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Maybe It's Not Too Late After All

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by RedPiggy, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh... If the dreams you're having are what's giving you problems, maybe you can call on a baku to devour them so you have good sleep instead?
    It may have been short, but this mist helped connect what's happened before in your ficverse with what's happening now as a result of the shattering of the Crystal of Thraa. And the imagery used at points rully helps drive the point home of how all three members of the Seikh were affected by the visions just experienced. Thanks, more please when you can post. :dreamy: :scary: :sleep:
  2. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 17

    Matthew Fraggle, dazed from the cave-in, stared in shock as Digit sputtered and sparked, his gray eyes looking even more lifeless than Matthew thought possible. He had only met this strange male creature today, but the sorry sight of the dying was something he could never get used to.

    Gobo was a small Fraggle, having seen only a few winters, and Matthew sighed as Gobo brought home a pile of sweet potatoes taken from the human garden nearby. In return for a portion of the crop, Gobo and Matthew offered surveillance and protection against vicious creatures that might harm the tender vegetables and fruits.

    “Uncle Matt,” Gobo whined, “are you just gonna sit there on that rock all day an’ watch the grass grow?”

    Matthew sniffled. “Perhaps, young Fraggle.” Matthew glanced at him. “I thought you didn’t WANT to scout the farms today, little Gobo. YOU said scouting was for old Fraggles who couldn’t even get their pants on.”

    Gobo rolled his eyes and set down the sweet potatoes in a large pile. “Okay, okay … so I changed my mind.”

    “You mustn’t be so indecisive, young Gobo,” Matt advised him. “At some point, you’re just going to have to take charge.”

    “’Ey, I got us the deal with the humans, didn’t I?”

    “Pffbt. You were merely shaken to your tail that they were going to kill us.”

    “Was not!”

    “Was too!” Matt sighed and stared at the clouds as airships flew by, his tone becoming more somber. “Little Gobo, I … I just want you to have ALL the skills necessary for a young Fraggle to survive on the surface.”

    Gobo sat next to him, his tail waving back and forth lazily. His voice was filled with youthful curiosity. “What was it like, in the Rock, Uncle Matt?”

    Uncle Matt smiled. He patted the young Fraggle on the head. “Someday, young Gobo … someday … you’ll get your chance to be one with the Rock yourself.” He coughed and cleared his throat, standing up abruptly, nearly knocking Gobo back. “Until that day, my good nephew … there are sweet potatoes that need peeling, and they aren’t going to do it themselves.”

    Digit coughed, saliva mixing with electric sparks. He was shaking. “The Rock … out … of danger?” he asked quietly.

    “Depends on what you mean by ‘danger’, I suppose,” Matt offered back. “There seem to be too many rocks in front of the entrance. I guess we’ll just have to sit and wait for a rescue.”

    Digit shook his head. “N-n-no, too … too danger … ous,” he commented in broken words. “Have to … have to … leave here. Find … Captain.” The white light that shined from his pupils went dark. Ironically, only when he was dead did he finally resemble a living being at all.

    Matthew rubbed his nose, placed some small flat rocks over Digit’s dark eyes, and walked deeper into the tunnels.

    Maybe, he had to get used to it, Matthew thought to himself. It was the only way to go forward.


    John splashed some water from a large cave pond on his face, sighing with relief. The caves had become so horribly muggy.

    And there was that awful sensation that the humidity itself was sucking the very lives out of everyone in the exploratory crew. He saw Aeryn waiting behind him through the reflection in the water. Standing up, he turned to her and nodded for her to use the pond.

    Aeryn silently pushed past him and started to cup her hands to drink. Wiping the water from her mouth, she noted with an official tone, “The temperature appears to be climbing. Let’s find these frelling crystals and get out of here.”

    John wiped his brow with his shirt. “I get that crystals look nice on the table and manage to frell up plows during planting season … but what does Scorpius want with them anyway?”

    Aeryn inhaled deeply and glanced at him. “Have you ever been offworld, John?”

    John shook his head. “Been meaning to, I guess. It’s just … things kept getting in the way.”

    Aeryn nodded. “It seems like that for everyone, I suppose. Twelve thousand cycles ago, there was a crisis on the planet Arnessk. A wise and noble race disappeared from historical records. No one knows what happened to them. Still, the legends indicate that it was a more impossible time, when life did not seem to throw so many obstacles in the way of happiness.” She sighed and shrugged, staring at the pond. “I guess something else happened.”

    “And what makes you say that?”

    Aeryn smirked. “Because two thousand cycles later … there were no more legends.”


    Sarah wrung a soaking piece of Zhaan’s robes onto her head as she lay on the cave floor as Mokey watched sadly.

    Zhaan smiled serenely and stayed her hand. “I cannot help you find Jareth, my dear friend. I fear you will have to do this on your own.”

    Mokey gasped and held Zhaan’s other hand, caressing it even though her blue skin was beginning to exude a disgusting gel-like substance. “We’re not going to leave you behind, High Priestess.”

