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Two Ball Waltz


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Mar 26, 2012
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So like...obviously I am SUUUUUUPER sorry for letting this thing just languish for *looks at last post* EI Me, 3 years, almost to the day. I have no excuses - well, I do, like life and all of that bruhahaha and while I literally had the rest of this thing written out in notes, it was only today that I actually got the idea back to write it all down.

So what does that mean?

It means I have more story for you guys and gals!

ANNNNNNDDDDDDD...I may have some Dinner Date Disaster for you later and I will ABSOLUTELY finish New York Minute before the new year. I swear it!!

Anyway, there's your intro before I start giving out updates.


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Mar 26, 2012
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Without further ado, here is the VERY long awaited conclusion to this very long story. As such, I literally don't know what this next chapter is - somewhere around 11, maybe 12, possibly 13, I totally don't remember, but this is a new chapter. And because it's been a hot minute, your obligatory summary:

Scooter Grosse is finally about to take the next step in his relationship with his girlfriend, Amanda Cosgrove. After meeting each other during a pool tournament, having dinner with Scooter's very extended Muppet family, Amanda enduring a lunch with the Axis of Evil, spending a romantic getaway with the frog and her royal highness, and experiencing jealousy thanks to the arrival of an old boyfriend, Scooter has plans on asking Amanda to marry him.

That of course is easily said then done with opportunities passing by him, but ultimately, during Thanksgiving at Kermit and Piggy's, Scooter was able to do just that. The lead up to their nuptials nearly ended in disaster when their booked church got flooded and Amanda's entire bridal party called out. Luckily, the Muppet crew came through. When we last left our band of bridal parties, Scooter had been kidnapped by his groomsmen on a week long adventure through California, while Scottie Coulter - Amanda's gay of honor - took her, Miss Piggy, Janice, and Camilla through a tour of San Francisco.

Upon their return, both bride and groom were panicked until arriving at Muppet Studios to see that the group had done up their sound stages as a makeshift church and bridal suite. At the end of the last chapter, Scooter and Amanda said their 'I dos' and became Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Grosse.

And now...without a moment to spare...our conclusion!

Chapter Something Something

Stage 78 was the last of the remaining sound stages before reaching the theater proper. It didn’t fail to raise eyebrows with how the stages were labelled, the convenient missing 77 was in there, regardless on how many times someone tried to convince the others that clearly the Muppet Theater was the official sound stage 77.

As Stage 76 had been turned into a church and Stage 79 had been split to accompany both the groom and bridal groups, Stage 78 was left to host the very large reception that was currently in progress. It was also the most scenic out of the entire lot that encompassed Muppet Studios.
This worked out perfectly for the wedding party of the now Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Grosse.

Stage 77 was set off to the side, but also faced the California mountains, giving it the perfect backdrop for the wedding photos. The start of their new lives together had started rocky for the newly married couple – their church had flooded, Amanda’s bridesmaids had all called out, and it was only recently that both remembered neither of them had booked a photographer. But of course leave it to their friends, their family, to pull out all the stops to make sure that this day would be memorable in the best possible way.

Leave it to Piggy to know the best of the best when it came to photographers, picking Remy Fontaine to do the photoshoot. Fontaine was a friend of hers from her days in Paris and he just happened to be working a gig in the LA area around the same time; Remy of course loved the diva – as most photographers did – and he was more than happy to assist with the wedding, even doing so as a favor to the pig with no extra cover charge. The background was perfect – the sun was high in the sky, surrounded by fluffy white clouds; the temperature outside was a decent 78 degrees, making it a nice, breezy day. Remy took several pictures of the entire party and the new Grosses, but also took some of Amanda and Chase, the groom and groomsmen, the bridal party, and a few shots of the entire group together.

Remy had surprised all involved, even Piggy, when he stated that he planned on getting some great shots of the after party, as Piggy had only thought he would take pictures of the wedding ceremony and group pictures. The photographer had waved her off, only stating that in return she invite him to her own wedding to do the pictures for that. Either it was a decent request or they were still riding the ongoing events of the day, but neither frog nor pig seemed to do their usual dispute of any upcoming nuptials.

Within Stage 77, a large number of Muppets, Whatnots, and humans were massing inside. Tables had been set up and servers from both Cool Pool and the catering company Piggy normally employed were delivering food to the hungry patrons. Tables sat on either side of a large dance floor, which was situated in front of a small stage where members of the Muppet Orchestra and the Electric Mayhem were already set up and going through a playlist. To the right of the stage was a long table for the wedding party, while to the left of that was a DJ station, where Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant Beaker seemed to be either setting up or arguing over setting it up. John Gelgoode, otherwise known as Dr. Teeth, saw the frog from the doorway and made a quick signal to Muppet conductor Nigel to halt the music for a moment.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” he announced loudly, quieting the room at large. “Melodious Muppets, wise Whatnots, hip humans, boys, girls, and everything in between. It is my utmost congenial indulgence to announce our most hippest of the hip married couple – the mister and missues of Scooter Grosse!”

Everyone stood and cheered, happy to greet the couple as they walked in, their wedding party trailing behind them, as they made their way to the front of the room. The Muppet Orchestra played a delightful rendition of the popular jazz standard, Blue Skies, a happy entrance to not only start their party but the lives of the young couple. The group made their way to their chairs, sitting down with Scooter and Amanda in the middle of the group. Once the wedding party had settled down, the rest of the room sat down to enjoy their food and wait for the cake, which sat tantalizing near the wedding party table.

It was a three tiered marble cake, with white frosting with red roses decorated on the sides and white lace connecting them together. At the top sat two figurines that looked exactly like Scooter and Amanda, their miniature faces lit up with smiles, signifying the happiness they would experience this day forth. Dinner was of course a lively affair, especially when combined with the full Muppet force – the orchestra was allowed to take a break from playing, allowing the automated music from the DJ station to play in the background.

