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Monday Post Production

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Well, you knew there would be some opposition.

    Up to something? Why on earth would you think that? :D
  2. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member


    You like Star Wars a lot don't you?
  3. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Star Wars? What is this thing you speak of? ;)
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  4. TheWeirdoGirl

    TheWeirdoGirl Well-Known Member

    I'm really enjoying this story! As a former Star Wars geek, I really like those references. I guess I don't have anything else to say... except maybe more please?
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Just finished reading the sixth part of ficdom. There's good stuff in here. The opening establishing shots of Office Row, how the lot expanded, the arrival of director and writer on set, the attempted yet aborted protest outside the studio, even Kermit in costume helping secure Studio 9 at the end.

    But there are a few things that need pointing out.
    1 Their first movie, which Kermit had been writing during the last year of their show.
    Er, you might want to check that. TMM came out in 1978/1979, the last year of TMS was Season 5 in 1980/1981, and TMM was referenced as the one movie Kermit had starred in either to Bob Hope in Season 2 of TMS or Roy Clark in Season 3 which still puts it ahead of when you have it referenced here.

    2 The caters had set up breakfast, snacks, and desert.
    :laugh: Oh boy.
    Did you mean "caterers"?
    And there are two "S's" in "dessert" which is sweet, as opposed to "desert" which has nothing but sand in it.
    Which reminds me, it should be "the "O's" in Scooter's name."

    3 It was one thing for her to sit in the famed director’s chair that her frog held, it was something else for him to bestow upon the coveted title that he himself had wheeled around for years to her.

    Er, "bestowed upon" what? Or to whom?
    And did you mean to say "wielded" instead of "wheeled"?

    4 However, such as she was about to sit down for the first time in her very awesome director’s chair, Robin came running up to them both, slightly out of breath.

    Er, should that be "just as she was about to sit down"?

    5 Like Walter, Scooter hadn’t forseen the return of a teenaged frog and so hadn’t put a specific part in the script for him, however his return had come at just the right time.

    Er, should that be "he hadn't written a part"?

    6 You get extra brownie points for tieing this in with elements of 5 Ball.
    *Hopes Motocross gets finished soon so we can get back to Mandy in her newest 4 Ball story.

    7 “I’m really sorry for having a part for you in this. We hadn’t met you yet and…”
    This... does... not compute.
    Did you mean to say "sorry for "not" having a part for you"?

    8 “And this how you all feel, right?”
    Did you mean "And this "is" how you all feel, right?"

    9 Of course :fanatic: is very efficient Scoot, you trained him that way.
    *Understands his reserved resentment at the thought of being replaced.
    That reminds me, the word you're looking for is "chauffeur".

    10 And just for good measure, here.
    *Hands Gina a double fudge 1 cookie, starting off the annual December tradition.

    *Skulks off to finally write own oneshot fic with the parade and the feast and the song I've been putting off.
  6. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Yes. Well done for The Count!
    Fixing your mistakes.
    (I think... I usually miss these things...)

    Well Gina, I give to you, this offering.

  7. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Thank you! You have no idea what I had to do to find out about Studio 9 at MGM, which is nowSony or Disney or something. I figured that Kermit wouldn't know what to call it either.

    However, I did learn a lot about my favorite classics series, The Thin Man

    That I almost knew was wrong for some reason and probably because I keep thinking that TMM came out much later after the show. In that regards, I blame my mother, who tells me she took me to movies that I barely remember and while I'm pretty sure I probably did see the Muppet Movie in theaters, I was probably like a month old.

    Ha! Shows what you know! I did mean desert! Cause they are all in the desert! Ha ha!

    No, really, you're right, that was a typo. And you know, I did put an apostrophe between the O and s and Word dinged me for it, so I changed it. Gah, it's like I can't trust Windows anymore.

    The first is correct, because Kermit was bestowing the "coveted title" of director. It was meant as a the only person to have a director's chair was the director, which was/is Kermit, so the gesture of giving a director's chair to Piggy - with all the bells and whistles - meant he was passing the title on to her.