    Zhaan chuckled, wincing briefly in pain. “My child … if I am so loved, so cherished … obey my wishes.”

    Mokey sobbed. “But … but … you can’t die! You’re just as much a part of the prophecy as we are!”

    Zhaan caressed her gently. “Mokey, you’ve begun. You’ve begun all this. Listen to me, now: prophecies, I am learning, are but guides.”

    Sarah wiped her tears away and turned from the scene. “What good are guides that don’t lead you anywhere?”

    Zhaan, despite the agony coursing through her body, sat up straight and grabbed Sarah by the leg. “Sarah … after everything we’ve seen, how can you say we’ve seen nothing so often?”

    Sarah didn’t look at her. Her voice was bitter. “We’ve seen what we’ll never be, Zhaan,” she commented through gritted teeth. “We’re running fast, and far, and at the end … all that will be there is an empty room.”

    Water poured up from a crack in the cave floor, falling upwards toward the ceiling. A human male with long, stringy black hair, dressed in peasant clothing, a bejeweled bandana draped around his forehead, climbed out of the emerging pool and looked around, his long beaded goatee dripping in water. His voice was suave and enchanting, if a little uneven, as though he had taken in too much fermented contala tea.

    “I’m so terribly sorry,” he blurted out, his hands gesturing wildly. “I find myself in the peculiar position of being in precisely the wrong position, and as wonderful as positioning myself in the center of such a diverse array of blossoming femininity might appear to some, it is of the utmost importance I get to the right position forthwith. So, if you’ll excuse me, ladies ….” With that, he jumped up into the pool forming on the cave ceiling, the water disappearing with him.

    Sarah stared at the ceiling.

    Mokey did the same. “That was … bizarre,” she noted. She glanced back at Zhaan. “Didn’t you think so?”

    Zhaan lay still, not answering, a peaceful countenance frozen on her face.


    Jareth tumbled onto the cave floor, cringing in a fetal position, tears streaming from his eyes. His sobs echoed throughout the large cavern as the swirling mists coated him. He clutched at his face, as though it were a mask he found himself desperate to tear off. “Call out the guards!” he screamed. “Take the baby and hide it!” His voice became younger and even more fearful. “I try to do the right thing – to be responsible – and what good does it do anyone? Nothing I do matters. It never did.” As he writhed, Mizumi’s voice curdled out of his mouth. “From that day forth, we drifted from world to world together, sometimes as conquerors, sometimes invisible and harmless as a breeze.” His voice returned to normal, though it was furious. “Everything you have wanted I have done!” He sobbed, his body beginning to relax as he resigned himself. He had been suffering for what seemed like an eternity, a multitude of lives from the past, the future, the present … even other “presents” that seemed so familiar and yet so foreign to him.

    He finally managed to open an eye. A dark-skinned woman, her sea-green hair glistening in the mist, smiled, which seemed to calm his tortured form as his robes melted away to reveal a black outfit meant to symbolize a regal yet threatening presence. He panted, but his crying stopped. “It isn’t too late to live up to your potential, Jareth,” she informed him gently. “Use this wish.” She kissed him on the forehead.

    “I … I don’t know what to wish for,” Jareth muttered timidly.

    She laughed. “I want you to thrive.” She caressed his hair. Standing, she held a tiny light in her hands. She threw back a hand and heaved it into the air. The light disappeared through the cave ceiling. Looking back at Jareth, she shrugged, stating plainly, “I give to thee, so little of me, sweet as the fruit of the red cherry tree. Laughter so free, love like the sea, dreams are the gift I give back to thee, a gift from the dear heart of me.” Her warm laughter carried through the air as she slowly dissipated with the mist.

    Jareth awoke, unaware of how much time had passed. He felt strong, easily sitting up without even the slightest headache …

    … surprised at the white and tan feathered outfit that formed tightly around his well-curved frame, as though his very clothes were but a reflection of the power coursing through him.

    Author’s Note: Some of the dialogue come from either episodes of Farscape, volume 4 of Return to Labyrinth, the movie Labyrinth, or episodes of Fraggle Rock. And the cameo in this chapter by the coolest pirate ever was dreamt up while watching that fourth movie, On Stranger Tides or whatever. I mean, c’mon, you get to a magical Fountain of Youth by entering a cave, using a musical incantation (or, he assumed one was needed), and it depends on a very flexible sense of time and space. I will maintain through my dying day that Jack was in part of Fraggle Rock, LOL.
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    :laugh: So that cameo was what I thought it was. Abso-blooming-lutely brilliant!
    And there's a bit more of reference, I recognize that other cameo giving Jareth a wish to echo what Sirena did for Jack towards the end of the movie.

