Wanted: Professional Elmo Puppet


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Nov 29, 2023
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Hello to all!

I'm going to cut to the chase:
Is anyone selling their Elmo replica's and would be willing to sell it for cheap? Or possibly let me have it for free?

Back Story:
My youngest brother, who has been diagnosed with autism, has always been an Elmo fan and lately he's been watching a talented man on YouTube making Elmo replica's(Jojo Puppet Studio).

As you all know, there's no accurate Elmo being sold in stores and he's no longer satisfied with the Elmo that my family purchased from eBay. So I'm forced to reach out like this.

My family and I aren't rich and we're just barely included in the middle class group; that's why I asked previously if someone was willing to sell theirs at a cheap price or even give it for free. Just know, my request is not to be an insult nor is it that I'm just not willing to pay a high price. I know how much time and effort are put into these puppets and they're worth every penny you'd want for it.

I just really want my brother to be happy and if you've been around anyone with Autism, you'd know how lovely it is when they smile and laugh with delight when they receive something they like a lot 🥹

If you can't help me out in that way, I understand. However, I am willing to make it myself, if I can. Which leads to another question:

Can anyone send me an accurate pattern to make an Elmo that looks like the one from 1998-2002?