    And I think I probably meant wielded.

    I noticed it just now, so it should be just.


    Ah yes, well that might come a bit later than anticipated, as I'm still working on that idea. However, with you saying that, the idea I had for Scooter's date is now solidified.

    Yes. As in, he's really sorry for NOT having a part.

    Ugh...yes. Again.

    I'm seriously starting to wonder if Word is broken or something. I get more corrections on the forum than in the **** word processor.

    But yes, Scooter's abandonment issues resurface and one day, I will actually get around to explaining that.

    Mini tanks, as I lurves cookies!

    So, I'll be honest, I've been completely restless lately. I hate job searching, especially when it's so close to not only Christmas, but the end of my lease and yeah, the stress is rising. What does this have to do with anything? Simple - it means I keep putting off writing the actual movie story to accompany this.

    I did start it however and I would like, at some point, to have it running along with this or something. I dunno. And the ideas! Oh gosh, the ideas. And the comedy! Oh man! Funny stuff! Fun-ny stuff.

    Anyway...I was gonna say something and forgot. It was probably profound.
  8. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Hey guys!

    So, one, I has a job! It's part time and contracting, but I'm finally doing what I want, so let's all hope that I do it awesomely! :)

    And now the bad news - no Monday update today.:cry:

    I know. I really wanted to get something up today, but it's just not happening and I've got stuff to learn for the new job. I wanna aim for either later in the week or next week.

    I did (am) toying around with the fact that, should I not have a Monday update, I instead have a movie update. You know which I mean. Yes friends, I've started the movie version of this little fic so you will have an equal chance of seeing either Monday Post Production or Murder Over My Muppets.

    EDIT - wanted to say that Motocross is still on schedule and is headed into it's last two chapters
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good that Motocross is wrapping up, I needs your fics finished to add them.
    *Leaves mug of hot chocolate.
  10. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    WOO You gotta job! Congrats!

    *Leaves congratulatory muffin*
  11. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Thx Counter and Jazzier (who, btw, has the most awesomest of avatars at the moment. Go Luigi! (or should I say, muwahaha Mr. L))

    I will hereby enjoy my muffin with my cocoa.
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  12. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays to those that aren't celebrating! Sorry for the lateness, things have been crazy busy. Here's your Monday update, which is both late and before Christmas Eve (I'm going to make a point of getting MoMM up on that day) aand yes there will be a Motocross update this weekend hopefully!



    Two months later

    It was nearly midnight by the time Piggy made her way through the darkened living room of her home. Thankfully, years in a theater that hardly held up on an hourly basis, had trained her eyes to see even in the dark and that ability helped in navigating her way from the door, through the living room and the kitchen, to that of the master bedroom and the warmth and softness of her bed.

    The last few months had been unlike any movie production that she had been involved in before. She of course realized that taking on the position as director of the film meant that extra work would need to be put in place in order to make sure that the story that was on the page translated to the screen. The diva had been aware, of course, that the director needed to confer with cast, crew, editors, and screenwriters; she just hadn’t been aware of just how much work went into all of that.

    When she had been the leading lady in their films, she was just on the acting side; she certainly had her share of fights with the director about what she should be doing and what she wasn’t doing and often times their arguments had been caught on film.

    If there was ever a time in which she appreciated all the work Kermit put into trying to corral them all together, it was now.

    The last two months had been full force in bringing Scooter’s script to the big screen. In one sense, the ability to work with people she had worked with before helped with the transition from leading lady to directing leading lady; since the initial announcement and ultimate first day of shooting, Piggy had been lucky to only break up two picket lines, one strike, and a few unruly folks who objected to her as their director.

    Luckily, both Kermit and Scooter – as producer and screenwriter respectfully – had been in her corner and it forced a few people to curb their enthusiasm regarding their director.