    Thank you for updating, twas a happy distraction. :drool:
  4. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    LOL, really? That was largely unintentional, actually. I was just sitting at my laptop, trying to come up with how Jareth could get even a smidge of his power back ... and Eshe just popped into my head, but then the problem was what she actually took from Jareth that he had thrown away ....
  5. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 18

    (201 PK)

    Jareth began to laugh as he stood, swirling specks of light surrounding him and sticking to the rocky contours of the cave. He tossed his head back, arched his back, feeling alive for the first time since before his ancient subjects tore him into three: his powerful need to fulfill dreams, his nightmares of feeding off others’ fears, and his timid vulnerability to others’ dislike of him.

    It had been so long ago, really.

    Before he found himself on a remote planet with three suns and a giant crystal, he had been King of the Universe. His subjects were spread far and wide. Separated as they were amongst the stars, they had wildly opposing demands of him. Peace, war, authority, humility, light, darkness … it was all he could do to keep them happy, and still they wanted more. Everything he did, he did for them, but it was never enough.

    It nearly cracked his heart, the strain was so great. Planets started colliding. Stars exploded. Strange holes were ripped through space and time. Shores were flooded. Mountains crumbled. Cosmic fires baked atmospheres through and through.

    The subjects were furious. They developed the means to caress the stars and found him. Mocking him, they enlarged his crown and sent it hurtling through space, never to be worn by him ever again. They grabbed him and ripped him into three separate beings.

    Until Maldis had arrived on Thra many cycles ago, he didn’t have the strength to wonder where the other two were.

    His heart filled with rapture. He hadn’t felt this way in such a long time. Nobody had dreams of any import anymore. Even this gift would not last long. He fed off dreams, even as he strove to fulfill them. For if one gave love away, it would come again to stay. Everything was a part of each other, deeply connected in ways most beings would never comprehend.

    Deep within his heart, though his ears heard nothing, he heard a rising swell of sound.

    His mouth felt compelled to go along for the ride.

    Daddy, daddy – get me out of here! he shouted as the swirling lights seemed to echo with a faint “heard about a place today”-like phrase. He laughed. I’m, I’m … underground!

    His shouts of exultation seemed to evolve into something more … lyrical … a notion that was kept barely alive in certain mystical species across the universe as they chanted rhythmically to focus their pneumas.

    Heard about a place today … where nothing ever huuuuurts again.


    Outside, as the sun finally set and the oppressive heat wave started to dissipate, Scorpius gently rubbed his leather-clad fingers over a crystal goblet. The crystal began to reverberate, a subtle sound emanating from it.

    His darkened heart skipped a beat and then beat even faster to compensate.

    He looked up toward the blackening sky. Only in darkness, it seemed, did the universe reveal itself in all its glory … and yet the stars he knew were larger than the mind could fathom seemed so … miniscule.

    A white streak arced across the sky and faded before touching the distant horizon.

    Scorpius gently placed the goblet on the small metal table in front of him as he sat on a stark veranda. He smiled.

    Maybe, just maybe … there was a way to beat the Scarrans once and for all.


    Sarah gasped as she turned toward the strange sounds coming from the tunnel. She had expected to enter a large cave, but nothing like what she saw … a cave of nearly infinite tunnels branching off in every possible direction, including up and down. It had to be night by now, and the sun’s rays couldn’t enter some place so deep under ground anyway, but somehow, there was a light source that seemed present and hidden all at the same time.

    Mokey, clutching Zhaan’s jewelry in her arms, stood slack-jawed.

    They didn’t notice the human adult male, John, was it?

    Behind John was a small beige elderly Fraggle, panting as he tried to keep up, using a broken stick as a cane.

    All of them stood as they approached what might have been the center of the infinite cave, as far as they could guess. They nearly bumped into each other.

    Gasping, they stood and gawked at each other, with John and Sarah blushing slightly and turning their eyes away.

    As the shock began to wear off, they all muttered aloud at the same time, “Jareth must return to Thra.”

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: “Underground” is owned by David Bowie. Yum.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Another great chapter. Of course everyone would end up meeting at the T. Matt Fraggle Room, that's a focal point for strong convergences seeing how you're playing with the trinity of Jareth. Rully intrigued to see how this progresses.
  7. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 19


    Off in a far-away corner of the universe, on a planet with three dying suns, there lay a broken castle. In the heart of the crumbling building was a dismal throne made of onyx, a testament to the ruler’s solid darkness.

    Maldis laughed like he did every morning, when he entered into his usual ritual of circumnavigating the deep vent where the Crystal once stood, and now was only a fleeting dusting of debris. For ten-thousand cycles, Maldis felt the rush of uninterrupted fear and devastation. On some days, he could only thrash around on his bed ecstatically, laughing and writhing, drunk with power.

    A small, brown, furry-eyebrowed creature, dressed in tattered rags, appeared and nodded briefly, holding a small tray of various vials. His voice was old and weary, but there was a determined defiance all the same. “Your usual, Lord Maldis,” he announced, barely able to hide his contempt.

    Maldis approached and tore the tray from the creature’s hands, nearly shoving him backwards. “You are remarkably stubborn, Dominar,” he noted with a grim smirk. “I will wipe that defiance from your voice.”

