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Oct 27, 2011
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It was breakfast time at the Muppet residence. Tired faces and hungry souls gathered around for a usual breakfast routine. Even though there was commotion it still felt like there was silence. Perhaps it something to do with the fact Miss Piggy lost her voice. Speaking of Miss Piggy, she was giving aggressive looks towards Foozie from across the table. He didn't care however. He was too obsessed with the fact that he slept with a woman.
Before anyone could utter a word Kermit had come down the stairs.

"Good Morning everyone." He smiled. Then he made his way over to Miss Piggy.

"Is your voice feeling any better?" He asked.

Piggy shook her head but her face had a clear indication of needing to talk.
Kermit only nodded, and made his way to his swamp themed chair to sit and enjoy whatever concoction of food the Swedish Chef whipped up.
Miss Piggy simply resumed staring profusely at Foozie. Finally he couldn't take it anymore.
"A'ight what's the deal Piggy?" He asked. His tone was threatening.
Everyone fell silent.

"Now Fozzie--" Kermit began.

"Nah, you not gonna cover for her this time. Piggy, WHAT'S your problem? You starin' like I got somethin' on my face? Or do you wanna fight? Is that it?" He asked.
That's when Kermit started to notice just how odd "Fozzie" was acting. Fozzie, or ANYONE with ANY brains at all for that matter, would never talk to Miss Piggy that way, even if she started it.

"Piggy, I'd like to have a word with you in my office later today. Fozzie, I'd like to ask you to refrain pressing this matter any further. I will handle it in my office." Kermit handled that as best as he could and dearly hoped that was an acceptable thing to say to this new version of his best friend.

"Fine." Foozie huffed. He let it go. For Now.

Piggy knew she wasn't in trouble. She just knew that her chance to expose Foozie was soon to come.

Meanwhile there was absolutely no peace at the Moopet house. Word got out about the kiss between Fozzie and Poogy... Needless to say, Kermoot was furious... Emotional... It was like a hurricane... Especially since Kermoot was throwing things around. Fozzie was behind a couch that was tipped over. Roowlf and Janooce tried to restrain Kermoot from hurting anyone including himself, and Poogy was no help because she continued to argue with Kermoot who hurled furniture for every harsh word exchanged with Poogy.

"How could ya do dis to me?!" Kermoot yelled. He hurled a vase across the room, and it nearly hit Poogy's head.

"Maybe if ya didn't go out drinkin' all da time it wouldn't a happened!" Poogy retaliated with a knife.

"Maybe ya should do less complainin'," There goes the end table. "And more communicatin'!" And the TV...

Poogy growled, yanked Fozzie from behind the couch, and kissed him passionately just to make Kermoot mad. Kermoot yelled aggressively. He went over to Fozzie and yanked him up, with knife in hand.

"Y'know Fooz... I thought we were supposed to be best friends." Kermoot was backing Fozzie into a corner and he had nowhere to run. All he could do was sweat.

"You think you can treat 'er better? HUH!?" Kermoot was obviously hysterical. "Well ya CAN'T! Not if ya dead!"

At those words, Fozzie spoke.

Fozzie's outburst startled them all and caused a two minute silence.
"Fozzie...? Well no wonder she kissed ya. She likes it when people are nice to 'er." Kermoot chuckled and back out of the corner to give Fozzie some breathing room.

"I do not." Poogy protested.

Kermoot went over to her and kissed her passionately .
"We'll talk about dis later."

"When you say talk, do ya mean--"

"Shhh... Its a surprise."

Poogy only blushed.

"So you an' Foozie pulled the 'ol switcheroo on us?" Asked Roowlf.

It was at that moment that Fozzie began to explain.

And as the bear began to explain, Kermit finished reading Piggy's explanation.

"Its Foozie!?"

Piggy nodded.

"We have to tell the others, but it won't be easy to get him to leave... Piggy... I want you to gather everyone. We have to get in a safe place before contacting the Moopets. They might have Fozzie hostage." Kermit explained.

Piggy nodded and went to do her assignment.

Oh dear.