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More A Treat Than A Trick

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by MissMusical12, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    This FloydxJanice oneshot has been floating in my mind forever now. And I've been slacking on it...and Halloween is almost here.....and it's better I write it now than when Hurricane Sandy is passing by and my power is knocked out for three days or so. :grr: I've just been SO BUSY with everything that I've had like no time to do this. So, now that I HAVE some time, I can write it. By the way, fair warning, this oneshot IS PG-13ish towards the end (again...NO R-RATED STORIES!!). Enjoy!
    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE MUPPETS!! They are owned by The Jim Henson Company, The Walt Disney Company and The Muppet Studios!
    "Home sweet home!" Dr. Teeth yelled out as he, Floyd, Zoot and Animal were lugging in bags of candy and chocolate into their apartment. The boys just returned from a massive candy shopping spree, going all around town for the sweetest and most sugar loaded candy they could find. The reason they have the bags of candy? Halloween! The best time of year for all the candy one can eat. In the case of most of the guys of The Electric Mayhem (except Floyd), the candy is a necessity for the "Halloween Bar Party" Dr. Teeth, Zoot and Animal (Except this year, Animal couldn't go to the party because of what happened at last year's Halloween Bar Party that got him banned....) go to every year. They would take most of the bags of candy to the bar and leave the remaining two or three bags for any Trick-or-Treaters that stop by the apartment.

    "Man, we must've bought every candy known to man today," Zoot said in amazement. "Even the bad candies," Floyd added in. "Black licorice! Yuck!" Animal said in disgust, sticking out his tongue. "Hey c'mon, guys," Dr. Teeth started. "We, as men, love candy. We, as men, lust over women, with the exception of Floyd who already has a woman." "When you mix candy and women together......" Zoot added in. "HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!" the two sang out loudly together and laughed.

    "Hey, man, what are you even doing for Halloween?" Zoot then asked Floyd. "Man, I gotta watch Animal this year," Floyd replied. "After what I found out about LAST year." "I Sorry," Animal said, reminding the guys he was REALLY sorry. "Mmmm...maybe Animal and I could watch a horror movie together or something," Floyd said. "And if Jan comes along, she's more than welcome to join."

    "Hey guys!" a familiar female voice called out from out in the hallway. "Speak of the devil, there she is now," Dr. Teeth said. "I'll get it." He then headed over to the door and opened it to let Janice in. "Hey, Dr. T," Janice greeted happily. "Hey, Jan," Dr. Teeth replied. "We were just chatting about you. Hey, come on in." "Jan, if we sound a little hyper at all, it's because we just returned from our candy shopping for Halloween," Floyd playfully warned his girl. "Like "The Halloween Bar Party" again?" Janice asked. "We really have to think of a better name for that," Zoot said to Dr. Teeth. "Like I thought you guys weren't allowed to go back," Janice wondered, confusingly. "Sadly, only Animal isn't allowed to return this year," Dr. Teeth replied. "It's only Zoot and I that return this year from our "Kick Out of Shame."" "I still on kick out...." Animal added in, disappointingly.

    "Oh! And speaking of parties," Janice then said, remembering what she was going to say before. "My costume came in today for Miss Piggy's Costume Party tomorrow night." All of the guys groaned at that comment. Just hearing the name "Miss Piggy" made the guys wanna groan so badly. Miss Piggy HATED the guys in the band (Floyd especially) because she thought they were annoying and sometimes rude, but she was friends with Janice (Thanks to their times together on "Vet's Hospital") despite the guys. The guys really didn't mind Miss Piggy and Janice's friendship. They just really hate Miss Piggy, that's all. "Oh c'mon. Like rully?" Janice asked, a little ticked off at the guys for their groan of hatred. "Uhhhh sorry, Jan," Floyd apologized. "Sorry," Animal apologized as well. Dr. Teeth and Zoot nodded their heads, agreeing with the apologies that Floyd and Animal have stated. "Awww, like I forgive you guys," Janice said in forgiveness.

