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Diamond City's A Muppet's Best Friend

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ZootyCutie, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    "Come, on. You know that I can so beat you guys with my exceeding greatness in the sport games!" Nurse Tounges commented.
    "Incorrect. It is I who shall win with my upper hand in the IQ games." Bunsen interjected.
    "Hey guys, stop fighting." Misty calmly said. "Besides, everyone knows that I'm the best at the Sci-fi games."
    "GUYS!" Fozzie called out. "I wanna play the game!"
    "Sure." Misty said.
    "Okay." Nurse Tounges added.
    "I'm fine with that." Bunsen said.

    The Muppet family was back to as it should be, after Misty came back, and Dimentio was defeated. After that adventure, Misty found a new love for WarioWare, and she found that Ana was her lucky character.

    "I'm Ana, as usually." Misty said.
    "I think I'll be Mona." Nurse Tounges said.
    "Don't let me lose, Dr. Crygor!" Bunsen called out.
    "I'm going to be different, I'll be Dribble." Fozzie said.

    After the characters were chosen, they chose their challenge. This time it was "Listen to the Doctor".

    "I'm first!" Misty said, as soon as the spinner chose her.

    Misty had to play her microgame, in which the goal was to plug a finger into a nose, while having a large smile on her face, and the others had to make sure she was smiling. One look at her, and you could tell that she was smiling as big as she could.

    "Clap!" Fozzie called out, and the others pressed a button on their controllers, making their characters clap for her.
    "I never get tired of that joyful sound." Misty said.
    "My turn!" Fozzie called out.

    The four played the game for a while, and Misty was the champion.
    "Yes! I'm a winner!" Misty called out.
    "We're playing WarioWare, not Mario Party." Bunsen muttered.
    "Who's up for a round of "Card E-Card"?" Fozzie asked.
    "You won't have much time." Kermit said, while dragging a suitcase. "Vacation's starting soon."
    "Oh right!" Fozzie said. "Come on, Misty!"
    "Right behind you, Foz!" Misty said, as they left to the room they shared.
    "I loves the vacations!" Nurse Tounges said, as she headed to the room the band shared.
    "I almost forgot! I better go get those test tubes ready!" Bunsen said, and headed to the basement.
    "This is going to be some trip." Kermit said, and then left to the bus.
  2. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Well-Known Member

    It's kind of comical to think Bunsen having a liking to Mario games.

  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hmmm... Waiting to read more of this to know where it's going, how the story will shape up, what to say.
    So for now, the only thing I can say is... More please.
  4. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    Part 2

    "Is everyone whose going here?" Kermit called out. The Muppets that were going were all packed into the bus, with the exception of Sweetums, who was on top of the roof.
    "I think we're all here, Uncle Kermit." Robin called out.
    "Oh, good. Dr. Teeth, do your stuff." Kermit said, as he took the front seat.
    "Eaiser done than said." Dr. Teeth replied, then started up the bus. After that, the others did whatever they wanted.

    "I enjoy playing Dong Dong as much as the next person, but do we have to play it like this?" Lips asked.
    "Yeah! I like to play it this way!" Hands said.

    Lips and Hands were playing a round of Dong Dong, a WarioWare game on Lips' Game Boy Advance. The key to the game is that you share a console, with one person on the L button, and the other on the R button. Hands was hogging up Lips' space, and was almost laying on him.

    "Dad, I'm bored." Misty said.
    "Go play outside." Floyd simply said.
    "We're on the highway." Misty replied. "Nevermind, I know what to do."

    Misty then left her seat and walked over to Zoot and Kikit's seat. Zoot was talking to Kikit about something.

    "-Awash with flavor!" Zoot finished telling Kikit.
    "Hey Zoot! Um, what's two plus two?" Misty asked.
    "Well, the force between any two charges is equal to the absolute value of the multiple of the charges divided by 4 pi times the vacuum permittivity times the distance squared between the two charges." Zoot said without any hesitation
    "No, no, no, stupid! That's Coulomb's law." Misty said, with a slightly upset tone.
    "Oh, right, sorry! Two plus two? That's easy. Twenty-two." Zoot said, going back to a stupid tone.
    "Right..." Misty said, then left, while laughing.

