: So cold my ice cream turned rock solid.
  16. kathy26 Member

    (the penguin leaves)
    Steven:so Kermit the next act involves dancing cows
    Kermit:well they are cows that dance here they come now
    (4 dancing cows enter)
    Steven:so why do they call you dancing cows?
  17. kathy26 Member

    Kermit:yeah why you cows are dancing cows?
  18. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Cows: Because our act is an udder delight.
  19. tutter_fan Well-Known Member

    (Everyone backstage laughs at the cow's joke)
  20. kathy26 Member

    Kermit:Well i'll go introduce you
    Kermit:and now ladies and gentlemen here are the dancing cows yay.

    (the curtains open)

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