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Oct 15, 2013
Feb 5, 2012
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New Member, Female, 28, from good ol' PA

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Oct 15, 2013
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    May 20, 1986 (Age: 28)
    good ol' PA
    young toddler teacher
    hello fellow muppet-lovers, my name is lia, & i am so happy to be a part of this community<3!!! :excited: i am a new member, but i am definitely not a new muppet fan; i have been a huge fan of jim henson, the muppets, & sesame street since i was a few months old! my favorite is anything classic muppet! growing up, my twin sister erin & i enjoyed SS, fraggle rock, the ghost of faffner hall, muppet babies, the muppet show, & prob. more works of jim henson that i can*t even think of @ the moment. i love anything classic, retro, old, vintage, etc. (especially pop-culture references, commercials, news, & of course- muppets!!!).

    i teach young toddlers (1 & 2 year olds) @ a daycare center, & i love it! i try to show them classic sesame street (from 1969 to 1991ish), because i think that era was sesame*s best, although there are still some gems here & there. :wisdom:

    my sense of humor i know was absolutely influenced by the muppets, & i love it (you know the stuff; like chaos! LOL*)! :eek: erin & i watch old jim henson clips/shows on youtube, or the tapes recorded from my mom & dad for us when we were little, & notice subtle things that we didn*t even realize when we were younger! i think it is some of the best stuff for kids- & most certainly adults- to enjoy! :)

    my twin sis, erin is also a "muppephile". we have a youtube account where we upload our fave things like old episodes of sesame street, muppet babies, faffner hall, etc. our mom & dad taped for us when we were little; old commercials & news clips, etc.! our shih tzu dogs, crimson & clover are like our little babies! :drool: my sis & i spend most of our time these days watching old muppet-y things on youtube; or spending time here, or muppetwiki, etc. we are huge old pop-culture fans, as you know, so old muppet clips are ideal viewing for us currently! lol* :flirt:

    recently we*ve become very into the muppeteers behind our fave muppets. i love all the muppeteers; but jerry, frank, jim, & richard are my faves because they were the 1st- the pioneers! i feel like each of them are a 2nd father & 1st teacher to me, in a way; & always friends. :halo:

    ok, sorry about how long this post is. wow! enough muppet-nerdness here. ;)

    just joining the muppet central forums community to chat, share love, & share any info i might have about my beloved muppets that may not be out there on the "interweb" yet.. haha* enjoy! & in the meantime: keep it muppetational, all<3! :sing:

    VHSheaven! (erin*s & my YT channel)
    YT! (my YT channel)


    :drool::cluck::smirk: keep it muppetational, all<3! :sing::insatiable::coy:
    fbook! twitter! pinterest! VHSheaven (YT)!