Electric Mayhem toy observations

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Jun 19, 2005
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I've had some recent observations about Electric Mayhem toys over the years.

Animal has always been the most popular in merchandise, but recently as I have been thinking about this and researching, I've found that Zoot was merchandised a fair bit back in the Muppet Show days. There was a finger puppet, and a PVC, and a Sigma egg cup (and I only just recently realized that all the "Muppet egg cups" were for bald characters, I guess putting the egg in was supposed to represent the top of their heads).

Dr. Teeth was also merchandised a little in those days, getting a finger puppet and a Sigma mug. A number of toylines included him (and maybe also Animal) before putting out other members. He was in series 1 of the Palisades line, he and Animal were the first Electric Mayhem Mini-Mates (with the rest of the band in series 3), and there was a Dr. Teeth bobblehead in a line that only had one series (Animal being the only other member in the line), and I think there was another one-series Muppet toyline to include Teeth and Animal but none of the other members. And of course he's in the first line of Super7 Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem figures (who knows iof this will be the only?). But he and Zoot were released after the other members by Diamond Select Toys (well, Diamond isn't done with the Muppets, Lips could still come out), and I can't remember which members were released first by the Sideshow Bust line.

Janice has been a little popular as well, particularly in recent years. Sure, Palisades put her out after the rest of the original five members, but she and Animal were the only ones to get a full-sized plush from Sabbaba, and they are the only Electric Mayhem members in the Muppets Lego figure line.

Animal is included in nearly every Muppet toyline, but I have recently noticed that in lines to have multiple series, he is often not in series 1. He was in series 2 of the Palisades line, and the Diamong Select lines (both the action figures and Mini-Mates), and I know that none of The Electric Mayhem was in series 1 of the busts. If those lines did poorly enough to not warrant a series 2, then those lines would have been without Animal.

Considering Floyd is the member of The Electric Mayhem most often seen interacting with the other characters (outside of the band), it is interesting that he's been merchandised less compared to the rest of the original five. I thought I had read that there was a PVC or two around the era of The Muppet Show but I've been looking at the Muppet Wiki PVC pages and haven't seen any, and he wasn't made as a bust.