Showcase Your Puppets!

Flaky Pudding

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Nov 21, 2013
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Don't know if this thread already exists, and if it does then it probably hasn't been updated in a few years. Good to start fresh. Anywho...

This is the thread to post pics of your puppets! Be it bought or handmade, Muppet or marionette, original or replica, we want to see your characters! Also, if you want you can post video clips of your puppets in action!

I guess I'll start off by showing some of my puppets in this collage I made:

First column from top to bottom: Alistair Monster, Fargley, Doctor McMolly
2nd column from top to bottom: Milligan A. Sock, Norman the Nerd, Harvard Cat (as @gavry3 says, my Harry the Hipster ripoff) :wink:
3rd column from top to bottom: Bosko the Clown, Clyde Monster, Maniac Marty
Maniac Marty looks like Doofy the Dragon from Supermariologan.