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Mar 26, 2012
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So so very sorry! I hope you all know that these are supposed to be quick updates and life is doing everything it can to...not to that. LOL

Here's ever more story for you!

Two days quickly turned into two weeks and while Kermit and Piggy tried to enjoy their time together, they were suddenly preoccupied with a more pressing matters. It didn’t take long for the results of their last show to start popping up, something that as the executive producer and star, they were highly interested in knowing.

And leave it to Scooter and Deadly to make sure the two were aware of it before the public was.

Currently, the last two episodes were getting a lot of buzz; the new, unique location for the show, the return of familiar sketches, the surprise guest of White Stripes and Ranconteurs founder Jack White, and of course, the surprising, but very real confession of love from Kermit had viewers – and the network – talking about the show and its future.

The cast and crew had gone on hiatus, waiting to hear how this would shake up the approach of their next season, assuming they got a next season. No one expected the last two shows to go the way they had, but even if they did, it still wouldn’t have given them any idea of what would happen with their show in the upcoming year.

The first season of Up Late had been shaky, extremely so, especially when compared with the heavy hitters that Piggy followed and competed against. Nighttime talk shows were a literal dime a dozen and the ones that stayed afloat were because of fan following and celebrity status; Piggy had that in spades, but it didn’t necessarily mean that her show would be a hit, especially so late at night.

So when Kermit and Piggy started getting texts and calls about the buzz of the show, their path to reconciliation took a backseat.

Pepe of course didn’t know about this, so all he saw was the two seemingly turning away from each other in order to be on their phones. This…would not do. How were they supposed to find their way back to each other if they were being distracted by their smartphones?

It was time to kick things up.


Piggy’s Thailand adventure could be described in one word – crazy.

Maybe crazy was the wrong word, but there was definitely a lot of weirdness that was happening in the first few weeks of her vacation. The arrival of Kermit and Pepe had certainly not been on her list of things that she wanted, but she had to finally admit to herself that having Kermit all to herself was a dream come true.

She couldn’t remember a time when they two had been on a vacation together, without the others intruding at some point. Strangely enough, both she and Kermit did have an ear and eyes on their phones at various moments during this time; both had been alerted that the show could be hanging in the balance and all it would take was one little email or text message that could state the show was coming back or was over.

But while the two were keeping a look out, their attention did seem to be wholly one each other. The diva was well aware of what Kermit was hoping for and she’d be lying if she hadn’t wanted the same thing, but to go back to what they had been before was not in the cards for her. Hard as it was to admit, Piggy would rather have Kermit the Frog as her friend if it meant she wouldn’t get her heart broken again by having him as her boyfriend.

And though Kermit wanted to get back together, even he was a bit reluctant in the endeavor. He loved her, no doubt, but he also didn’t want to do repeat of their previous relationship and this trip had only begun to show that he wasn’t the put upon boyfriend that he liked everyone to believe. It was one thing when his relationship with Piggy had gone down in flames, but the fact that Denise had dropped him too only went to show that whatever he was doing, he was doing wrong.

He hadn’t said anything more about their relationship, instead he just enjoyed whatever time Piggy allowed him to have with her; he did make a point however to ensure that she knew that he was indeed interested in and attracted to her, something he only did on occasion when it occurred to him.

The only downside to this plan was Pepe.

The king prawn seemed more invested in their relationship than they were, constantly popping up or showing up when they least expected. Both had come to the conclusion it was because they were hanging out around the hotel, where he had easy access to them. That morning, while the prawn had gone down to grab breakfast, Kermit and Piggy had made a great escape, this time heading out towards the nearby Kata Beach.

Kata Beach was one of beautiful beaches on the southern coast of Thailand and one of the most visited beaches in Phuket. There were a wide variety of restaurants and shops in the area, with a large night spot that greeted tourists and residents alike; the beach itself held lounge chairs and shady areas for beach goers to sit and enjoy the views.

Further down, surfers flocked towards the waves, enjoying the good surfing weather and water. It was only a short walk from the Marina Resort down to Kata Beach and while the former couple were trying to escape their unwanted handler, their pace wasn’t hurried. In fact, the two mostly walked in compatible silence, enjoying the cool breeze and sun of the morning, watching the calm of the ocean.