Food was a free for all, employing some of the tasty delights at Cool Pool, as well as some high end cuisine thanks to the catering group. Janice, Camilla, and Gonzo had placed their own food requests, going for a more vegetarian and vegan fair for anyone that wasn’t feeling the fish, lamb, and beef courses. Knowing that the party was most likely to last well into the evening, both Kermit and Scottie as the relative best man and gay of honor had decided to make their toasts during the middle of dinner, which is what prompted Scottie to stand and tap on his champagne glass to get everyone’s attention. When that didn’t seem to work, he threw a somewhat panicked look towards the frog, who threw a patient one over to the pig on Scottie’s left. She in turn leaned forward to give the same look to the bassist that sat on Kermit’s left.

Floyd was already in the process of texting someone on his phone by the time Kermit nudged him, a murmured, “I got it” coming from his mouth as his tapped the send button. A short time later, Animal – who was sitting at a table with Rowlf and Robin near the stage, reached for his phone when he saw it vibrate, an incoming text from Floyd asking for his assistance in quieting the masses. Nodding, the red Muppet stood up and screamed, “Quiet!”, which did the job of quieting everyone in the room.

“Uh…thank you?” Scottie muttered, raising an eyebrow at the weird exchange, but none the less going with the flow of the situation. “I think I speak for all of us up here and the blushing bride and groom,” he continued. “But I would like to thank everyone for coming to the wedding of the century!” Everyone cheered, some with hoots and hollers before Scottie was able to calm them down again. “I would also like to thank the entire Muppet ensemble for getting all of this up and running in mere hours. As the honorary gay of honor, I can’t begin to tell you how you literally and figuratively saved the day.”

Again, cheers went up around the room, celebrating those that had come to the literal rescue when the couple needed it. The blonde again tapped on his glass to quiet the room. “I have known Mrs. Amanda Grosse, nee Cosgrove, since high school,” he started. “Back when she was all glasses and braces.”

“Oh my god, Scott!” the bride groaned, throwing a playful slap at his knee.

“Back then, I saw my girl go through a boyfriend or two, even me.” Sighing dramatically, Scott wistfully said, “Ah, the dreams of the young. There had been a time when I thought I was the one and only, the twinkle in Miss Mandy’s eyes…”

“Please stop.”

Scottie chuckled, before holding up his glass to the couple. “Alas, it wasn’t meant to be,” he said, though there was a smile on his face. “Which for all of us, is a good thing because it meant that you actually met the Muppet of your dreams. Manda Panda, I love you. You are as much my sister as I could have ever gotten or asked for and on this day, I am so extremely ecstatic to be here for you and see your happily ever after actually come true. I have known you for a long time and I don’t think I have ever seen you as happy as I do when you’re with your darling Scooter.

“Scooter, I – along with Chase, of course – happily welcome you into our family. To your many, many happy years together. Salud.”

Again, the room went up in cheers and applause, with Amanda standing to give her long time friend a hug and a kiss on her cheek and allowing him to wipe a few tears from her eyes as she did. Both of them sat down, right as Kermit stood to make his own toast. “Well, I’m not sure how to follow that,” he joked, chuckling. Turning to the Muppet on his left, the frog smiled at the boy.

“Like Scottie and Amanda, I’ve known Scooter forever. Back then, he was the annoying little teen set to get our hair. Thankfully, young Mr. Grosse here proved he was much more than meets the eye.”

“Like a Transformer!” Fozzie throw out, causing everyone to chuckle.

“Will you be turning into our limo later?” joked Amanda.

Kermit let the laughter settle down before mirroring Scottie and picking up his glass. “Scooter…” he started, but cleared his throat nervously. “This…all of this…we did because we love you. There probably isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for you. I know your parents and your uncle, wherever they are, are proud of you because we are so proud of you. And whatever strange reason, Amanda likes our company as much as she likes yours.” That caused a few laughs and chuckles.

Holding up his glass, Kermit finished with, “Amanda, you have joined the most zaniest of families, as you’ve clearly seen and yet continue to come back to. But I guarantee you that if you ever need us, all you have to do is ask. I wish all the happiness for you both, now and into the future.”

No more words were needed after that.


The party was just getting started by the time the toasts were over and the dancing began. It started with the traditional father-daughter dance, Chase choosing the classic Nat King Cole song of ‘Unforgettable’ to dance with his daughter. That was the song he and Lily had danced to when they had gotten married and it had always been a favorite of Amanda’s when she was a girl. Following in tradition, there was always a mother-son dance between the groom and his mother, something Scooter never thought he would ever get the chance to do.

He had the fleetingly thought to ask Piggy for the dance, but he didn’t want to make things awkward, however leave it to Floyd and the others to practically push the two together, the bassist calling out that there was only one pig the red head should be dancing with. With the mood clearly lightened, Scooter did his due diligence, standing from his seat and offering a hand to the diva for a dance. Unknown to either of them, all parental and child units involved had been pretty much confirmed on their separate trips.

It had been a running joke for quite some time that the gofer turned assistant was far more than an employee for the frog and pig. While everyone considered the red head family anyway, his relationship with Kermit and Piggy was far more than just friend and assistant; the three had shown just how much they cared about each other in various ways and their relationship did seem to mirror one of parent to a child; that was easily shown with Scooter’s participation in Piggy’s many schemes to get Kermit to marry her and in the boy’s reaction when the power couple had broken up. If the group as a whole had felt the splintering of their leaders, Scooter Grosse had seemingly been caught up in a very unique divorce. That had been the very mindset the others had thought and felt at the time, though no one outwardly said it with those three around.

However, in the last two weeks, both Kermit and Piggy had been put on the very spot about their treatment of not just Scooter, but Robin too. If the two ever underestimated their ability to be good parents, they at least had the others to counter that with a resounding yes, they had the skills to be fantastic parents and had already managed to raise two sons.

After the parental dances, it was tradition for the newly married couple to take their first dance together, however Scooter had decided to do things differently. While they hadn’t made the song their ‘official’ one, there was something about the Arctic Monkeys’ version of ‘Baby, I’m Yours’ that put it in a special place for both of them. It was just one of the songs Scooter had picked to convey his feelings for Amanda on their anniversary, which just happen to fall upon Valentine’s Day.

It seemed only appropriate that the same song played at their wedding.

