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Fan Fiction: "A Swampy Muppet Holiday" Part 1

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Barry Lee, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Active Member

    Kermit,Fozzie,Piggy,Gonzo,Rowlf,Scooter,Misses Applebee,AM Frogs,Robin,Sam the Eagle,Dr.Teeth,Animal,Floyd,Janice,Zoot,Lips,Clifford,Sprocket,Afghan Hound,Beaker,Bunsen,AM Penguins,Statler,Waldorf,AM Dogs,AM White Bunnies,Bean,Link,Lew Zealand,Annie Sue,Rizzo,Camilla,AM Chickens,
    Deer,Billy Bear,Bo Bo the Bear,Dr. Strangepork,Frogscout Troup,
    Frogscout Robin,AM Alligators,Baby Bear(from TMS),Muppet Snowman,
    AM Snakes,White Lion(from JHH),AM Octopuses,Witchdoctor,Gawky Birds,
    Pops,Swedish Chef


    SONG:"I'll be Home for Christmas"sung by Robin,Kermit,AM Frogs,AM Penguins,
    AM Chickens,Deer,AM White Bunnies,Billy Bear,Misses Applebee,Frogscout Troup

    Kermit:Oh,hey everybody this is a "Swampy Muppet Holiday" we'll be right back.


    Kermit:Well, were here
    Piggy:Wha?This is a a swamp.I am going back home......
    (Piggy Leaves)
    Kermit:That's the wrong way.......
    Dr.Teeth:What are doin' now Kermin'?
    Kermit:The script says fishing?
    Fozzie:What's funny about that?
    AM Alligators:We eating you?
    (Statler pops up with Waldorf)
    Statler:It's funny beacause....
    Both:Youre fishing
    Kermit:Never mind.I'm going to show you where we're staying and I'll take a nap
    (Kermit takes them to the swampy hay house while kermit goes in and take a nap)
    Scooter:Wonder where Piggy is?

    SONG:"She'll be Comin' around the mountain when she comes"sung by Robin,Scooter,Link,Annie Sue,Floyd,Janice,AM Frogs,Gonzo,Fozzie

    Piggy:Where am I?
    (Billy Bear,Afghan Hound,AM Alligators,Swedish Chef(w/ Pig nose),AM Snakes,
    White Lion,Baby Bear,Muppet Snowman)
    Together:In the forest.
    To Be Continued.......
  2. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    So, are we going to get the rest of this Barry?
  3. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Active Member

    around the weekend.......

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