Even at this early time of day, tourists and beach goers were already setting up on the sand, but it wasn’t busy. While Kata was a stunningly beautiful beach, it was just one along the coast line and was even shared by three other beaches. There were a few restaurants that were starting to open for breakfast, which was where the former couple began to head.

Both were dressed to enjoy a day of beach fun, though Kermit was far more low key than Piggy, dressed in a pair of Hawaiian style swim trunks and an old white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Piggy was also dressed low key, for her at least, in a flowing sun dress with thin straps that were currently being covered by what Kermit was fairly sure was also one of his old dress shirts, this time a nice light blue that seemed to complement the dress.

The two ended up heading to the Calcio+, a cozy seaside eatery that held both local and international fare. It was actually one of the restaurants for the resort and spa that was located on the beach and was normally a very popular place for beach goers to frequent. Being so close to the beach gave a wonderful of the sand and surf.

Having already eaten, the two were just happy to sit and enjoy the view, making no quick moves towards the beach or the water. “Heard anything else?” asked Piggy, blue eyes covered by some stylish pair of shades she’d picked up the day before.

“No,” Kermit sighed. “Scooter hasn’t sent anything new in a few days. You?” Piggy shook her head.

Scooter and Deadly had been diligent in sending updates as they knew them, but it had been a few days since the two had heard anything on the topic of the show’s renewal. The adage of ‘no news was good news’ should’ve been helpful, especially in this instance, but the two couldn’t help but worried.

“What’re you gonna do?” Piggy questioned, turning to look at the frog besides her. “Worst case scenario, I mean.”

Kermit shrugged. “Roam around the lot in a stunned daze,” he said, causing her to laugh. “Hide out in my office.”


“Face the bullet and take Fozzie up on one of his comedy tours.”

“Now you’re either being tortured or desperate.”

“Almost the same thing.” The two shared a laugh. “What about you?” he retorted. “What’re you gonna do?”

Piggy copied his gesture from earlier, shrugging and taking a sip of her coffee. “Moi will be alright,” she murmured. “Go back to Paris or something, try to get my old job back.”

“Can you?”

“Moi will certainly try,” she said. “It’ll take some good ole fashioned sweet talk. Maybe some bribing, before we get to begging. Pleading…”

Kermit chuckled. “They probably won’t know what hit them,” he said. “There’s a reason why we send you into executive meetings.”

They were quiet for a few moments, both looking out to the beach, watching as it began to fill with more and more people. “Think the idiots will be okay?”

“I’ll watch out for them.”

The diva turned to look at him. “Vous always does,” she replied, sending him a smile.

Kermit didn’t want to ruin the moment, but he had to know. “Will we be okay?” he asked, timidly.

“Even when we’re not okay, we’re okay.”

“Are we?” he asked. “I mean…I haven’t exactly made things easy. For you…for Denise…I am apparently good at one thing and…relationships are not one of them.”

“You’re being too hard on yourself.”


“Yes, really,” Piggy huffed. “And this is coming from your ex, which is Moi, so you know this to be true.”

Kermit shook his head, chuckling as he did. “I should probably listen to you more.”

“Yes you should.”

“Okay, okay,” he said, smiling brightly. “Let’s not talk negative, let’s look at the positives. What if we get renewed? What then?”

“You tell me, Mr. Executive Producer.”

“You’re the star,” Kermit countered. “How do you want the show go?”

Piggy sighed, but actually thought about the course of the show so far. The additional ‘help’ the network has sent had been a complete wash, a rush to change the show into something she hadn’t particularly wanted or needed. It was her show, so she should’ve been able to do what she wanted.

“We need to get rid of the help,” she said, unconsciously, before turning to look at her producer. “Or at least keep off of the radar. This is supposed to our show, why do we have meddlers?”

“It’s your show,” the frog corrected. “But you’re right; it’s annoying. I’ll take care of it. We’ll take care of it. What else?”

“We need a better guest list.”

“Avoid people you’re feuding with?” Kermit guessed. “Probably a good idea.”

