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Apr 12, 2005
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Dear Dietrich,

This is my wish list of these Sesame Street skits that I would like to be released on DVD in the year 2006 for Classic Sesame Street coming to DVD in 2006:


1. A letter for Ernie
2. AM boy talks about backwards
3. AM cheerleaders: K
4. Anything Muppets sing about family members
5. Cookie Monster uses Ernie's telephone (4-part sketch)
6. E&B: Before and after (eating cookies from the tin)
7. E&B: Bert asks to use Ernie's umbrella while it's raining
8. E&B: Bert denies that Beautiful Day Monster has four eyes
9. E&B: Bert shows Ernie a number 4 and hits him with a pie (2-part sketch)
10. E&B: Bert's nap
11. E&B: Chocolate cake
12. E&B: Cookie reminder
13. E&B: Electric appliance war
14. E&B: Ernie cleans the apartment at top speed
15. E&B: Ernie cleans/messes up the apartment (2-part sketch)
16. E&B: Ernie remembers to put away the basketball
17. E&B: Ernie tells Bert about his day at the zoo
18. E&B: Ernie, the world's greatest counter (edited)
19. E&B: Ernie's A machine
20. E&B: Ernie's barber shop (part 1 of a 3-part sketch)
21. E&B: Ernie's dramatic alphabet story
22. E&B: Ernie's sandbox game
23. E&B: FIRST SKETCH EVER? 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 noses
24. E&B: kissed by a monster (based on cartoon just seen)
25. E&B: letter X / Cookie Monster eats the X / Ernie erases Cookie Monster
26. E&B: pictures - what happens next?
27. Ernie and Beautiful Day Monster: Broken ukelele (2-part sketch)
28. Ernie & Cookie Monster: four apples - no, three
29. Ernie and Cookie Monster "share" a pillow
30. Ernie and Lefty: 8
31. Ernie and Lefty: R and P (with Caroll Spinney as Lefty)
32. Ernie counts 11 cookies and 1 egg
33. Ernie goes rock hunting
34. Ernie plays the harmonica; Lefty sells him air
35. Ernie presents the letter A
36. Ernie presents the letter U
37. Game Show: Pick Your Pet (Guy Smiley is known as Sonny Friendly here)
38. Gang of monsters: A!
39. Gang of monsters: C?
40. Gordon, Ernie and Cookie Monster: four objects into four boxes
41. Kermit and Tracy: counting to 10
42. Kermit demonstrates happy, angry and sad (with Cookie Monster)
43. Kermit demonstrates same and different (cameo by Cookie Monster)
44. Kermit demonstrates what round is, with the help of two talking balls
45. Kermit talks about different occupations
46. Kermit talks about hair - Frodis #3 (starts a few seconds late)
47. Kermit talks to a boy about here and there
48. Kermit's "what happens next" machine
49. Kermit's B/R/P/F/I lecture
50. Song: A, You're Adorable
51. Song: As I Was Going To St. Ives
52. Song: Five People In My Family
53. Song: Goin' For A Ride
54. Song: Good Morning Starshine (Bob and some AM's)
55. Song: I Am A Fine Musician
56. Song: If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake (Ernie)
57. Song: Lulu's Back In Town
58. Song: Mahna Mahna
59. Song: Octopus's Garden


60. 1, 2, 3! 3 Monsters! (Grover, blue nose Herry, girl monster)
61. A fairy godmother changes Cookie Monster into a Guy Smiley prince
62. A lady shopper mistakes Cookie Monster for a furry blue coat
63. A lost little boy finds a policeman who turns out to be his uncle
64. AM cheerleaders: 4
65. AM cheerleaders: rocket
66. AM family arrangement
67. Bert and David (boy): faces
68. Bob reads "The Magic Apple" (with E&B)
69. Cookie Monster and David (boy): "street" sign
70. Cookie Monster and Janelle count to 20
71. Cookie Monster and Melody subtract cookies
72. Cookie Monster and the Bus Stop sign
73. Cookie Monster recites a poem with Howie the Lop
74. Cookie Monster wants to go to school / shows David the SCHOOL sign
75. Cookie Monster: One Of These Things
76. E&B: Bert wraps a present which Ernie thinks is for him
77. E&B: Chocolate ice cream (Oscar cameo)
78. E&B: Ernie eats five cookies
79. E&B: Ernie gives Bert a Figgy Fizz bottle cap
80. E&B: Ernie has a banana in his ear
81. E&B: Ernie imagines that he's Bert
82. E&B: Ernie puts the radio's volume control on Bert
83. E&B: Ernie solves the problem of water dripping by blasting the radio
84. E&B: Ernie takes a bath with precautions
85. E&B: Ernie talks about shapes at night
86. E&B: Ernie waits for the man upstairs to drop his shoes so he can sleep
87. E&B: Important note for Bert
88. E&B: Let's get Bert angry
89. E&B: Pizza and grape juice
90. E&B: string on Ernie's fingers
91. E&B: TV chair competition (feat. blue nose Herry)
92. E&B: Who took Bert's cookies?
93. Ernie and Cookie Monster demonstrate hope
94. Ernie and Cookie Monster put things into groups
95. Ernie and Cookie Monster: cookie matching
96. Ernie and Grover count 7 balloons
97. Ernie and Sherlock Hemlock: Missing Apple
98. Ernie and Sherlock Hemlock: Sandwich
99. Ernie and Sherlock Hemlock: Who broke the window?
100. Ernie buys a humongous ice cream cone
101. Ernie thinks about borrowing Herbert Birdsfoot's vacuum cleaner
102. Game Show: What's My Part? (Nose)
103. Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot count to 20
104. Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot: M
105. Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot: over and under
106. Grover and the growing letter G
107. Grover and the letter R
108. Grover counts monsters in a kid's room
109. Grover surprises Ernie (Herry in disguise)
110. Grover talks about body parts
111. Lefty tries to sell a STOP sign to Ernie
112. Little Bird talks about "next to"
113. Little Bird's imagination game
114. Purple AM shows the difference between rocks and feathers (with Cookie Monster)
115. Simon Soundman asks to use Ernie's telephone
116. Soap Opera: Hunt For Happiness (3-part sketch)
117. Song: Adding (Hippie AM and Cookie Monster)
118. Song: Circles (Cookie Monster & blue nose Herry)
119. Song: I Love Trash (Oscar)
120. Song: I Whistle a Happy Tune (Grover and Cookie Monster)
121. Song: Mad (Little Jerry & Monotones)
122. Song: Roosevelt Franklin's Alphabet
123. Song: Roosevelt Franklin's Days of the Week
124. Song: Rubber Duckie (Ernie)
125. Song: Up And Down (Cookie Monster and blue nose Herry)
126. Song: Word Family Song (ET)