In the act of escorting his bride to the dance floor, the red head told her to wait while he was being announced on stage. Most of those in attendance had remembered the Valentine’s Day episode of the show, with some of the pool staff actively wondering who the Muppet had been singing about or two. Speculation had been wild for days, with Amanda neither confirming nor denying the idea that it was she who Scooter was singing too. That of course was all set to rest once Scooter, being backed by Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, and Fozzie, began to sing the same song.

The bigger surprise may have been the way Amanda had stolen the mic from him and finished out the song. Scooter had left the stage during the chorus to sing to her directly and given that earlier in the week, the croupier had no problems singing on stage, singing to the Muppet she loved more than ever was easy peasy.

As was the kiss the two shared as their backup singers finished out the song.


Ain’t no party like a Muppet party because a Muppet party don’t stop.

That was at least the beginning words to the song some of the others had come up with whenever they were about to or were throwing a party. In many cases, the party did stop, as most of those assembled ended up calling it a night usually after midnight or so. While the sun was sinking in the sky, the wedding reception didn’t seem like it would go that far into the night, given that the newlyweds would want to take their leave at some point, but they would be partying like it was 1999.

Once the married couple had done their dance, the floor was open for everyone else to get down and boogie. Beaker, who had volunteered to DJ so the band could also take a break, had set up his own equipment and was playing his own mix of popular dance music and electronic beats that had the place jumping. In the middle of all the chaos, Kermit managed to snag Scooter, only telling him to bring Amanda and to meet them in his office. The page nodded, wondering what both Kermit and Piggy needed with him, but curiosity caused him to lean over to his new wife – his wife! – and tell her what was going on.

Excusing themselves from their conversation with two of Amanda’s coworkers and a Muppet named Harlan, the two made their way down office row until they both reached Kermit’s office, unsurprised to see both the frog and the pig waiting for them. “Hey,” Scooter said, nodding to the two. As obligatory tradition, the redhead also sent a ‘Hey Jim’ towards the picture of Jim Henson that hung at the entrance of the office before allowing Amanda to enter before him and closing the door. “What did you guys want to see us about?”

“Prompt as always, Andrew.”

“Hey, you made it,” Kermit replied, sending a smile to the both of them. “Little afraid you wouldn’t be able to get away for the moment.”

“S’all good,” said Amanda, sending a glance to her new husband – her husband! – before turning back to the couple. “What’s up?”

“Well,” Kermit began. “Her royal highness and I figured the two of you would be too busy trying to get out of here, so we thought it best if we gave you your wedding present before you left.”

“Especially considering as that will be the place you will be going,” Piggy stated.

Scooter and Amanda looked at each other before looking back at the power couple. “Uh, no,” the page said. “We are going to our honeymoon suite, which I booked months in advance to ensure that I would have it.” Amanda turned to look at him again, smiling brightly.

“You booked a honeymoon suite months in advance before asking me to marry you?”

That did cause the go-fer to blush slightly. “I mean,” he chuckled, nervously. “We didn’t have to be married to use it.”

“Please stop,” Kermit groaned.

Amanda glanced the frog’s way, a smirk forming on her face. “We spent a weekend with us in a cabin,” she said.

“To which I happily assume that the two of you spent that time bird watching and/or playing cards.”

“That’s what you think we did?” the redhead asked. “Really?”

“Amanda, dear, stop,” Piggy chuckled, patting Kermit on the shoulder. “You’re going to ruin his gentle sensibilities.”

“Right,” Amanda nodded. “That’s your job.”

“The two of you are not allowed to hang out with each other,” Kermit stated, throwing a look at Piggy. “Your king has spoken.”

Grabbing his chin playfully, Piggy cooed at him. “So adorable.” Turning back to the younger couple, Piggy held up a set of keys before dropping them in Scooter’s outstretched hand. “Anyway, here you go.”

“A set of keys?” he asked. “What are these for?”

“I think the better question,” Amanda asked. “Is where is this for?”

“Those, my darlings, are the keys to your present.” The diva smiled widely at the two. “Wanna know what it is?” The two nodded, though slowly and in confusion.

“Magnifique!” the pig exclaimed, clapping her hands once and quickly leaning over Kermit to rummage through the inside pockets of his jacket. Instead of saying anything that would do anything, the frog none the less threw her an annoyed look that was met with one of her own. “You insisted.”

“I did nothing of the sort,” he huffed. Piggy had started the strange and annoying tradition of placing her various carryon items into the inside of pockets of whatever jacket her frog seemed to be wearing at the time, instead of actually carrying a purse like a normal person.

“What’re you looking for now?”

Holding up the aforementioned object, that being her phone, and shaking it at him, she met his huff with one of her own. “My phone.” She unlocked it and went scrolling through something before handing it over to Scooter. Scooter took the phone, looking at the image that was clearly showing on the screen. It was the front of a modest house, two stories from the look of it, with a beige front and a nicely done front yard.

“It’s a house,” Scooter whispered.

“Correction,” Kermit said, a small smile on his lips.

“It’s your house,” Piggy finished.

Both redheads looked up at that, tears already gathering in their eyes. It was at that moment that Scooter realized what this was. “Is this the house on Morton?” he asked, shocked, causing Piggy to look at him knowingly.

“Craig mentioned you had stopped by and asked for a card,” she murmured. “Moi pulled some favors, hence why the very fast construction. Wanted to make sure you two had a place to go tonight.”

If Scooter ever wondered if Piggy listened to him, this was confirmation that yes, she absolutely did. Nevermind that the diva had often proved that she had her ears out for anything and everything, she had none the less had known and been there when Scooter needed her the most. She had been the first person to discover when his birthday was, throwing together an impromptu party in the dinning hall, she had been the first to realize something had been amiss with his very first girlfriend, and it hadn’t escaped her notice when she had found herself in his own romantic gaze.

The redhead had made the comment about looking for a house and the housing market one morning while he was at the house, just blowing off steam and complaining about the state of the world. He had never once considered that she would not only pick up on his wants, but actually do something about it. Later, he would sputter that it was his emotional state that caused him to say what he did.

“You’re the best parents ever!”