“And avoid having the guests kidnapped.”

“Kristin Chenoweth was not kidnapped,” Kermit insisted. “She willing went with the Mayhem. They just…left her in the desert…”

“And didn’t you tell me that Joseph Gordon Levitt cheated you at poker?”

“He didn’t cheat me. He cheated Pepe and Rizzo, which they deserved so…”

The discussion about the show was tabled for the moment, as their waiter came by to see if they wanted to order anything else, prompting the two to get a small appetizer to share. “Got plans for today?” Kermit asked, watching as the waiter walked over to another table.

“Same plans Moi had yesterday and tomorrow.”

“Hang out with me?” the frog asked, happily.

Piggy laughed, though she gave her a fond smile as she did. “Apparently,” she said. Turning away from him, she couldn’t help the small blush that hit her cheeks. “Not that I mind, strangely enough. Very rarely does Moi get to have you to myself on a vacation.”

Kermit opened his mouth to reply, but then promptly shut it. He and Piggy didn’t take many vacations with each other and when they did, he was usually pulled in separate directions by his family or their friends. And if he wasn’t distracted, Piggy was with the fans who wanted to talk to her or him or both of them together.

It was a major complaint he had with her, that she couldn’t turn off from being Miss Piggy, but then he’d turn around and ignored her for everyone else. And he couldn’t just blame Piggy, not when he had done the exact same thing to someone who wasn’t as obsessed with fans as they were.

His relationship with Piggy had more downs than ups and for the first time, probably ever, that he began to see that he was probably mostly at fault for a lot of it. “We had some good times,” he whispered, turning a pleading look to his companion. “Didn’t we?”

Piggy gave him a look, quickly lifting her shades to view him with the barrier of UV protection. “Of course we did,” she insisted. While she knew they hadn’t exactly had the best relationship, not all of it was bad. “Where is this coming from, Kermit?”

The frog shrugged, before looking away. “You know I tend to overthink things,” he muttered. “And I’m only just now realizing that I am not the best boyfriend in the world.”

Piggy snorted. “Who is?”

“Gonzo,” Kermit supplied. “Fozzie. Rowlf. Beaker. Just about anyone else but me.”

“There are plenty of bad boyfriends, Kermit,” Piggy replied, giving him a hard look. “You were not one of them. Distracted and forgetful, yes, but not all bad.”

“I could’ve been better.”

“Yeah, you could’ve.” Pulling her shades back over her eyes, the diva turned her attention back to the scantily clad surfers and beachgoers. “Live and learn.”

“No room for improvement?”

This time, Piggy smirked, though she didn’t turn. “There’s always room for improvement.”

Kermit hummed. “You weren’t so bad yourself,” he added, sending her look. “Wild and unpredictable, but not bad in the slightest.”

“You once called me a ‘proverbial nightmare’.”

“Oh, I don’t regret that,” he chuckled. “But you were my favorite nightmare.”

The two sat in silence, enjoying the breeze, the view, and most importantly the company. As crazy as they may have made each other, there was something nice about being able to enjoy a day, a moment, anything in compatible silence with another person. It was a sign that you were really connected to someone, connected enough that you didn’t need to talk if you didn’t want to.

Kermit didn’t really appreciate that before, or maybe he had and just didn’t pay any mind to it. It was little, simple things, something both Piggy and Denise had wanted, had asked for, something he himself had wished, but for some reason, it always seemed to escape his notice or thought.

If he wanted this to work, really wanted this to work, he had to be better. That wasn’t the problem, really; the problem was actively being better from what he had been. Piggy had really surprised him over this last year, probably more than she ever had before. She hadn’t changed, per se, but she had seemingly grown up, found something within her to change the worst of circumstances to her benefit.

Could he do the same?

Was he willing to do the same?
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Could he do this for her?

The prospect was strangely frightening, to give up the control he held to someone who did everything they could to wrangle it away from him. Kermit had always maintain that his reluctance was because he didn’t want to be tied down, he didn’t want to commit and give up the bachelor life he had and enjoyed…

But if that was true, why did he always long to find someone to spend his time with? The same type of relationship his parents had? The same that his brothers and sisters had? Out of his many siblings, Kermit was the only one of age who wasn’t married and without children; it wasn’t that he didn’t want to get married.

