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Favorite Bert and Ernie Sketch

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Buck-Beaver, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. GeeBee New Member

    I remember everything about the skit that you described except for Bert vowing never to let the Count sleep over again. Whenever I saw the skit, it ends right after the Count asks Bert if he can sleep over again and Ernie crashes to the floor, with no answer from Bert one way or another. If such a line from Bert did take place, there must have been an edited version that deleted it, which has happened with a few skits.
  2. ISNorden Active Member

    Yep, Ernie did that...reciting letters emotionally as if they were part of a real story--

    "Now comes the sad part--H, I, J, K...[sobs]...L, M, N...[sobs]...O, P..."
    "Here comes the action part--Q! R! S! T! U! V! W! X! Y..."
  3. GeeBee New Member

    There were actually two versions of that skit. The original one was a very early classic skit from the first or second season. Unfortunately, it was redone during the 80's with the more modern looking versions of Ernie and Bert of that time.
  4. ISNorden Active Member

    Bert probably couldn't have stayed quiet for long; Ernie would either pester him into speaking (and protested "That doesn't rhyme!" when Bert's words broke the rules), or tried to find another game they could play. After several rejected ideas ("How about an opposites game instead?...No? How about a [letter of the day]-word game?...I see...") Bert would make his typical angry/frustrated noise, then collapse to the floor as the usual "collapse music" played.
  5. ISNorden Active Member

    I never knew that Ernie and Bert had makeovers; to my average viewer's eyes, both of them still have the same clothes, hair, and faces as they did in the 70's. A puppeteer or designer might notice, of course...

    P.S. Did 1980's Ernie still type his "alpha-story" on an old, non-electric typewriter?
  6. Frogster Active Member

    I love the "Heeeeere fishy, fishy fishy!" sketch... my brother and I used to do the sketch for my mom when we were little!
  7. GeeBee New Member

    Oh, Ernie and Bert had numerous make-overs throughout the years. Some were more subtle than others. Bert's nose always seemed to get smaller. Ernie started out with a different shirt and his nose was purplish. Their hair used to be a lot more messed up. Bert looked much grumpier in the beginning. Etc.

    I actually don't recall if the typewriter had changed in the 80's sketch because I was so focused on Ernie and Bert. It probably was an updated electric one though. If they did it again, it would surely be on a computer.
  8. Xerus Active Member

    I liked in the end when Bert wanted to continue playing the rhyming game with the lamp.

    BERT: "Hey there lamp! That's a nice shade!"

    But the lamp didn't reply and Bert walked away sighing, "Not the same!"
  9. tutter_fan Well-Known Member

    Anyone remember the one skit where the celeste is playing either the SS theme song, or a lullaby, and ernie can't sleep, and bert suggest that he count something. He counts 1 firetruck, and a "scanimate" version of a firetruck appears with the old sounding siren, and it bothers bert, then he counts something else, and then ernie says "1 ballon" and the scanimate ballon appears, and it looks like it'll blow up, and it does!
  10. Xerus Active Member

    Yes I do. First Ernie counted sheep, but he thought they were boring. So he went for noisy firetrucks and balloons.

    And it's amazing how Ernie's imagination is so real, that Bert can actually hear what's Ernie's imagining.
  11. quinli New Member

    I haven't read all the posts (there are a lot of them!), so maybe this one has already been mentioned. I like the Ernie and Bert sketch where Ernie has to find a place for something (I don't remember what), so he uses an object that was already a home for something else, and it starts a chain reaction. It ends where Ernie has had to transplant the pet goldfish so he can use the goldfish bowl for something else. Bert shouts with exasperation, "Ernie! Where did you put the fish?" Ernie replies casually, "Oh, I put them in your cowboy hat, Bert." Bert asks what he will use for playing cowboys, and Ernie plunks a pot on his head: "There you go, Bert!" Come to think of it, I believe Ernie was looking for the pot when he started the whole thing in the first place. I loved this Ernie and Bert skit, but I haven't seen it in so, so long. Can anyone help me remember it better?
  12. mikebennidict New Member

    If you go to section 4 of this thread 1 of the posts there will give you full details of that 1.
  13. quinli New Member

  14. ISNorden Active Member

    Ironically, Bert was the one who suggested balloons as a quiet alternative to fire engines or the "boring" sheep. Guess he didn't count on Ernie's imagining the loudest balloon he could...:p
  15. Ziffel New Member

    Well actually it was Ernie who brought up balloons as an example of something to count. Bert had said, "You cannot count fire engines. That's too loud, you'll wake up the whole neighborhood (I guess everybody could hear what Ernie's imagining!). Now I want you to count something quiet to go to sleep with. None of those sounds." Then Ernie suggests, "How about balloons?" Bert says, "Balloons?" Ernie says, "Yeah, they're quiet they just sit there, you know." Then Bert says, "Okay count the balloons, but count them now so I can get some sleep!"
    And then of course, ol' Ernie has to imagine blowing the balloons up. So much for counting them "just sitting there"! :p
  16. Ziffel New Member

    I asked this question about a year ago and since no one ever responded, I thought I'd bump the question in case a newer member might have some details, or an older member who may have missed seeing this the first time it was posted might catch it this time. Thanks.
  17. mikebennidict New Member

    yupe. that's how it ended.
  18. Ziffel New Member

    Okay thanks. And was the man dropping the shoes supposed to be Gordon? I can't recall if Ernie specified a name. But Ernie and Bert were supposed to be underneath Susan and Gordon, right?
  19. mikebennidict New Member

    Nope. For some reason in this segment it was some guy who just moved in.
  20. superboober Member

    One I always enjoyed was where Ernie (moving back and forth really fast) gathers up all sorts of items for his latest bath, including a flashlight and umbrella, "just in case" and sure enough before long the light go out and it starts raining inside (apparently Ernie's exempt from the bad luck dictum of opening an umbrella inside). I remember an Anything Muppet showed up at the end, but I forget exactly who he said he was.

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