    In another sense, being director held a lot of responsibility that was completely different from being the actor on the other side of the camera. Directing wasn’t just about working with the cast and crew; it was figuring out the positions of characters, of scenery, and even dialogue. While she hadn’t wanted to completely rewrite Scooter’s script, there were some places where the writer had obviously left dialogue open.

    Like everyone else, the younger Muppet was used to their fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants method of acting, in which many of their classic scenes and sketches had been the product of a forgotten line or usually, in the case of Kermit and Piggy, an argument that went from personal to professional within minutes. And in some cases, the impromptu decision to ad-lib a word or a line sometimes worked better than they may have even guessed.

    Aside from working with the cast on dialogue and character, she also had to work with the crew. One would think that a film that was based in the roaring 30s and 40s wouldn’t see the need to for extravagant explosions, there was action in this movie, especially considering that this was a murder mystery after all. And for some inexplicable reason, Gonzo was placed in charge of handling anything dangerous.

    Piggy had to admit that appointing Gonzo as special effects overlord had frightened her immensely. It was Gonzo after all, which meant anything could happen and that’s what worried her. Her mind had immediately conjured up sets ruined, stage pigs running around on fire, plague, pestilence, and the entire movie production falling apart. However, as she would later acknowledge, no one knew more about stunts and effects than Gonzo and out of the available people they could choose from – Crazy Harry being one – he was probably the safest and more responsible of picks.

    It also helped that she had worked with these people for years and they had worked with her for years; that combination of factors helped in the first few days of shooting. It worked to her advantage that she wasn’t even introduced for the first few scenes of the movie and that Fozzie and Kermit had such a rapport with each other that she had kept the bear’s accidental knocking over of the papers that had been on the desk as part of the scene.

    The first week had gone so smoothly that the diva hadn’t thought things wouldn’t continue as such. She was wrong of course, as directing was nothing like acting. Thank heavens she had Scooter, who had done enough assisting to their frog director in the past that he was practically training her as the big boss. Piggy was somewhat knowledgeable about what happened behind the scenes – you didn’t date the frog and not learn anything – but she wasn’t as familiar as she probably should have been.

    Again, darling Andrew had come to her rescue, teaching her a bit about the directing side during production and he knew she would lean on him heavily when it came to post-production. But as many had said, Piggy had an eye for design and scenery, something that greatly aided her during her modeling days and a chief reason why she was appointed Vogue’s plus size editor.

    Kermit had helped too, which was why her only thoughts now were getting into bed and snuggling the heck out of that frog.

    Noting the time of night, she was sure he was probably all nestled under the covers, already asleep.

    Without having to worry about writing or directing, Kermit was usually done at the end of the day when his scenes were over; as producer, other than his interests, he wouldn’t be involved until they were in post-production where he would probably help the two with the editing. There were very few times in which Kermit left before everyone else and Piggy felt this was his well-deserved rest.

    Just as she suspected, she could see the lump that was buried under the covers, though said lump was actually sleeping on her side of the bed. First the dressing room and now the bed, she thought. Well played, Frog. Well played.

    For said frog, he was nice and cozy in a warm bed, but he had been acutely aware that he was missing something, or rather someone. Kermit had been in bed for hours, though some of those had been going over some of his lines and stage directions that Scooter and Piggy had come up with that day, but as he sat reading, he kept an eye on the clock. True, he did feel a little bad about leaving Piggy there with just Scooter, Rowlf, and Gonzo, but he had promised himself that he wasn’t going to get in her way.

    It didn’t mean he couldn’t miss her when he went to bed though.

    Though Kermit could stay up well past the normal time a regular person would be going to bed, the frog was a light sleeper. Perhaps it was years of stress that just wouldn’t allow him to sleep until the idea or issue he felt took precedence; it could have also been years of babysitting several hundred nieces and nephews, as well as being the official warden of the mental ward he called his cast and crew.

    Needless to say, the frog was well aware of the diva entering their bedroom and sliding into bed next to him. “Silly girl,” he murmured, sleepily, feeling the arm drape around his midsection. “I told you not to come here; you know how jealous the wife gets.”