Hollywood was not known for their eternal marriages, with most relationships ending as soon as they began. Kermit didn’t want that, but it was hard having a relationship when you were in the public eyes. Even something as simple as patting someone of the opposite sex on the arm was seen as a romantic gesture by the press, the paparazzi, and the public.

And both he and Piggy were well aware of that.

The frog was thankful for the silence, as it let him think through what his next move should be. He had meant what he’d said a few days earlier, that Piggy deserved to enjoy her vacation and that his arrival wasn’t supposed to be an inconvenience or a burden. Being asked what his plans would be after the show was over – either now or in the future – had stunned him because he had no plans for when the show was over.

And unsurprisingly, Piggy already had her little ducks in a row, even if she’d have to force open the door to get them to go through it. Piggy always did well when she was away from him…

His thoughts turned negative, Kermit turned to ask the diva a question when he thought he saw something coming down the beach just over her shoulder. He wasn’t sure why the figure caught his attention until he began to draw closer and he immediately recognized the flowery Hawaiian type shirt that was opened and flapping in the breeze as it hurried towards them.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” he muttered, sitting up straighter in his chair, his eyes narrowing in annoyance.

Piggy threw him a confused glance before she followed his line of sight, catching the oncoming profile of Pepe the King Prawn as his short little limbs made a beeline for their table. She quickly lifted her shades from her face, not sure if she was actually seeing what her eyes were telling her she was seeing.

“How does he keep finding us?” she asked, dumbfounded.

Why does he keep finding us?” Kermit asked, incredulous.

The persistence of the prawn would’ve been commendable if he weren’t causing a hindrance in Kermit’s plans; why couldn’t he be so determined when it came to…anything else?

Pepe for his part had woken that morning, gone down to grab breakfast, and had met two very cute English girls while there. Engrossed in his conversation, he had missed both the frog and the pig escaping the hotel and by the time he’d gone back to their hotel room, he had lost them.

He tried looking for them on the roof to no avail before he decided to head for the beach. They were in between two well known ones – Patong to their right and Kata to their left, both beautiful and both in walking distance.

Patong Beach was the furthest, so Pepe actually began there, believing the two wanted to have a romantic breakfast and the further away meant that they wouldn’t be disturbed. So imagine the prawn’s surprise when he reached the sands to neither see green or purple from either Muppet. He checked various shops as he went along the shore, tried to see the tele tale sign of large floppy hat that was a signature of the diva.

Disappointed, he turned back and began to head towards the opposite end of the coast, towards Kata Beach. Pepe was slightly worried that perhaps he was failing in his job as Team Love captain; sure, Kermit and Piggy were spending time together, but they also seemed to be spending all of that time on their phones.

He tried to keep his distance, but a few times he heard the word ‘show’ from both of them and it made his blood literally boil. They were on hiatus, in a beautiful country, miles away from anyone could possibly interfere with their budding relationship, and they were still concerned about the show!

Dios mio, those two! He couldn’t understand it.

They reminded Pepe of Juan and Papita from his favorite Spanish melodrama, Todas Mis Hijas Pequeñas e Inquietos. Juan was a stubborn hombre, who constantly denied he and Papita had been romantically involved, yet he could never be satisfied with the mujer hermosas that surrounded him and wanted his attention.

Papita was a woman who didn’t take no for an answer and many of the plots that happened in the show were her doing. For the first three seasons, she was painted as the villanía, who only did things to serve her purposes; but towards the end of the third season, it was shown that she was actually trying to stop the actual villain, the Generalissimo Hector Contata, who was trying to destroy her family.

The very same family who had ousted her from all activities with them. Juan, ironically enough, was the only person who believed she wasn’t what she portrayed herself to be. In turn, Papita had helped Juan get over the deaths of his parents at the Generalissimo’s hands. It was clear the two were clearly in love with each other, which only made it more maddening as Pepe had just learned the two actors were married in real life.