127. Alien Alphabet (green and purple AM's)
128. AM girl demonstrates the number 11 (upside down)
129. AM kids (Fran and Frank) recite the alphabet
130. AM kids and upside-down 8
131. AM's shout "E!"
132. Bob reads "The King And The Fireman"
133. Cavemen witness invention of EXIT sign
134. Cookie Monster at the bakery: Birthday Cookie - Danny Horn comp.
135. Cookie Monster at the bakery: something that rhymes with BUY
136. Cookie Monster tests his strength at a carnival
137. Dragnet Parody: W
138. E&B: at the beach - Ernie can't find Bert; Sherlock Hemlock helps
139. E&B: at the beach - Ernie forgets to plan ahead
140. E&B: Bert's purple hand
141. E&B: Cooperation (peanut butter and bread)
142. E&B: Counting sheep, fire engines and balloons
143. E&B: Ernie doesn't feel special
144. E&B: Ernie gets Bert warm
145. E&B: Ernie gets rid of the water, glass by glass
146. E&B: Ernie has Bert wear a pot on his head because ...
147. E&B: Ernie paints a picture of Bert (with curly hair and a beard)
148. E&B: Ernie puts the toys into groups ... or does he?
149. E&B: Ernie puts the vase away
150. E&B: Ernie tries not to wake Bert up
151. E&B: Ernie's banana
152. E&B: Rainy day, Ernie imagines playing baseball
153. E&B: Sharing licorice whip candy
154. E&B: Talk slower!
155. Ernie and Herry at the carnival
156. Farley buys a hat
157. Game Show: The Remembering Game
158. Girl and the word YO (Spanish)
159. Grover is afraid of the dark
160. Grover shouts "ME!"
161. Grover talks about quiet in the library
162. Grover the elevator operator: Front/back
163. Grover the elevator operator: In/out
164. Grover The Waiter: Grover serves Simon Soundman
165. Grover, Kermit and Debo: letter X secret
166. Harvey Kneeslapper: picture of U
167. Harvey Kneeslapper: Wanna C?
168. Harvey Kneeslapper: Would ya like ONE?
169. Harvey Kneeslapper: You have an A on ya?
170. Harvey Kneeslapper: You know where I wanna B?
171. Harvey Kneeslapper's mirror trick
172. Herbert Birdsfoot and the ET family (3-part sketch)
173. Here Is Your Life: Tree
174. Kermit and Chris: Count To 20
175. Kermit and Grover: long and short
176. Kermit and the fire
177. Kermit counts eggs that hatch
178. Kermit hosts a Twiddlebug party
179. Kermit, Grover, and Debo: "A!"
180. Kermit's Imagination Game
181. Lefty brings his boss some carrots (3-part sketch)
182. Miss Muffet rehearsal
183. News Flash: Christopher Colombus
184. News Flash: Cinderella (at the ball)
185. News Flash: Rapunzel
186. News Flash: The Pied Piper
187. News Flash: The Tortoise And The Hare
188. News Flash: Three Little Pigs
189. Robin Hood (Ernie) Auditions For Merry Men
190. Simon Soundman buys a trumpet
191. Snow White visits the Six Dwarves
192. Song: Admiral (Big) Bird
193. Song: Dee Dee Dee (Ernie & Cookie Monster)
194. Song: High, Middle, Low (AM Barbershoppers)
195. Song: I Stand Up Straight And Tall (Grover)
196. Song: J Friends
197. Song: La La La (E&B)
198. Song: MMM Monster Meal (Cookie Monster and Herry)
199. Song: National Association of W Lovers
200. Song: No Matter How You Count Them
201. Song: Over, Under, Around and Through (Grover)
202. Song: P Is Muh' Fav'rite Letter!
203. Song: People In Your Neighborhood (teacher, newsdealer)
204. Song: Simon Soundman sings about his day
205. Song: The Question Song (Grover and girl)
206. Song: Two G Sounds (Grover, George)
207. Song: What Do I Do When I'm Alone? (Grover)
208. Song: X Marks the Spot (Sherlock Hemlock)
209. Song: Zizzy Zoomers
210. The Amazing Mumford demonstrates surprise
211. The Amazing Mumford practices his rabbit trick while Grover watches
212. The Amazing Mumford's magic cookie act (with Cookie Monster)
213. The Amazing Mumford's subtracting act (with Grover)
214. The Amazing Mumford's suspension act (with Grover and Herry)
215. The City Mouse And The Country Mouse (2-part sketch)
216. The Four Mysterious Dragons (Japanese tale)
217. The Geefle, The Gonk And The Nectaurines
218. Western: The Great Cookie Thief
219. Who is this boy?
220. Yip-Yip Aliens: Telephone


221. A set of teeth applies for a job in an office
222. Bert and Ingrid: counting backwards
223. Clap, Clap, Clap (3-part split screen, all the AM's join in)
224. Cookie Monster: E for Egg
225. Criminal Caper: The Golden AN
226. Criminal Capers: The Secret Knock
227. E&B and Sharla: "A!"
228. E&B and Sharla: counting
229. E&B and Sharla: Ernie can't sleep
230. E&B and Sharla: feelings
231. E&B and Sharla: heavy and light
232. E&B and Sharla: who's between?
233. E&B meet the Count: six blocks
234. E&B: at the beach - Ernie meets Tough Eddie
235. E&B: Ernie convinces Bert to share his cookie
236. E&B: Ernie decorates the room for the viewer
237. E&B: Ernie forgets to turn off the water
238. E&B: Ernie throws a surprise party for Bert
239. Farley's lost toy box
240. Game Show: Beat The Time (Cookie Monster as guest)
241. Grover and Jon Jon count to 10
242. Grover and Jon Jon count to 20
243. Grover and Jon Jon: Count this penny
244. Grover and monsters in a phone booth
245. Grover spreads Herry's alphabet secret
246. Grover The Waiter: Alphabet Soup
247. Grover The Waiter: Special sandwich (picture menu)
248. Grover The Waiter: Where's The Spoon?
249. Grover's boat trip (3-part sketch)
250. Harvey Kneeslapper's door prank
251. Herry and Jon Jon: letter Q
252. Herry and Jon Jon: Up and down
253. Kermit and Grover demonstrate here and there (Grover carries bricks)
254. Kermit and Joey count to 20
255. Kermit and Joey sing the alphabet
256. Kermit and Joey: Body parts
257. Kermit demonstrates between with two poles
258. Kermit talks about hands - I'm Glad I'm Me
259. Kermit, Chris and Stephanie talk about ears
260. Kermit, Chris and Stephanie: Alphabet
261. Kermit, Sharla and Fannie: intro to film of giraffes
262. Kermit, Sharla and Fannie: next to
263. Kermit, Sharla and Fannie: three heads
264. Maria reads "The Boy Who Cried Monster"
265. News Flash: Sleeping Beauty
266. News Flash: What makes people angry?
267. News Flash: Wolf chases Little Red Riding Hood
268. Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School: POISON
269. Sharla gives Ernie a nickel
270. Song: Ballad of Casey MacPhee (Cookie Monster)
271. Song: C Is For Cookie
272. Song: Count it Higher (Chris & Alphabeats)
273. Song: I Feel Proud (Little Jerry)
274. Song: Inch Worm
275. Song: Me (2 AM's; vocals by Marylin Sokol and Emilio Delgado)
276. Song: The Garden (AM Hippies)
277. Song: The Song Of The Count
278. The Amazing Mumford's rhyming trick (with Grover)
279. The Count and Cookie Monster count and eat 7 cookies
280. The Count and Ingrid count to 20 in Spanish
281. The Count counts 7 flowers and sneezes
282. The Count counts self-addressed letters
283. The Count hires Ernie to answer the telephone
284. The Count's bats go on strike
285. Yip-Yip Aliens: grandfather clock


