Scooby-Doo and the Muppet Babies' Hassle in the Castle!


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Sep 26, 2003
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Here's another one of my combining a classic "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!" episode with the original Muppet Babies; this time, the tots accompany the gang in the classic mystery "Hassle in the Castle!" I used a few bits from the "Muppet Babies" episode "Muppetland," largely due to Gonzo's spooky haunted house ride and a reference to the "Phantom of the Opera." And there's plenty of lampshade hanging from the babies and the trademark live-action cutaways, as per usual...



We see a creepy old castle on an eerie deserted island. From one of the towers, a ghostly figure, the Phantom, looks through a telescope on a balcony. He sees a boat off in the distance.

On the boat, Fred is driving, while Daphne, Velma, Baby Kermit, Baby Piggy, Baby Scooter, Baby Skeeter, Baby Rowlf, Baby Gonzo, Baby Fozzie and Scooby-Doo are behind him.

Daphne: You sure picked a spooky day to go boating, Freddy. And this might not be good for our companions, the Muppet Babies.

Fred: Well it didn’t start out that way. What could have happened? Besides, Nanny had to go to her swimming aerobics class and we have to watch the babies for her.

Velma: It’s very simple. When the barometric pressure dropped and the warm offshore air came in contact…

Scooby: Ruh? (gulps)

Baby Gonzo: HUH?!

Velma: (continuing) …with an inland cold front, we ran into some unnavigable nebulation.

Fred: You’re right, Velma, whatever you said.

Baby Fozzie: Could you repeat it in English, please?

Velma: I said we’re lost in a fog.

Shaggy and Baby Animal come up from a doorway on the boat.

Shaggy: You buzzed? (we hear a laughing audience)

Baby Rowlf: Is it just me, or do I hear a laugh track of some kind?

Velma: No, Shaggy. Go back to sleep.

Shaggy: Sleep nothing. I’m fixing me a Super Shaggy Sandwich.

Baby Animal: Super sandwich! Yababababababababa! (they go back down)

Scooby slurps his tongue, as we see Shaggy holding a gigantic sandwich. Baby Animal watches in delight. Scooby peeks from a window.

Shaggy: Like, WOW! My favorite! A double triple-decker sardine and marshmallow fudge sandwich.

Baby Piggy: (watching from another window) That’s gross!

Shaggy: Open the mouth, between the gums, look out stomach, here it comes.

Shaggy’s about to eat it, but Scooby snatches it up in his mouth and eats it, only leaving the olive. The laugh track is heard again.

Shaggy: Well, at least you left me the olive.

Shaggy almost eats the olive, but Scooby eats that as well.

Shaggy: With him around, I can’t even get a bite in edgewise.

Baby Animal: Naughty dog, naughty dog! Yababababababababa!

Suddenly the boat crashes into something. We see old stock footage of cars falling off a cliff and crashing. We see them from a long shot on the boat, as they are purple.

Daphne: Now what happened?

Baby Gonzo: We turned purple!

Fred: Looks like we’ve run aground.

Shaggy: (now their colors are normal) Yeah, but like, where?

Velma: Well, if I’m not mistaken, it looks like we’re stuck on Haunted Isle.

Shaggy: I’m sorry I asked.

Baby Fozzie: H-h-haunted Isle?

Fred: The old Vasquez Castle’s on this island. Maybe we can find help there.

Baby Gonzo: Get help from a ghost or goblin or vampire? I don’t think so.

They walk on the island as we hear a kookaburra bird calling.

Daphne: This sure is a creepy place.

Shaggy: Yeah, a regular gruesome camp.

Baby Skeeter: And it sounds like a jungle!

Scooby-Doo sniffs something as he and Baby Fozzie walk along. They see a yellowed piece of paper move along on the ground.

Scooby: Huh?

It moves along, as Scooby and Fozzie follow it. Then Scooby hides behind a rock, and just as the squiggling paper comes out, Scooby removes the paper to reveal a live crab underneath. We see a live-action clip of a real crab, and then Scooby giggles at it until the crab pinches Scooby’s nose.

Scooby: OW!

Scooby and Fozzie run away from the crab, the paper in Scooby’s mouth.

Shaggy: Like, what’s with Scooby-Doo?