    The Dominar, or former Dominar, chuckled briefly. “It’s been a thousand cycles since the Halosians overtook Hyneria,” he replied. “What’s another solar day?” He wiped his small toad-like nose. “I’m a very patient lifeform.”

    Maldis stared at the vials in his hands. His tone became more thoughtful. “What do you fear most, Dominar?” He loved to rub the creature’s loss of status in his face at every opportunity.

    “Seeing you naked.”

    Maldis quickly imbibed a few vials’ worth of liquid. There was no longer very much to eat on Thra. Even with all his power, he had taken to using an old Skeksis method of prolonging vitality: liquefying the living essences of whatever beings had been captured by the Halosians, a race that proved quite stubborn in its avoidance of utter elimination from the universe. He had tried to kill Yoz and those who came to find her, but as soon as they found themselves on Thra, it was as though they had new life, even after the Crystal was destroyed, and they soon learned to hide in a wide rocky valley several days’ walk from the castle. It was with begrudging necessity that Maldis occasionally traded with the Halosians. They would bring him liquefied essence if he could terrorize planets into sending inhabitants to Thra. His reach seemed to extend to all corners of the universe, but yet, irritatingly, he found his power waned to nearly nothing if he left the castle, much less ventured off-world. Still, while he expected defiance from someone like Jareth, beaten dog as he was, this vile little leathery amphibian frustrated him to the point of fascination. “I’ve taken everything from you, Dominar. Your planet is nearly bereft of Hynerians. Your rule is nonexistent. You are but my mere slave. How can you protest your destiny so?”

    The former Dominar smirked, a glint in his eye. “Perhaps I’m not the one needing the nightmare, ‘Lord Maldis’,” he noted in a sarcastic, mocking tone. “After all, you’re blessed with everything,” he continued, relishing what he planned on saying next, “but the certainty of your victory.” He chuckled again. “I can see it in your eyes: you aren’t without fear, yourself.”

    Maldis wanted to crush his tiny head.

    Yet, all he could do was sigh and turn away. His voice remained pensive. “Rygel … perhaps you are right. Perhaps your role is to remind me of my fears.” He laughed, doubling over, suddenly flinging the tray back at the Hynerian slave. His voice was once again haughty and confident. “Ungrateful swine! Putrid toad! I am the living embodiment of darkness! There is no more light in the world, or in the universe!” He swept his arms in huge arcs. “See the wonders I have created! I have rebuilt this planet from the ground up, drenching it in the dreariness it hasn’t seen for over 60 million cycles!”

    “And you haven’t had a frelling banquet in several centuries,” Rygel noted with a smirk and a nod. “You’re reduced to begging for basic sustenance.” His tone became far more belligerent and mocking, a sneer becoming nearly permanent on his face. “While there are still three suns that illuminate this ‘yave of the yuvo’ rock out in the middle of nowhere, and all the stars still dominate even the darkest skies,” he paused, relishing his momentum, “and … I … still … want … you … dead.


    Yoz, a Halosian who really shouldn’t even be alive by now, sat in the center of a large sand drawing in the middle of a crevice, surrounded by staggeringly high cliffs of sheer rock. It had taken over a hundred cycles to come up with enough equipment to summon the other Halosians.

    Now, after that pathetic creature took her to this world, she was leader of several hundred.

    A relatively chubby Halosian, dressed uncharacteristically in brightly-hued robes, nodded as he approached. The newly healed Halosians were not Skekses, but now that they no longer seemed ready to decompose at any moment, the similarities became ever more apparent. He bowed slightly. “Suns … almost ready … to join,” he noted. Despite the fact their bodies were nearly back to their original complete state, they still tended to speak sporadically, as though their brains could not comprehend the fact they were no longer struggling for air.

    Yoz snorted, pawing at the sand drawing until it transformed into a smear on the ground. “Zok … keeper of past … ignores Yoz’ rule.”

    Zok, born on Thra in the time since Yoz was taken there, named himself in honor of a Skeksis ritual-master. He was abnormally diplomatic, a trait usually described by what little documentation they had found as belonging to a Skeksis named SkekSil. “Zok cares deeply for Yoz rule,” he blurted out, anxious to pacify her. She was the eldest of the Halosians on Thra, and so demanded complete respect. “We have history … this planet Thra … home to us … not sniveling aliens with scruffy white hair.”

    Yoz sighed and looked up. The suns were getting closer together in the sky. “Suns meet … nothing happens.”

    Zok shook his head, screeching, “Of course something happens! Suns meet … Thra ours!”

    “Need more,” Yoz replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

    “Crystal? Crystal not matter!”

    Not whole Crystal … no Thra power!” Yoz retorted angrily, banging her fist on the ground. “Halosian … not enough! Spirits of Thra … speak to Yoz … tell me things … need more!