    Scooter was at a laptop, while Skeeter was watching over the screen.

    "What are you doing, little brother?" Skeeter asked.
    "Trying to find where exactly we're going." Scooter explained. "The only pages I'm getting for somewhere called 'Diamond City' are for the WarioWare games."
    "That's strange." Skeeter said. "Kermit, are we spelling it right?"
    "Yep, that's absolutely right." Kermit said.
    "But, why can't we find it?" Scooter asked.
    "You did." Kermit responded.
    "What?" Scooter and Skeeter asked at the same time.
    "You've been looking at the right thing for a while." Kermit simply said.
    "You mean?" Scooter was at a loss for words.

    That was all Kermit had to say before Scooter and Skeeter fainted on the spot.

    "I give it seven for the speed, but the quality was lacking at best." Floyd said.
    "Will you just quit that?" Kermit said. "Sheesh. I can tell this will be some trip."
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mmm... Good to know where we're heading. And that was an old joke my dad used to tell, the one about how much is 2 + 2.
    Thanks for the new update. Post more soon.
  6. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    Part 3

    "Wait, so we really are going to the WarioWare Diamond City?" Scooter groggily said. Him and Skeeter had gotten up from their faint, but were still a little tired.
    "For the tenth time: yes." Kermit was tired of telling them the truth.
    "Why didn't you say it was this one in the first place?" Skeeter asked.
    "I wanted to keep it a surprise. Kermit admitted.
    "Well, you did a good job." Scooter said.
    "Yeah." Kermit said. "Oh, we're here!"

    As soon as the bus found a decent parking space and stopped, the gang got off of the bus. Sweetums also got off of the bus. The gang then veiwed their surroundings. Diamond City looked just like it was in the games, except even more beautiful. A calm breeze was blowing the nearby ocean into waves. A mixture of sea salt, exaust fumes, chemicals, and pizza wafted in the air. A few motors could be heard revving, mainly those of motorcyles, cabs, and mopeds. A few bass beats from a club nearby vibrated through the air as well. The entire town had a serene and peaceful feel to it.

    "It's beautiful." Misty said, breaking the silence.
    "Yep." Floyd said, agreeing with his daughter.
    "Fer sure." Janice added.
    "Well, it's not always like this." Kermit commented.
    "Too true." Zoot added.

    As if it was a signal, a high school girl driving a moped with a middle school girl in a sidecar drove past, splashing the gang with a puddle.

    "Is that what you mean?" Miss Piggy crossly said.
    "Yep." Kermit replied.
    "Who WAS that?" Gonzo asked.
    "That was just Mona and Patsy." Kermit said. "They're doing their pizza deliveries right now."
    "Where do they work?" Scooter asked. "I could use a place to work at here to earn some money."
    "A place called Mona Pizza." Zoot said.
    "Good job Zoot." Kermit said. "You get a cookie."
    "Fwee!" Zoot said, jumping up to catch the cookie that was thrown up in the air.
    "Come on, I want to show you around." Kermit said, leading the gang.

    Even though they didn't meet anyone yet, the gang got to look around the town. Some places caught the eyes of certian members. The Electric Mayhem wanted to check out the club. Bunsen and Beaker found interest in a secluded lab on an island in the middle of the ocean.

    "Come on, let's go check into our rooms." Kermit said, and lead the gang to a hotel known as "Diamond Hotel".

    After getting the room keys and checking in, the gang got to relax in their rooms. But, Zoot and Misty had to do something first.

    "You got the CD, the boombox, and the overly large amps?" Misty asked. The two were going to spend time with a special friend.
    "Got it." Zoot said. "Hit it!"
    "Oh oh oh ohoo little china girl
    Oh oh oh ohoo little china girl!" The CD was a David Bowie CD. As if it was a magic spell, an alien suddenly appeared.
    "Where's David? I heard David!" The alien yelled out.
    "Hi, Orby!" Misty said.
    "Misty! Is it really you?" He said.
    "Yes Orbulon, yes it is." She said.
    "What are you guys doing here?" Orbulon asked.
    "Vacation." Zoot said.
    "Well, let's have some fun!" Orbulon said, grabbing the two by their wrists and leading them to a fishing hole, where three homeade fishing poles were waiting.

