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BRNR Collective: Play With Me Sesame Website

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by Phillip, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Even though the "Play With Me Sesame" Website has been on-line since April 1st, here's a little info about the company producing the site...


    The BRNR Collective Delivers Online Education for Kids With Play With Me Sesame
    Courtesy of BRNR Collective

    The BRNR Collective delivers Play With Me Sesame online, the interactive component of the new Play With Me Sesame television show, featuring favorite muppet characters Ernie, Bert, Grover and Prairie Dawn. BRNR, www.brnr.com, was enlisted by Noggin, the children's online and television network established by Nickelodeon and Children's Television Workshop.

    For the web-based experience premiering on www.noggin.com, BRNR innovated photo-realistic and animated muppet characters, engaging kids visually and verbally in a virtual online playdate. Preschoolers utilize basic interactive computer skills, while they enjoy educational games akin to those they play along with on the TV show. Both on-air and online activities support children's creativity and individual expression.

    In creating the online playdate, BRNR takes the television experience one step further by allowing preschoolers to personally, directly and literally play with the muppet characters. The muppets act as activity hosts, presenting kids with instructions, giving gameplay feedback, offering encouragement and providing positive reinforcement.

    One of the creative and technical highlights of Play With Me Sesame online is the Oatmeal Art activity which allows kids to create signature oatmeal artworks using food ingredients -- the ultimate online play-with-your-food game. In order to achieve Noggin's goal of allowing kids to help build the network, BRNR innovated a "send" feature which lets kids submit their online oatmeal works to Noggin. Not only can kids have their creations shown in the site's online gallery, but their works can also appear on-air on the television show.

    BRNR worked closely with Noggin to deliver the thoughtful and innovative educational work. "Although we designed and built the Play With Me Sesame playdate to be kid-friendly, preschool age kids in front of computers are likely sitting on their parent's laps. Therefore, the playdate not only presents educational and fun activities for the kids but is also created to provide a worthwhile and engaging activity for both the parent and child to interact with together," said Michael French, Creative Director of BRNR, who also designed the Noggin site.

    The BRNR Collective is an interactive studio specializing in delivering online innovation and creative interactivity. Accolades earned by BRNR's development team include the prestigious One Show Award, The American Institute of Graphic Arts Award, and the London International Advertising Awards.

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