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Your Thoughts: Electric Mayhem at Outside Lands Music Festival Sunday August 7, 2016


Well-Known Member
Jul 23, 2010
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Such an amazing concert. And that puppetry

And is it just me or does it sound like they kind of re did the Can You Picture That instrumental with a bigger horn presence in the song
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Well-Known Member
Mar 22, 2006
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Loved this!!! And loved i could watch from the UK!
Was great to see them being performed as full bodies.. A credit to the performers.

Also loved the reference to Bill Barrettas wife Christina while the band were guessing who the song Cecellia was going to be dedicated to :smile:
They also made references to the other Muppet Wives. Caren (David Rudman), Kelly (Matt Vogel), Debbie (Dave Goelz), Melissa (Steve Whitmire), Mary (Eric Jacobson).


Well-Known Member
Apr 10, 2013
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This video really shows off how awesome the puppetry is.
The puppetry is kind of the reason why it's currently 3am and I can't sleep.

Because Lips has such a bright and colourful design, he kept attracting my attention over the others. He really did look fantastic. The way Mike Quinn had him walking wasn't too distracting and I loved that he and Steve were willing to try different things. Not only did Lips walk across the stage a couple of times, but he also had one foot up on an amp to pose while he got into a trumpet heavy section. He even sat on an amp a couple of times. And of course the 'playing' of the trumpet was detailed and pretty authentic looking.

It blows me away every time when the performers go above and beyond what was expected. They could have just hid behind a barrier where the band was only seen from the waist. But no. Instead they decided to create the illusion of a solid floor being present, even if it made the job tougher than it needed to be.

I keep questioning why I admire the performers as much as I do. THIS is the perfect answer to that question. It's a bit hard to admire actors once you realize that there are people who can accomplish the same range of acting using only their voices and arms to emote and create movement.

I froggin' love the Muppet Performers. Each and every single one of them.


Well-Known Member
Apr 27, 2004
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Performer Mike Quinn posted a picture of the performers getting acknowledged on stage.
Very cool. I meant to say, "I hope they got a curtain call after the live stream ended," and they did! Now... can we see please them in Behind the Scenes footage, too? :smile:


Well-Known Member
Oct 26, 2011
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Loved Janice and Floyd singing home way too precious and that titanic remake Hahaha I was dying of cuteness and laughter at the refrence
Janice and Floyd are my fav Muppet couple, fer sure! They were so sweet singing "Home". I just wish that Floyd could have sang "oh my my" instead of "Jesus Christ" in the one lyric of the song. Besides that, I loved the whole performance. Also, hearing Dr. Teeth sing a cover of "Ophelia" by The Band totally rocked my world!