    He expected the huff, but hadn’t countered on the pinch to his side that caused him to squeak. Casting a look at the intruder, he said, “Oh it’s you.”

    “Yes, it’s Moi,” came the response. “And if you know what’s good for you, it’ll always be Moi.”

    “I’ll have you know that hurt.”

    “Oh stop being a baby,” she chastised, throwing the same arm around him once more. “You’re perfectly fine. Cold, but fine.”

    “That’s probably because you haven’t been here to keep me warm.” He had meant it as a joke, but the way she drew him closer set off the alarm bells that she may have taken that personally.

    “Sorry,” she whispered.

    “Hey,” he replied, stroking the arm that griped him. “Darlin’, I was just kidding. I know what it’s like to have to stay late at the studios. Remember?”

    “Boy, do I!”

    “Well then,” he said, nudging her. “There you go.” The two were silent for a moment, to the point where Piggy was sure that Kermit had most likely fallen back to sleep. “Looked good out there today.”

    Today had been the staging for one of the action scenes in the movie; at this point, Hollywood was getting a little too close to the truth, especially after finding out that assistant researcher Beaker Von Tropp had been murdered. Kermit had been rather surprised that Piggy had let the carrot-topped pin cushion play the scene the way he did, but he had to admit that when not on fire or in some sort of calamity, Beaker could act.

    As Kermit’s character got close to finding out who had murdered a body count of three, he was shot at and nearly runned down by a faceless driver and unmarked car. The frog had to give it to both Piggy and Gonzo for staging the scene so well that he actually hadn’t gotten hurt during it. There was also the scene where, if it hadn’t been clear before, that Hollywood and Vane were falling for each other.

    In another art imitates life crowding roaring scene, Kermit had used a bit of his frustration at not seeing Piggy out on Vane and never once missing a beat, Piggy had come back at him. Other than the first and maybe last lines, the whole thing had been ad-libbed, almost identical to their earlier scene in the Kit Kat bar; in hindsight, the frog realized that the ad-libbing technically was in the script. Scooter, as efficient as he had always been, made clear notes in at least their copies that any ad-libbing between them was fine by him.

    Luckily, both had run out of steam just at the moment when they were supposed to kiss, but were interrupted by the news of Von Tropp’s death. Even more fortunately, the two of them were able to…settle their differences during the break that happened soon afterwards. Even more fortuitous, as Dr. Teeth would say, was that they had been found out by Scooter they were leaving Kermit’s studio office.

    “You’re wearing lipstick,” he said, after only taking one look at the two before going back to his tablet.

    “Andrew,” Piggy huffed. “I know this; Moi always wears lipstick.”

    “I wasn’t talking to you. And your shirt’s miss-buttoned.”

    Fighting down the blush that threatened to redden cheeks that had just come out of being flushed, the diva was spared with the immediate flinging of Scooter’s own office keys towards her. “Whatever would we do without you, Scooter?” she asked, quickly walking past him towards his office.

    “Answer embarrassing, yet highly entertaining questions,” he quipped.

    “Was that a compliment?” she asked.

    “I do give them out occasionally.”

    “Well, thank you.”

    “Nothing smart to say?” he asked.

    “I always have something smart to say, thank you,” she retorted, pinching his middle.

    “Why do you keep hitting me?” he groused. “And pinching me?”

    “One,” she said, pinching him again. “Because I can and two, that’s for stealing my dressing room and my side of the bed.”

    “Woman,” Kermit protested. “Firstly, I call shenanigans with that dressing room, which I don’t ever remember assigning to you and secondly…”

    He never got to finish, as Piggy expertly flipped over, taking him with her and deposited him on to his side of the bed, before rolling back over. The frog was rather astonished, he couldn’t fathom what actually happened and when he did, he was too stunned to really say anything. Piggy, who was of course enjoying this, was going to take the high road and just leave him speechless, but when did she ever just let sleeping frogs lie?