It was clear that he obviously hadn’t meant to say that out loud and he would never ever admit that outside of…well, his own thoughts, but the sentiment was none the less true. He loved the Muppets, without question, but his relationship with Kermit and Piggy held a special place in his heart; he wasn’t sure when his feelings of superiority morphed into feelings of respect, then admiration, then love, but they were there. At some point, his eagerness in helping Kermit, in helping Piggy, had gone past the normal tasks one would’ve done and had turned into wanting the two to like him as much as he liked them.

In hindsight, his assisting Piggy in all of her matchmaking schemes could be interpreted as his own attempt at a parent trap between Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy and certainly their breakup had hit him the hardest, to the point where he had left Hollywood completely until the others had called him back into service as it were. He couldn’t stand being in the city, driving by the house that held both of their faces on the gate, knowing that he would never step foot in that house again. And he had been pretty sore at Kermit too, to the point that he had nearly stopped talking to the frog just on principle before leaving.

But returning to the Muppets had brought all those feelings back, stronger than ever before. Honestly, if Scooter had to choose his parents, he would’ve chosen the frog and pig; not that his own parents weren’t great, they were from what he could remember of them and sadly, it was only after the death of his uncle that Scooter truly knew how the elder Muppet felt about him. When he died, Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Rowlf, and the others had been there for him, with the former two doing their best to console the young man through his grief.

For the aforementioned power couple, they had been hearing the statements all week long about how they had seemingly up and adopted Scooter and Robin for that matter, waving off the jokes, but the two were hard pressed to deny the claims. They just had never expected the feelings to be mutual, even if the signs were all there. Hadn’t Piggy sighed to him about Scooter not needing her anymore after his proposal? Hadn't he himself complained about the fact that his little tadpole of a nephew was taller than him now?

Kermit had meant what he said in his toast – they had done everything they could short of burglary and murder to make sure that Scooter’s wedding went off without a hitch. And they probably would’ve begged, borrowed, stole, and more just to guarantee it. The frog would’ve written the adoption papers himself if he could and he knew Piggy would have no qualms in signing them.

“Oh my god,” Amanda sighed. “Please hug each other, the suspense is killing me!”

That seemed to break the stalemate and the awkwardness in the room, which only truly broke when Piggy did as instructed, grabbing Scooter up in fierce hug that was soon joined by Kermit, who quickly grabbed Amanda and threw his arm around her shoulders. “You gonna help us move?” the go-fer asked, bumping into the diva playfully.

“Please,” she huffed. “This isn’t amateur hour. The monsters had all your stuff moved while we’ve been here, with explicit instructions to put everything in the same place as they found it. This way, you don’t have to worry about moving things around instead of…”

“Do not finish that sentence,” Kermit bemoaned. “Sorry about your honeymoon suite, Scooter. I hate that it’s going to waste.”

“It’s not,” Scooter replied. “Consider it a gift from the misses and I. One good turn deserves another, after all, especially when the two of you have been so diligent in hiding things from me.”

“What are you talking about?”

Scooter tsked at the question, instead he tapped a finger on Piggy’s neck or rather on the light, faded line that seemed to circle it. “Hiding tan lines is a lot harder than you would think,” he stated, smirking at the raised eyebrow he was receiving. “And I haven’t seen you wear BK in months. So…go on then. Let’s see it.”

Piggy tried to chuckle, though it came out as more of a nervous giggle than anything else. “You just want to know what it is.”

“Please,” the redhead huffed. “I already know what it is, I just want to know which one he chose.”

The frog matched the huff with one of his own before untangling himself from the group hug to actually reach inside his jacket, into his own pocket for a change. “You’ve gotten nosey in your old age,” he quipped as he did so.

“Some would call that being astute.”

When the flipper came back out, his fingers held a gold chain, which he unfurled to remove the diamond ring that had once been hanging from it. “We were trying to avoid spoiling your day,” the frog whispered, motioning for Piggy to hold out her hand so he could slide said ring on her left hand’s ring finger. The band was white gold, with a cushion diamond that sat in the center, with two smaller diamonds on either side.

“You know it’s our day because of everything the two of you did,” Amanda countered. “We can’t thank you enough.”

“Just invite us to your wedding,” Scooter quipped.

Both frog and pig huffed at the notion. “Like the two of you wouldn’t be in the wedding party,” the diva responded.

That's it for now, cause I'm still finishing the next parts! I originally had a different ring for Piggy, but it's been so long that apparently the ring no longer exists (or has been moved to another page), so I went with this one instead:

Piggy's engagement ring
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The Count

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Jul 12, 2002
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*Cheers loudly. Absolutely loved this ending. From the speeches to the actual shindig, then the reveal at the end in Kerm's office. Thanks so much for posting this, my week has started off vonderfully. :big_grin:


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Mar 26, 2012
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*Cheers loudly. Absolutely loved this ending. From the speeches to the actual shindig, then the reveal at the end in Kerm's office. Thanks so much for posting this, my week has started off vonderfully. :big_grin:
Counters! *glomp*

Glad I could help the week start off right. But hark! We aren't done here yet - there's still...another chapter or two in me (I think. If I remember correctly), so there's more to come.


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Mar 26, 2012
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Hey you guyssssss! What up? Happy 2020, everyone and of course, sorry about the lateness! Things have changed and perked since we last spoke. If you haven't caught it, I managed to finish TWO of my outstanding fics here - Wedding Day Blues part 1 and Dinner Date Disaster - and I'm about to finish this!

This last two pieces, ladies and germs, finishes the second to last story in what we call the Pool Hall series. In case you missed the last part, after so many years away, Scooter and Amanda got married! Best frog and gay of honor speeches were given, as was the wedding present from the power couple. I now present both the conclusion to the above and an epilogue!

Robin the Frog had been to a few weddings in his day, though those were mostly for his various family members; however, he had never been to a wedding with a date. Rebecca Joanne Peech was a classmate of his, had been one since the year before when he first had started high school, meeting her in drama class; it seemed fate thought the two had a chance because come this current school year, Becky Jo – which was a nickname the young frog had given and was by far the only person who called her that – seemed to be in every one of his classes.