    She then looked at the clocked and realized something. "Oooh like I gotta jet," she said. "I have to like meet with Camilla about picking out a costume for her. Floyd, honeybunch, are we still on for our date on Friday?" "You bet, babe," Floyd replied and winked. "Alright, like I gotta go," Janice said as she quickly gave Floyd a kiss on the cheek and hurried towards the door. "If I don't see you guys, like I'll see you guys on Wednesday. Happy Halloween!" "Later. Bye. See ya. Bye bye," the guys said, not all at once, as Janice hurried out the door and closed it behind.

    "Hey, Floyd," Dr. Teeth said as he turned to Floyd. "Do you know what Jan is going as by any sort of chance?" "No clue," Floyd replied. "She told me it was a surprise." "Ooooooooh," all the guys (except Floyd) said together, knowing the situation. "Someone's getting lucky," Zoot teased. "Ha ha, very funny, Zoot," Floyd replied, sounding a little annoyed.

    The following night was the night of Halloween. All the little Trick-or-Treaters were out, getting candy galore. Meanwhile, in The Muppet Apartment House B, Floor 4 Room 415, Zoot and Dr. Teeth were getting ready to head out to the "Halloween Bar Party" while Floyd was relaxing on the couch, holding Animal by his chain. "Animal, we're gonna miss your Pinata Palooza this year. Especially Jade," Dr. Teeth said. "Uhhhh Dr. T, that's what got Animal kicked out last year," Zoot reminded his leader. "It was?" Dr. Teeth asked in wonder. "I thought it was....." "BYE BYE!!!" Animal yelled out, wanting to not talk about the party from the year before. "Okay, okay," Dr. Teeth said. "Floyd, if you need us, do call." "We probably won't answer anyways," Zoot added in. "Whatever," Floyd said. "Have fun, you two." "Bye," Dr. Teeth said as he walked out the door. Zoot followed behind him, but he then turned to Floyd and said "Floyd, if "Paranormal Activity" is on......don't watch it. It gave Animal nightmares for weeks." "And it gave you and Jan nightmares for weeks, too. Remember that," Floyd reminded Zoot before he walked out the door as well.

    One hour later, Floyd was still laying on the couch while Animal was on one of the lounge chairs, with the remote in hand, changing channels. "Seen it. Boring. First movie was better. Lame. Horrible. Overrated," Floyd commented as Animal changed channels, until he got to one channel. "Ummm.....what exactly is this, Animal?" Floyd then asked. " "Saw?" " Animal guessed. "There's eight of them, Animal. More than the Harry Potter series. Which one is it?" Floyd asked, obviously not amused. "Ummm........24?" Animal guessed. Floyd then sighed and said " "Saw 24" sounds about right." There suddenly was a knock on the door. "Don't fret, Animal. I'll get it," Floyd said and got up to answer the door. "Maybe we got some more Trick-Or-Treaters." However, when Floyd answered the door, it wasn't even close to a Trick-Or-Treater.

    It actually happened to be Floyd's beloved Janice, whom rushed in and shut the door behind him. She then gave a sigh of relief. However, Janice wasn't wearing her usual outfit nor was her hair down. On her was a strapless, short, sparkly green pixie dress (*similar to Tinker Bell), costume fairy wings, and silver open toe heels. Her beautiful blonde hair was more curlier than usual (She must've used a curling iron) and she had a tiara on. Floyd couldn't help but marvel at her for a moment. She looked absolutely ravishing in that costume.

    "Baby, what's the matter?" Floyd asked, in concern. "You're acting like someone's chasing after you or something." "Like I hope not," Janice replied. "It's just that......well.......like........" "Tell me," Floyd said, in wonder and concern. "Miss Piggy kicked me out of her party....and like told me not to come back to any of her parties...like ever," Janice said, disappointingly, and hugged Floyd. "Now you know how I feel," Animal butted in, but soon went back to watching "Saw.....whatever." "Aww Jan, baby girl," Floyd replied, feeling bad for his girlfriend. He then took her hand and suggested "C'mon, we'll talk more in my room. Animal, you keep a sharp eye for any Trick-or-Treaters, okay?" "Okay!" Animal said and nodded.