286. AM lady displays her "magic doorway" painting (destroyed by Grover)
287. Bert and Jon Jon: sad/mad/happy
288. Cookie Monster gives Ernie his fortune in exchange for a cookie
289. Cookie Monster: FOOD
290. E&B at the movies: Ernie and his loud snacks; usher throws Bert out
291. E&B at the movies: Ernie gets emotional
292. E&B at the movies: the lady with the tall hat
293. E&B: "TEN-Q"
294. E&B: Bert is sick
295. E&B: Eating cookies in bed
296. E&B: Ernie "telestrates" Bert's face
297. E&B: Ernie plays the drums along with Bert's knock
298. E&B: Ernie talks to someone on the phone about their day
299. E&B: Ernie's electric fan; Bert is hot and bothered
300. E&B: imaginary glass of water
301. E&B: Magic chain
302. Ernie and Cookie Monster: which is which?
303. Ernie and Lefty: Invisible ice cream cone
304. Ernie and Twiddlebugs: How to get to the zoo
305. Ernie hides a bag of cookies inside a safe
306. Grover and Debo: letter S
307. Grover demonstrates heavy and light (w/ Big Bird cameo)
308. Herry and Jon Jon: loud and soft
309. Kermit and the word TAXI
310. Lola the cow looks for a home
311. News Flash: Aladdin
312. News Flash: The Count counts the three little pigs and the 7 dwarves
313. Picking members for the football team
314. Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School: Exercises
315. Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School: Loud and soft jam
316. Song: Doin' The Pigeon (Bert)
317. Song: Fat Cat Sat (Bip Bipadotta)
318. Song: Fisherman Song (Judy Collins & fisherman AM's)
319. Song: Gospel Alphabet (Lena Horne & AM's)
320. Song: How Do You Do (Grover and Lena Horne)
321. The Count counts candles
322. Visual Thinking - Shapes


323. Biff hangs Salvador Dada's paintings in an art gallery
324. Caveman story: things to drink (feat. Ernie and Sherlock Hemlock)
325. E&B: Ernie removes H items from inside the TV set
326. E&B: playing the drums
327. E&B: Sculpture of Bert
328. Game Show: Dialing For Prizes Movie
329. Grover climbs a tree and sees birds hatch
330. Grover the elevator operator: only five people will fit
331. Kermit and Farmer Grover
332. Kermit and girl: getting from one place to another
333. News Flash: Don Music writes "Mary Had a Bicycle"
334. News Flash: Hey Diddle Diddle
335. News Flash: Hickory Dickory Dock
336. News Flash: Rumplestilskin .
337. Pageant: Flower
338. Pageant: She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain
339. Professor Grover talks about the parts of the head (Maria's)
340. Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School: What Africa looks like
341. Sesame Street Sports: Roosevelt Franklin coaches Hardhead Henry Harris in a game of "Head Ball"
342. Song: Beatnik alphabet
343. Song: Bein' Green (Kermit and Lena Horne)
344. Song: City and Country
345. Song: Danger (Little Jerry)
346. Song: Exit (Chris & Alphabeats)
347. Song: I Just Adore 4 (Big Bird, Tarnish Brothers)
348. Song: Numerical Correspondence
349. Song: Telephone Rock (Little Jerry)
350. Super Grover: 2 boys fighting over an apple
351. The Count counts dancing kids


352. AM witches make chicken soup
353. Bert and Betty Lou go ice-skating (people in costume)
354. Cookie Monster finds one cookie left in a jar
355. Cookie Monster: AMOR
356. E&B: Ernie calls Oscar during a blackout
357. E&B: Ernie sings himself a lullaby
358. E&B: The Count sleeps over (2-part sketch)
359. E&B: to get to sleep, Bert imagines himself ice skating
360. E&B: was Bert taken away by monsters?
361. Edith Ann (Lily Tomlin) talks to Herry about being proud
362. Four Grovers?
363. Game Show: The Addition Game
364. Grover & Kermit demonstrate the number 2 (3-part sketch)
365. Grover demonstrates near and far (the cult classic)
366. Grover The Plumber visits Kermit
367. Grover The Waiter: Little and big hamburger
368. Kermit's heavy/light demonstration w/ Grover
369. News Flash: Holiday mix-up
370. News Flash: Humpty Dumpty
371. News Flash: Princess chooses a prince
372. News Flash: Snowstorm (3-part sketch)
373. Rhymies At Sea
374. Salesmonster Grover tries to sell Kermit earmuffs
375. Song: A Song From Kermit
376. Song: Counting Floors on an Elevator (AM Barbershoppers)
377. Song: Frazzle
378. Song: Fur
379. Song: Proud of Me (Grover)
380. Song: Subway
381. Song: Swamp Mushy Muddy (Oscar and two witches)
382. Song: Take My Hand
383. Song: That's What Reading's All About (Same Sound Brown & Farley)
384. Super Grover: Bus stop
385. The Count and Cookie Monster count and eat apples
386. Twiddlebugs' new stamp
387. Western: Bad Bart has a surprise for Marshall Earp
388. Western: Sheriff needs five good men to find Bad Bart
389. Yip-Yip Aliens: radio


390. Cookie Monster asks a librarian for a box of cookies
391. Ernie reads the paper: "Four People Fooled"
392. Game Show: Mystery Mix-up Game
393. Grover and Biff as cavepeople; Grover invents the wheel
394. Grover demonstrates "one way"
395. Grover The Waiter: some, not all
396. Harvey Kneeslapper: Gimme 5
397. Here Is Your Life: Loaf of bread
398. Kermit's exit sign
399. News Flash: Cinderella (trying on the glass slipper)
400. News Flash: Don Music writes "Twinkle Twinkle"
401. News Flash: Jack and Jill
402. News Flash: Old King Cole
403. News Flash: The Elves and the Shoemaker
404. News Flash: The Invisible Man
405. News Flash: The Six Dollar Man
406. News Flash: Young George Washington
407. Rhymies go camping
408. Song: Bus Stop
409. Song: I Got a Body Full of Rhythm (Little Jerry)
410. Song: This Frog (Kermit)
411. Song: Wide Open Spaces (AM Lumberjack)
412. The Count counts and the Honkers honk


413. Alphabet Chat: O
414. Alphabet Chat: R
415. AM's in subway: quiet/loud
416. Cookie Monster has a picnic; a little bug bothers him
417. E&B: Ernie leads the Sesame Street citizens' band into the apartment
418. E&B: Feelin' Good, Feelin' Bad
419. E&B: Painting a picture
420. E&B: Rhyming Game
421. Frank and Jerry (AM's) use a tape measure
422. Grover and Heather: scratch my back
423. Grover and the monsters make music
424. Grover climbs a mountain
425. Grover reads "The Cursed Prince" (David turns into Kermit)
426. Herry and 2 kids: bag of apples
427. Kermit and Marlina talk about knees
428. Marshall Grover tries to jump on Fred the Wonder Horse
429. News Flash: Don Music writes the alphabet song
430. News Flash: Jack and the Beanstalk
431. News Flash: Kermit talks to people in a line about first and last
432. News Flash: Piper's Pickled Peppers
433. Song: Bein' Green (Kermit)
434. Song: Big Round Nose
435. Song: Born To Add
436. Song: Cookie Disco
437. Song: Eight Beautiful Notes (The Count)
438. Song: Honk Around The Clock
439. Song: How I Can Cry
440. Song: It's Funny, Yes It's Funny (Lord Nelson and the Laughing Gas)
441. Song: Letter B (The Beetles)
442. Song: Madrigal Alphabet (Judy Collins and Snuffy)
443. Song: My Favorite Number is 6 (Bert)
444. Song: My Polliwog Ways (Kermit)
445. Song: Oh, G (Why I Love That Letter)
446. Song: One Way
447. Song: Salida
448. Song: Sing After Me (Grover and Madeline Kahn)
449. Song: The Opposite of What I Do (Little Chrissy)
450. Song: There's Nothing We Women Can't Be
451. Song: Thinking of U (The Beetles)
452. Song: You're Alive (Chris & Alphabeats)