    Zok shifted his weight uncomfortably. If he continued to protest, Yoz might have him killed. He bowed deeply, his wings spread low over his back. “Yoz is wise … listen to Thra … give Thra to Halosians.”

    Yoz sneered, but nodded, choosing not to delve further into rebuke. Her voice was much calmer, almost motherly. “Eidelons … like alien now on Thra … but Eidelons have power … power to heal and make peace. Thra say … ‘Find Eidelons’. Together, Halsoian and Eidelon remake Crystal. Thra ours. Universe ours. Alien conquered.”

    Zok nodded, genuinely respectful. Yoz was the smartest of the Halosians. Halosian Code demanded the desire to evolve.

    The problem was, if you were Leader, what more was there to evolve into?

    Yoz seemed to have found an answer: join and be more.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    This chapter be good.
    We meet Maldiz and Yaz again after the initial splitting of the crystal.
    Good ol' snarky Rigel XVI, though sarcastic at most times, he can help put things into perspective.
    *Notices the mention of SkekZill, :smirk:
    It's interesting to find how the Halocians have changed since the rewriting of the universe... And it seems Yaz might have an inkling of what's to come as she intunes the happening of the joining of the triple suns.
    Thank ye, the update is most appreciated on this morning.
  9. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I decided I wanted the readers to remember who they were, LOL.

    I've been dying to write Rygel. He seems so fun to write. I realized that his characterization as someone who could withstand most forms of mind control and such might allow him some resistance to what has happened in the universe.

    Hey, I can't resist a Chamby shout-out, LOL.

    The Halosians are gradually becoming more positive, or at least as positive as they can be, similar to how I view Chamberlains' personality, as the nicest of the nasty bunch. With the Mystics not an issue here, the Halosians are hiding out in their hang-out and absorbing some of their ways (note the sand drawing). However, to be this era's complete form, the Halosians must realize they are also half-beings and must join with this era's "good" side of themselves. While the Skekses feared joining as a loss of power, the Halosian focus on evolution demands that they even risk their identities if it meant grabbing more power. I see bits of this in Chamberlain, who, in my mind at least, saw an alliance with the Gelflings as a means of gaining power. I realize that hardly anyone sees him that way, but I see no real evidence that he was just using Jen and Kira. I think he genuinely thought "out of the box" as it were. He couldn't best the Garthim-master with brute force, so he was gonna try a sneakier, more intelligent approach.
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Exactly, can't overpower the strongman with just strength... So that's where the real villain shines, showing off his wits to forge semi-alliances to better his own position, even if others think him/her a traitor to their own name.
    Looking forward to whatever's next, and the one last member missing to complete the Farscape gang.
  11. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 20


    The two elderly humanoid males sighed and rolled their eyes at the immensely long dining table. One was about a head taller than the other, with mostly black hair with some gray. He had thick jowls and a pronounced cleft chin. He stared at Scorpius, wide-eyed.

    Scorpius glanced at him sharply. “Your opinion is greatly appreciated, good sir.”

    The taller one gulped and adjusted his collar. “I … I mean,” he replied in a deep but aged voice, “I guess anything’s possible.”

    “If you’re senile,” grumbled the shorter one. He had squinty eyes and wrinkles all over his face. His hair was white as snow. He cut a glance to Scorpius. He and his former military friend had served the Peacekeepers for nearly three dozen cycles. They could very well have had their uniforms decorated with more medals than would fit, but after a few battles here and there, they found their true calling as strategists, sitting in their chairs and analyzing behaviors from above. They were rather irritating to Peacekeeper mercenaries, who didn’t like being criticized. Most in the intelligence business, however, enjoyed conversing with them.

    They were among the very few who could meet the glare of Scorpius without wetting their pants.

    The white-haired one continued, “There’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest that this proposal is anything but ludicrous!”

    Scorpius smiled and leaned back, gently resting his elbows on the table, tapping his clasped hands against his chin. “The universe is filled with strange things, Waldorf,” he noted with amusement. “After all, there was a time, was there not, when there were no such things as you people on this little backwater of a world?”

    Waldorf scoffed. “You’re not exactly a senior citizen, you know. What makes you think you know anything about how Muppets came to be?”

    The darker haired one slammed his palm on the table, a dark glare piercing into Waldorf. “And I suppose you have first-hand knowledge?”

    Waldorf chuckled. “I was watching my grandkids before you drank from a nipple, Statler.”

    Statler harrumphed and looked at Scorpius. “Exactly what’s the point of being so interested in the past, Scorpius? It’s not like a bunch of dead guys are useful.”

    Scorpius wore a thoughtful expression, raising a single index finger. “Ah, but I don’t see that to be the case at all. If you were to find a multitude of dead bodies, their blood vessels strung out of the flesh and sucked dry, without meeting it you would be aware of the presence of a Halosian.”

    “We’re getting too old to trade old war stories, Scorpius,” Waldorf retorted, crossing his arms indignantly. “Besides, what you’re looking for doesn’t exist anymore.”

