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Beaker replica

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by ToodlesTeam, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. ToodlesTeam Active Member

    The eyes are styrofoam balls, covered with a thin white fabric to make them look smoother.
  2. gooby1244 New Member

    Thanks for the great info!
    I know it's been a while, but just out of curiosity, how was the nose made? sculpted foam and fleece covering? stuffed fleece?
  3. ToodlesTeam Active Member

    The nose is a styrofoam egg, covered in orange fleece stretched and glued over it, with a few cuts in it to get rid of wrinkles and make it lay flat. Pretty much the exact same concept as the eyes.
  4. TML Member

    What is the circumfrence of the tubes?
  5. Fersureitsjess Active Member

    Awesome! It looks great!
  6. Walter Active Member

    So cool! Are you going to field test him anywhere? You should sit in the back seat of a car and roll down the window at a drivethru, and order with beaker! X)
  7. ToodlesTeam Active Member

    Wow! People are still interested in Beaker, huh? That's cool. I'm glad you all like him so much!

    TML: The tubes are oatmeal cans that are about 4 inches in diameter and just about 13 inches around.

    Walter: I don't perform much with my replicas, but Beaker has been out and about at school some. College students always seem to love Beaker!
  8. ashkent Active Member

    Brilliant. Very well done.
  9. TML Member

  10. ToodlesTeam Active Member

    Nicely done! Looks like you made yours pretty much the same way I did mine, judging by the "skull" picture. He looks really fantastic!
  11. TML Member

    Thanks. I used Christmas ornaments for eyes. Now to get em to light up!:eek:
  12. batjimi New Member

    These are great replicas can I ask if you used quaker oats cans?? they are the cardboard ones? I have to make one of these, any help would be great also where did you get the shirt? just store bought?
  13. ToodlesTeam Active Member

    Yep, the head is made with two Quaker Oat cardboard tubes. The bottom of his mouth is wear the tubes connect. The shirt is actually just some white fabric I had with a checked pattern drawn on with a fabric marker, as that's what was available. It's not an actual shirt. Just fabric wrapped around the tube and a collar and tie attached. TML's photos posted above show how he did his, and it's almost just like mine in that respect.
  14. batjimi New Member

  15. TML Member

  16. TML Member

  17. batjimi New Member

    Todd the chicken looks awesome "nice legs" cany wait to see flyod!
  18. muppetguy Member

    Hey TML, Did you ever go any further on your Miss Piggy head sculpture? Made a puppet of her? I love you work, great stuff!
  19. TML Member

    Been working this summer on refining the sculpture with a friend and figuring out how to cast it and use cold foam. Anyone have any suggestions?
  20. gooby1244 New Member

    did you sew the fleece and mouth fabric together first, and then stretch it all over the cardboard tube? or did you use another method to putting on the fleece skin and red mouth fabric?

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