New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself


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Apr 28, 2013
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Hey my names toffe I draw a lot of muppet fan art and practice animation, puppetry and voice impressions when I have the time

Hope to make some kind of impact in the muppet community!
Hi everybody my name is Zephyr
I’ve been a Henson fan since my childhood and have followed his creations after seeing the dark crystal on HBO
Hello! I am Robinlover and I have been a fan of everything muppets since I was a little baby eating Oreos.
The first muppet merchandise I received was a muppet baby Gonzo plush and the second being a Kermit the frog head and a Big bird plush. The first muppet thing I remember watching as a kid was Sesame Street and nine episodes of the Muppet Show my parents bought at a garage sale. I watched those nine episodes until the day the three discs broke.
My favorite muppet is Robin the frog but Kermit is a CLOSE second. In fact, because I love him so much( and since he doesn’t have ANY merch) I named a stuffed frog I have Robin.
I have been reading This forum (specifically the fan fiction section) for about four years, and decided today to sign up.
Also, people tell me I am too old for Sesame Street, but IDC I still watch it!
Welcome to the forum!


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May 26, 2019
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Hello. I'm happy to have found this place. Ever since I was young, my brothers and I would put on simple puppet shows for the family around holidays. That eventually turned into silly film making on the families giant RCA VHS camera with action figures as the subjects. I was always a huge fan of The Muppets and love love loved Muppet Treasure Island. I also watched that Adam Savage Tested video, recently, where he visited The Muppet makers facility. It was incredibly inspiring to watch how they make everything, and the passion involved. It was a huge jumping off point for my creative life and I'm glad to have experienced it all, even to this day revisiting The Muppets Movie. I can't thank Jim Henson enough.

Hello to everyone and thank you for having me.