It also helped that they tended to run in the same circle of friends, hence why she had been able to come to his aunt and uncle’s for Thanksgiving when her plans had fallen through. The surprise proposal from Scooter had seemingly come out of nowhere, though in hindsight, it had been pretty clear that the couple had most likely discussed their future plans far ahead of November. Knowing that he would get to be invited to the wedding – and was also helping in keeping the big wedding present from his care givers a huge secret – Robin hoped he’d be able to not only take RJ to the wedding, but ask her to be his girlfriend.

In the days leading up to the wedding, Robin had accompanied his honorary uncle Rowlf to the site where Scooter’s new home was getting the finishing touches. It was their duty to make sure that things would be on track so when Piggy handed over the keys, there would be a house to live in when they arrived. The two had also been directors in maneuvering the theater monsters on moving furniture from Scooter’s apartment to his new house – Robin had been given the monumental task of holding not only the stage manager’s apartment keys, which were the spares that Piggy had, as well as the spare set to Scooter’s new house which would then be returned back to Piggy once everything was in place.

And as a testament to the fact that the teenager always paid attention when it was needed, the young frog had gone through the apartment beforehand and had taken pictures of where everything was and everything in its spot, ensuring that the monsters would make a near replica within the house. The idea was to give a familiarity when the newlyweds would first walk into the home, but it also allowed them to move things to their own desire or replace things if they wanted.

While his uncle was spearheading a bachelor week and his aunt was going along with a bachelorette weekend, Robin and Rowlf held down the fort, awaiting for the return of the guys so they could head over to Gonzo’s before the wedding. And while they did all of that, Robin put up his nerve to ask Becky Jo if she would accompany him to the wedding; because it was on a school day, she had to at least make it to her first few classes before her parents would let her attend, but attend she would and she had excitedly told the frog she couldn’t wait to see him.

If the frog had been happy before, his spirits were in overdrive on the day of the wedding.
Despite the initial panic attack Scooter had gone through before arriving, Robin and Rowlf had been putting the finishing touches on the studio, directing the appropriate people to their designated areas. Turning the studio lot into a wedding chapel and reception had taken work, especially when done with very little notice on their part, but as they done previously, the group had prevailed. Uncle Kermit hadn’t even needed to say how important this was, just that they were doing this for Scooter and that was all that was needed to say.

The consequences of this all going belly up were quite clear.

Robin had gotten dressed with the others at Gonzo’s before arriving and then had been tasked to check all corners and shadows to make sure nothing was amiss. It was until he had gotten a text that RJ was on her way that the teen realized he’d been kicked out in order to help his own lady love find her way around. And he didn’t make her wait – Robin was waiting for her mother’s 2001 Corolla as it drove through the studio gate and stopped in front of the well dressed teen. Learning from his divafied aunt, the teen was immediately at the passenger to open the door.

Vision was the word Robin settled once he helped RJ out of the car. She was wearing a soft, flowing blue dress that seemed to sparkle in the sunlight, her brown hair – normally in a cute ponytail – hung about her shoulders and also seemed to shine in the light of the day. Not one for overt makeup, the turtle had gone with a bit of eye shadow and some lip gloss that put a bit of red on her lips.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, the teen knew he was sunk.


The sun was just starting to go down when Piggy made her way outside for some fresh air. The saying was true – there wasn’t a party like one thrown by the Muppets, especially when they were able to go about doing their own things in the process. Beaker had proven he really did have a life outside of being a human pincushion, displaying his DJ skills while the Electric Mayhem took a break from playing and then the red head had surprised them with his incredible dance moves.

If his individual dancing hadn’t been surprising, the choreographed Single Ladies that he was a part of with both Robin and Walter defied any clumsiness they may have held for the red head, given his dangerous association with Dr. Honeydew. Encasing nearly thirty something plus people in a room, especially when they are dancing and moving constantly, sometimes one needs to take a moment alone and by themselves.

If the diva was honest, the day seemed to be shaping up to be…more sentimental than she had probably prepared for. It was one thing to watch Scooter marry the woman of his dreams, it was another watching her favorite teenage nephew twirl the girl of his current dreams around on the floor, even if it was just part of a song he’d been singing or rather, lip syncing to. Scooter was at least of age, but Robin was still her little tadpole, even if he was nearly sixteen. But that didn’t seem to completely absolve the issue at hand.

Once again, the profound sense that she was losing her boys was a heavy burden. Yes, in hindsight, she had gotten what she had always wanted – Kermit and a life with him, married or not – but it felt as though it had strangely come at a cost. While she would never say it out loud, ever, she counted the others as family – Fozzie, Rowlf, Gonzo…- so discovering that her idiot, weirdly insane brother had gone and gotten married had been a much bigger shock than discovering that he hadn’t invite any of them to it.

She understood the reasons, of course she did, but she’d be lying if she didn’t say it didn’t hurt, not being able to see that in person, to share the joy of that day with someone her own future husband considered to be another brother. But that had been the first in a string of events – Gonzo getting married, Scooter proposing, Kermit proposing, Robin clearly finding his own teen love…if Fozzie came up and declared he’d fallen in love, she’d need to sit down.

“There you are.”

They were so in sync now - well technically they always had been, they had just been very reluctant at admitting it - that Piggy didn’t even need to turn to hear her frog come up on her right. She didn’t even need to look at the champagne glass that he passed to her, her body already molding towards his when she felt a thin arm wrap around her waist. “What’re you doing out here?” he whispered, giving her waist a squeeze.

“Moi just wanted to take some air,” she replied, watching the growing sunset on the horizon. “Take a break.”

“You alright, baby?”

Piggy took a deep breath. “I don’t want a big wedding.”


“Not that this is a huge undertaking,” she continued, heedless of his confusion. “But this…this is probably the right amount of people that I’d want, maybe smaller.”

“Not gonna lie,” Kermit replied. “That’s a little surprising coming from you.”

Piggy huffed, but she did turn towards the frog and laid a gloved hand on his cheek. “All I have ever wanted was you,” she whispered. “The pomp and circumstances was for show, as long as I got what I wanted.”

Kermit adjusted their positions slightly, so he could better view her. “Sure you’re okay, darlin’?” he asked. “You’ve been a little-” The raised eyebrow caused him to backtrack from the word he wanted to use, but he still soldiered on. “Out of sorts, we’ll say, since about Thanksgiving.”