Baby Piggy: I guess he and Fozzie saw a ghost.

Scooby and Fozzie skid up to the rest of the gang, covering all of them in sand. Scooby brushes off the lumps that are Fred and Kermit to reveal their faces.

Fred: Hey! If you want to play in the sand Scooby, leave us out of it, huh?

Baby Kermit: Yeah! Frogs don’t make good sandcastles!

Scooby: Look! (mutters something incomprehensible)

Fred: (takes the paper out of Scooby’s mouth) Hey, what’s this? It’s a torn piece of map. (he moves it up a bit and the back reads “DANGER LEAVE HAUNTED ISLE”)

Scooby: (reading it) Eee-A-in-gee-E-R. Danger?!

Baby Gonzo: And I thought danger was spelled D-A-N-G-E-R!

Scooby snatches the map away and shows them the other side.

Fred: Hey!

Shaggy: Look, it’s like a message!

Fred: It says, “Danger, leave Haunted Isle.”

Velma: It sure looks like someone is trying to scare us off this island.

Baby Fozzie: (gulps) I wish we didn’t go out boating today. Now look what happened!

Daphne: But who? And why?

Fred: I don’t know, gang, but looks like we found ourselves another mystery. And maybe we’ll find the answer at that old pirate castle. Come on, let’s go.

Scooby: Roh no!

Baby Fozzie: You said it.

Baby Piggy: Why do these little outings often turn into mysteries?

The Scooby gang and the Muppet Babies walk through the woods. The phantom peeks from behind a rock. Then they come up to the castle.

Fred: Well, here it is. Old Vasquez Castle.

They go in.

Shaggy: Man, what a pad for a scary!

They all peek in a room with old knight armor and furniture with cobwebs.

Velma: The place looks deserted.

Fred: (as they see a portrait) That’s Vasquez the pirate. He sailed the seas of 1612.

Baby Gonzo: Did the Pilgrims run into him?

Baby Piggy: (honks Gonzo’s nose) Get your facts straight, Torpedo Nose!

Baby Gonzo: Torpedo Nose? Gee, I was just starting to like “Bazooka Beak!”

Daphne: (as they continue walking along) He must have used this castle as a hideout.

Fred: Come on, let’s take a look around.

They walk out of view, and we see the phantom again. Then the gang enters another room doing their usual walk cycle.

Baby Rowlf: (to Baby Kermit) Do they ALWAYS walk like that?

Shaggy: Man, like plenty spooky!

Scooby begins whistling as he walks along.

Velma: I once read these old castles were loaded with traps.

Daphne: Oh Velma, don’t be silly. That only happens in MOVIES!!! (falls down a trapdoor)

Baby Piggy: Uh-oh! (she falls down the trapdoor right after Daphne, the door shuts)

Velma: Daphne! Daphne!

Baby Gonzo: Oh no! My beloved swine has fallen intro a trap!

Fred: W-w-what happened?

Velma: Daphne fell through a trapdoor!

Baby Scooter: So did Piggy!

They hear ghoulish laughter.

Shaggy: ZOINKS! (runs off)

Scooby: Yow! (also runs off)

Baby Fozzie: Aaaah! (runs off as well)

We see Velma running as she struggles to carry Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, Baby Fozzie, Baby Gonzo and Baby Kermit as the other babies follow. The laugh track is heard, and then they slam the door.

Now they all walk down a hallway, still without Daphne and Piggy.

Fred: Come on! We gotta find Daphne and Baby Piggy.

Shaggy: But… but what about that la-a-a-a-a-augh?

Baby Animal: (imitates evil laugh) Hoo-hoo-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Velma: It was probably… just the wind.

Shaggy: Well that’s the first wind I ever heard with a sense of humor.

Baby Gonzo: It’s NEVER “just the wind!” It’s always like that on TV!

Fred: Come on, Scooby. Put your nose to work.

Scooby: Right! (begins sniffing)

We see some kind of door with a wooden slide under it. We hear banging from in the door.

Daphne: (from inside) Let me out of here! Let me out of here!

Baby Piggy: Somebody help me!

The door opens, and Daphne and Piggy slide down from it.

Daphne: Wow. I wonder how I get out of this creepy intersect.

Baby Piggy: I guess this is why Freddy calls you ‘Danger-Prone Daphne.’