453. 2-headed monster has the hiccups
454. Chris and Grover talk about love
455. Cookie Monster & Jason: D for Dog
456. Cookie Monster shares his cookie with a starving girl
457. E&B: Bert follows the arrows
458. E&B: Bert gets dressed up; Ernie doesn't recognize him
460. E&B: Dance Myself To Sleep
461. E&B: Ernie comes home from Camp Winnewonga
462. E&B: Ernie dresses up for the cold weather
463. E&B: Ernie gets thirsty, over and over again
464. E&B: Ernie has socks on his ears
466. E&B: Ernie reads the newspaper over Bert's shoulder
467. E&B: Ernie sings opera out the window to find out what time it is
468. E&B: Ernie tries to scare Bert
469. E&B: Ernie writes a story on a rainy day
470. E&B: Ernie's apple stand
471. E&B: Ernie's fish call
472. E&B: sharing apple pie
473. E&B: watching goldfish
474. E&B: What's inside Ernie's mittens?
475. Ernie shows cookie shapes in the kitchen
476. Game Show: Say The Word
477. Grover and Tania: HELP
478. Grover and Tanya: hug/stop game
479. Grover The Lumberjack: First For Supper?
480. Grover The Waiter: soup or sandwich?
481. Herry and Chris: same/different
482. Is This The D Train?
483. Kermit holds auditions for "The Three Little Pigs"
484. News Flash: Don Music writes "Yellowstone Park" (SS theme)
485. News Flash: Old woman who lived in a shoe
486. Pageant: Tooth
487. Salesmonster Grover tries to sell Kermit a toothbrush
488. Song: Breakfast Time (Ernie and Cookie Monster)
489. Song: Count Up To Nine (The Count)
490. Song: Disco D
491. Song: Goodbye, Little Cookie (Cookie Monster)
492. Song: I'm So Lonely
493. Song: In And Out (Monster Disco)
494. Song: Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco (Cookie Monster)
495. Super Grover: Exit
496. Suzanne Farrell turns around (featuring Count and some monsters) -
497. The Amazing Mumford makes Grover's carrot disappear
498. The Count's rocket ship (assisted by Dr. Rainbrain)
499. Twiddlebugs: What to close?
500. Twiddlebugs try to get outside
501. Word: HUG (AM girl and Herry)


502. 2-headed monster: DANCE (in a disco)
503. 2-headed monster: playground or zoo?
504. 2-headed monster: RUN
505. 2-headed monster: sleep or practice trumpet?
506. Caveman story: things to drink (feat. Ernie and Sherlock Hemlock)
507. Caveman story: Toothbrush (feat. Ernie and Sherlock Hemlock)
508. Cookie Monster counts to 20 on a napkin (with Kermit inside it)
509. Cookie Monster's niece won't eat cookies, but will eat fruits and vegetables
510. Cooking with Telly - Canada episode
511. E&B: Bert reads from his pigeon joke book
512. E&B: Ernie does more than one thing while sitting
513. E&B: Ernie sings Happy Birthday to U
514. E&B: Radio exercises
515. Ernie and Jason: AT family
516. Ernie and Jason: mirror
517. Grover and Suzanne Farrell dance ballet - Tim Kelly comp.
518. Grover The Waiter: Number menu (#9: Special of the day)
519. Insert: Big Bird and Snuffy imagine they're at a disco
520. News Flash: Suzanne Farrell does 20 Battements that Kermit and Grover count
521. Pageant: The Four Seasons
522. Song: ABC Disco (with Grover Travolta)
523. Song: Be My D (introduced by DJ Bush-man Bill)
524. Song: Disco Frog (Kermit)
525. Song: Everybody's Song (Bip Bipadotta)
526. Song: I Wanna Count, Just Count (Cab Calloway and The Count)
527. Song: I'm A Baby
528. Song: I'm Between
529. Song: Jump Jive (Cab Calloway)
530. Song: Sammy the Snake (with Carol Channing)
531. Song: Sit Right Down and Plan
532. Song: This Is My J (Biff)
533. Song: Two Names Are Better Than One (Muppet fruits sing their Spanish name
534. Super Grover: Groceries
535. Twiddlebugs: Exit
536. Western: Sinister Sam wants to know Y


537. 2-headed monster: Bubbles
538. 2-headed monster: P and R
539. AM girl (Kathy Mullen) imagines herself as ...
540. Camp Wannagohoma: Alive
541. Camp Wannagohoma: Tree
542. Competitive flowers in a garden (Karen Prell's one of them)
543. E&B: Bert's it!
544. E&B: Camping out
545. E&B: Ernie sings Bert a lullaby
546. E&B: Making the bed -
547. E&B: Talking Egyptian statue
548. E&B: Was Bert captured by Martians?
549. Forgetful Jones and Buster brush each other's teeth
550. Game Show: Beat the Time (The Count as guest)
551. Game Show: Mystery Guest (X)
552. Honkers: Mary Had a Little Lamb (3 parts)
553. Honkers count to 3
554. Honkers count to 3 (one by one)
555. Kermit and the T-shirt mix-up
556. News Flash: Alice In Wonderland
557. News Flash: Cookie Red Riding Hood
558. News Flash: Dr. Nobel Price discovers the great Poonga-Poonga (rabbit)
559. Song: Amigo (Betty Lou & Carlos)
560. Song: Big Kids Cry Too
561. Song: Figure It Out (Farley)
562. Song: Front and Back Opera (Blue Danube)
563. Song: Hi De Ho Man (Cab Calloway)
564. Song: I Don't Want To Live On The Moon (Ernie)
565. Song: Meet Me At The Bus Stop
566. Song: Pearl White Teeth (sung by shark)
567. Super Grover: Barber shop
568. Telly & Ithzak Perlman play Beethoven's "Minuet in G"


569. 2-headed monster drives a car
570. 2-headed monster fights over a pillow
571. 2-headed monster sings a lullaby
572. 2-headed monster takes a bath
573. 2-headed monster: shapes
574. A boy looks for his V
575. AM lady and the word BUG
576. Captain Breakfast tries to get a girl to eat breakfast
577. Cookie Monster: which cookie shape tastes best?
578. E&B: cherries
579. E&B: Ernie gives Bert's nephew Brad some bath toys to play with
580. E&B: Ernie's disguise kit
581. E&B: Search for Dr. Livingston
582. Grover and some monsters demonstrate first and last
583. Grover and Tanya: hug/stop game
584. Grover's butterfly poem
585. Kermit and Cookie Monster demonstrate beginning, middle and end cookbook
586. Kermit watches Grover touch his nose with his toes 5 times
587. Monsterpiece Theater: Me, Claudius
588. Muppet foods in a fridge argue, then cooperate
589. News Flash: Kindergarten class (teacher mistakes Kermit for student)
590. Pageant: Butterfly
591. Professor Grover "teaches" his class about school
592. Professor Grover talks about taking a bath
593. Song: All By Myself (Prairie Dawn)
594. Song: Frogs In The Glen (Kermit)
595. Song: I'm Going To Get My Hair/Fur Cut (Cookie Monster and Jeffy)
596. Song: In The Quiet Of The Evening (Kermit)
597. Song: One To Five (Polly Darton)
598. Song: Rhyming in class (Mr. Essex, students)
599. Song: We Are All Monsters
600. Twiddlebugs on a rainy day