“I have not…”

“Oh you have,” he nodded, heedless of the look he was currently recently. “But I can’t say I haven’t felt the same. Did you know Robin’s got about an inch on me now? I give him a week before he’s as tall as you. And we just presented a house to a newlywed couple, whose groom we love like a son. Who knows what they plan on doing in there?”

Piggy gave him a look and started to say something, when he quickly interrupted her with, “I don’t want to hear about it. Please do not deviate from this conversation we’re having.” She smirked, covering a laugh by delivering a quick kiss to the top of his head.

“You’re a good father, Kermit.”

“And you’re a good mother, Piggy,” he whispered. “Don’t ever think the boys won’t need you or don’t need you. They do. We need you.”

“We need?” she asked, a slight grin on her face. “Or you need?”

Pulling her closer, he whispered, “What I need I can’t get until we leave here.”

It was only the clearing of a nearby throat that interrupted the kiss her royal highness delivered to her king’s lips. As with Kermit, she didn’t bother to turn to see who had even dared to pester them. “Can we help you?” she asked, slim eyebrow raised.

“I hate to bother, you know this,” came the deep timber of their resident pianist.

“I’m sure that’s not completely true,” groused the frog.

Rowlf chuckled before throwing an affectionate arm around Piggy’s shoulders. Like most of the male members of their troupe, the dog had ditched his jacket as well as his tie, so he was only left in his dress shirt that was open by at least three buttons. While he may have been upright, it was clear by the slight glassiness of his eyes that he hadn’t been shying away from the drinks that were flowing throughout the day, especially when he immediately took the flute Piggy hadn't been drinking from and downed it himself.

Regardless, the diva none the less grabbed him by the chin and asked, “Alright there, Rowlfie?”

The dog nodded. “I’m straight,” he said. “The bear’s our ride home.” Both frog and pig nodded, glad that they had decided on this beforehand. While the Muppets weren’t heavy drinkers or drank to excess, they did drink and when they did – especially if it was more than one – there was no argument on whether or not there was a designated driver to take people home. “Just wanted you to know that I just came across the boy.”

“The married one?” asked Kermit.

“The teenager,” Rowlf amended. “With his girlfriend.”

“Not yet she’s not,” Piggy piped up.

“Well then, he must have rushed up the schedule cause they were definitely doing couple things when I came up on them.” Rowlf held up a paw when two sets of eyes narrowed on him. “Nothing untowards,” he backtracked. “He just kissed her. It was kinda sweet, sorta wish I hadn’t intruded.”

“When was the last time you or Jimmy had that talk with him?” asked the diva.

“Apparently I’m going to do it again when we come back from that suite.”

“Or I can have a friendly, non-parental talk with one of my many nephews,” Rowlf piped up. He always had a good relationship with Robin, especially when he was younger and wanted to spend all of his time with the cool adults he had in his life. “Your other boy gave me a heads up that you’d be out of the house tonight and possibly tomorrow. We’ll take him with us and keep an eye on him.”

Again, the couple nodded in agreement. They trusted Robin to be in capable, if not insane, hands and of course, trust Scooter to notify the unofficial uncle that he’d be watching over the young frog once the party was over. That of course when Rowlf caught sight of the new ring on Piggy’s hand.

“Get a new ring?”

Piggy didn’t bother to hide the blush that rose on her cheeks. “I did,” she stated. “It was my Christmas present.”

“From the frog?”

“I’ll try not to take offense,” said frog huffed.

“He’s just now giving it to you?” Rowlf continued.

“No,” Piggy countered. “He gave it to me at Christmas, I said. However, seeing as we already had an engaged couple at Thanksgiving…”

Rowlf nodded. “Right, right,” he said. “Don’t want to rain on their parade. So the frog got you a ring for Christmas, huh?”

“And as you can see, she said yes.”

“And this is the part where you way, ‘about time’,” the pig added, sending a knowing smirk at the dog.

Again, the dog held up a paw. “Hey,” he said. “I’m not about to lose thousands of dollars because you two can’t get it together.”


“Are you guys betting on us again?”

“What else are we gonna do on a Wednesday night?”

Rowlf continued his friendly ribbing, though as always it was done with affection, especially with one of his favorite couples. He had known Kermit for a very long time, far longer than he had known the others, and he had always treated Piggy like one of his own sisters even when they bickered with each other. Giving another squeeze to her waist – one part affection and two parts asking if she was alright and wanted to head back - Kermit led the diva back inside, with Rowlf following them.

They, or rather Piggy, was immediately pounced on by the very boys they had been speaking about just moments ago. “Piggy!”

“Aunt Piggy!”

“There you are!”



“Boys,” Piggy replied, sending a fond smile to both of them. “Moi can only deduce that you’ve been searching wildly for me, so here I am.”

“Here you are,” Scooter said.

“And just in time too,” Robin replied. “The party is starting to wind down and I have yet to have a dance with my gorgeous aunt.”

“Cause your dance card’s been full,” the red head joked.

“So has yours!”

“Boys,” the diva interrupted, again. “Moi has three dances left in her, which means that, lucky for you, my dance card is currently empty.”

“Excellent,” the teen said. “Then you’re free to dance with your handsome nephew.”

“And why do you get to dance first?”

“Age before beauty, baby.”


As adorable as the bickering was, Piggy wasn’t going to let it get any further than the fondness that was clearly there. She granted the dance with Robin, noting that Kermit was correct that their nephew was clearly growing faster than they could count; wasn’t he just under her eye line a few days ago? The diva of course didn’t let this opportunity go, remarking on the fact that his date seemed eager to have her turn dancing with him and asking the teen if they would be seeing more of the turtle in the future.

Blush aside, Robin of course confirmed that yes, RJ would indeed start to be a fixture at the house, if that was okay.

“Hard to say,” she said, smirking at him. “We haven’t exactly seen a lot of her, though Moi is sure we can reverse that by having her over for dinner one night.”

“Yes, Aunt Piggy,” came the reply. “Does this mean the Axis of Evil is gonna be having a conversation with me soon?”