Daphne: Well, my intuition tells me… that way!

They begin to walk off, just as a semi-transparent green ghoulish hand nearly grabs them.

The others continue walking down a hallway. Shaggy, Scooby and Fozzie all whistle, but then…

Shaggy: Stop that whistling, you make me nervous!

Scooby gulps. We hear the laughing audience again.

Baby Fozzie: The laugh track doesn’t seem nervous.

Now we see Shaggy, Scooby, Gonzo, Fozzie and Animal standing alone in the hallway.

Shaggy: Uh-oh. Like, uh… which way did they go?

A skull’s eyes light up and it speaks…

Skull: They went that a way!

Shaggy: Oh, thanks, man!

Skull: ‘Sall right.

Shaggy, Scooby, Gonzo and Fozzie all gulp. Then they yelp and run off and get to a knights’ armor holding an axe.

Shaggy: Like, wow! A talking skull.

Scooby: I row!

Baby Fozzie: I saw it, too!

Shaggy: I’m so scared, I wish I had a ham sandwich to calm my nerves!

A sandwich floats down from up the screen.

Shaggy: Well, whaddaya know. A ham sandwich! (grabs it)

Baby Gonzo: Should we tell him?

Scooby: Ruh-uh!

Baby Animal: Nope!

Shaggy: Wouldn’t you know, it needs some mustard. (a mustard can falls down, too) This has gotta be my imagination, otherwise I’d be scared stiff!

Scooby: Ruh? (slurps his tongue)

Baby Gonzo: I’m not that hungry right now.

Shaggy: Hmm… now, maybe my imagination can like, cut it in half?

The axe comes down and cuts the sandwich in half.

Shaggy: Ohhhhh! (swipes away)

Shaggy grabs the sandwich and runs away with Scooby and the babies. Then we see Daphne and Baby Piggy hiding behind a wall, with Daphne holding a pot, and Baby Piggy with a boxing glove. We hear running footsteps in the difference.

Daphne: Someone’s coming!

Baby Piggy: You get the head, I get the bottom.

Shaggy runs in, and Daphne hits Shaggy on the hid with the pot. Baby Piggy also winds up socking Baby Gonzo in the gut.

Daphne: Shaggy!

Baby Piggy: And Gonzo!

Shaggy: (as he sees stars) Oh, hi Daphne. (slides down and falls to the ground)

Baby Gonzo: She hit my gut, it must be love… (falls over as well)

Now Fred, Velma, Scooby-Doo, and the rest of the babies join up.

Velma: Hey, look. Shaggy found Daphne.

Baby Skeeter: And Gonzo found Piggy.

Fred: For once, Shaggy used his head.

Shaggy: (moans)

Baby Kermit: Are you two all right?

Shaggy: Yeah… just as soon as I have six or seven sandwiches.

Velma: He’s all right, all right.

Baby Gonzo: And as soon as I return my love to Piggy!

Baby Piggy: HE’S all right, too.

Suddenly they hear the eerie laughter and whooping again as the ghostly Phantom comes up to them. We briefly see old black-and-white footage of a similar ghost.)

Shaggy: There’s that crazy wind again!

Daphne: Crazy wind, nothing. Look!

They all look and see the Phantom.


Phantom: I warned you. Leave Haunted Isle and never return! The Phantom has spoken. (laughs dementedly and floats off)

Fred, Shaggy, Scooby, Baby Kermit, Baby Gonzo and Baby Animal all run after the Phantom.

Fred: Grab that Phantom!

Baby Kermit: And we can yank off his sheet and see who’s underneath it!

They continue running after the Phantom for a bit as he wails and cackles more. Then he stops and stares at them just as the others approach.

Baby Gonzo: Chaaaaarge!

Scooby, Fred, Shaggy, Kermit, Gonzo and Animal all leap at the Phantom, but go flying right through him and crash into a wall. Then the Phantom walks right into a wall and disappears through it.

Fred: D-d-di-di-d-did you see that?!

Scooby: R-ry-ry-ry-y-ryeah!

Shaggy: Like, he went right through the wall… nonstop!

Baby Gonzo: Then that means it’s gotta be real!

Velma: There’s a very logical explanation for all this.