601. 2-headed monster fights over headphones
602. 2-headed monster: FALL
603. 2-headed monster: HAT
604. 2-headed monster: newspaper
605. Cowboy in desert: Spanish echo
606. Grover and Eric: fur and skin
607. Grover and Eric: rhyming
608. Grover and Eric: surprise
609. Grover and Eric: Teeth
610. Grover and Katie: hug, scratching tummy
611. Grover and Katie: rhyme
612. Grover applies for a job as a lifeguard
613. Grover imagines himself on the moon at night
614. Honker egg hatches
615. Kermit and 2-headed monster on listening
616. Kermit demonstrates the number 5 with Herry and Cookie Monster
617. Monsterpiece Theater: Chariots of Fur
618. Pageant: Love
619. Professor David lectures his class on trees
620. Salesmonster Telly sells Kermit a head-warmer
621. Song: All Dressed Up (Bert and AMs)
622. Song: Captain Vegetable
623. Song: Coconut Counting Man (The Count and Harry Belafonte)
624. Song: First Day of School (The Count)
625. Song: Fuzzy And Blue (Grover, Herry, Cookie & Frazzle)
626. Song: Hey Food (Cookie Monster, "The Beetles")
627. Song: I Wish I Had A Friend To Play With Me (Bert)
628. Song: I'm Under The Weather Over You (Polly Darton)
629. Song: Let's All Exercise
630. Song: Listen To The Bells
631. Song: Me Gotta Be Blue (Cookie Monster)
632. Song: Me Long to Munch You, Munch You, Munch You (Cookie Monster and the Crumbs Unlimited Orchestra)
633. Song: The Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree
634. Song: The Ten Commandments of Health
635. Telly spells out the word COLD


636. 2-headed monster: BED
637. 2-headed monster: HONK (with honkers)
638. Cookie Monster sleeps over at Ernie's house (2-part sketch)
639. Cookie Monster's "no-cookie" poem (supervised by Kermit)
640. E&B watch Sneak Peek Previews, where Telly and Oscar watch "Baker #10"
641. E&B: Caveman Days - taking the kid to school
642. E&B: Ernie locks Bert out
643. Ernie counts 3 honkers
644. Ernie has Cookie Monster figure out how to raise a cookie on a see-saw
645. Game Show: To Tell A Face
646. Grover and Jessie: Marriage
647. Grover and Lisa: "danger" sign
648. Grover The Waiter: La Casa de Comidas
649. Grover's Health Minute: Grover and Kermit demonstrate teeth
650. Insert: Bob reads "The Turtle Who Wanted to Make Friends"
651. Monsterpiece Theater: Upstairs, Downstairs
652. Sneak Peek Previews: Telly and Oscar watch a film of how a steel drum is made
653. Song: But I Like You (E&B)
654. Song: Circle The Girl That I Love
655. Song: Comb Your Face (purple monster)
656. Song: D-U-C-K-I-E (Ernie)
657. Song: Home (City, Jungle, Igloo)
658. Song: I'm In Love With U (parody of "Indian Love Call")
659. Song: Insects In Your Neighborhood (Ernie)
660. Song: Kids Just Love To Brush
661. Song: That's What Friends Are For (E&B)
662. Song: The 1-2 Blues (Olivia and two AM's)
663. Song: When Bert's Not Here (Ernie
664. Twenty-four Hour Emergency Counting Service


665. 2-headed monster: emotions
666. 2-headed monster: manners/spoon
667. 2-headed monster: PAT
668. 2-headed monster: telephone
669. E&B: Ernie helps Bert imagine being at the park
670. E&B: Friend watching
671. Ernie and Ernestine: two of a kind
672. Ernie tries to get Ernestine to say his name
673. Ernie's Love Boat
674. Forgetful Jones calls his cousin Maybelle
675. Game Show: What's Prairie's Problem?
676. Grover and Maya: arrow
677. Grover looks closely at us
678. Grover the messenger: singing telegram
679. Kermit and Gladys the cow switch roles (to Kermit's embarrassment)
680. Kermit talks about subtraction
681. Monsterpiece Theater: The 39 Stairs
682. News Flash: How the Three Little Pigs feel about their houses being blown
683. News Flash: Mary and her little lamb
684. Salesmonster Grover tries to sell Kermit a pair of sunglasses
685. Simon Soundman: CALL
686. Song: A New Way To Walk (Oinker Sisters)
687. Song: Cereal Girl
688. Song: Cooperation Makes It Happen
689. Song: Danger's No Stranger (How Now Brown & the Moo Wave)
690. Song: Do The Batty Bat (The Count)
691. Song: If I Were (Kermit)
692. Song: Raise Your Hand (Little Chrissy)
693. Song: Rebel L
694. Song: The Letter N (Nick Normal and the Nick-matics)
695. Song: Wet Paint (How Now Brown & the Moo Wave)
696. Super Grover: The new computer


697. 2-headed monster and Jane Curtin sing the alphabet
698. 2-headed monster finds a piano
699. 2-headed monster tries on shoes
700. 2-headed monster: pencil
701. 2-headed monster: SPIN
702. Biff feels sad
703. Clementine's guessing game (nickel horse)
704. E&B at the movies: The Picnic (silent movie with Maria & Linda)
705. E&B: Dressing a snowman
706. E&B: Ernie reads a sad, funny, scary book
707. E&B: Ernie's drum game
708. E&B: letting balloons go (Bert goes insane!)
709. Forgetful Jones and Buster brush each other's teeth (remake)
710. Grover and Chelsea: Ears
711. Grover and Chelsea: What is love?
712. Grover and Chelsea: Y-E-S spells ...
713. Grover demonstrates first and last in a supermarket line
714. Grover The Waiter: Cake for grandmother's birthday
715. Hoots and Wynton Marsalis on musical notes
716. Marshall Grover sees mirages in the desert
717. Song: Alone In A Swamp With You (Oscar and Grungetta)
718. Song: It Soon Gets Done
719. Song: Tadpole (Kermit)
720. Song: The Dirtiest Town In The West
721. Song: The Octopus Blues
722. Song: U Really Got a Hold On Me (Smokey Robinson and a foam U)
723. Song: We're All Monsters
724. Song: Whatever The Season (Guy Smiley)