“Do we need to?” she asked.

“Geez, I hope not.”

“We’ll see,” she said. “Never let it be said that I let any woman – human, Muppet, or turtle – break one of my boys’ heart.”

“Aunt Piggy…”

The sentiment was embarrassing, but it was also well received because it meant Piggy really did see Robin as family and not just the nephew to the frog she was dating. He had seen and met the Axis of Evil and he had no illusions that Amanda – given her status as the new Mrs. Scooter Grosse – would most likely join that group at some point and he had heard what they were capable of, especially when it came from Scooter’s love life.

On the outside, it seemed like a strange and very strict over-protectiveness driven by the grandstanding and possibly overbearing diva and self-declared leading lady, but most knew what it was – Piggy herself had stated it. Insane and wild as they were, the Muppets were a large, mismatched family that defended their own with a fierce protective stance, they could make bodyguards look like crossing guards.

After her dance with Robin, Scooter had taken his second dance with the diva, giving him another chance to actually express the gratefulness he and his new bride had at everything that had gone on over the last week. “We’ll probably never be able to pay you guys back,” he had whispered.

“Why would we want you to?” she countered. “Andrew, we love you, there is nothing that we wouldn’t have done for you, especially on a day like this.”

“Still…” the assistant said, hiding his blush by looking away. Turning back to her, he leaned in closer, saying, “I’ll make sure you and Kermit have the best wedding ever.”

“I think that would be without a doubt.”

The Mayhem had taken the stage again, playing the last few songs of the night and stating that they were done, but that DJ Beaks would handle some background music for the few stragglers who wanted to hang out. Dr. Teeth had announced that everyone grab their dance partner for the last dance, which was ironically The Drifters’ Save the Last Dance for Me.

“They’re playing your song,” the red head said, stepping out of the embrace he had been in with Piggy, nodding over her shoulder to the last dance partner she had one her dance list.

Piggy watched as Scooter went to his own final dance partner, pulling his new wife into his arms and letting the rest of the world fall away from them. Past them Robin was apparently asking for one last dance with his new girlfriend, while Gonzo and Camilla drew closer from their last dance together.

Turning, she saw Kermit standing at the edge of the dance floor, watching her finish her dance before hopefully, waiting for his turn. Holding out a hand for him, Piggy waited for him to place his hand in hers, pulling her towards him as they began to sway to the music.

So don’t forget who’s taking you home

And in whose arms you’re gonna be

So darling, save the last dance for me

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So RJ's a turtle. Wonder if we'll start seeing her hanging around with Megan and Nancy at Kathy's over at HVC or maybe the Gina will move back in.

DJ Beaks... Yeah, him and DJ PF (planterfaciatis) for sore feet.

Yeah, the Mups can definitely drink/party, dunno if you've ever seen the video for the sketch with Scoop & Skip for the sandwich shop from the 1960's, man, that was a real ruckus.

Glad you're posting again, finding this made me smile. :fanatic:


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Friday morning sun’s made an impressive sight in the second story bedroom of the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Grosse was the only reason the first half of that couple even woke up in the first place. Delivering a kiss to his wife’s bare shoulder, Scooter left the warmth and comfort of their familiar bed to go make breakfast or at least, do a little exploring.

Exploring the house had been a far away prospect last night, the couple’s mind and hands on other things, which meant that morning was the first time Scooter had truly seen the inside of the house. No one had ever stated that Miss Piggy didn’t have taste, not if they wanted to remain standing and out of a hospital, so it was really no surprise that managing the construction of a house – for a second time, no less – was old hat to the diva by now. She had been very hands on when it came to designing her own home and by unspoken miracle, her royal highness clearly knew the stage manager well.

The interior was done in a light beige, with white trimming and crown molding at the top and bottom portions of the walls. Given his love of technology, the air was controlled with the Nest from his old apartment that hung in the hallway leading to the staircase going down; from the stairs he could see another Nest installed on the first floor. The layout of the first floor was an open plan, providing plenty of space for any upcoming Muppet parties the couple might want to host.

The living room opened into the large dining area, complete with state of the art kitchen. While Scooter could fend for himself when it came to making a meal, Amanda had shaped up to be a very competent cook, considering where she worked. The kitchen held a black stain glass electric stove top range, that matched the Kohl’s sink that sat to the left, and behind was a beige and black kitchen island. Down the hall was a decent sized office that looked across the patio doors that opened into the back patio.

Knowing that it was still early, but unable to hold back any longer, the red head went looking for his phone – which he had either dropped or left in the living room – and quickly dialed his boss. As per usual, Scooter would wait for the customary five rings before he called Piggy, the one half of the couple that actually answered their phone, however this time, Kermit was on the ball and answered within the first three.

“You’re up early,” came the greeting.

“So are you,” Scooter quipped. “I would’ve thought you’d still be in bed.”

“Back at cha, Mr. Cosgrove.”

Scooter couldn’t help but chuckle. “Don’t say that,” he said. “Makes me sound like Amanda’s dad and if you say something smart, I’ll hit you.”

Kermit matched the chuckle with one of his own. “What can I do you for, Mr. Grosse?”

It was a testament to their friendship and their working relationship that Scooter could immediately launch into ideas about the show while walking around the office of his new home. The monsters had managed to deposit his desk and computer as he normally had it within the second bedroom turned office at his apartment; he had been mentioning off and on that he wanted to get a new one, especially when Amanda had moved in and needed a desk of her own. By clear design, a few office magazines had been left on his desk, with a note from Piggy nicely written about different choices of desks in the future.

Turning his computer on, the stage manager was happy to note that it booted up correctly and everything he had been working on had been saved. He must’ve made a comment about it because Kermit launched into a description of how Robin and Rowlf had been left in charge, making sure that everything went the way it should. Scooter nodded, it had to have the teen that made sure everything was in it’s place; he’d have to owe the kid a favor at some point. The side project that had been going on while he and Amanda were being whisked off only made the former gofer even more appreciative at how much work everyone had put into this.

“Honestly, Kermit,” he said. “We can’t thank you enough. I can’t thank you enough for all this.”