Shaggy: Quick, tell me.

Velma: The place is haunted!

Shaggy: (sarcastically) Thanks a lot! Why don’t we take that phantom man’s advice and clear out of this place?

Scooby: (nodding) Ryeah, ryeah, ryeah!

Fred: No, Shag, we’re not going!

Scooby facepalms with his right paw.

Baby Fozzie: We should’ve known!

Shaggy: Like, why not?

Fred: Three good reasons, Shaggy. First, no phantom’s gonna scare us away. Second, why does he want us off this island so bad? And third, we’re marooned.

Shaggy: I’ll buy that last one

Baby Kermit: And a fourth reason is, I want to find out how this Phantom pulled off those transparency and hovering effects! That is… (gulps) if the Phantom is a fake.

Daphne: Hey, fellas, over here. A clue! (holds up a large silver key) Look, I found a key in this old chest. It must belong to the phantom!

Fred: Hey, there’s some writing on it. It says, “Second Passage of the Old Bell.”

Daphne: Second Passage?

Shaggy: Old Bell?

Fred: There’s no old bell in this old castle.

Baby Rowlf: There isn’t even a bell tower here!

Scooby: Hmm…

Velma: I’ve got it! The word “passage” must mean a passage in a book.

Baby Scooter: Exactly!

Fred: Then the “Old Bell” must be the name of a book!

Scooby: Rat’s right. Ryeah!

Baby Gonzo: (dramatically) A-ha!

Baby Animal: Aaaah, Old Bell! Yababababababababa!

Daphne: And, the best place to find a book is in the library.

Fred: Right, come on.

Nearby, the eyes on the portrait of Vasquez shift from side to side.

Baby Gonzo: Did anyone else notice the painting’s looking at us?

We fade to inside the castle library as the gang is reading the “The Old Bell” book at a table, as the babies stand nearby.

Fred: Well, this is the book called “The Old Bell.” And look, in the second passage, the word “catacombs” is underlined in red.

Velma: And if my knowledge of history is correct, we should find catacombs in the basement.

Baby Skeeter: Yeah! What’s a spooky old castle without catacombs?

Sometime later, down in the castle’s basement, the Mystery Inc. gang and the Muppet Babies are standing at a huge old wooden door…

Fred: This is the place.

Fred inserts the large key into the door’s lock and opens it. They all peek inside the catacombs, with cobwebs and eerie decorations everywhere. Piggy notices a lit candelabra…

Baby Piggy: If this room was locked up, then why are those candles burning?

Fred: OK, Scooby. Go in and take a look around. We’ll keep watch out here.

Scooby: Ryou’re kidding!

Fred: No, I’m not kidding.

Scooby crouches down and begins clutching his stomach, pretending to moan and yelp sickly.

Daphne: There he goes again, with his fake wounded routine.

Velma: What a ham!

Baby Skeeter: No, he’s pretending to be sick, not wounded!

Baby Fozzie: How can you be so sure he’s not really sick?

Baby Rowlf: Fozzie, we’ve been around Scooby for so long we know all his tricks!

Baby Fozzie: Oh yeah, I knew that.

Scooby continues with his “sick” routine and then lies on the floor with his front paws over his head.

Baby Kermit: I think I know what’ll get him to go…

Fred: Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?

Scooby: Ruh-uh.

Fred: How about two?

Scooby: (looks up uncertainly) Three?

Fred: OK, three.

Scooby immediately perks up and catches the Scooby Snacks Fred tosses him in his mouth and eats them…

Scooby: Rooby-doooo! (runs right into the catacombs)

Baby Kermit: See? What’d I tell you?

Scooby-Doo skids to a halt inside the catacombs and looks around a bit…

Scooby: Rhuh?

He notices a magician’s top hat and wand sitting on a table. He peeks in and then reaches into the hat, pulling out a rabbit. Then he puts it back in and gives a perplexed look…

Scooby: Rhuh?

All the while, the laugh track continues. Outside the catacombs room…

Baby Piggy: What is taking that dog so long?

Baby Gonzo: Well, something must be going on in there, since I can still hear that laugh track going.