    Turning slightly to look at him, she said, “Burn” before turning back around. Only a moment later, she turned to look at him again. “Did you just call me your wife?”

    “I don’t recall.”

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  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Loves this installment. Flipping roles between frog and pig, and then the flipping on the bed at home. Wonderfully done, I highly approve.

    Oh, and there's an epilogue to Roving Monsters in case you missed it.
    *Leaves hot chocolate. Merry Christmas and happy New Year. :jim:
  14. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Wonderful end to that one.

    "Did you call me your wife?"

    "Don't recall..."

    LOL, denial is the first step Kermit, the first step only. LOL.

    And the whole Gonzo and special effects thing.
    I was like, "What's wrong with Crazy Harry?"

    And then I actually thought about it.
    That would suck. LOL

    And the sweetness between our leading lady and favorite frog... SQUEE!

    More please!
  15. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Hey peeps! Sorry for the lateness, but here is the next Monday. We're almost done, as the epilogue is next, but we're not done yet! I still has to finish up our movie, in which you will - as the others did - find out the true villain! Muwahahaha!


    Three Months Later

    They were nearly done. After six months of line rehearsing, shooting, script changes, on screen arguments, picket lines, and food rioting, the movie that had been an inside job was nearly finished. Piggy usually ended her day by putting her head together with Scooter, looking at the day’s work through the production assistant’s laptop or tablet.

    It certainly gave the pig a new perspective on what it was that kept her frog busy and away from her. The process of directing didn’t end when the scene was over; Kermit had always helped Scooter with the production end, making sure that scenes and music went together, in the way that it was supposed to be. For Murder Over My Muppets, the film’s score had literally been chosen by Rowlf, Dr. Teeth, and the rest of the Mayhem on the fly. The pianist and bandleader had had their heads together since getting the word that they would essentially be doing any composing or arranging for the film.

    The collaboration between the two wasn’t a new one, but it was always an interesting treat in seeing just how much the gold tooth electric keyboardist knew about music. Nearly on par with Rowlf in terms of musical pieces, Teeth and Rowlf had put together a terrific sound track together that both had been eager to let the writer, director, and producer hear once they had finished. The band scenes in the Kit Kat bar and that of the gambling dive had been done on set and Piggy had to admit that she was sorely disappointed that Janice didn’t take lead more often.

    The blonde guitarist had only needed to come to the director once in regards to the outfits that she could choose from and as the diva she was, Piggy had most assuredly agreed with the red sequined gown she had chosen for her first number and the laid back black number she had done for the gambling dive. And she wasn’t the only one – the director hoped, beyond all measurable hope, that the camera had caught the way Floyd Pepper’s eyebrows had nearly popped off his face when his girlfriend took the stage.

    Post production on a Muppets movie was nearly as hectic as trying to wrestle and corral the actors to work on set. Luckily, their fans always loved their deleted scenes and bloopers almost as much as they enjoyed doing them, however that was all for the DVD and online stuff; splicing and editing out stuff that wouldn’t be seen in the theatrical portion took time and after that, they needed to take the good stuff in order to present the trailers and commercial spots.

    Being new to the whole process, both Scooter and Kermit had once again shown some of their patience in answering any questions that she had until she got the gist of what was going on. The pig was a quick study, Kermit had always known that, but the way in which she seemed to be mentally taking notes while she learned something new had ignited something proud and arousing for him. While he had stated he would let the two of them take care of the post and current production, Kermit still wanted to be a part of the post-production.

    Honestly, it was his favorite part of the whole process – the ability to watch, even in raw footage, the movie they had spent months working on was fun. He knew he still wasn’t completely over the surprise ending they had filmed just days ago; only those involved in the last scenes of the movie were allowed on set that day and Scooter had gone out of his way to make sure that the direction was followed.

    Bouncers had booted Pepe and Rizzo twice that day, along with a nosy Link, and to everyone’s surprise, an equally nosy Robin and Walter.