    Floyd then led Janice to his room and set her down on his bed. "Okay....so tell me what happened exactly," Floyd started. Janice took a deep breath and said "Okay....so like I decided to be Tinker Bell for Miss Piggy's costume party....but like I didn't realize it was a "formal costume party." I was the only one there looking like one of those Victoria's Secret models or something with my outfit on." "Mmmmmmm," Floyd said and chuckled to himself, knowing that Janice was much more beautiful and sexier than any Victoria's Secret model. Janice then continued on and said "So then like Miss Piggy, who looked like she came from the wrong century or something, told me like either leave or I karate chop you to the heavens or down below or something.....so then I ran for it, embarrassed and upset. And right now, I like rully need someone to comfort me.....and you're like the first person that popped into my head." "I'll deal with Miss Piggy later," Floyd thought in his mind.

    He then laid down on the bed and let Janice cuddle up to him. She then played with one of the buttons to his jacket. "Floyd....I need you. Rully bad," she then said, with pleading eyes as she looked up to him. Floyd then played with her hair and replied "Baby, I'm here. Don't you worry. Anything your little heart desires, I'll give it to you. And if it's me you want.....well I can make that happen, too." Janice then lifted her head up, held his hand tight. and said "Floyd.....like...I only want you to love me." Floyd chuckled and replied "I already do."


    Janice then kissed him sweetly and passionately, not ever wanting her lips to let go of his. Floyd fell that same lovestruck emotion Janice was feeling, too. Not ever wanting the moment to end. As soon as their lips released, Floyd said "Jan, I love you." "I rully love you, too, Floyd," Janice replied.

    "Will you please me a bit tonight?" she then asked. Floyd chuckled and replied "Well...I didn't have my Strawberry Thunder...but...." He kept eyeing up and down Janice's body. He couldn't help it. Her dress made her look very sexy. "I could make an exception. After all, you look fine in that dress baby. If I had my drink beforehand, I'd be strippin' you out of it already. But I can still be very playful tonight, even without a drink." "Like, you don't need it," Janice said and stripped him of his jacket and shirt.

    In reaction, Floyd finally couldn't help it. He reached for the back of Janice's dress and stripped her out of it, wings too. Her beautiful lacy green lingerie made Floyd howl like a werewolf. "Like you go on, sweetie," Janice insisted. "As you wish, my Tinker Bell," Floyd seductively growled and started kissing Janice all over, playfully, down from her cheek to her stomach and back up. Janice giggled at his playful kisses, she just couldn't help it. She always giggled whenever Floyd gave her his playful kisses; it was always very ticklish to her. "Floyd!" she cried out in between a giggle. "You sweet little devil."

    Floyd heard her giggle and got an idea. "My are you a ticklish one tonight," he teased. "I know just how to make this even more fun." Floyd then began to tickle her from her waist and up to her chest. "Oh Floyd!" Janice screamed and giggled louder. Floyd then began to kiss her cheek and neck multiple times, while still tickling her. "Oooh, my sugar coated delight. Candy coated sweetheart. Ooooh you're my fantasy. You make EVERY one of my dreams come true, my main squeeze who knows how to please....." Floyd flirted in between kisses. "Like I rully think that term belongs to you tonight," Janice flirted. "MY main squeeze who rully knows how to please."

    Floyd grinned in success and playfully pecked her lips a few times. "Now isn't this much more fun than Miss Piggy's lame party?" he asked in between a kiss. "Fer sure," Janice happily agreed and kissed him back. "Happy Halloween, Floyd. I love you." "And I love you too, Jan," Floyd replied and went back to kissing her.
    ------------------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------------------
    Sorry if this ending was rushed...I really had to go to sleep. But, yeah....I thought this story was so much fun to write. And again, have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone! By the way....Janice's Tinker Bell outfit is based off these outfits......
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  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    OH MY GONZO! This is the best oneshot of FloydxJanice for Halloween I ever read. I did learn that Floyd and Janice are meant for each other. Awwwww! :sing: :flirt:
  3. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

  4. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    This really gets me into the Halloween spirit! and I absolutely love the love in it! Post more soon creative chic!
    ElizaSchuyler likes this.
  5. Harleena

    Harleena Well-Known Member

    Aww, this is so cute! Rully good! :sing::flirt: And Miss Piggy's a b*tch for kicking Janice out like that! :mad:
    ElizaSchuyler likes this.

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