“No thanks needed, buddy,” the frog responded. “At least not from you. I, however, want to thank you for letting us stay in your very nice honeymoon suite. Changing the reservation to Mr. and Mrs. Kermit the Frog was cute. Bratty, but cute.”

Scooter couldn’t help the snigger that escaped. “Thought you’d liked that.”

“I’m sure you did.” Removing the phone from his ear, Kermit easily placed it in the middle of the table where he and Piggy were enjoying breakfast. Much like the new Mr. and Mrs. Grosse, the power couple didn’t waste a lot of time inspecting the suite once they walked through the door, their intent clear by the time they had left the elevator. Ensuring that the speakerphone was on, he reiterated their own thanks for the gesture.

“Thanks again.”

“No probs,” replied the page. “I told Piggy that I’d make sure your wedding was the best.”

“Moi doesn’t want a big wedding, Andrew.”

“Huh,” he said. “That’s surprising.”

Stopping the forkful of pancake from reaching her lips, Piggy huffed in annoyance. “Why is this so surprising to people?”

“Cause it’s you,” the two retorted.

“Thankfully,” Scooter continued on. “We at least have some ideas from earlier. Did you still want to go with the white lily theme of the purple carnations?”

“Uh…” Honestly, Piggy couldn’t remember every little wedding detail that she and Scooter had concocted once upon a time; they had just been little ‘what if’ ideas that were just fun to discuss, with no real purpose behind them. To be fair, she actually attributed many of them to the few girls the red head had attracted, if only to take his mind off of what they had actually planned for his young heart.

“Moi doesn’t remember what we decided.”

“Oh brother,” muttered Kermit, quickly shoving eggs into his mouth once Piggy threw him a look.

“Was this when you were seeing Paula what’s her name?”

“I think you’re thinking Denise Benson.”

“Was she the one I caught you in the closet with?”

There was a momentary pause, where the couple could almost see the red head trying to decide how he wanted to answer that question. “Am I still on speaker?” he asked.


“Then I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Scooter…” Kermit began, but was seemingly interrupted by the new Mrs. Grosse in the background.

“Who’s Denise Benson?”

“No one, babe!”

“Scooter,” the frog repeated, his voice even, but the red head could hear the warning that was there. “I’m not going to get on you about past indiscretions, however, I do hope that these life lessons will help to lock any closets that my fifteen year old nephew will be near while he is living with me.”

“I will change those locks today.”

“No you won’t,” Piggy stated, putting her phone down. “You are to do nothing but…”

“Piggy just texted me,” Amanda sounded again. “Asking that you stop making this a house of lies.”

“Untangle that web that you’ve just wove.”

“Be happy that I love you,” Scooter retorted.

“We are, Scooter,” Kermit replied, smiling at the phone.

The conversation went on for a few moments more, with the captain and his first mate again going back to discussing business before Scooter asked if the two were truly enjoying the room he had originally reserved. “Oh, it’s very nice,” the frog replied, looking around them. “We haven’t checked out all the ends and outs, but we’ll make a point before we leave.”

“You didn’t check it out when you arrived?”

You don’t work with people for years and not see a set up when it shows itself. Even on the phone and across town, the set up for a joke was clear and it just depended on who and how it would be volleyed back.

“Her highness and I had other…pressing business to discuss that took our focus at the time,” Kermit stated. “Enjoying the house?”

“Oh Amanda and I enjoyed it all night.” Point to Grosse.

“Some of us are trying to eat, Andrew,” Piggy chastised. “And Moi would like to remind you that people will eventually want to eat in your kitchen.”

“And if you say something lewd,” Kermit added. “I will have Piggy slap you.”

“I wasn’t gonna say anything lewd,” Scooter huffed. “Over the phone. Only that I hate being an only child. Remember, Frog, two or three is perfect! Bye!”

“That kid gets no tip.”

Scooter quickly hung up, turning and coming face to face with his new bride. “You’re about to land your way to a smack bottom,” Amanda said, smiling mischievously.

“Ooh,” the page cooed. “We haven’t tried that before.”

“Not from me, goof,” she chuckled, pushing against him when he tried to embrace her. She teased him for a few moments before throwing her arms around his neck. “Two or three?”

“Well,” Scooter replied, sheepishly. “Seems to be a good number of siblings. For me, anyways. And is a pretty safe number for the two of them.”

“What about the two of us?” she questioned, a familiar look in her eye. They had once discussed children, back at the cabin when they had been roomied with the frog and pig over the week, and they had both decided being an only child was the worst at times. If they were to have children, it would definitely be more than one.

Scooter blushed. “Two or three is good for us, too.”

How right he would be in the upcoming months…

And that everyone is a WRAP on Two Ball! What's up next, lil G?

Well...I got an idea from another idea that's gonna start in our Up Late universe and that, will hopefully, prompt me to start The Muppets Season 2. And of course, there's one more story in this series, so stay tuned for ONE BALL FREE FOR ALL
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So RJ's a turtle. Wonder if we'll start seeing her hanging around with Megan and Nancy at Kathy's over at HVC or maybe the Gina will move back in.
Yes. I like need to find my place again, but yeah. Just on a vacation, says I.

DJ Beaks... Yeah, him and DJ PF (planterfaciatis) for sore feet.
🤨 Bwak? I thought we had a Camilla. This doesn't work as well without a Camilla.

Yeah, the Mups can definitely drink/party, dunno if you've ever seen the video for the sketch with Scoop & Skip for the sandwich shop from the 1960's, man, that was a real ruckus.

Glad you're posting again, finding this made me smile. :fanatic:
Wait, are you serious? Is that true? Is it on YouTube? I am posting again! I meant to post earlier, but I had a bunch of other stuff to clear out, but now I'm back - NA NA NA NANANANA NA! - and...I gots another story in me.

Right. Now.

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The icon here for Camilla is "cluck", :cluck:

Yes, the video being available I dunno, but just search at the Muppet Wiki for either Scoop & Skip or Muppet Commercials entry and you'll find what I'm referring to.

Eagerly awaiting the next fic from your keyboard. *Leaves keys for Gina to have an apt if she wants at HVC.