    Those who had been present had been floored at the reveal and the actual ending and it certainly helped in raising the already high opinion of the boy wonder even higher; no one suspected the true villain and no one would know until show night.

    But now, they would need to actually have a film ready for show night.

    While Scooter was content to show the day’s reels and what not on his laptop’s large monitor, when they needed to sit and do actual production, they head to the production room. The production room was located on the same strip that ‘office row’ was, but a bit further down in order to accommodate both the studio lot and that of the theater. Scooter himself had taken it as his duty to supply the room with the best equipment possible in order to make sure that they could get edits and anything done in house before needing to ship it to their parent company for approval and any other edits that may need to be done.

    Being the technical genius he was, Scooter had been swayed and won over by the move towards non-linear video editing, the process in which editing was done through the use of recordings that have been recorded through digital means, such as through video servers or hard disk. As an employee of Google, the young assistant had learned about the technology business from the premiere search engine giant before they had gained the popularity they held now; coupled with the classes that he had taken and his very degree in film, Scooter was an idea away from creating something innovative, the others just knew it.

    The production room since the advancement of technology and entertainment had been all Scooter and while most of it Kermit didn’t understand, he trusted the redhead to know what he was doing and what he needed to be done and he hadn’t steered him wrong yet. This was where Piggy headed on that final night, weary yet excited on what was probably going to be a very long few days and weeks of putting the final touches on the movie.

    Like Kermit, she wasn’t exactly sure what all of the monitors, computers, servers, and other devices that made up Scooter’s Laboratory were, but unlike Kermit, she thought the entire process was the coolest thing ever. She may not salivate at the mouth when the latest tech hit the market, but she was at least partially interested in the things that she wanted and thought would make the perfect gifts for the right person.

    The diva walked in, hearing the joking and laughter before she had even turned the knob of the door. Scooter and Kermit were seated in front of the larger monitor that was situated in the middle of the various consoles that the redhead had set up. Two boxes of pizza sat near a six-pack of canned soda off to the side and it was clear the two were setting up for a long night.

    “I see you boys are hard at work.”


    The diva had to admit that seeing these two in their natural habitat was a science channel documentary if there ever was one. To see the two as she did, you wouldn’t have thought they were about to put a movie together; they were sitting around, drinking soda, and eating pizza, with their movie and soundtrack on at least three monitors, while another of their movies – she thought it looked a bit like The Great Muppet Caper – ran on another monitor.

    “I hope you didn’t start without me,” she said, pulling up the chair that had been added for her.

    “No way!” the assistant replied. “How could we possibly start without the star of our little show?”

    “Is there actual soda in those cans?”

    “We might be a little giddy,” Kermit confessed. “We got hungry and start munching on those frosted sugar cookies. You know, the ones from Foster’s?”

    “They are so good,” Scooter salivated. “Do we have any more?”

    “I don’t suppose Fozzie was with you?” she asked, raising an eyebrow in their direction. Their hesitation at answering was all the answer she needed really. “Well,” she continued. “I can only hope that the two of you can manage for the next several hours before your eventual sugar crash.”

    “That’s what we got the pizza and sodas for,” Kermit replied.


    Several hours later, Piggy had been properly indoctrinated in the age-old process of post-production. While Scooter had given her a rundown of some of the things that they would be doing, it was nothing to actually sitting down and putting everything together.

    The creative eye it took to watch everything come together was something that the diva excelled at; even when she had been a rising model, Piggy always seemed to know just what styles and fashions were going to be tops and which would be flops. That designer eye of hers had served her well when she had gone to Paris and had gotten that job as Vogue’s plus sized editor.

    That same eye joined the usual four as they sat and watched about three hours of footage, even though they would probably only use about half of it. The process would go through those best kept scenes, as well as picking snippets from the soundtrack that would go with certain scenes. Once the best scenes were picked, the music put where it needed to be, the trio went about watching bits and pieces of finished film.