It was mind blowing that two people that were so suited to one another couldn’t actually see how right they were for each other. Well, he was going to be a good friend and show them. He then hightailed it towards Kata Beach, hoping he’d be able to get there before something horrific happened, like another one of their patented arguments.

Unlike his trip to Patong Beach, Pepe easily spotted the two sitting at one of the outside tables of a local restaurant and he quickly hurried over. From his vantage point, they had just been sitting there, not saying anything and just looking out at the people on the beach. They must’ve had another disagreement and were too polite to just storm off in the middle of a restaurant, though from what he’d heard, that had never stopped them before.

“There you are!” he shouted, rushing up to their table and leaning against it. He had been so excited on seeing them that he had put on a burst of speed, which was costing him. The prawn wasn’t used to making such an overt attempt at exercise, so his little body was now burning from the extended walk.

“What are you doing here?” Piggy asked.

Pepe tried to speak, but instead he took several deep breaths to try and still his rapidly beating heart. Normally not one to be found in the gym, despite his announcements to the contrary, the prawn was trying hard to catch his breath, leaning his head on the table.

“Oh for Pete’s sake,” Kermit grumbled, pushing over his glass of water. “Drink this!”

Looking up, Pepe saw the condensation of the glass dripping down, a beautiful oasis if he ever saw one. “Oh Kermens,” he mumbled, reaching greedily for the glass. “Mucho gracias, rana mia. Tipo maravilloso.”

“I don’t know what any of that means,” the frog replied. “But I got the ‘thanks’, so you’re welcome. Now why are you here?”

“Estoy buscando,” Pepe stated, getting his fill of the water and nearly downing it in one gulp. Seeing the confused looks on their faces, he translated. “I was looking for you.”

“Why?” asked Piggy, exasperated.

“Cause you clearly aren’t enjoying your time here,” Pepe responded. “But no worries, h’okay? Pepe is here for ju. What you need is, how you say, seren...seren…”

“A serenade?” Kermit supplied, hesitantly, and earning a look from Piggy when he apparently hit on the word the prawn was looking for.

“Si, si!” he exclaimed. “That’s what you need, for amore. Let me start….”

“No,” Piggy said, shaking her head.

“No, we don’t need that,” added Kermit.

Besame…” Pepe began, leaning off the table, and singing loudly.

“Stop it.”

“Please stop.”

Besame mucho…”

“Stop it right now!”

Both Kermit and Piggy looked around in embarrassment and terror. The last thing they wanted was to draw attention to themselves, worse if that attention was garnered by the small prawn in front of them. Thankfully, only a few passing glances wandered their way and no one was the wiser as to the constant interruption that was happening.

“Do you seriously not have anything better to do right now?” Kermit hissed.

“Funny enough, no.”

“Oh brilliant,” Piggy muttered, throwing an annoyed look at the frog next to her. “Well, Moi certainly didn’t come all this way to entertain the two of you, so…I’m going to the beach.” As poised and ladylike as she could, the diva stood dramatically and made her way off the small patio and towards the nearly crowded beach.

“This is bueno, h’okay?” Pepe said, taking the seat that the pig had just vacated.

“And how,” Kermit huffed. “Is this ‘bueno’?”

“Cause you gets to look at Piggy in her bathing suit, si?” Pepe chuckled, waggling his eyebrows at the frog. “Then you can watch her come from the waters and tell her she is muy caliente.”

The prawn sat back in the chair, also hoping for that very same scenario. Piggy could be a tyrant at the best of times, but she also eluded a guatamalaness that rivaled his own.

Kermit just stared, equal parts disgust and jealousy warring in his heart. Somewhere in that weird jumble of Spanglish, he thought there was a compliment with a veiled inappropriate remark thrown in for good measure.

And despite the grievance of it, Kermit’s eyes still ended up straying to Piggy, who didn’t even make it halfway on the beach before she seemingly had gotten stopped by a few tourists. There were at least five people, four adults and one child, and the frog could almost convince himself that it was a family, despite the differences between each.

Piggy was speaking to the young child, a girl who was wearing a cute little purple and blue one-piece suit with a fringe skirt around the waist. The girl seemed excited to meet the diva, commanding everyone’s attention, even those seated on their beach chairs near the group.