    After a while of fishing, the three of them had caught a large amount of fish, but Misty was a little skeptical about keeping them.

    "I don't think these fish are safe to eat." Misty commented.
    "Why?" Zoot asked.
    "They have three eyes." Misty said.
    "Well, as I always say: there are two cars in each garage, and three eyes on every fish." Orbulon said.
    "You don't always say that." Zoot said.
    "Stop it Zoot." Orbulon snapped. It was going to be some vacation, and it was only starting.
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    And we're starting to like this more and more. Nice how the city holds interests for the various groups of Muppets. Please post the next part when you can.
  8. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Well-Known Member

    Somehow, I can't help but imagine Dimentio coming back in this story. Why? Golden Years is playing and it make me think of him. XD Great story, by the way. :D
  9. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Well-Known Member

    I laughed alot with the chapters.
    Post more when you can!
  10. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    Part 4

    "You can't be serious!" Misty said, with shock in her voice.
    "I am. It says this right here: Aquarius: There's travel in your future when your tongue freezes to the back of a speeding bus. Fill that void in your pathetic life by playing Whack-A-Mole seventeen hours a day" Orbulon had a horoscope book, and was getting on Misty's nerves with it.
    "Do me! I'm a Cancer." Zoot wanted to know about him.
    "Okay. Cancer: The position of Jupiter says you should spend the rest of the week face down in the mud. Try not to shove a roll of duct tape up your nose while taking your driver's test." Orbulon read.
    "I finally understand my life." Zoot said.

    Suddenly, a beeping noise came off of the pendant that was holding Orbulon's cape on. Strangely, the beeping noise went to the tune of "Changes".

    "Meeting time!" Orbulon said. "Get your costume, Zoot!" With that, he ran to his ship as fast as he could.
    "What just happened?" Misty asked.
    "Bowie Meeting!" Zoot said, and grabbed Misty's wrist while he ran to the hotel.

    As soon as they got to the hotel, Zoot slammed open the band's door, lifting them up from whatever they were doing. He then snatched the magazine Dr. Teeth was reading, and knocked over the large pile of books that Floyd was using for study for a new song.

    "Bowie Meeting." The band just said at the same time.

    Zoot then ran into the bathroom, and changed into his outfit for the meeting. He put on a purple tube top, purple miniskirt with stars on the edge of it, black go-go boots, and a leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He still had his sunglasses on, but he was wearing no hat.

    "What's that outfit?" Misty asked.
    "I'm Ziggy Stardust!" Zoot triumphantly said.
    "Okay..." Misty simply said.
    "Misty! Come with me to the meeting!" Zoot said.
    "Um, well, I don't have a Bowie related outfit." Misty said, thinking that she got through this.
    "Don't worry! I have some spare outfits!" Zoot said.
    "Great." Misty said, with a hint of disgust in her voice.

    Soon after, Misty was in a kimono, which didn't hide the upset look on her face.

    "Why am in a kimono?" Misty asked, with her voice slightly strangeled by the tightness of it.
    "You're a little China Girl!" Zoot said, with no care whatsoever.
    "It's hard to breathe in this!" Misty commented.
    "You'll get used to it." Zoot said. "Come on!" With that, he grabbed her wrist, and ran to Orbulon's spaceship, where he lived.

    After knocking on the door, the hatch came open, and Orbulon stepped out, without his cape, and wearing a red wig, black pants, and a blue and red lightning bolt on his head. He still had his sunglasses on.

    "I welcome you, Ziggy Stardust and Little China Girl." Orbulon said.
    "Thank you, Alladin Sane." Zoot said.
    "What's going on?" Misty asked.
    "We get named depending on our costumes." Zoot said, as they walked into the space ship. Strong Sad was in there, wearing a spacesuit.
    "Hi, Major Tom." Zoot said.
    "Hey, Ziggy." Strong Sad said.
    "Jareth should be here at any time." Orbulon said.

    Suddenly, a starburst appeared, and someone wearing a Jareth the Goblin King outfit appeared.

