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Miss Piggy And The Polly Esther Ghost!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Dominicboo1, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Me- Hello everyone and welcome to our Halloween story!
    Piggy- Excuse moi, but are you not going to warn them?
    Me-About the?
    Piggy-Don't say it!
    Me-Okay this story is scary , but not in the way you expect!
    Piggy-Be very careful!
    Real Beginning
    Miss Piggy was entering the Fashion Horrors museum, and noticed a whole section themed to... Polyester. According to this the true creator of it was Polly Esther, a woman who became so hated for creating the clothes. She ran away to find someone who would believe her, unfortunately she didn't look both ways. Piggy believed the story was the silliest one she had heard in a long time, but she was wrong. There was a song that brought her to you, and Miss Piggy thought it was a good idea to sing it!
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  2. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    "Polly Esther ghost of Fashion Horrors. Cursed from the day you didn't look both ways! Dead since then! Hated by women and men! Come to me now! You old cow!"Piggy sang thinking the lines to be very fitting for the inventor of Polyester.
    The lights went off, and a cackling was heard throughout the room!
    "Gonzo stop trying to scare me!" Piggy yelled!
    "Fozzie this is not funny bear!"
    "It's me" cried a woman as she appeared right in front of Piggy!
    "AAH!!!!!"Piggy screamed!
    "Now that you have summoned me! You are in my power!" Polly said
    "No I am not!" Piggy said frowning.
    "Oops forgot the whole possession laws bit!"Polly said giggling.
    "Now I am to posssess you until the next Fashion show in which you shall be clad in head to toe Polyester!"
    "Never you fiend!" Piggy said truly frightened.
    "Oh I think you'll see it my way!" Polly said waving her arms and saying a strange incantion.
    "I am in your power" Piggy said.
    "Wonderful!" Polly said laughing."Now put it on deary!" she ordered. Miss Piggy did so obediently.
    "Ha ha ha! Now we shall be in!"Polly yelled!
    "In!"Piggy repeated.
    "In" They shouted together laughing evilly.
    The day of the Fashion Show came sooner than they thought. Wanda, Annie Sue, and Miss Mousey were the other contestants!
    "The results are in!" In 1st place it's Wanda in her lovely dress! 2nd it's Annie Sue and her white sweater and in 3rd it's Miss Mousey in her outfit! Last of course is Miss Piggy in her polyester attire!" Said The judges.
    "Boo you stink" Hissed the audience. This made Polly and Piggy very very angry!
    "Hold it buster!" screamed Miss Piggy.
    "Yes" said a judge.
    "I wanter another chance"she screamed! The judges gave her another chance, but this time you can bet your non-polyster britches that Polly didn't want to play fair. She had something else in mind.
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  3. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Hi Dominicboo1--just wanted to say welcome to the fanfic boards here. We're always interested in new stuff from new folk!
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  4. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I have some homework to do, but I should be able to update it soon! Hope you enjoy it Ruahnna!
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  5. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ok let's continue!
    "You want moi to do what?"Piggy asked flabbergasted.
    "Destroy the competition!" Polly ordered.
    "I can do that! It's illegal" Piggy said.
    "Do it!" Polly commanded placing Piggy under her spell.
    "Yes Ma'am" Piggy said hypnotized.
    The next day Wanda was standing right by Piggy's dressing room!
    "Oh Wanda dear! Kermie wants you to do a number with Crazy Harry"Piggy said.
    "Ok if Kermit told him to sing with me, I'll be safe" Wanda replied. Shortly after, as expected a loud boom came from the dressing room.
    "Wanda, Wanda"Wayne said crying. Wanda had always been there for him, but he wasn't there when it mattered most.
    Me: Yes!
    Piggy:This is moi's story if you want to write about Wayne write it on your own time!
    Me:Will you stop interrupting?!!
    Piggy:Ok back to me)
    "Annabelle!"Piggy called "You're to be on at the dance!"
    "Goody!"Annie Sue said laughing! Then she saw a chandelier falling, that was 100X heavier than usual!
    Piggy was now in second place after Miss Mousey! Miss Mousey did not trust Piggy, so she went to her in her apartment as she went home!
    "I know you were guilty of Wanda and Annie Sue's deaths!"Miss Mousey said.
    "Their deaths were tragic accidents" Piggy lied.
    "No they weren't they were murder!"
    "Just like this!"Piggy yelled as she pushed poor Miss Mousey through a window. Miss Mousey could never speak of Piggy's treachery again.
    Piggy won first place, but she felt guilt for cheating... and murder which is really the worst kind of cheating. So, she decided to go for a walk until she heard Polly cackling!
    "Ah you have done well my slave" Polly said. Piggy was no longer a victim, so she merely walked away! Until a salesman stopped her.
    "You see when you were in Polyester, many people found it very in, so they started to buy more, and that woman Poly is becoming the most popular designer of all time"the Salesman said.
    "Of all time" Miss Piggy said nervously.
    "Heck we might as well let her take over the world she's so popular"he replied.
    "Take over the world?!!" Piggy said.
    "Yeah you got a hearing problem"the salesman asked. Piggy karate chopped him for such a rude remark, and went off to find Polly, before it was too late!
    "Oh Polly"Piggy said
    "Hi Piggy what's up?"the villianous ghost asked.
    "You want to take over the world for the way those people treated you"Piggy said.
    "No kidding Nancy Drew"Polly said giggling."Want to help me?"
    "No you're a monster and so am I!"Piggy said.
    "My associates might be able to change your mind!"Polly said! Annie Sue, Wanda, and Miss Mousey's ghosts began to chase Miss Piggy.Then a final ghost appeared! It looked just like Ma Gorg from Fraggle Rock!
    "Miss Piggy go back to the museum, and we will all be alive again!"Ma told her.
    "What?"Piggy asked. "I didn't kill you!"
    "No, Polly did! I was as selfish as you were in the beggining of this story, but it's a sad sad thing to kill a creature!"Ma said.
    "Yes I saw Mokey's funeral"Piggy said.
    "Yes it's a great episode Dance With Me my Ragtime Queen"Ma sang until she reallzied she was getting off topic."Go in their and say!"
    "FRAGGLES!"yelled all four ghosts!
    "Oh!"Ma said frightened. The evil Polly and Piggy's misguided former friends inched close towards the door! Miss Piggy gasped for breath, until she saw the inscription by Polly's exhibit. "Evil creature with the urge to kill Stop your revenge and your terrible will! Let triumph the brave! Now go back to your cave!"Piggy sang.
    "NO!"Polly screamed as she vanished! As promised Wanda, Annie Sue, and Miss Mousey instantly came back to life!
    "Hello Piggy"Ma said.
    "Hi Ma umm will they remember?" Piggy wondered.
    "No the only ones that will remember are you and me,"she said. "I must go back to the garden"Piggy watched as Ma left. She was pleased with the way she had learned from her mistake.That night Piggy dreamed of Ma!
    "Oh Piggy! I forgot the one rule of ghosts"she said.
    "They can give you nightmares for a whole week as revenge!"Ma warned.
    "Oh great!"Piggy said frowning.
    "Polyester! Polyester!"called a voice Piggy knew only too well.
    "Here we go again"Piggy muttered as Polly continued her evil and annnoying torment. The End
    AND HAPPY HALLOWEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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