725. 2-headed monster reads a story
726. 2-headed monster: "cheese"
727. 2-headed monster: milk cartons
728. 2-headed monster: SHADOW
729. 2-headed monster: surprise
730. E&B: Ernie brings home a puppy
731. Forgetful Jones and Clementine in the dark
732. Forgetful Jones gives Buster a bath
733. Forgetful Jones tries to remember what he needs to ride around the ranch
734. Game Show: The School Game
735. Game Show: What Happens Next? (Gordon and a Dinger with Maria)
736. Gladys the cow applies for a cowgirl job at the double-bar R ranch
737. Grover's Walk Lecture
738. Here Is Your Life: Sneaker
739. Kermit and Elmo: happy/sad
740. Kermit and Herry: what's inside Herry Monster
741. Letter of the Day: E (Hosted by Guy Smiley)
742. Lifestyles of the Big and Little, with Dickie Tick
743. Miami Mice: Kermit tries to interview the Mice about adventure
744. Miami Mice: Rubber Duckie at the (cerrado) repair shop
745. Monsterpiece Theater: The Sound of Music
746. News Flash: Boston T Party
747. News Flash: The Tortoise And The Hare (rematch)
748. Pageant: Food we eat (featuring Leo the Party Monster
749. Professor Grover talks about listening
750. Song: Do-Wop Hop (Kermit)
751. Song: I Have A Little Plant (Ernie)
752. Song: I Think That It Is Wonderful
753. Song: Imagine That (Ernie)
754. Song: Kermit's Swamp Alphabet
755. Song: Let's Go Driving In An Automobile
756. Song: My Apple Tree And Me (Ernie)
757. Song: Nap Time (E&B)
758. Song: On My Pond (Kermit)
759. Song: Opposites (Bip Bipadotta & 2 cows)
760. Song: Put Down The Duckie (original version)
761. Song: Rappin' Alphabet (Grover break-dances)
762. Song: Scratch My Back (Bip Bipadotta, Jack and Jill)
763. Song: We Are A Couple of Grouches (Oscar and Grungetta)
764. Song: We Got a Brand New Baby (Frieda Monster)
765. Song: ZZ Blues
766. The Party Line (hosted by Leo the Party Monster)
767. The Story of Numberella (with The Count)
768. Western: Bad Bart gives the bartender what he deserves


769. 2-headed monster: MOM
770. Bert in the park with Simon the Soundman
771. Billy Dee Williams and a honker count backwards
772. E&B: Caveperson Days - window
773. E&B: Ernie counts fruit
774. E&B: Feelings game
775. E&B: Shopping list
776. Elmo "helps" Kermit demonstrate open and closed
777. Elmo & Robin Williams: Things to do with a stick
778. Elmo, Robin Williams and the 2-headed monster play baseball
779. Ernie's all alone; turns on the radio
780. Game Show: Beat The Time (Elmo as guest)
781. Game Show: The Eating Game
782. Game Show: Where Do I Belong?
783. Gordon reads "Stan And Dan"
784. Grover and Zelda: above/below
785. Grover The Waiter: Waiter's memory
786. Here Is Your Life: 2102 Shady Lane
787. Hoots and the 2-headed monster demonstrate fast and slow music
788. Insert: Oscar displays his trash art to Vincent Van Grouch (Danny DeVito)
789. Kermit demonstrates in and out (with some confused monsters)
790. Kermit demonstrates same and different with two talking balls
791. Kermit talks about necks
792. Live From the Nest: Placido Flamingo in "Peligro
793. Live From the Nest: The Telephone of Brazil (Placido Flamingo)
794. Monsterpiece Theater: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
795. News Flash: Ideas for games (Elmo tries to take over)
796. News Flash: London Fog
797. On Vacation With Guy Smiley
798. Pretty Great Performances: All-Animal Orchestra (with Placido Flamingo and Seiji Ozawa)
799. Robin Williams and a robin talk about their similarites and differences
800. Soap Opera: All My Letters (V)
801. Song: African Alphabet (Ladysmith Black Mambazo & Kermit)
802. Song: Caribbean Amphibian
803. Song: Do De Rubber Duck
804. Song: Don't Walk
805. Song: Healthy Food (Cookie Monster)
806. Song: I Get There (Shelly the Turtle)
807. Song: I Love To Sing (Olivia, Ernie, Oscar and Big Bird)
808. Song: I Wish I Was a Cloud (Snuffy)
809. Song: Listen To The Heart of a Frog (Kermit at the doctor's office)
810. Song: Movin' On
811. Song: One Banana
812. Song: One Fine Face (Ernie and Elmo
813. Song: Readers Of The Open Range
814. Song: Sing Your Synonyms (Let's Call The Whole Thing ...)
815. Song: Spanish Counting Song (Celia Cruz)
816. Song: That's What Counts (The Count)
817. Song: We Are All Earthlings
818. Sully builds a piano
819. The Count takes a job as an elevator operator (to Kermit's detriment)
820. The Count's picnic


821. Bert's away; Ernie calls him on the phone
822. Bert's away; Ernie pretends he's asleep (has newly added music)
823. Chip & Dip and Danny: cat clues
824. E&B: Caveperson Days - wastebasket
825. Ernie's poem about the number 12 ... er, 21 ... er, 12 ...
826. Game Show: The Fairy Tale Newlywed Game
827. Game Show: What's My Job?
828. Great Movie Classics: Casablanca
829. Grover and Karlina: love
830. Here Is Your Life: Carton of eggs
831. In, On and Under, with Dickie Tick
832. Kermit directs Forgetful Jones to go through the door ("Everybody freeze!")
833. Kermit's Mystery Box
834. Monsterpiece Theater: The King and I
835. Monsterpiece Theater: The Taming Of The Shoe
836. News Flash: Cinderella (fairy godmother)
837. News Flash: Seven emotional dwarves
838. News Flash: The NEW "Three Little Pigs" story
839. Song: Air (Bip Bipadotta)
840. Song: Bert's Blanket
841. Song: Best Friend Blues (Ernie and Snuffy)
842. Song: Birdland (Olivia, backed up by Hoots' band)
843. Song: Forty Blocks From My Home
844. Song: I Love My Elbows (Kermit)
845. Song: My Triangle Home (Clementine & cowboys
846. Song: Plants Can Grow High (Ernie)
847. Song: Two Heads Are Better Than One (Herry & 2-head)
848. Song: We're Alive (Kermit)
849. Susan Sarandon and The Count in the rain
850. The Amazing Mumford's disappearing act with Gladys the cow
851. The American Revolution: National Bird Debate
852. The American Revolution: Thomas Jefferson's broken quill
853. Twiddlebugs at the beach


854. Camp Wannagohoma: Island (watch for Roosevelt Franklin!)
855. Cookie Monster and Tara: information - SS #2614
856. Cookie Monster helps the 2-headed monster decide where to go on vacation
857. E&B: Ernie helps Bert imagine being at the park
858. Forgetful Jones looks at himself in the mirror
859. Grover The Waiter: O'Brien's Fast Food
860. Grover The Waiter: Speedy Pizza
861. Insert: Susan Sarandon attends the Meryl Sheep school of acting
862. Kermit directs Forgetful Jones in "Oklahoma"
863. Live From the Nest: Up and Down (Placido Flamingo and Ernie)
864. Monsterpiece Theater: Much Ado About Nothing
865. Monsterpiece Theater: The Old Man And The C
866. Mysterious Theater: Search for Circle
867. Mysterious Theater: The Missing Toast
868. News Flash: Alphabet mine
869. News Flash: First school day in history
870. News Flash: School of Huffing and Puffing
871. News Flash: The Princess And The C
872. News Flash: Thumbelina (Amazing Mumford shrinks Kermit)
873. Pageant: How milk is made
874. Sneak Peek Previews: Telly and Oscar discuss the concept of "some, more, most"
875. Sneak Peek Previews: The Last Emperor
876. Song: Get Along (Kermit, cow, Yip-Yip aliens, Twiddlebugs, greasers)
877. Song: Have You Ever Looked at a Paper Clip (Bert)
878. Song: It's Zydeco
879. Song: Keep The Park Clean For the Pigeons (Bert)
880. Song: Somebody Say Toothpaste
881. Song: Take A Rest (Bert, Cookie & Grover)
882. Song: The Air in the Caribbe'
883. Song: Where My Hairbrush Goes
884. Spaceship Surprise: Planet CH'
885. Spaceship Surprise: Planet SH'
886. Spaceship Surprise: Planet TR'
887. The first annual reunion of all things SH (hosted by Guy Smiley)
888. Three Little Pigs pick the Big Bad Wolf out in a police lineup
889. Western: Sesame Street Movie Classics presents "High 12"