    "Sorry I'm late. I was getting some new David Bowie items." He said. "I have a CD, a DVD, and his restraining order he has against me."

    As soon as she looked, Misty was shocked to see who exactly it was. Wearing the costume was the ultimate evil to Misty. Who was it? Dimentio.
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well... You knew he had to be there. Good to see the club's together again, interested to see how this develops.
  12. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Well-Known Member

    I knew he'd come back! You can't keep Dimentio down for long! XD
  13. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Well-Known Member

    Evil be that Dimentio with his David Bowie obssesion!
  14. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    Part 5

    Seeing Dimentio blew Misty through the roof. She bolted as fast as she could out of Orbulon's ship, which was pretty hard to do in an overtight kimono and high heels.

    "Well, that could have gone better." Dimentio simply said and took a seat in a bean bag chair.

    Misty ran to the hotel, not stopping until she got to the elevator in the lobby. She then waited until it came to the right floor, and then she sprinted to the band's room, drenched in sweat, with a look of shock on her face. She then tore the door open, and ran into the room. Without saying a word, she ran into the bathroom, and came out later wearing a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt that said "This Is Not A The Geddup Noise T-Shirt" in white print. She was still freaking out, and her hair was slightly messed up.

    "Like, what happened to you?" Janice asked.
    "Jester! Bowie! Destroyer of universes! Restraining order!" That was all Misty could make out before she passed out from exaustion on the bed.
    "What just happened?" Floyd didn't hear it. He had his CD player on, and was still working on the song.
    "All I know is that it involved a jester, Bowie, the destroyer of universes, and a restraining order." Kikit said.
    "Let's see." Dr. Teeth had whipped out a calculator, and was putting stuff in it. "We have one joker, plus one rocker, times the destruction of the universe, divided by a restraining order."
    "What does that add up to?" Lips asked.
    "All it says is "CIAO". What is that supposed to mean?" Dr. Teeth wondered.
    "To the internet!" Hands said.

    With that, the band, with the exceptions of Zoot and Misty hovered around Hands, who had booted up the band's psycadelically colored laptop. Hands went on to the first website she could think of, which was the internet encyclopedia 'Kipedia.

    "Let's see, ciao. The only other thing I'm getting besides "The Italian Phrase for Hello and Goodybye" is "A Villanous David Bowie Obsessed Jester"." Hands said.
    "Ding! The answer's in front of us!" Nurse Tounges said.
    "How?" Kikit asked.
    "Zoot dragged Misty to the Bowie meeting. Dimentio goes there because he's the largest Bowie obsessie ever." Nurse Tounges inquired.
    "Not the freakish jester again!" Lips said.
    "She should just be lucky that it was only one glimpse this time." Floyd said. "Remember last time?"
    "Don't remind me!" Dr. Teeth said.
    "I'm back!" Zoot said, with his outfit and hair slightly charred.
    "What happened to you?" Kikit said, hugging onto him.
    "Strong Sad and Dimentio got into a fight." Zoot said.
    "How did that happen?" Hands asked.
    "Well, Strong Sad said that he listens to more than just Bowie, and then it started." Zoot said.
    "Let's just forget about it, and go get some dinner down at the hotel restraunt." Kikit said. "Come on Misty, wake up."
    "Is he gone?" Misty asked.
    "Yep." Zoot had changed out of his Ziggy Stardust outfit and was now wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt with a glow in the dark ribcage on it.
    "Cool shirt." Kikit said
    "Thanks. I sometimes wear it to bed." Zoot said.
    "Come on! I'm hungry!" Dr. Teeth said.
    "You're always hungry." Nurse Tounges said.

    After a good dinner, and some relaxation, all of the Muppets were able to sleep easy. That is until, at 6:30 am, they were all awaken by an overly loud version of "Dance Magic".

    "What is that?" Fozzie asked.
    "I like loud music, but that's just blowing it!" Floyd said.
    "Moi can't have any beauty sleep with that racket!" Miss Piggy called out.
    "You need a whole lot more than beauty sleep." Floyd said.
    "That does it! HIIIII-YAAH!" With that, Miss Piggy chopped Floyd.
    "Let's just see who it is." Kermit said, and knocked on the door.