    Scorpius’ face brightened, a grin tightly cracking across his scarred face. “And what would that be, gentlemen?”

    Statler shrugged, slowly stirring a drink in front of him. “Let’s face facts: the Scarrans, like the Halosians, want nothing more than to become more powerful. Peacekeepers rest on their achievements and must hire mercenaries when things get too tough. By relying so heavily on technology, their own bodies have ceased to diversify.”

    Waldorf nodded, jabbing an index finger toward the floor. “Meanwhile, there are worlds with either a few species here and there in a vast wasteland, or with innumerable species that fill nearly every ecological niche in a highly specialized manner.” He sighed and ate a piece of bread. “It sounds like you’re arguing that certain worlds have an abundance of some kind of life force that drives evolution and provides an infinite amount of opportunities.”

    Statler continued, “And you apparently have decided that this world is at the heart of it all, or at least a major source. This cockamamie theory of yours requires a belief that this world is at all important, and quite frankly, we don’t see it.”

    Scorpius nodded pensively and examined a crystal goblet in his hands. “Then your recommendation is that I call off this particular mission?”

    “If you have any sense,” Statler replied.

    Scorpius continued to stare into the crystal goblet’s reflection. His face was distorted to the extent that, if he took off his black leather mask, he might even appear attractive. “Have you never wondered what would happen had you taken the right door instead of the left?”

    “There’s no room for doubt, Scorpius,” Waldorf noted somewhat sympathetically. “Things either are or they aren’t. There are no potentials, only what is going to happen.”

    “Yeah, it’s all in the script,” Statler shot back with a chuckle.

    Scorpius sighed and stood, turning his back to his comrades. He began to pace the room, his hands clasped behind his back. “You see, gentlemen, I simply cannot let this go. Captain Sun also had reservations, but I think this planet is more than just the source of Sebacean genetics. When the Eidelons abducted humans from this world, the humans, according to legend, were little more than dirt-throwing mammals with a penchant for trouble-making.”

    “With all due respect,” Statler began with a smirk, “Sebaceans are just trading dirt clods for bigger sticks.”

    Scorpius nodded and stopped. “Agreed. Whatever physical prowess given to Sebaceans, it is quite clear there are some drawbacks, such as the intolerance to heat. However, if Sebaceans were crossed with the original species, a common ancestor known to both human, Muppet, and Sebacean, perhaps a being capable of destroying the Scarrans would appear.”

    “Or you’d just get a mush of flesh,” Waldorf commented. “Besides, why bring Muppets into it?”

    Scorpius glanced at Statler, who sighed. “Because Muppets can take a lot and come back the next solar day,” Statler noted, staring at the table. “We don’t age as quickly as non-Muppets do.” He shot a dark glance at Scorpius. “You’re trying to create a nearly immortal powerhouse.”

    Scorpius smiled.

    “Have you ever heard of the lifespans of ancient humans? It’s downright embarrassing,” Waldorf asked curtly. “They were lucky to make it past puberty.”

    “And most didn’t get as far as that if they had the gall to ask the partner out to a dance,” Statler chuckled.

    “Fortunately we had the good sense to be the wallflowers.”

    “Yeah, you tend to lose interest in the mating game when it always feels like there’s an entire arm shoved up –.”

    “Okay, I think my brains just melted out of my nose,” Waldorf shot back, grunting with disgust.

    Scorpius charged at the table and slammed a small metallic pyramidal object on the table, making the two elderly ones shudder. Scorpius’ smile and turned into a twisted growl of fury. “For all your talk of how pointless this world was, explain the massive levels of radiation noted from millions of cycles ago!

    Statler and Waldorf looked at each other.

    Scorpius tapped the object and a hologram hovered over their heads, showing a globe with multiple red spots all over. He waved at the spots. “These are hotspots of radiation, noted to coincide with massive volcanoes.” He clicked on the object with his free hand and the image changed to a jagged line with deep spikes and valleys. “Here we see, also, evidence of warped spacetime. When a leviathan uses its starburst ability, shockwaves of space and time are created, permitting a limited prediction of course. A leviathan can only reach faster-than-light speeds, however. It cannot pierce spacetime itself. It’s rather like lubricating a torpedo bay. The torpedo will exit faster, but it will not just appear beside the target instantaneously.”

    “That’s what you said,” Statler commented to Waldorf.

    “My point, gentlemen, is that clearly there was a great source of energy at an ancient point in time. It affected the entire planet, perhaps driving evolution speeds past the breaking point. Now, clearly life still continued after such a remarkable event, so the question remains: what kind of life can survive such a devastating change?”
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Huh? Oh, finally, there's actually some action here at MC. Been wondering what happened to everybody today. Maybe they're exercising their grouchlyness at Facebook's ridiculous inane changes.

    That said... There's much to love here in this chapter.