In the catacombs, Scooby taps the top of the hat, but nothing else comes out. He peeks into find it empty. Then he picks up the magic wand and taps it on the hat and two flowers suddenly grow from in the hat. As Scooby suspiciously looks at the flowers, one of them squirts water in his face! He squishes the flowers back into the hat…

Scooby: (shrugs) Hmmm… (whistles to the others)

Daphne: Scooby says it’s OK.

Baby Skeeter: So let’s go!

Everyone else walks into the room and sees a bunch of magic equipment set up in addition to the top hat and wand…

Shaggy: Man! Look at all that crazy magic stuff! A saw-them-in-two box. Disappearing cabinets. Levitating tables. Gosh!

Baby Gonzo: I wonder how they work? Maybe I could try being a great magician… The Amazing Gonzo! (takes bows)

Baby Piggy: Good. Then learn to disappear, why don’t you?! (honks Gonzo’s nose)

Daphne: But what’s all this magic stuff doing here?

Velma: I think I’m beginning to figure it out.

Baby Fozzie: Maybe the Phantom wants to get in the spirit of magic! Get it? Spirit? Phantom? Wocka-wocka!

An unseen crowd is heard booing and a tomato ends up flying into Fozzie’s face!

Scooby: Rhuh? Roh boy! (starts slurping the tomato juice off of Fozzie)

Baby Fozzie: OK, cut it out! I know it was not my best joke!

Then they hear footsteps.

Fred: Shhh! Somebody’s coming. Quick! Into the closet. Hurry!

The Scooby gang and the Muppet Babies all run into a closet and the door closes behind them. Then they hear no other sounds…

Fred: Whoever it was… must’ve gone away.

They hear the Phantom’s eerie cackles and moans. Sure enough, they find the Phantom floating in front of them.

Daphne: Look! The Phantom!


Phantom: I warned you to leave the island. Now you will PAY!

Shaggy: I’ll pay! I’ll pay! How about four bits? (holds up a couple of coins)

Baby Scooter: Since when do you collect Spanish coins, Shaggy?

Fred: Not that kind of pay. Let’s get out of here!

They break down the closet door and flee. Shaggy, Velma, Baby Gonzo and Rowlf run inside the disappearing cabinets, and the Phantom floats right into the one Shaggy ran into. Velma and Rowlf run out of the cabinet they got into, and the other opens to reveal Scooby-Doo and Baby Animal sitting there.

Baby Animal: Presto! Yababababababababa!

Scooby: Rhuh?!

They catch sight of Shaggy now trapped in the sawing box as a saw levitates on its’ own and cuts into the box.

Shaggy: Help! HELP!!!

Velma: SHAGGY!

Baby Gonzo: Who’s using that saw?!

Shaggy: HELP!

We briefly see live-action black-and-white footage of a woman being sawed in half in a similar box.

Velma: (goes over to the box) Shaggy!!!

The saw goes right through the center of the box and floats away. Both halves of the box fall off their sawhorses, and the half containing Shaggy’s feet walks off. But the other half has what’s really a static dummy head in Shaggy’s likeness that topples over.

Velma: Hey! This is just a dummy head.

The other half of the box stops walking and Shaggy pops out in one piece.

Shaggy: Someone mention me?

Baby Gonzo: No, we were wondering where that dummy head in your likeness came from.

Meanwhile, Fred, Daphne, Scooby-Doo, Baby Rowlf and Baby Scooter are all running together as the Phantom continues chasing after them laughing dementedly. They dash through a doorway and come across a carpet rolled up on a table with a sign reading “Magic Carpet” placed above it.

Fred: Hey, look!

Daphne: A magic carpet.

They roll it out onto the floor and sit on it together.

Fred: I hope this trick works.

Baby Scooter: Yeah; I’ve never flown on a real magic carpet before!

Fred: Alley-go-oop!

The carpet begins to levitate above the floor and starts flying through the hallway.

Baby Rowlf: Hey, it actually works!

We briefly see black-and-white live-action footage of someone riding on a magic carpet, and then we cut back to reality with Scooby-Doo running after the carpet.

Scooby: Rait for me!

Scooby bites onto the rear of the carpet and hovers a foot above the ground behind the carpet.

Baby Rowlf: Scooby, no! You’re too heavy!