    About eleven o’clock at night, Piggy stretched her arms above her head, well aware that Kermit’s eyes had turned to her; she certainly didn’t need Scooter’s playful, “Eyes front, Frog.”

    A good five hours had gone by and a good deal of that was work, but it was good work and interesting work that Piggy had never thought she would ever enjoy. Being on the other side of the camera had certainly been an interesting endeavor and it was something she wondered if Kermit would give her the chance to do again. There was something exciting about being able to watch something come together, to be in the process of making something while also actively being involved with it.

    “You’re scheming something.”

    She did a horrible job of hiding the shiver that ran down her spine when she heard his voice in her ear. Glancing slightly at him, she asked, “Why do you always think Moi is scheming against you?”

    “Cause we usually are,” retorted Scooter.

    “Take a break, Red,” she said. “Adults are talking.”

    “Adults should also know that people use this equipment and unauthorized use is highly discouraged.”

    “Here Scooter,” the frog said, handing the redhead a dollar. “Why don’t you get something from the vending machine?”

    Scooter, taking the dollar, looked at it before looking at the frog. “The vending machine is a dollar twenty-five, Kermit.”

    Reluctantly, Kermit handed over a quarter, causing the red head to smile and head out. However, before leaving, he turned to look back to look at the couple. “You know,” Scooter replied. “I am an adult now. You could’ve just said you wanted to be alone. Don’t do anything on that equipment!”

    “That kid…” Piggy growled. “Gets no tip.”

    “Okay Pig,” Kermit replied. “You have that look in your eye; what plans are knocking around in there?”

    “Well, if you must know…”

    “I must.”

    “Moi was wondering if you’d ever do this again?”

    “Do what?” he asked. “Post production? I always do post production.”

    “Not that,” she huffed. “Directing or rather, letting me direct.”

    Kermit shrugged. “Why?” he asked, knowingly. “Caught the directing bug, have you?”


    “If you want it, darlin’,” he whispered. “Just ask. I’ll make it happen.”

    “And that, Mr. Hollywood,” she replied, pulling him closer. “Is why I love you so very much.”

    Kermit smirked, before closing the distance between them.
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  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yay! Is a good ending, I rully like how you got the directing trio involved in going through the motions of post-production.
    *Chuckles at the thought of Kermit and Scooter like a couple of regular guys with the pizzas and sodas and movies.
    *Approves of the way the chapter ended...

    Now all this needs is an epilogue. And that's why I'm waiting for it before heading over to the actual movie fic. So, more please?
  17. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    LOL Sugar crash. Kermit and Scooter preventing sugar crash. Cute.

    You know what? You've sparked my curiousity. Piggy... Directing... A lot...


    More please!
  18. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Not that pizza and soda is a recommended idea. It's probably not.

    If you think this is cool, just wait till I get around to finishing the actual movie. And...you may be interested in the next interlude I have planned...
  19. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

  20. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    All right... although every single "that of" made me get out my grammar knife and start scraping the blade on a whetstone made of the fossilized OED (use a search/replace tool, PLEASE, and get RID of them, it's not even a phrase which exists in English!)...despite that... I liked these chapters. EDIT: the PREVIOUS two before THESE two...catching up slowly...

    First, the stunned response to Piggy's taking charge of the production was perfect, and I especially loved Rizzo (of all Muppets) standing up in her defense. Funny and unpredictable. (Conversely, Link throwing a hissy fit was VERY predictable...but still funny.) Much of your frog/pig dialogue is excellent, though you do put a spin on both of them which feels a bit different somehow. Not bad, just different, and that's interesting.

    Scooter as "Boy Wonder" is funny and feels right, as does Scooter passing the padawan torch to Robin and Walter's unflappable, immediate acceptance of the joke. (Anyone's guess whether he gets it or not...)

    Kermit's speech-to-text message is hilarious. Ah, the techno-illiterate frog joke never gets old!

    Curious what tensions you have in store for the group, since right now all seems well...granted, as well as a Muppet production ever goes...

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