    :sleep: and :boo: as tactician partners of Scorpius, didn't see that coming.
    The inuendos at dating, reproduction, and aging had me chuckling at every instance.
    And I detected a hint of well-aimed sarcasm at the geocentricity of ancient churchly sciences. You know... Galileo came up with a theory, and he was strongly urged by the scientific community of his day of the Pope and his cardinals to change it... Or go straight to Heck. Literally.
    Originally by Diva's Champ: “Things either are or they aren’t. There are no potentials, only what is
    going to happen." “Yeah, it’s all in the script,” Statler shot back with a chuckle.
    Hmm... Moulin would probably disagree with that sentiment from constantly reading her fave fic.
    Then there's the event that accelerated species evolution speeds, which leads me to think it was when the pedestrian dinosaurs got extincted. Not our Dinosaurs of course, they're in a lush forestal community where Robbie's high chief elder unless that's been screwed with in this AU.
    Finally... Scorpius trying to create an immortal powerhouse, not only capable of defeating the Scarens but being all-powerful to maybe then take on the universal king. Obviously, we know who Scorpius plans to be the one immortal resulting from his plans of merging human and Muppet and Sebacean genetics, but I won't spoil that for others.
  13. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    I had been headdesking quite awhile trying to figure out where I wanted to put our favorite critics. This was my solution, LOL.

    Geocentrism? Uh, yeah, that was totally intentional.... :)

    I'm still working on how to deal with Dinosaurs in this alternate universe. The universe fractured at 10000 BC, so it shouldn't have to affect 60 million years ago. However, in the original timeline, Mizumi was sent back from 2011 to around 60 million years ago by Cantus, Convincing John, and Mokey. The problem is, this is 2001 using our calendar (and 201 using the Peacekeeper-run Earth's calendar). Mizumi is croaked. If she's dead she can't go back in time, right? This would affect everything that happened to the denizens of Sinclair City at the time Mizumi caught up with them. Baby might not have been killed. New Pangaea can't time travel to the Underground. And it might not even matter, since I don't really address in Comeback King what happened after Sinclair City disappeared. It may not have affected the rest of the timeline at all until 10000 BC.

    Or maybe it did, LOL. Scorpius is going to learn some stuff, fer sure, rully. :D

    edit: Oh, you know who Scorpius is going to create? Sweet ... can you tell me? LOL
  14. The Count

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    Ha... Erm, isn't it himself? Throughout that latter Season 3 and 4 run, or what my fading swiss cheesed memory remembers of it, Scorpius was seeking power for two reasons: defeat the Scarens; and empower himself as lord of the universe thereby reversing what was the implied slight of his backstory growing up as half Cebasean and half Scaren. So if he's going to muck about with dino-Muppet-Cebasean/human DNA to create an immortal powerhouse, it makes most sense to me that it'd be him himself who'd be injected with the combo. Then again, you do put yourself at risk in executing such a power grab, look up Hodi Jones in the Onepiece Wiki as an example.

    Yeah, Mizumi's gotta be careful as to how she brakes Doc Brown's rule of meeting yourself when going back in time like that. But seeing as how Emett and Marty broke that rule themselves and had positive results, meh, to each their own.

    If you have a creative roadblock with the fic, you know you can contact me and even if it's just putting forth your outline points I find that sometimes more than not helps you untangle any plotbunnies.
    Glad you're okay and take care. *Hugs.
  15. RedPiggy

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    Ah, I see what you mean about Scorpius. However, when he manages to get involved in that era over the next coupla chapters or so (still working on the pacing since the finale is fast approaching), he might find out that Scarrans have a leg up on him. :p

    I'm feeling better in terms of anxiety, but I don't know if I'm just more relaxed or I've snapped, LOL. Right now we're sick. The front door's lock broke, the garage door spring broke ... they're fixed now, but the good part is that my home makeover is practically done. All that's left is a couple of decorations to finish the look and next year I'm gonna start replacing the water heater and the dryer an' stuff with energy efficient stuff. And I need new carpet. Found a few more holes from Bear's teething days, LOL.
  16. The Count

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    Good to know. We're still dealing with our situations here as well. Hopefully things can get back to normal.
    And I'm just gonna try to chill out with some MCR now, there's a forum member who's making a complete nuisance out of himself. :grr:

    *Mellows with Muppet music. :halo:
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    I feel like that. =P A lot.

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, Kelly. This fic is still great and there's a lot of effort put into it. People could learn a few things from you. Also, your take on S and W is awesome. XPP
  18. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I'm always self-conscious about writing S/W. I always feel I'm not clever enough, LOL. At any rate, we're in the home stretch for this fic. I've added a subplot for Scorpius and the Magic Men Trio, LOL, will be heading to Thra soon. :)
  19. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean. S/W can be tricky but I think you pulled them off really well. Can't wait for the next installment. XP
  20. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 21


    Aeryn panted as she crouched low behind a boulder that balanced precariously on top of another. Holding her pulse rifle tightly against her chest, she tried to silence her heavy breathing.

    A piece of gravel crunched beneath boots nearby.