The carpet flies off-screen, Scooby lets out a scared yelp, and a crash is heard. Scooby tangles up in the carpet and runs into a doorway as Daphne, Fred, Rowlf and Scooter sit on the floor. The door slams shut, and Scooby begins knocking from the other side as he whines in fear. Fred and Daphne open the door and gasp.

Baby Rowlf and Scooter: The Phantom!!!

They slam the door.

Scooby: Rhuh?

The Phantom comes up from behind Scooby and lets out his maniacal moans and cackles. Scooby scrambles in fear as the Phantom floats towards him and crashes through the door, leaving the carpet behind.

In another part of the castle, Baby Gonzo, Kermit, Piggy and Fozzie jog through a darkened hallway.

Baby Gonzo: I gotta admit, this castle is pretty neat now!

Baby Kermit: Gosh, it’s kind of… (gulps) …scary in here, Gonzo!

Baby Gonzo: I know, but that’s what makes it fun, especially since we found all that magic stuff!

Baby Piggy: Gonzo! Get us out of here!

Baby Gonzo: Uh, don’t worry. I think we’re safe from ghosts and phantoms for now.

Baby Skeeter: (from off-screen) Oh, no you’re not!

The babies see Baby Skeeter’s smiling face approaching them from the darkness with a light shining underneath, giving her face a spooky appearance. We briefly see black-and-white live-action footage of Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera, letting out a ghoulish laugh. The four other babies scream in terror, but then see that Skeeter is perfectly fine and holding the flashlight.

Baby Skeeter: Sorry, I thought the Phantom was coming.

Baby Gonzo: Whew. We thought YOU were the Phantom!

Baby Skeeter: Well, we shouldn’t have split up from the others this way! Who knows where we are now?!

Off in the distance, they can hear the Phantom’s eerie moaning and laughing, followed by Scooby-Doo yelping.

Baby Gonzo: That sounds like Scooby-Doo! This way!

They run towards the direction of the sound. A little later, the five of them have reunited with the rest of the babies and the Scooby-Doo gang.

Fred: Well, we’ve lost him. And we’re all together again.

Shaggy: Groovy.

Fred: Now, we’ve gotta catch him.

Shaggy: N-n-not groovy!

Daphne: Well, it we’re ever gonna solve this mystery… but how?

Baby Kermit: Yeah! This Phantom is a translucent ghost that floats through walls!

Fred: Simple. And with just a few things. (gestures towards some things in the room) That suit of armor and crossbow… that cannonball and old spring…

Baby Gonzo: Heh, I smell a Rube Goldberg contraption coming up!

Sometime later, Fred shows everyone the finished trap.

Shaggy: I gotta hand it to ya, Fred. You really know how to build a better mousetrap!

Fred: Or in this case, a better phantom trap.

Shaggy: But what good is it? We can’t catch a phantom!

Baby Kermit: Right! Like I said, he’s hovering and transparent!

Fred: I have a hunch that we can catch this one. Right, Velma?

Velma: Check. But first, we’ll have to find him and lure him here.

Daphne: But how do we find the Phantom?

Fred: We don’t. Scooby does!

Scooby: Rooby does?

Baby Fozzie: Why does it have to be Scooby? Why can’t Animal go instead?

Baby Animal: Phantom catcher! Yabababababababa!

Fred: That’s a great idea! Scooby and Animal can both do it. (points to Scooby) With your super-sleuth nose, and Animal’s keen sense of vision in the dark, you’ll both be able to spot and sniff him out!

Scooby rushes over to a corner, wraps himself in a blanket and sits on a stool, soaking his feet in a tub of water. Scooby sneezes a couple of times.

Baby Animal: Bless you!

Baby Piggy: Oh, not again!

Daphne: Well, look at him!

Scooby: Rah-choo! Raah-choo!!! (shivers and points to his nose) Ry nose. Rold in ra nose!

Fred: Cut it out. You don’t have a cold in your nose.

Baby Rowlf: Besides, if you did, I would’ve also caught the cold!

Shaggy: But, uh… like, how do we know the Phantom will chase Scooby-Doo? He’s a dog?

Baby Kermit: And Animal? He’s a, well, an animal.

Scooby continues shivering and faking having a cold.

Baby Fred: Don’t worry. We’ll soon fix that.

Scooby gives an astonished look.

Baby Gonzo: It’s disguise time!

