Could this be a Muppet appearance?


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Jun 5, 2012
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(I wasn't sure what category this would best fit under, so here it'll be for now.)

Hey Fellow Muppet Fans:
Here's a mystery that's been bugging me for years. It's a commercial for Nucoa Margarine that appeared on an album by Negativland, and it features a singer whose only interest is gold. The narrator convinces him that Nucoa Margarine is "good as gold for very little silver", to which the singer replies: "Nice tune, but you can't dance to that." Does anyone know anything about this?

There may be no information about this. Mark Hosler of Negativland said: "We found that in a dumpster in back of a radio station in the early 80s, I think!" So I guess he doesn't have any real info and that's from the source. Hope it's fascinating enough to peek your interest.