890. Captain Elmo Cousteau finds the treasure of the missing soap
891. Charro Song (Linda Ronstadt, Elmo, Parker Monster)
892. Cookie Monster demonstrates fast and slow
893. E&B: Heavy and light
894. Ernie and Cookie Monster count zero cookies
895. Guy Smiley takes his studio audience to lunch
896. Monsterpiece Theater: Guys and Dolls
897. Monsterpiece Theater: One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest
898. Monsterpiece Theater: Twelve Angry Men
899. Mysterious Theater: Dial M For Mother
900. News Flash: Kermit talks to a little bird with divorced parents
901. Pageant: Island
902. Prairie Dawn directs Grover in "Singin' In The Rain"
903. Pretty Great Performances: James Galway as guest
904. Song: Air (Guy Smiley)
905. Song: Cluck Around The Clock (Chris & Alphabeats)
906. Song: Eight Balls of Fur
907. Song: Go Baby Go (Chris & Alphabeats)
908. Song: I Love Trash (remake)
909. Song: Important (Clementine and Elmo)
910. Song: It Sure Is Hot (Hace Calor)
911. Song: Love The Ocean (Frank and Annette Monster)
912. Song: Mountain of Love (Little Jerry and the Monotones)
913. Song: Six Kids in the Classroom (countdown)
914. Song: 16 Samba
915. Song: Waitin' At The Bus Stop For You (Polly Darton)
916. Western: Billy The Grownup vs. Noel Cowherd
917. Yip-Yip Aliens: faucet
918. Yip-Yip Aliens: stars, moon, pigs, earth


919. A diva (Louise Gold) rehearses the alphabet
920. A word from your local chicken (Gordon interprets)
921. Bert tries his pigeon call in the park
922. Elmo and Blair Underwood count to 16
923. Elmo talks about sleep
924. Fat Blue goes to Pizzeria Dos
925. Grover The Waiter: Bell system
926. Grover The Waiter: Grover delays Fat Blue's plane to South America
927. Grover The Waiter: Outdoor café
928. Hoots and Whoopi Goldberg talk about being proud
929. Monsterpiece Theater: Cyranose DeBergerac
930. Monsterpiece Theater: Inside, Outside ("West Side Story" parody)
931. Monsterpiece Theater: Monster In a Box
932. Monsterpiece Theater: Monsters of Venice
933. Praire Dawn and Cookie Monster demonstrate the face
934. Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster walk in the woods and talk about smells
935. Rainbow Fish: 5
936. Rainbow Fish: 8
937. Soap Opera: Sounds Of Our Lives
938. Song: Ah Choo (Cow, pig, horse, sheep)
939. Song: Barn In The USA
940 Song: Brush Brush Boogie (The SHAGri-las, Maria, Luis, Mr. Handford)
941. Song: Cerrado/Abierto (2-part song featuring Maria)
942. Song: Four Lambs
943. Song: Good Morning (Herry Monster)
944. Song: Heavy and Light (Telly and Elmo)
945. Song: How Should I Tell You I Love You? (Randy Travis and Telly)
946. Song: I Get a Kick Out Of U (Ethel Mermaid)
947. Song: Important (Oinker Sisters)
948. Song: It Takes a Pond Full of Plants
949. Song: Measuring (The Count, Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates)
950. Song: Rap & Count (The Count with Kid N' Play)
951. Song: Stick Out Your Hand And Say Hello (Bert and Rick Moranis)
952. Song: Lambaba (The Count counts sheep)
953. Song: The Good Ship Wet / The Desert Dry
954. Song: Three (Prairie Dawn, Herry Monster and Elmo)
955. Song: You Gotta Ask Some Questions (Randy Travis and Muppets
956. Song: You Gotta Have M
957. Telly as Monster on the Spot: Here and There (Library and airport)
958. The Adventures of Prairie Dawn: Kumquat
959. The Adventures of Prairie Dawn: Saving energy


960. Al's Alphabet Repair
961. Biff describes to Daniel (a blind kid) the scene at the park
962. Colambo: The Lost Slipper Caper
963. Colambo: Tom the Piper's Son (Dave Goelz as Tom)
964. Cookie Monster and Annette Benning demonstrate here and there
965. Cookie Monster and Lexie: Letter Z
966. Elmo and Tim Robbins on surprise
968. Grover The Waiter: Grover tries to help Fat Blue relax on a plane
969. Monsterpiece Theater: Hamlet
970. Prairie Dawn and Elmo in space
971. Song: 14 Carrot Love (Polly Darton, Benny Rabbit)
972. Song: Big Wolf Family
973. Song: I Can Sing Anything With You (Herry and Louise)
974. Song: I Get By With a Little Yelp From My Friends
975. Song: In South America
976. Song: Once Is Not Enough
977. Song: That's How We Got Here (Flowers, bird, bunnies)
978. Song: The Ballad of Slippery Slim
979. Song: Throw It My Way (Oscar)
980. Telly hosts "The Wide Wide World of the World" with guest Mel Gibson


981. Alphabet Chat: B
982. Simon Soundman in a fine China shop
983. Song: Wet and Dry (Little Chrissy)
984. Cookie Monster learns not to litter in the forest
985. Grover The Waiter: Grover competes with Pigno Monster
986. Song: Elephant Elevator Operator