A little while later, Fred pushes Scooby-Doo standing on his hind legs through a doorway. Scooby is dressed up in a trenchcoat, derby hat and a big fake mustache. Baby Animal crawls behind Scooby, also decked in a derby hat and mustache. Scooby begins whimpering nervously.

Fred: Come on, Scooby. Be brave.

Baby Kermit: Yeah, look at Animal!

Baby Animal: Animal now human! Yababababababababababa!

Scooby whimpers some more.

Fred: Just think of Rin Tin Tin. (Scooby whimpers again) Lassie? (Scooby whimpers yet again) John Wayne.

Scooby: (no longer afraid) Rohn Wayne? Rohn Wayne?!

We briefly see live-action footage of John Wayne giving a somewhat confused look.

Fred: Sure, Scooby.

Scooby: Rooby-doo! (begins marching off with a determined look)

Velma: Like I said before, what a ham.

Baby Rowlf: Good luck, Scooby and Animal!

Further down the hallway, Scooby-Doo continues his determined march as Baby Animal crawls close behind.

Scooby: Roo-hoo! Rhantom! Roo-hoo!

Baby Animal: Oh Phantom!

Scooby stops in front of a small table, picks up a vase from the table and peeks into it.

Scooby: Roo-hoo! Rhantom! (puts it down) Rot here.

Scooby turns around and walks off, but as he does so, the Phantom begins to rise from the vase. Scooby and Animal march toward a portrait on the wall of a ghost resembling the Phantom. Scooby lifts up the painting to find an opening in the wall with the Phantom resting his shoulder against the sill.

Scooby: Rello roo-hoo!

He lowers the painting, but then realizes something and gulps. He lifts up the painting again, only to find the opening is gone, and feels the wall.

Scooby: Oooh!

Baby Animal: Peek-a-boo! Yababababababababa!

But as Scooby lowers the painting again, he hears the Phantom’s sinister cackle and moaning, and turns to face the direction of the sound. Sure enough, the ghostly figure is now right behind him. Scooby stands in position to face against the Phantom, and they start marching towards each other as if it were a Western showdown. We briefly see a clip from an old live-action Western movie of two cowboys approaching each other in such a showdown. Scooby and the Phantom then stop in their stance, and after a few seconds of silence, Scooby makes a taunting face at the ghost.

Scooby: Yah-yah-yah-yah-yaaah-yaaaah! (makes several teasing noises)

The Phantom does not appear to be amused. Scooby starts jumping up and down while making goofy noises and sticking out his tongue. Baby Animal does the same.

Phantom: Yooou cannot escape meeee!

The Phantom flies towards Scooby, who starts running away. Animal follows.

Scooby: Rooby-doooo!

The Phantom chases Scooby and Animal through the hallways for a bit, before skidding to a halt after seemingly loosing Scooby, until he hears…

Scooby: Boo! Booo! Boooo! (makes stupid noises as he resumes jumping and sticking out his tongue) Rooby-doo!

The Phantom resumes floating after Scooby and Baby Animal back and forth through the castle. After a bit, Baby Animal stops to sit and watch the chase. Nearby the room where the trap is in…

Fred: Get ready! Here they come!

Scooby-Doo and the Phantom dash through the doorway. Baby Animal quickly crawls after them. In the room, Fred and Shaggy hold up a short rope for the Phantom to trip on.

Fred: Jump, Scooby!

But Scooby is looking back at the Phantom and fails to see the rope, and inevitably trips over it.

Scooby: Rhuh?

Scooby crashes onto a rug and skids across the floor.

Velma: Oh, no! Scooby tripped into our trap!

Baby Piggy: (folds arms) Now who didn’t see THAT coming?

Scooby slips against the knight armor up into the air and comes down onto a billow. The armor’s right arm moves downward and hits Scooby on the head with some kind of mallet. A huge burst of air flows through a hose attached to the billow and blows away a small wooden board supporting an anvil in the air. The anvil comes down onto a makeshift wooden seesaw, sending a cannonball on the other end through the air and onto a desk, where it knocks over a hatchet that triggers a crossbow, sending an arrow with a wooden washtub on the front and a rope on its’ back right into Scooby’s rear and hoisting a chandelier high in the air. The chandelier then lowers and sends Scooby right onto the pulley on the ceiling. We briefly see old live-action footage of a chandelier crashing to the ground.