    Who was in there? Well, let's just say, it's not good!

    "Oh sorry!" Who was it? Dimentio.
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Applauds the update. *Loves the update. *Craves for the update.
    Please post more!
  16. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Well-Known Member

    What a coinkydink! I happen to have drawn a picture of me and Dimentio that will be titled That could've gone better! 8D
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi... Just popping in to see if there's more of this delightful tale in store for us. Thanks.
  18. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    Part 6

    "W-what are you doing here?" Misty nervously asked.
    "What? Can't a jester enjoy his vacation?" Dimentio asked, with a slightly rude tone in his voice.
    "Vacation!" Misty was shocked at that.
    "Yeah. You know, rest, relaxation-" Dimentio got cut off.
    "I KNOW what a vacation is!" Misty snapped. "But, why now?"
    "Well, I was in town, so I decided to grasp the moment." Dimentio said. "And I brought Strong Sad along."
    "Where is he?" Floyd asked, peeking into the room.
    "In the restraunt eating brown sugar straight from the box." Dimentio said, without a care in his voice.
    "Why?" Kermit asked.
    "It's Saturday." Dimentio simply said. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some "Suffretage City", areobics, and a pink singlet waiting for me. Ciao!"

    With that, he closed the door, leaving The Muppets to do their own thing. They each headed to their own rooms. Misty sprinted to the band's room, and slammed the bathroom door closed. She came out a few minutes later, with jean shorts on, her hair in a style like her mom's, and a dark purple t-shirt with Meta Knight on it that said "You are now Weirdo Kirby!" in yellow print on the back. She was also wearing an unhappy face with tired eyes.

    "Come on! After breakfast, we have some video characters to meet!" Kikit said, as she grabbed her denim backpack and lavender bucket hat.

    The Muppets then headed to the hotel's restraunt. Strong Sad was there, eating brown sugar straight from the box. Misty wasn't all that hungry. The thought of Dimentio being in the same building as her was enough to take her appetite away.

    "Okay, now that we're all done, let's see Diamond City." Kermit said, leading the group. They headed next door to a large building that had a giant "W" on the roof.

    "Where is that, Uncle Kermit?" Robin asked.
    "That's where WarioWare Inc. is." Kermit said. "That's where all the magic happens."
    "And where the man with the junk in the trunk is." Zoot said under his breath, but just loud enough for the band to hear.

    The Muppets the walked into the building, and headed to an elevator, which was strangely large enough to hold all of them.

    "Why is this elevator so big?" Lips asked.
    "Junk in the trunk." Zoot simply said.

    As soon as the elevator got to the top floor, the gang got out, and veiwed where they were. They were in WarioWare Inc's rec room, where the crew would normally hang out when they were working on a new video game. The room was completely empty, except for someone in the rec room's couch, who was working on a to-do list, and reading it out loud.

    "Let's see. Buy garlic, eat garlic, think of new multimillon video game, get friends to help, promise them pay, steal all of the pay, buy more garlic. I'm done." He read.
    "Wario!" Kermit called, to get his atenttion.
    "What?" Wario asked. "Why are you snooping here, frog? Why are you here?"
    "Vacation." Kermit said. "Anyways, these guys want to meet you."
    "This is so cool!" Fozzie exclaimed.
    "Pleased to be in your aquatince." Nurse Tounges said.
    "WARIO! WARIO!" Animal yelled out.
    "What are your moves going to be in Brawl?" Rizzo asked.
    "How do you make your farts so powerful?" Gonzo asked.
    "You were right about the junk in the trunk." Kikit whispered to Zoot.
    "Um, thanks?" Wario was confused about what to think.
    "Well, we're off!" Kermit said, and the gang departed.
    "Bye?" Wario was confused. "Anyways, tomorrow's to-do list: buy garlic, eat garlic...
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hmm... What a nice little random scene. You think Wario would be interested in getting some garlic ice cream at the Gilroy Garlic Festival? Hope more gets posted soon.
  20. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Well-Known Member

    *claps for a jorb well done*

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