    She whipped around and fired, a plume of gray-brown dust exploding into the air. She crouched back down, but Scorpius’ twisted visage salivated a hair’s breadth from her nose. His gnarled, scarred lips drew back, his tongue grazing the tip of her nose for only a microt.

    “You blew up my Leviathan!” he announced in a mockingly surprised voice. Standing erect, he sighed and paced back and forth a few paces just in front of her. “Congratulations, Captain Sun. Most minds would melt when defying me.”

    Sun stood and wiped the drool from her face in disgust. “You tried to have me killed, Scorpius. You blew up the cave entrance.” She held out her pulse rifle, a ball of energy crackling at the tip. Her eyes pierced through him. “I’ve lost nearly a quarter of my workers down here.”

    Scorpius didn’t even bother to look at her, completely disinterested. He stared at a small glob of moss sticking up from a sharp rock. “I merely gave you impetus to complete your mission without retreat, Captain Sun. Do not persuade yourself I single-handedly provided every ravine, every carnivorous creature, or every cloud of toxic dust.” He stopped and turned toward her, grinning again. “Still, I appreciate the thought I can cause so much damage relying solely on my own skill.” He chuckled briefly. “Might I quote you in propaganda speeches?” he asked in a light-hearted tone.

    She fired, though the pulse flew right through the chip-induced hallucination, shattering a rock column nearby.

    Scorpius tsked her. “Now, now, Captain Sun. You’re in no position to defy me. Stop playing games.”

    You’re the one who wants to throw the game into the trash and start over like some petulant juvenile,” she hissed, firing again with the same result, the rock column pulverized completely.

    Scorpius scowled at her. “Have you ever wondered what would happen if a battle simulation were repeated from the very beginning? Would the exact same events unfold? Would Captain Sun be leader of a fearsome contingent, or some crying outcast moping in the dank hallway of a half-dead Leviathan in the far corners of the Uncharted Territories? Would Scarrans threaten the universe or would Sebaceans rule the universe?”

    “Would Scorpius exist at all or would he be some sniveling slave of the Scarran Emperor?” Aeryn retorted.

    Scorpius smiled. “Would John be a human leader, a Sebacean breeding stud, or a smattering of goo on the bottoms of my boots?”

    Sun scoffed, firing at Scorpius as he paced, shattering another rock formation like glass. “I wouldn’t dare to attract myself to the air he breathes,” she sneered. “Let that little blonde drannit corrupt her genetic line if she wants. Kill him for all I care. You can’t get me to plead for that greebol’s life.” She held the pulse rifle at the tip of his nose, furious at his bemusement. “I just want to see you dead. You’ve gone completely fahrbot. Stopping the Scarran menace is one thing, but your strategies get more and more kinkoid.”

    Scorpius roundhouse kicked Captain Sun across the cave floor, sending her sprawling. Scoffing, he loudly announced, his frightening voice reverberating through the air, “I thought you had such potential, Captain Sun. Instead, I realize that, no matter how I try to fix the universe, you’ll always end up a pathetic, writhing little slimy marjol, encased in a too-tight shell and fall prey to whatever dominant male you come across.” He growled triumphantly, “I’m not the one so fahrbot as to fire a pulse rifle on a chip-induced image only your mind can see.”

    Aeryn laughed resignedly, staring up at the ceiling of the cave. Panting for several moments, she began to nod. “I … I … never thought … I could … s-seriously … harm you, S-Scorpius,” she said finally. “Your ego knows no bounds, forcing yourself upon the universe as if you were someone like Djancaz-Bru, the ancient Sebacean Goddess of War.” She fired her pulse rifle at the spot right above her just as Scorpius grabbed her by the throat, his steamy spittle spraying over her face.

    I do what I do because I can,” he hissed at her, tightening his grip.

    Aeryn batted her eyes as dust and grit began to fall from the ceiling. She glanced into Scorpius’ dead eyes. “Then frell you.”

    With that, the entire cave collapsed, its supports having been blasted away throughout the conversation, sending Aeryn plummeting into a black abyss, the only sound being her strained chuckling as the image of a horrified Scorpius dissolved into a falling spray of pixels.


    The massive cave structure began to rumble all around them. Jareth stared deeply into a single tunnel, as though trying to see the end of the journey from right at the beginning. John tackled Sarah as a large chunk of rock dropped from the ceiling, causing it to just barely miss them. He glanced at Jareth. “Have you noticed there’s a little instability here?” he shouted.

    Matthew trembled as the ground split open in front of him. Mokey snatched his tail and dragged him backwards to safety.

    Jareth finally snapped out of his determined pose. “He’s there,” he announced softly, perhaps only to himself what with everyone else concentrating on the crumbling cave, “in that castle.” Snapping his fingers, the others found themselves drawn toward Jareth inexplicably as he firmly planted his right palm on the arch leading into the tunnel.

    The ceiling crashed down just as everyone found themselves thrown into the tunnel like rag dolls, a flash of bright blue light enveloping them.

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