Baby Kermit: Sheesh!

The Phantom whoos and cackles again as he stands in front of the teens and the Muppet Babies.

Phantom: Now you will not escape me!

But Scooby manages to come loose from the washtub and come crashing down on the phantom, who is now a solid human figure wearing a ghost costume and has his true arms sticking out.

Everyone except Scooby and Phantom: Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Yaaaaaay!

Daphne: We caught the Phantom!

Velma: Thanks to Scooby-Doo!

Baby Kermit: And look! The Phantom is now solid and just someone in a Halloween costume!

Scooby: (blushing) Raww…

Sometime later, a policeman and Nanny have met up with the Scooby gang and the Muppet Babies. Part of the trap obscures Nanny’s face. The Phantom is now bound in some rope.

Nanny: What’s going on here, kids?

Baby Piggy: We caught a ghostly phantom, Nanny!

Baby Rowlf: Yeah, with the help of Scooby-Doo and his friends!

Baby Gonzo: Why are you here, Nanny?

Nanny: The police called me and brought me over when he heard there was trouble going on at this castle. Thank goodness you kids are all right!

All Babies: Thanks, Nanny!

Policeman: And so, when the fog lifted, we spotted your beached boat and decided to investigate. (points to Phantom) But, who is that?

Fred: This? This is the end of the mystery.

Fred removes the mask to reveal an adult man with neat black hair and a thin curly mustache.

Baby Kermit: It’s…. Hey, who is that?

Baby Piggy: We haven’t even met any suspects on this mystery.

Policeman: Well, well. If it isn’t our old friend, Bluestone the Great. An ex-magician that’s wanted in six states.

Nanny: Oh, my! I remember seeing one of Bluestone’s shows many years ago.

Daphne: But what is he doing on Haunted Isle?

Policeman: He must have heard the legend of the Vasquez treasure. Everybody’s after it.

Scooby realizes something and dashes off.

Velma: I get it! And he used all his scary magic tricks to keep people away from the island, while he searched for it.

Fred: And when he saw us run aground, he wrote a threatening message trying to scare us away.

Policeman: Well, his scaring days are over. The Great Bluestone is going to do a final disappearing act, courtesy of the local jail.

Fred: There’s one more thing. We figured out all those floating tricks. Watch.

Shaggy sits on a crate and starts to levitate in the air like the Phantom did, suspended by a nearly invisible wire rig.

Shaggy: Look, no hands!

Velma: (turning a crank operating the wire) See? Wires!

Baby Scooter: Rigged up to an elaborate pulley system.

Fred: (to Bluestone) But how did you walk right through a solid wall?

Baby Kermit: Yeah! I wanted to know how you did that since you first did so.

Bluestone: (removing his ropes) One of my best acts! Let me give one last performance. Hold this rope. (hands it to Fred)

Bluestone walks up to a special two-way projector aimed at a mirror.

Bluestone: It was merely an illusion done with trick mirrors and a special projector.

Bluestone turns on the projector, and a translucent image of him floats through the room.

Bluestone: I could cast my image anywhere I wanted! And by stepping away from the mirror, it appears that I walk through walls. (demonstrates)

All Babies: Wow!

Velma: I must admit, Mr. Bluestone. You’re a good magician, but a bad phantom.

Nanny: Yes. A real shame he had to turn to crime. He’s so talented.

Shaggy: Man, I wonder if, like, there really IS a treasure.

Scooby-Doo barks from another part of the room.

Fred: Hey, that’s Scooby barking. Come on!

They step outside and find Scooby-Doo and Animal digging a hole in the dirt. Scooby barks a couple of times.

Fred: Look! Scooby and Animal found something!

Daphne: Maybe it’s the treasure.

Scooby whimpers and recoils back from the hole. A gopher pops up and angrily chitters at him and Animal.

Baby Animal: Sorr-ee.

We briefly see footage of a live-action gopher poking from its’ hole, and then everyone else except for Scooby laughs as the gopher scoops the dirt back into his hole and ducks back down.

Scooby: Well, Rooby-dee-doo!

Baby Animal: Goooo bye-bye! Yabababababababababa!