Year Unknown

987. Caveman Days: getting to school?
988. Cookie Monster has a nightmare about meeting a giant, talking "monster cookie"
989. Director Kermit on the set with Gladys the cow
990. E&B: Pretending to be a tree in order to attract birds (with Mona )
991. Game Show: Beat the Time (with Grover as guest)
992. Game Show: The Trading Game
993. Grover the Waiter: Grover serves The Count hot dogs
994. Grover, Herbert Birdsfoot and the AN family (3-part sketch)
995. Hill Street Twos
996. Miami Mice with The Count
997. Mysterious Theater: The Mystery of the Missing Cat
998. News Flash: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
999. News Flash: Jack Be Nimble
1000. News Flash: Little Miss Muffet
1001. News Flash: Pinocchio
1002. News Flash: Spaceship on Old MacDonald's farm
1003. Song: Google Bugle (Cookie Monster)
1004. Song: Has Anybody Seen My Dog?
1005. Song: I Wonder 'Bout The World Above Up There (Kermit and kids)
1006. Song: Long Time No See (A barber cuts someone's extra-long hair)
1007. Song: One Potato (The Count)
1008. Song: Sad (Little Jerry & Monotones)
1009. Song: There's A Hole in the Bucket
1010. Story: The Boy, The Girl and The Jellybeans (3-part sketch?)
1011. The American Revolution: Washington Crossing the Delaware
1012. The Count Counts 4 Kids Rolling On A Yellow Tumbling Mat (12/28/1977)
1013. The Count makes a figure 8 while he's ice skating (person in costume- Circa 1974-1979)
1014. Oscar Blows Whistle At The Ice Skating Rink- Other Muppets Come Out In Stage (person in costume- Circa 1974-1979)
1015. Big Bird and Snuffy at the Ice Skating Rink (person in costume- Circa 1974-1979), as seen on Sesame Street Episode #926, Letters I, & Number 2 in circa 1976.
1016. News Flash: Princess and the Cookie with 10 Matresses (Cookie Monster & Kermit the Frog the News Reporter w/ Smarts the AM- Circa 1971)
1017. Bicycle Argument (Cookie Monster, Herry Monster with Kermit the Frog- Circa 1974-1980)
1018. Farley Next to the door talking about surprise- he hears knocks, Herry Monster Breaks Down Farley's Door, and pushes Farley to the wall. (Circa 1973)
1019. 25 Years of Hooper's Store by Mr. Hooper (Played by Will Lee) (The Count and Bert- Circa 1976)
1020. Grover and the Exit Sign (Grover w/Little Jerry and the Monotones- Circa 1970)
1021. Herbert Birdsfoot and Cookie Monster: Demonstration about opening and closing the lid with cookies in it (by pulling the rope)- Cookie Monster destroys lid by eating cookies (Circa 1971-1972)
1022. Oscar the Grouch: Oscar hates H words, Hello, Ha-Ha, and Happy (from Sesame Street Episode #162, Oscar's Stop Signs letters H, & Number 12 in 1970)
1023. Oscar and Kermit the Frog- Oscar's Bus Stop sign at Kermit's House (Oscar visits Kermit's House about Grouch Transit)
1024. Oscar and the Grouch Keteers does the closing line about Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letters K, Z and number 7 (from Sesame Street Episode #1041- Buffy sings Cripple Creek with Buster the Horse, letters K, Z, and number 7 in 1977)
1025. Oscar the Grouch: Oscar's Stop Signs illustration to Mr. Hooper, Bob and Gordon opening scene (from Sesame Street Episode #162, Oscar's Stop Signs letters H, & Number 12 in 1970)

David Ho


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Mar 26, 2006
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Isn't that a bit too impossible for two reasons

1) Most of those skits might be in certain episodes and you might need a season set to view all those clips.

2) Remeber DVD's have a certain space you can't expect to watch all Ernie and Bert sketches on one disc


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Sep 7, 2003
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the butterfly pagent skit

hi deith

rember me cartman

i got 4 question for you

1who said get out of the cacoon bert?

2who said "i am a butterfly"

can you tell me the overview of the butterfly pagent skit with bert and herry

tell me what happen first?

what happen secord?

what happen third?

what happen 4th

what happen last??


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Oct 12, 2006
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Hi, I just joined and was wondering where I could find a particular song. I found it already in your database. Thank you. It is 527, I'm a Baby. Now how do I get the song so I can hear it again ? Sharon
I'm a Baby Ga Ga GOO GOO Wa Wa Wa


Oct 9, 2006
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GeeBee said:
You know, consistently speaking, the man dropping his shoes upstairs would have to be Gordon.
And, you know, at first glance, the phrase, "The Man Upstairs" reminds me of the old euphemism for God.


Apr 15, 2002
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OK, I never thought I'd be able to reply in a SS thread, I am far from an expert....but I am watching tapes of Plaza Sesamo that I taped months ago...and I have at least one sketch to add. I don't know the year, but it's early enough that Kermit has his double collar.

Kermit and Grover: (this is based on Spanish translation, but should be close) Up and Down- (could be top and bottom)Kermit explains up and down while Grover climbs a very tall staircase. Kermit makes him keep climbing up to the top for the demonstration, but meets him at the top because Kermit "took the elevator". Grover is so exhausted and frustrated that when he hears "the elevator", he falls halfway down and Kermit says, "Now he showed the WRONG way to go DOWN the stairs!" Can anyone verify this? As I watch more older Plaza Sesamos, I may be able to add a few others that are rare to see in English.

-Jennifer K. (Donna Music, I post very rarely)


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Sep 26, 2003
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I hate to say this, but several of the dates are actually wrong for the skits. Here are correct dates for some to my knowledge...

Sesame Street News: Rapunzel (1971)
Sesame Street News: The Pig's Straw House (1971)
Sesame Street News: Christopher Columbus (1971-1972)
Sesame Street News: The Pied Piper (1971)
Sesame Street News: Little Miss Muffet (1971-1972)
Sesame Street News: Sleeping Beauty (both versions) (1972)
Sesame Street News: The Count counts the Three Pigs (1972)
Sesame Street News: Humpty Dumpty (1975)
Sesame Street News: Hey Diddle Diddle (1976)
Sesame Street News: Pinocchio (1976-1978)
Sesame Street News: Aladdin's Lamp (1977)
Sesame Street News: The Six-Dollar Man (1978)
Sesame Street News: The Elves and the Shoemaker (1979)
Sesame Street News: The First Day of School (1980)
Sesame Street News: Warren Wolf (1981)
Sesame Street News: Piper's Pickled Peppers (1981)
Sesame Street News: Princess Chooses a Prince (1983)
Sesame Street News: The Old Woman in a Shoe (1983)
Sesame Street News: Mary's Little Lamb (1984)
Sesame Street News: The Three Pigs' Feelings (1985)
Sesame Street News: The First Day of School in History (1984-1986)
Sesame Street News: Ideeeeeeeeas for Games (1986)
Sesame Street News: Suzanne Farrell's Battements (1986)
Sesame Street News: The Tortoise and the Hare Rematch (1987)
Sesame Street News: The London Fog (1987)
Sesame Street News: The Boston Tea Party (1988)
Sesame Street News: Old MacDonald's Health Farm (1989)
Sesame Street News: The Big Bad Wolf's School for Huffing and Puffing (1989)
Sesame Street News: The Princess and the "C" (1990)
Sesame Street News: The Bird's Parents (1990)

Monsterpiece Theater: Me, Claudius (1981)
Monsterpiece Theater: Upstairs, Downstairs (1982)
Monsterpiece Theater: Chariots of Fur (1983)
Monsterpiece Theater: The Sound of Music (1988)
Monsterpiece Theater: The King and I (1989)
Monsterpiece Theater: Twelve Angry Men (1991)
Monsterpiece Theater: Cyranose de Bergerac (1991)
Monsterpiece Theater: The 400 Blows (1992)

Kermit, Fannie and Shola count body parts (1971)

All Baker Films and "Jazzy Spies" skits from 1969.

All Mysterious Theater skits from 1991.

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Sep 15, 2004
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1969 skit

Kermit talking about more and less demonstrating with two glasses of milk, a usual visit from cookie monster then joined the other scary monsters in the end.
Jun 24, 2007
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On #242, it was Herry, not Grover, who counts to 20 with Jon Jon. Grover did count to 10 backwards as well as forwards. Don't forget when Jon Jon's elated "<UNINTELLIGIBLE SCREAM, ONE, YAY!"