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Beaker Puppet on ebay

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by TopperFraggle, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. TopperFraggle

    TopperFraggle Member

    Don't think this has been mentioned yet, but the guy who was selling the Elmo, and the "fat blue" replica is selling a Beaker puppet replica
    The one picture looks pretty decent, with teh noticeable exception that the lower jaw looks wrong. It should have the same curve as the rest of the head, so that when the mouth is closed, there is no interuption to the cylindrical shape of his head. Looks like he stuffed the lower jaw, making this shape bulge out. The jaw also looks a bit too short, or perhaps the head is too wide. Otherwise looks like a really good match especially color wise.
  2. superfan

    superfan Active Member

    OOOh, that's a hard looking thing! You're right about the mouth! In the smaller picture I thought "Look at those LIPS!!!" but then realized that it was a flaw in the design of the mouth. :eek:

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